tagLoving WivesStacey's Daydreams Ch. 03

Stacey's Daydreams Ch. 03


This chapter is written in Stacey's words. I hope that you can accept and enjoy the change of perspective.


I woke up horny again on Sunday morning. This was due to the fact that I lost my temper with Walter and never got around to actually taking care of my needs. We had a long fight and ate a quick supper without saying anything to each other all night long. He bristled at my claim that he was a "useless" drunk. I spoke a little too harshly, but the essence of my statement was still very accurate. We finished our routines and went to sleep as soon as possible.

We spent some time with his parents the next day, and that meant we had to be nice to each other all day long. He even managed to avoid drinking, chiefly because he sensed it might cause a scene in front of his family. Walter never drank in front of his mother, since she didn't approve of drunkenness.

Still thinking of my daydream from that Friday afternoon, I rashly decided to act on it, albeit not with Leo. Walter lay there, still half-asleep, and he was my husband! I never denied him (not that I had much of a chance, even if I wished it). Aside from a few weak moments, I had not even attempted to actually cheat on him. Even those rare attempts resulted in nothing, for reasons that only Leo knew for certain.

I removed my clear vibrator from the nightstand, dropped my panties, and started to play with myself in front of him. He must have been less aware of his surroundings than I previously thought, since he didn't react at all. It was time to get his attention.

I had nothing to lose by now. If he chose to divorce me because of this, then I would simply move on with my life. I would consider it good riddance to be free of a man who would leave because his wife wanted more sex. If he said, "No," I would accept it, but would probably retaliate by destroying his liquor collection. That would take some time to replace on a teacher's salary! I wouldn't rape him, but nothing short of an outright refusal would stop me.

I pulled down his wrinkled pants (he had once again fallen asleep without changing) and slid his blue boxers down to his ankles. Getting on my belly, I ran my vibrator over my clit repeatedly. As I used my favorite sex toy, I stroked Walter's cock and balls with my right hand. He suddenly sat up and groaned, but didn't fight me.

I began sucking Walter's dick, starting at the head and putting more inside my mouth with each thrust. My husband now gave me his complete attention, which consisted of him glaring at me for a bit and then moving his cock away from my lips. At first, I thought that he would cuss me out and tell me to leave him alone. Instead, he sat on the side of the bed and took off his shorts. He unbuttoned his shirt and lifted his T-shirt off his head next, before standing up and grinning at me.

"Maybe I have missed a few things while drinking so much! When did you become so horny?" he laughed.

"I have been horny, Walter! If you noticed me as something other than a mom now and then, you'd realize that! I didn't stop having needs when I gave birth! I'm your wife, not just the mother of your child! I'm a twenty-five year old woman with a healthy sex drive. Now, are you going to do something with me, or do I have to use BOB?" I demanded.

"BOB? Who's Bob?" he wondered, clearly perplexed.

"Battery-Operated Boyfriend, honey! It's a female thing!" I explained.

"Okay, but I want you on your knees! Take that damn toy and fuck yourself with it, while you suck me!" Walter stunned me by showing aggression that I didn't even remotely anticipate.

"That was the idea when I woke you, Walter. I'm glad that we're on the same page for once!" I agreed, before doing as he asked me.

I resumed sucking his dick, enjoying myself as much as I expected to enjoy it with Leo. The only difference was that this was reality, not fantasy. Furthermore, it was with my husband, the one man whom I had thought would never want something like this. He might have objected to anal, but he seemed to enjoy a good blowjob as much as the next man. This was more than a pleasant surprise; it was the sort of shock needed to revive our sex life.

"Oh, God, Stacey, that's great! I never realized that you wanted to do this with me!" my husband cried out, as I continued sucking his stiff cock.

My hands engaged themselves in driving that vibrator inside myself in the meantime, getting me wetter by each second. I made sure that I used my mouth only to please his dick and balls, and the challenge aroused me further. My husband reacted to my lips and tongue by grunting and groaning, as if he wanted more. Well, in fact, I supposed that he did.

I certainly gave him more. I licked and sucked his balls, ran my tongue across his taint, and even began rimming his ass. I should have explained that Walter's ass is almost impossibly clean. I don't know why or how he, almost alone among his sex, has kept his butt-crack so clean. Well, I guessed that he had one advantage: he was almost totally hairless. I had never seen so little hair on a grown man's body as I had with my husband. As a result, I've wanted to taste his ass for a while now. I got lucky that morning, since Walter didn't try to stop me. He seemed to like my efforts.

