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St. Pauli Girl


Chapter 1

The American couple was, understandably, exhausted and anxious as they claimed their checked- baggage. This was their first trip to Europe. The eight-hour flight from Atlanta to Hamburg-- and the seven time zone changes-- had taken a toll on them.

After clearing customs, they took turns watching the luggage as each visited the restroom to freshen up before they departed the airport for their hotel. Being a gentleman, Kevin insisted that his wife, Marcy, go first. Even though she was exhausted, she liked what she saw as she looked in the mirror and applied a fresh coat of lipstick. Not too bad, she thought, for a tired 35- year-old mother of two. She and Kevin had been married for fifteen years, he was just a few months older than she was.

"Your turn," she said as she assumed responsibility for the pile of bags he had been guarding. She wished they had paid more attention to the Fodor Guide's suggestion to pack light and especially that Kev hadn't brought the extra bag. After all, they had agreed to each bring only one carry-on and one large roller bag. Two days before they departed, Kevin insisted that he couldn't get everything into the two bags and so he bought an extra one. Men, she thought, I'll never understand them.

As he walked toward the men's room, she had a few minutes to think about this adventure. Every vacation since they were married involved either camping, visiting relatives or touring nearby national parks and, always, with the kids. They had planned this trip for more than a year--well, actually, Kevin had planned every detail-- and it was to be their dream vacation. Several days in Hamburg and then by Eurail to Switzerland, Austria and northern Italy before they returned home in ten days.

In the men's room, Kevin's thoughts weren't on scenery, museums, castles and cathedrals. They were on Marcy. God, she still made him hot. It wasn't by accident that their first European vacation began in Hamburg rather than London, Paris or Rome. He had read on the Internet that it was the hottest city in Europe and a far cry from their structured life in a suburb of Atlanta. Kevin hoped that before they returned home Marcy would break out of her shell and become the hot sexy woman he alone knew she was capable of being. If things worked out the way he hoped they would, this would be a very different vacation than what Marcy expected. He would do his part if only the German City would do its part.

A half hour later they had checked into the hotel that would be their home for the next five days. The Kempinski Hotel Atlantic was everything, and more, that he hoped it would be. It was located across the street from a beautiful park that surrounded Lake Alster. Their room on the third floor overlooked the lush park and dark blue lake. The deluxe room wasn't cheap but Kevin didn't think of the expense as splurging but as investing.

They intended to just lay down, rest for a few minutes and then go exploring. However, they had underestimated the impact of jet-lag. When they awakened, it was 4:00 in the afternoon. Their short nap had lasted nearly six hours.

After quick showers, they talked about dressing for their initial exploration of the city. Marcy pulled a pair of jeans, a T shirt, sensible white bra and underwear, white sneakers and athletic socks out of her bags. Seeing this Kevin said, "honey, how about a dress and high heels, we may want to go out for dinner before we get back. Also, we're not home and I understand that this is a very sophisticated city."

"Gee Kevin, I only brought a skirt and blouse, everything else is jeans, slacks, T-shirts, sweat pants and comfortable flat shoes. My wardrobe is much more casual than what you seem to have in mind. Sorry, but I thought you knew what I had packed." Then, with real concern she asked, "Do you think they'll think I'm a hick?" Before he could answer she began to take things out of her bags and sorted them into the top two dresser drawers.

Kevin smiled and said, "but you do have dresses and heels."

"No I don't, I told you I packed for lots of walking and sightseeing, just like the guide books recommended."

Kevin took her into his arms gave her a big hug then grabbed the extra bag, tossed it on the bed and said, "check this out."

