tagLoving WivesStacey's Daydreams Ch. 02

Stacey's Daydreams Ch. 02


It was Stacey's most vivid daydream yet. Leo's cock was right there. She felt it. She tasted it. It was incredibly hard and slick, with her own juices on it, as she sucked it clean. She found herself finishing the climax with a clear vibrator, and she came in reality as well as her dream.

She naturally found it a disappointment when she realized that her break was a minute over and she had to make sure that her boss didn't catch her slacking off. Her sweaty skin and the smell of her cunt were bad enough clues as to her choice of recreation. That might be acceptable to Lindsay, provided that it didn't interfere with work. Stacey knew that her boss had flirted with her a lot in the past few weeks, although she did it subtly enough and Stacey never complained about it (as it was flattering to her vanity). While Stacey preferred men for certain, she didn't mind an occasional bi-curious thought.

"Stacey, are you ill?" Cheryl asked her.

Cheryl was another annoying co-worker, but she at least meant well. She just had it easier with her husband, and made a point of giving Stacey unsolicited advice on her marriage. Of course, she was also a Bible-thumper and complained about her husband's resistance to her conversion efforts, so Stacey didn't take her counsel too seriously. Any woman who couldn't see her good fortune in marrying someone like Don, without trying to change him, clearly had problems. Sure, he wasn't perfect, but his dislike of organized religion was hardly something that would bother Stacey. Apparently, however, fundamentalists had their own take on such things.

"I'm fine, Cheryl. I just lost track of time and need to catch up on my work," Stacey responded. She was scarcely in the mood for another sermon.

Stacey's body went back to work, but her mind quickly returned to her lust for Leo. She started thinking about fucking him at work, in his car, in her car, and at his house. She wanted him to fuck her on his bed and then pound Suzanne afterward, with her unaware that his cock had just been washed after screwing another woman. Of course, she doubted that Leo and Suzanne even had sex very much anymore, given how much of a chore the woman made it seem to do it once in a while.

Thoughts of sex with Leo on her own bed also excited Stacey. The idea that Walter, in his drunken state, might not even notice that she had gotten on all fours for another man and climaxed in their bedroom, was a fantasy that gave her a kind of vindictive thrill. Part of her even craved the prospect of carrying Leo's baby, which Walter would have to know couldn't be his, because he never slept with her these days. She longed to go to work and display her pregnant belly to Suzanne, without even pretending that Leo's seed was not responsible for her condition.

She was still not confident enough to act on her impulses, however. She didn't want to destroy any chance that Walter might become more open-minded and she could even have an open marriage. She still loved Walter, after all. Despite his neglect of her, despite his prudery, despite her increasing frustration, and despite his alcoholism, she loved her husband. She had a hard time with the actual deed of infidelity. Breaking her wedding vows was a step she evaded so far. She tried to be content with daydreams, at least for now.

A variety of scenarios whereby Stacey could act on them definitely occurred to her frequently, but she continued to reject them in the end. Her ethics or conscience, most likely, kept her from sleeping around behind her husband's back, no matter how much the idea appealed to her in hornier moments.

When she got fed up, she would probably just leave the man, but she didn't want to do even that. She wanted Walter to become sober first. Hopefully, once he got free of liquor, she could work on getting wilder in their sex life. That, of course, required them to actually have a sex life again. At the moment, she considered it a slim chance, but she was willing to hold out longer for it.

"Well, I'm glad about that, Stacey. So, do you and Walter want to go to church next Sunday? My church has a great couples program. We have a marriage seminar coming up too," the blonde tried to sell her local congregation again.

"I'll let you know if we decide to attend. How does that sound?" Stacey avoided the issue, wanting to let her co-worker down easy.

The last thing that she wanted at the moment was to attend a Pentecostal church. What she had heard was more than enough to make her skin crawl. "Speaking in tongues", "prophecy", and "healing" were not her idea of an exciting weekend. Stacey would much rather use her Sundays trying to seduce Walter, even if her efforts were in vain. There was some fun even in the effort and the experience of acting in a sexy manner.

Stacey ignored Cheryl for the rest of the day, and vice versa. She even ignored Suzanne's caustic remarks about how she dressed. Stacey loved to dress in a sexy way, especially of late. It wasn't just to get attention at work. She also hoped that Walter would take a hint. His attitude lately seemed to be that she was no longer sexy, just because she was a mother. She wished that he would think of her as a "MILF".

Such thoughts continued to bother Stacey that evening, as she headed home from work. She had more thoughts, including of a threesome with Walter and Lindsay. Part of her really wanted Walter to ask for something like that, if only so that she would know that he was still interested in sex. The idea that he might view her as a participant in an orgy made her wet. It was too bad that she considered it highly implausible.

Walter didn't seem to remember that she existed half of the time, let alone in an erotic sense. She also felt that it would be nice to experiment with such things. She didn't mind Walter having other women, as long as she knew about them and could have a lover of her own. Unfortunately, his preferred love affair was with alcohol, a far more jealous mistress than any woman could be.

Little did Stacey know that Walter was about to hit rock bottom that night. When she pulled into the driveway, she saw him drinking in front of the house. He had evidently been driving under the influence. Thoughts of sex went out of her head for the moment. She was furious!

"Walter, will you please sober up long enough to get inside the house? By the way, what are you doing home so early?" she demanded, becoming more assertive than usual (she generally took on a more compliant role with people).

"Sorry, Stacey. It was a half-day today. You know how teaching is, faculty senate and all," he pointed out.

"Yes, I know that you're throwing away what little you make on booze! I have no problem with you teaching, Walter, but that's only when you're doing good. That's when it's worth the sacrifice and I find it worth it to be the primary breadwinner. As it is, you're a bad example and you're going to lose that job. Whatever happened to your passion for teaching? Oh, and at this rate, you're not going to be able to your summer job for Dad, either," Stacey snapped at him.

"What, do you think I'm some kind of drunk?" he inquired angrily.

"Yes, as a matter of fact. Lately, in fact, you're a useless one. You haven't even fucked me in weeks," she observed.

"I thought you would be too busy for sex, what with work and motherhood. If you really wanted it, you should have said something. I have been too busy lately. I would have gotten more intimate soon, though," he excused himself.

"Sure, you would. Besides, it's not fun if I have to make all of the moves. I would like you to want it and take some initiative now and then, honey," she complained.

This led to a nasty fight that lasted for hours. By the time it was done, Stacey was glad that it was a Friday. She would need to sleep in the next morning. She was that tired. Naturally, her dreams were of a sex life that she no longer enjoyed.

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