Walter also loved it when I moved my mouth back to his cock and began deep- throating him. I would be lying if I said that I had no gag reflex. My ex-boyfriends could tell you that much. However, even as rusty as I was with giving head, I really relaxed at the moment and indulged my lust for my husband's dick. I wanted more than just to please Walter. I wanted him to absolutely trust his instincts and become the sort of aggressive, albeit loving, partner he seemed ready to be now.

"Stacey, babe, I'm about to cum!" Walter moaned, as he thickened in my throat.

I wasn't far behind him, but I wanted both of us to cum during sex, so I stopped short of sucking him to a release. When he non-verbally objected, I demonstrated my good intentions by quitting my masturbation too. I made a split second decision to get on all fours in front of him. He might well explode soon, but I hoped to get another new experience in first.

It wasn't difficult for Walter to take the hint. He didn't become a high-school teacher by virtue of stupidity. My husband had not attacked me so enthusiastically in years, but he certainly took me on the bedroom floor that time. The first "doggie-style" sex in the history of our marriage was very short-lived, but equally sweet. He wasn't as gentle as usual, but I could tell that he loved me. For one thing, he had continued to speak to me with affection (of course, that was one of Walter's virtues).

If either of us worried that I might not cum before he did, the fears were unjustified. My climax was rapid, especially after I adjusted to my new position and I felt sexy once more. The knowledge that my efforts at Sunday seduction had finally succeeded helped my libido as well as my vanity. I gasped and thrust back at him, as he pushed inside my tightening pussy with gusto. My body tensed up and I felt my pleasure grab my attention for the brief moment that it continued.

My orgasm made Walter's inevitable, since he had held out partly from consideration of my needs. My involuntary tension further prompted his release, so my husband emptied himself at last inside me. It was the first time in far too long, and it was also the first time in any position other than "missionary".

He withdrew and embraced me as I stood. My legs were wobbly, so it was just as well that I could lean on his body. My husband gave me the first French kiss I had received from him in months (probably the last one had been he learned that I was pregnant the previous year). It was much more tender and romantic than the sex, but I resented neither. After all, I had wanted a little kinky sex for a while, so having that in addition to any sexual attention at all was a bonus.

"I'm not used to rough sex, baby. I hope that I didn't go too far and hurt you. I just felt this odd urge and acted on it. I wanted to be aggressive and forceful, for lack of better words," Walter told me, as I held onto him.

"That was the best sex I've had since we had the baby, dear. I have no complaints. I'm just glad that you noticed me that way again. It has felt like eternity since that happened. A woman wants you to desire her, as well as love her. Both are needs. Wouldn't you feel hurt if I stop viewing you as sexy? That's how it felt to me for the past few months. Anyway, that's the past. I love you and I am happy that you want me again. Please don't change that anymore. You are such a great lover when you choose to be, Walter Pryce," I encouraged him, since I wanted this "animal" side to show up again in the future.

"Thank you for waking me up, Stacey. I love you and want to be a fine husband. You're certainly an excellent wife, and I apologize for taking that for granted the past few months. I have to warn you, however, that this other side of me wants to have more power in this relationship at times. I have no other way of explaining it. I just know that it has been buried and is now loose. There is no going back, lover," my husband announced, but he smiled as he did so.

He meant what he said in more in than one way, and he sensed that I would receive it well. He was right. There was considerably more to this story, but this was the turning point for us. This was the day that everything began to change for the better in our marriage. Whatever we explored sexually in the future, we would so as a couple, as a team. We were on the same side now.

It wasn't just the sex issue that we started to resolve, either. The drinking had to go, and both of us knew it. Otherwise, the chances of sliding back into the previous rut were all too great. Walter had finally grasped how much I disliked his drinking, and he also now realized why I had reason to feel that way. I wasn't being a teetotaler or a killjoy. I just knew that he had an addiction and needed to correct it for the sake of our marriage and family.

It wasn't easy for either of us, but we found something that morning that reminded us that we had every motive to make an effort. As shallow as it might seem, great sex can have a way of shaking things up at times and encouraging a change. If that wasn't enough, we had a child to think about it as well. Most of all, we still loved each other. We just forgot how much we mattered to each other. We made a pact right then, in the naked aftermath of our sexual release, not to do so again.

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