Marcy unzipped the extra bag expecting to find men's clothes. What she pulled out of the bag surprised her in several ways. First, there were four dresses, dresses that she wouldn't think of buying for herself or ever wearing. Second, as she held up a little black nothing of a cocktail dress she saw that the size was exactly right, size six, as were the other three. Third, she found several pairs of high heels. Two pairs of pumps, one black patent leather the other pair white, each with what must have been four or five inch heels. The other shoes were strappy little sandals with heels that were three to five inches. Fourth, the shoes were exactly her size, six- and-a-half AA. Fifth, in the bottom of the bag were: two evening bags that would coordinate with the dresses and shoes, several pairs of sheer stockings in beige, black and white and three garter belts, one black, one white and one beige. There were also three matching thongs. She had never worn a garter-belt, or a thong, in her life even though Kevin had begged her to many times. Lastly, carefully rolled up was a tailored dress jacket that must have cost a small fortune. She realized that it could be worn with any of the dresses because the beautiful stripped fabric was black, white and gold.

"Aren't we full of surprises?" She asked.

Kevin had been watching her intently and could not read if she was pleased or upset. "I knew you wouldn't buy yourself anything nice for the trip because you're so practical. I thought it would be fun to surprise you so, for the past month, I shopped on my lunch hour and smuggled this stuff into the house."

That was so sweet, she thought, so she just didn't have the nerve to tell him how she really felt about most of his purchases. No self-respecting woman would be caught dead in the clothes he had bought. They looked like hooker clothes. "Well, the sizes seem about right and I really love the jacket, but, I don't see how I could wear those dresses in public. I mean look." She held a short summer dress up in front of her that buttoned down the front and looked as if it had been spun from gold. "Really, don't you think it's too short?" She didn't wait for him to answer and added, "also, it doesn't have a back Kevin."

Kevin wasn't surprised. This was exactly what he expected. Over the years he had wanted her to dress sexy but hadn't been successful. He knew that she had a fabulous body but the only other men who knew that were her doctors and the few lucky enough to see her in a swimming suit at the beach. Even at the beach she insisted on a one-piece that mashed her breasts and completely covered her rear. Nonetheless, he said, "honey you'll look fabulous in those dresses. And, when you wear the jacket I don't see why you wouldn't be very comfortable in public. Try this one on." He handed her the gold dress that she had held up moments before.

"It can't hurt to try it on here in our room," she said. Then she reached for the underwear and bra that she had placed on the bed.

Kevin grabbed her hand, looked into her big brown eyes, and said, "honey you can't wear a bra with that dress and, with your boobs, you don't need one. Also, were 4,000 miles from home so skip the panties, skip them for me, okay?"

"I can't go out in public without underwear. What are you thinking?"

"Who in the world is going to know that you're not wearing underwear but you and me? I don't think the Wal Mart underpants go with the dress, shoes and jacket, do you?"

Marcy didn't want to argue or correct him because her panties came from Target not Wal Mart. She slipped the dress over her head and stepped into a pair of very high heel gold sandals that seemed to match the dress. Her gorgeous full-length image was reflected on a full-length mirror attached to the bathroom door. What she saw caught her breath. She really did look beautiful. The dress fit perfectly and the shoes weren't nearly as uncomfortable as she thought they would be. She slipped on the gorgeous jacket which was as long as the dress. Both fell to mid-thigh.

"My God Marce you look beautiful."

"Think so?" She asked. She twirled around looked over her shoulder and said, "maybe you're right. With this jacket there's just a mile of leg. Okay, let's go discover Hamburg.

Chapter 2

Kevin had already discovered Hamburg. For months he had surfed the Internet planning the trip. When it was decided that the trip would begin in the northern German city, and more than half of their time in Europe would be spent there, his searches became more focused. He hadn't shared his plans with Marcy but phase one was complete as she stood before him in only the dress, covered by her elegant jacket, her new shoes and absolutely nothing else. It didn't take long for Kevin to slip into a pair of grey slacks, loafers, a black silk shirt and a blue blazer.

They grabbed a cab and Kevin directed the driver to take them to the zentrum, the center city. Within two hours they had seen the Dom, the large Ratsplatz, or plaza and walked hand-in-hand along a canal. It all seemed spontaneous to Marcy who was having a wonderful time and was no longer conscious of her lack of undergarments or the length of her dress.

Even though it was after 9 o'clock, it was still light out because it was June and they were so far north. He had made reservations for dinner at a restaurant that was very near the area he hoped they would visit later. A moment of truth came when the Maitre D asked Marcy, "May I take Madame's jacket."

