tagInterracial LoveSt. Vicente Ch. 04

St. Vicente Ch. 04


Ok, I'm sorry this has taken a while. I don't deliver like my men do.

This is a completely unedited, raw-to-the-bone draft but I wanted to leave you guys something to enjoy over the weekend. Let me know what you think!

Much love xoxo


"Where do I go for a shower?" Tressa asked as she folded her bedroll and placed it in a corner. Adrian came up behind her and stacked his on top of hers.

"There's a bowl and a pitcher of water in the next room," he said matter-of-factly.

"What?" she returned, stupefied. "A bowl and a... you want me to take a sponge bath?"

An amused smile quirked his lips at her shocked expression. "Yes, princess. That's how the rest of us do it."

"Oh," her shoulders sagged in disappointment. She felt like she was hoarding the Sahara dessert in her hair and she really wanted to wash the dirt off her body. "I was hoping to wash my hair."

She raised hopeful eyes to him. He stared at her for a minute, taking in the rounded eyes and hopeful stance of her body. Then he looked upward, as though he was praying for deliverance. He knew he could not deny her.

"Fine. There's a little pond about a half an hour's trek from here. If you're up..."

But she was already nodding and moving towards her bag.

Sighing, he walked up to Luc, who was putting away his own bedroll.

"I'm taking the princess down to the pond."

Luc frowned. "Why?"

"She wants to wash her hair." He paused. "You're in charge while I'm gone. If there are any signs that the guards are coming in, alert me. I will give you orders."

The younger brother nodded curtly.

"I'm ready."

Tressa stood behind them with her clothes in her hands. She even had a little bag of toiletries.

"Just give me a second to gather my clothes."


"Ok, so how are we going to do this?" she asked, setting her stuff down on a smooth rock.

"Do what?"

She raised an eyebrow at him. "Do you wanna go in or do you mind me jumping in first?"

He looked around. "As I see it, the pond is big enough for the two of us."

She bit her lip uncertainly. "I don't think that's a good idea."

He looked at her but she wouldn't meet his eyes. "Why not?"

She shrugged. "I just don't think it is."

"Tressa, I've seen you naked before."

She felt her cheeks heat viciously. "Don't say that!" she hissed.

"Say what? The truth?" Before she could hiss at him again, he continued. "Look, I just want to save us time. You face that way and I'll face this way. We won't even have to see each other."

She seemed to mull it over. "That sounds ok... but you go in first."

Sighing, he stripped off his shirt and shorts and folded them on the rock. Tressa turned away when he began to pull down his briefs. He shook his head amusedly. He'd never understood why women were so skittish about nudity. It was the most natural thing in the world to him to be nude.

"I'm going in now." She nodded, still facing away from him.

A few seconds later, when Tressa opened her eyes, he was hip-deep in the water. Looking over at him every few seconds, she stripped down to her undies. Then, fighting every modest instinct in her body, she bared herself to the natural world around her.

It felt weird, being naked in an open space. Anyone could walk past and ogle her. Though to be honest, they hadn't passed by a single soul on their trek there. Being ogled probably wasn't very likely.

Grabbing her bottle of two-in-one soap and shampoo, she stepped into the water and let it cover her up 'til her waist. The water felt so unbelievably good on her skin. She quickly poured the soap/shampoo onto her hand and lathered up her hair. For a person who'd never missed a bath in her life, the past few days had been absolute torture. She moaned aloud at the feeling of getting clean.

He tried not to think about her as he sluiced water over his body. It was complete agony. He'd thought he could handle it – the knowledge that she was just a few feet away, naked, soaped up. He had self-control; he could put it out of his mind. Apparently not.

Every little sound she made seemed to shoot straight to his dick. The image of her, covered waist-deep in water, her breasts on display, with their tight little nipples beaded by the cool water, drove him slowly insane. Valiantly, he tried to ignore her and the little noises she was making. It was hard. It was impossible.

He could still remember the feel of her against his body. Soft and warm and responsive. The way her fingers had felt on his chest. The way she'd bucked against him. The way she'd moaned into his mouth, losing herself in pleasure.

But he'd promised himself he'd never take her again unless she wanted it. Really wanted it. Begged him for it. Only then would he take her, open her up and slide himself home. Again and again if she wanted it, making her come until she passed out with a smile on her beautiful face.


