tagExhibitionist & VoyeurStacey Swallows Again

Stacey Swallows Again


Stacey was spontaneous, or at least that's what she called it. You see, Stacey's brand of spontaneity had cost her every guy she had ever been involved with. Stacey was spontaneous when it came to performing fellatio and when it came to who she performed it on. More than once a boyfriend had walked in on her at a party sucking on the dick of a friend or sometimes a complete stranger. This almost always meant the end of the relationship. At 21 years of age, Stacey had come to accept this and had sworn off relationships. This left her feeling more free than ever before and she soon found her lips wrapped around a different guy's love python every day. A legend was slowly building around the busty brunette with the magic mouth and this just gave Stacey even more willing partners. Soon the name Stacey Wicks was almost a synonym for fellatrix. Stacey was so used to this that she was unprepared for what would happen when she went on vacation.

Stacey had always loved the beach so when she got a chance, she took her vacation on the coast. She was looking forward to lying on the beach all day and sucking dick all night, however she didn't realize that her reputation wouldn't follow across the country. As Stacey soon found out, coastal towns too have their established fellatrices and this one was definitely no exception. Stacey was laughed at when she offered the local guys blowjobs and when she finally did get a guy to agree to it, she had barely taken his dick out of his pants before he prematurely came in big, thick spurts all over her sizeable 32D chest, covered only by her white bikini top. She went without tasting a single dick for four days until she heard about something that could save her – the Beach Blowjob Blowout. A local college frat house put on a competition every summer to find the best fellatrix in town. The same girl had once the last five years running, a stunning green eyed blonde named Kate. Kate was a very short girl and didn't have the voluptuous body Stacey had. She was a gymnastics coach and had the more petit and athletic body of a gymnast. However, the stories Stacey had heard of this 25 year old rivaled her own and she was keen to show that she was the better fellatrix, so she entered the Beach Blowjob Blowout.

The contest was on the following Saturday and Stacey was amazed at the physical quality of her fellow contestants. She found herself surrounded by silky hair, soft skin and round, firm breasts. The contest was taking place on a secluded nudist beach and many of the contestants and spectators were already nude or semi nude. Stacey followed suit, removing her bikini top to expose her breasts. She noticed many men staring at her appreciatively as she sat in the contestants' waiting area. While on the whole the contestants were very attractive, Stacey was in a league of her own. Her perfectly curved figure, shimmering black hair and sparkling blue eyes set her apart. The shade of pink lipstick contrasted perfectly with her hair to draw attention straight to her lips.

The rules were simple; the contestants would line up and suck guys from the audience off one after the other until they came in their mouth. The girl would then show the load to an official and then swallow. Each guy would get head from 3 different women and he would then vote for the one that did the best. At the end of the day the girl with the most votes won. Each of the twelve contestants would perform on thirty different men. The men were chosen by a raffle system and the lucky 120 were soon nude and eager to receive their prizes. There was a rush to be first into someone's mouth when the starting whistle sounded. Stacey nearly had an orgasm herself when the first dick touched her lips. She quickly took the whole seven inches into her throat and got to work. In what seemed like just seconds, her mouth was full of warm cum and she was showing it to the official. However, Kate had just beaten her to being the first to taste cum and was getting into her second as Stacey swallowed.

As the faster girls were getting into their fifteenth or so cock, some of the evidently less qualified candidates were struggling to keep going. A very pretty but very inexperienced high school student dropped out after her tenth and a few more followed soon after. When Stacey was onto dick number twenty five, the twelve had dwindled to six. Of the final six, only four really seemed to be contenders, the other two had only finished fourteen blowjobs between them and were looking weary. After the final girl finished her final blowjob and the final vote was cast the counting began. An announcement was made after ten minutes or so. Stacey and Kate had drawn at thirty votes each. There had been no overlap of their guys and everyone they had blown voted for them. It was decided that a sudden death round would take place. Each girl would blow one guy and whoever made their guy cum first would be the winner. Two more names were picked by the raffle and two very nervous men stepped forward to the two beautiful fellatrices kneeling at the front of the crowd.

As the men disrobed, Stacey's heart dropped. Her guy was sporting ten solid inches of hard cock. Kate gave a small smirk as her guy was much more manageable at six and a half. When the whistle blew, both girls tackled their guy's dick with enthusiasm. Kate easily deep throated her guy while Stacey had to be content working on the head, her tongue darting around it at an alarming speed both women were obviously very skilled, but Kate seemed to have the upper hand, her mouth sliding the entire length of the guys shaft three times every second. Stacey noticed the look on Kate's guy's face. He was close. She had one more trick left though. With all of her concentration, Stacey forced her lips down the entire ten inches and thrust her tongue out to lick his balls at the same time. This immediately pushed her guy over the edge. She pulled her mouth away as he came, allowing his sticky semen to glob onto her face and breasts. The crowd rose to its feet in applause as Kate still worked busily in vain.

During the following two months of Stacey's vacation her social life definitely picked up. By the time she went home she was the talk of the town and every guy there was eagerly awaiting her return next summer, as was she.

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