Kevin was happily surprised as she cooperated and slipped out of it. There she stood. Now everyone knew she wasn't wearing a bra and the way the dress fit they also knew that the most that could be under her frock was a thong, if that. Kevin saw her blush as they followed the Maitre D' to the corner table.

Marcy felt wicked as her long legs flashed through the slit in her dress. She could feel that her nipples were getting hard. Like every woman, she knew when men were looking at her and if they liked what they saw. Plenty of the male diners in the restaurant saw her and, she sensed, they liked what they saw.

The meal was wonderful. Marcy couldn't remember when she had more fun. No worries about the children. A sense of freedom that she had never felt before. They were laughing, holding hands and enjoying each other's company like they hadn't since they were dating. At home they seldom drank but here, over the last two hours, they had finished a bottle of wonderful Bordeaux wine.

"Are you tired?" Kevin asked as he helped her slip on the jacket.

"Oh no. What time is it here?" She asked.

"About eleven."

"Then it's only, let's see, it's only four in the afternoon for us. And, we had that long nap. Also honey, I don't want this wonderful night to ever end."

Kevin knew exactly where to walk. Within a few blocks they entered the St. Pauli district and, specifically, the notorious Reeperbahn. The sidewalks were crowded. Marcy didn't stand out here, at least her attire didn't. Many of the women were dressed like she was. This was the sex capital of Europe. Hamburg is a port. The St. Pauli district is the area that has been satisfying the needs of horny sailors for centuries. Since the end of world war II it had become a popular tourist attraction. They Beatles made it even more famous. Few visitors to Hamburg left without paying a visit to this naughty place.

Marcy didn't have to be told that they had entered a place unlike any that existed in Atlanta or any other place she could have ever imagined. Not only were there small gambling casinos but sex shops, video arcades, discos, topless and bottomless bars and signs that referred to live sex shows on a side street. "Kevin, do you think we should be here?" She asked as she held his arm more tightly.

"Of course, this place is famous Marcy. Look at all these people, they don't look like rapists to me."

She realized that Kevin was right, there were more couples than single men. He wanted to take his time and help her become more comfortable in this seedy area before he led her to their final destination for their first night in the German city. They walked the full-length of the several block area. They stepped into a couple of the small casinos and watched the raucous gamblers. He even persuaded her to sit at a small table in a lounge that boasted totally nude dancers and sip a drink. Kevin could tell that the place and the dancing made Marcy uncomfortable but before they left she seemed more relaxed and accepting that things were sure different here than in Georgia.

It was midnight when they left the club. The right time for their next stop. On a side street, Grosse Freiheit Street, they walked toward a neon sign that read Club Colibri. They passed barkers on the sidewalk encouraging pedestrians to come into their clubs, the Tabu, the Bambi the Safari. Each barker seemed to have a knack for guessing the language of the passersby. When they approached one he switched from French to English and said, "good evening, come see the hottest show in the world, sex acts between men and women and women and women."

Marcy pulled Kevin past the entrance of the Colibri Club and said, "honey, let's not go in there."

"Why the fuck not? This is what people do when the come to Hamburg Marce. If you haven't been to a sex show here, you haven't really seen Hamburg."

Marcy didn't resist as they walked back a few paces and entered. They were told that the next show would begin in 15 minutes and the cost was 100 euros for a couple. It better be worth it, Kevin thought as he signed a travelers check. He didn't mean worth it for his own enjoyment but rather for Marcy's transformation which was, be believed, so far so good.

After relinquishing her jacket to the cloak-room girl they were led to a small table against a wall. Within a few minutes the room began to fill up. The lights were turned down and then an MC announced the show in three languages. He invited those who didn't want to see a live sex show to please leave. Marcy had been gripping Kevin's hand since they sat down and increased the pressure when the MC extended his invitation. Kevin looked around and saw that no one had left. Then, it was on with the show.