Adrian's voice made her cover her breasts self-consciously, even though she knew he couldn't possibly see her from his side of the pond.


"I need the soap." Tressa looked down at the floating plastic bottle.

"You didn't bring yours?" she asked, her voice slightly breathless. The conversation was a little too intimate for her. Both of them were naked. Both of them were wet. Both of them were standing jut a few feet from one another. It played out as a rather erotic scenario in her mind.

"No," he replied.

"Well, how am I going to give it to you?"

"I could just reach over and get it-."

"No!" she protested quickly, her hands tightening securely in front of her breasts. "Don't turn around."

She heard him sigh. "This is ridiculous, princess. There's no reason to hide from me. I've seen you naked before; I've touched you naked, felt you naked against me. I know your body."

"No... don't...don't say such things." She sounded breathless.

"Why not? It's the truth." His voice sounded somewhat nearer to her. She panicked.

"Don't come near me."

"I just want the soap."

"No, I..."

A gasp left her lips as his hand came around to pluck the soap from her hands. She could feel the heat of his body at her back, the earthy scent of him surrounding her. Her heart thudded quickly in her chest. Too quickly. She expected him to move away, to take the soap and return to his side of the pond.

Instead, she heard the clicks of the bottle as it opened and closed.

Then she felt his hands on her.

Her breath hitched audibly. "W-what are you doing?" she asked. She could barely get the words out.

"Lathering you," he replied, running slippery hands down her arms. He stepped closer to her, bringing her body flush up against his. She felt his... parts... at the small of her back. Surprisingly, her first urge was to arch against him.

"Relax," he whispered in her ear, bringing his hands up to her neck and stroking it. "Relax, princess."

The way he called her princess made her shiver. It was deeply intimate, arousing. She trembled against him, her hands involuntarily tightening on her breasts.


"Mm?" he murmured as he nuzzled the hollow behind her ear.

"Should we be doing this?"

His hand flitted from the arms covering her breasts to her tummy, stroking it. She trembled violently, one hand parting with her breasts to capture his roving hand.

"You tell me," he said, running his tongue along her ear.

"I – I don't think-."

A cry left her lips as he bit down on her earlobe. She pressed herself back against him reflexively and she felt him, hard and hot against the crack of her ass. He's already hard, she thought blearily. Hard for me.

"You're so beautiful." He caressed the top of her breasts, plump and visible even though her arm was covering the best bits. Little bumps of pleasure broke out immediately on her skin. Her eyelids fell closed as she savored every soft little caress he administered. He murmured hot words to her, and she could literally feel them heating her body in the worst, most pleasurable way.

"Adrian," she purred, turning slightly. She tilted her head upwards and he knew what she was asking for.

He took her lips slowly, brushing against her once, twice, three times before she took the initiative and pressed her lips firmly to his. Her body was buzzing. There was no other word she could use to describe the feeling. She was vibrating, trembling ever so slightly, and heat was spreading through her like someone had lit a torch in her veins.

As he ran his tongue over her lips, she raised her hands to clasp his neck, pressing herself firmly against him. She gasped into his mouth when her bare nipples brushed against his heated chest.

His hands lay dormant on the small of her back now. She squirmed, wanting him to touch her, hoping that he'd take the hint. Her body tingled. Every part that he hadn't touched tingled fiercely.

He was slowly driving her mad. Was that his intention? To make her want? To make her need? To make her crave his hands on her skin? To make her so hot that her body felt like it was set on vibrate?

Fuzzily, she thought, this is how it should have been between them in the first place. This raw heat. This passion. This... wholeness.

She felt his hands moving across her body, trailing a line of fire. She moaned into his mouth, letting her tongue play with his. As his fingers neared her breasts, her breath caught in anticipation.

"Do you want me to touch you?" he murmured against her lips, his fingers absently stroking the sides of her generous breasts.

She looked into his eyes and for a second, was tupefied by the plain desire there. No one had ever looked at her that way before. With such passion and fire. There was no artifice in his eyes, just naked longing. For her. For her body. It made her feel... there were no words to describe her emotions right then.

"Yes," she whispered. "Yes, touch me."

Swiftly, he turned her around such that she faced away from him. One large hand was splayed across her waist, pinning her to him. She gasped, looking into his eyes, wondering at his sudden roughness.

He placed a chaste kiss on her now-tingling lips, distracting her slightly as his thumb and forefinger found a tight brown nipple. A keening cry left her lips as pleasure shot through her, making her arch against him. She heard his breath hiss in her ear as she accidentally ground herself against his cock.

She liked it. She liked knowing he was reacting to her. So she did it again. And again. And again. But he caught her hips with one hand and cupped her breast with the other, making her groan with need.

"Are you wet, princess?" he murmured, his fingers moving down to stroke the tender vee of her sex.

She made a small, embarrassed noise.

"Are you?" His fingers parted her lips, casually slipping over the pink little bud that was hard and throbbing for release.

She squirmed, her breath coming out in short little pants. God, it felt so good. She couldn't breathe when he touched her. She could barely breathe now, and all he was doing was cupping her.

"What do you want?" he asked her, stroking the little hairs on her mound.

She couldn't meet his eyes. "You know..." she replied, her voice soft.

He tilted her chin up with his free hand. "Look at me. Tell me what you want."

She swallowed, torn between shyness and the needs of her body. Her body demanded that she say something, anything to put it out of the tense, wired, pleasurable misery it was in. But...

"I want you to touch me," she murmured, trying to hide herself in the crook of his neck. He wouldn't let her.

His eyes seemed to burn with desire. "Where?"

She averted her eyes. "Down...down there."

"Down where?"

He could see the slight flush in her cheeks and knew he was embarrassing her. But he needed to hear that she wanted him. There was just something in his heart that needed that little confirmation from her. That she wanted him to touch her, please her.


"Please," her voice was a sob. "Just touch me."

She was so beautiful to him. He needed to touch her, to give her pleasure. No woman had ever affected him like this before. With most of them, it would be a rough but fulfilling ride. But with her, he wanted to make her come over and over again just to watch pleasure caress her features as she came.

His fingers slipped into her just as he took her lips in a deep kiss. She cried out against his mouth as he circled his thumb on her clit, making her writhe in need.

Her eyelids flickered closed again as she reveled in the sensations shooting through her body.

"Open your eyes." It was an order.

"Why?" she asked, panting, her hips now gyrating to the rhythm of his fingers.

"I want to see you when you come."

His fingers probed deep, brushing against a spot inside her that made her quiver. Every inhibition of hers was broken as he stroked her, pushing her to a frenzy.

"Are you coming for me?" His voice in her ear was the last straw. There was only so much a girl could take. Trembling violently, she let the torrent of release wash over her, moaning his name as she did so. His fingers continued to work on her, thumbing her clit in tandem with the magic of his fingers.

She had a fraction of a second to recover from her first orgasm when the second one hit. He bit down on her shoulder, sending sparks of pain through her body, escalating her pleasure. She screamed this time, clutching at his hand and locking him in place as she rode out the wave.

When he withdrew his fingers, she felt emptier than ever. Hollow. Needy in a way she'd never known. As she leaned back against him, bereft of energy, she craved... she craved him.

Adrian kissed her again, knowing that her lips would probably be bruised if he kept that up. But he wanted to taste her lips, knowing that he was doing it because she let him and because he could.

A gasp tore through his body when her fingers found him. He'd been so intent on her lips that he hadn't noticed her moving at all. Her hands were warm and slick and they moved on him with ease, making him thread his hands in her hair and clutch at her. She had good hands, he thought. Skillful. Like she knew what she was...

"Fuck me."

At first, he'd thought it was his imagination. The modest princess would never say such a thing, at least not without prodding. But as he opened his eyes, he saw her looking directly at him. "Adrian, fuck me," she repeated, the need obvious in her eyes.

It was as though something wild ripped through him. Something primal. Without hesitation, he lifted her and wrapped her legs around his waist. He was thrusting into her the next second.

She moaned but she could barely hear herself over the roar in her ears. She clutched him tightly, wrapping herself around him firmly. She felt so full, so whole. So good.

Adrian balanced her on his cock, pulling in and out of her, thrusting deeply. She was close to coming. He could feel it. Her breath was short and shallow against his neck and her body was quaking.