The show lasted an hour and a half. There was humor, at least an attempt at humor, and there was sex. Lots and lots of sex. Two of the acts featured a single woman who would dance, quickly strip naked and then pleasure herself with a dildo. Two acts featured male female couples who did about everything that a couple could do. And, one act was an all female act. The performers were attractive and one couple in particular was movie star beautiful and handsome. However, it was obvious that they didn't hire the male performers just for their looks but also for the size of their genitals.

Marcy let out an audible gasp when the first male performer dropped his shorts and exposed his already erect penis. She had seen pornos but had never seen a penis as large as the one attached to the tall blonde entertainer. Kevin wasn't small and sometimes it was a challenge to completely accommodate him. She doubted the petite girl on stage could absorb every inch. However, within five minutes her doubts were dashed. Not only did Frieda take ever inch but she writhed and begged for more. The shaft, soaked with the female performer's juices plunged in and out for more than fifteen minutes before they shared simultaneous, perfectly choreographed, climaxes. Marcy wished they were sitting closer to the stage so she could see better.

Kevin paid more attention to Marcy's reaction to the performances than he did to the performers. At the beginning he saw that she had a hard time watching the show. Within a half hour she was watching as raptly as most of the audience. He watched for the tell-tale signs that only he would be aware were gauges of her arousal. Sure enough she was flushed, the nips perked up especially during the male female acts. She became fidgety, played with her hair and seemed to squirm in her seat.

When the all female act began she leaned over and whispered, "I have to pee."

Kevin said, "go ahead honey. The restrooms are over in the corner."

"Honey, I can't walk all the way across the room dressed like this especially during the show."

"Don't be silly, when ya gotta go ya gotta go."

Marcy didn't have any choice. The last glass of champagne made the decision for her. It may have been the longest walk of her life. The room was extremely crowded and she had to navigate her way between the tables and the legs of spectators. She could swear that more than once a hand brushed against her thigh.

Even though the theater was dark, Kevin tried to watch as she made her way all the way across the large room. He thought he saw men, at more than one table, reach out to touch her. He couldn't have been more pleased. In just a few hours his wife of nearly fifteen years was doing things he had tried to get her to do at home but which were always rebuffed. As she made her way toward the ladies room he noticed in the dim light men and women gaze at her as she passed by. Not a huge step but a step nonetheless.

When the performance was over Kevin asked, "well what did you think of that?"

"Oh, I never knew there was anything like that. What about you Kevin, what did you think about it?"

"Truthfully, I really loved it. The gals were so hot. I mean, they really seemed to love sex. I suppose they might have been acting but if they were, they sure fooled me. I really liked it." Then, he thought he would take it another step. "I've always found women like that much more interesting and attractive than goody-two-shoes."

"I'm not like those."

"I wish you were."

In the taxi it was Marcy who was the aggressor. She pulled his head down for a passionate, wet kiss. She didn't seem to care what the driver saw or thought. She placed her husband's hand on her bare thigh and encouraged its exploration by slightly parting her legs. Before they arrived at the hotel she whispered that she had actual had a climax when the handsome man began to eat the beautiful blonde.

The door to their hotel room hadn't completely closed before she had stripped the jacket and gold dress off and dropped them on the floor. For the next hour they attacked each other on the cool white sheets that covered the queen-size bed in their hotel.

Kevin had known what a hell-cat Marcy could be behind the closed door of a bedroom. But she seemed hotter than ever before. "Oh, Kev, come on honey put it in . . . I feel so empty . . . don't make me wait."

His plan seemed to be working perfectly. He didn't get pissed when other guys leered at her. Hell, he wanted them to. It was the ultimate compliment. Who didn't want their friends to think that their home, their car, their stereo was cool. Thou shalt not covet seemed to be a difficult standard to live by in the materialistic western world of the twenty-first century. And, if you wanted your friends--and those who you didn't even know -- to be envious of your house and your car how much more flattering if they wanted your wife. At least that's how Kevin's attitude on the subject had evolved during the years of his married life.

Now here on the big bed in the dark hotel room she had responded to his oral and digital administrations. She had climaxed over and over but fingers, lips and a tongue were not what she needed. "Oh honey, come on baby love me . . . make love to me, please." She begged him. She didn't realize that he had taken each step to make her hotter and hotter.

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