He thrust into her deeply and to the hilt, lodging himself there, feeling her come apart around him. She sobbed against his neck, his name like a litany on her tongue. Her sheath quivered around him, squeezing him as she came. Seconds later, he found his release as well.


It was a while later that they returned to shore. Tressa could barely walk. Her skin had a warm glow that attested to the mind-blowing orgasms she'd had.

As Adrian wrapped a towel around her, something peculiar caught his eye. A black rock-like object was placed neatly on his clothing, right next to his mobile and his gun.

He reached out for it, then stopped cold.

It was his mother's scrying glass. But how..? Everything his mother had owned had been destroyed in the explosion. It had been a keen source of grief to him, but he'd known that there was nothing he could do but move on. And now...

"What is it?" Tressa asked, holding the towel around herself.

"It's my mother's scrying glass."

Tressa frowned in confusion. "Your mother's what?"

"Scrying glass. It just appeared out of nowhere."

She looked around, suddenly frightened. "Do you think someone's here?"

He shook his head. "No, I think it's supposed to mean something. The glass was destroyed in the fire. It's reappearance..." He looked around him, wondering if his mother had something to do with it. It was possible, considering the fact that he'd always felt her presence around him when he was in need of comfort. Perhaps the scrying glass was a sign...

Tressa was staring at him. "You're freaking me out."

"I know." He ran a thumb over the glass, hoping to see some sort of explanation pop out from it. When he was younger, his mother had been able to see little snippets of visions in the glass. It fascinated him to no end, even though he hadn't been able to see anything appear on the reflective surface.

Wiping it down lovingly, he set it carefully on the rock and pulled on his clothes. At that moment, his mobile beeped.

Tressa, who was also pulling on her clothes, watched his face turn grim as he read the message.

"What?" she asked, her voice anxious. "What is it?"

His lips were pressed into a frown. "Soldiers headed for the village. They're armed. We have to leave now."


By the time they got there, the soldiers were already surrounding the village. Adrian shushed Tressa as they stood behind a think growth of foliage, watching the proceedings.

"What are they doing?" Tressa asked, her breath still choppy from their sprint.

"I don't know yet" was the reply as Adrian checked the number of bullets in his gun.

As they watched, the soldiers ordered all occupants of the huts to step outside in a straight line. From their vantage point, the people seemed terrified but were unable to go against the direct orders of the military.

Men, women and children lined up neatly in front of their huts. Some of the children began crying and were quickly hushed by their worried mothers.

The soldiers stepped forward in a tight, formidable formation. Their battle formation. Tressa was suddenly very, very afraid.

The soldier in the front grabbed a man by the scruff of his neck while his wife and three children huddled in fear. They were too far to hear the exact words that the soldier said to the man, but Tressa was doubly glad when the soldier pushed the man away and he fell to the ground, unharmed, a few feet away.

Then, the lead soldier shouted, "Who did it?"

Tressa looked at Adrian, wondering if he knew what was going on. But his attention was focused solely on the scene in front of him.

"Who rebelled against the King and attacked a guard last night?"

Adrian cursed.

Tressa bit her lip. "Do you think it's the guard you..."

Adrian nodded curtly.

"What are we going to do?"

Adrian didn't reply. He was already busy forming a plan.

Suddenly, a new voice appeared from a jeep that was parked nearby.

"If no one confesses, we'll just have to pull it out of them."

Tressa gasped. She'd know that voice anywhere. It was her cousin, Vittorio. She knew he was the commander of her father's army, but he rarely ever engaged in the day-to-day. Her cousin preferred to work behind a desk, secretly concealing a John Grisham novel behind his logbook.

"Stay here," Adrian commanded, cocking his gun.

Tressa panicked. He was going to leave her alone? "No, wait!"

His eyes narrowed, revealing nothing of the lover she'd seen just minutes ago. "Keep your voice down!"

"Sorry," she whispered, grabbing his arm. "Don't just leave me here."

His eyes softened a little. "It's safer here. Just don't go out in the open where they can see you. You'll be fine."

"Where are you going?" Her hand still had a death grip on his arm. She hated to sound so needy, but he was literally the only person she trusted to keep her safe at the moment. She didn't want him to leave her.

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