tagLoving WivesStacey's Daydreams Ch. 04

Stacey's Daydreams Ch. 04


Stacey and Walter sat down to lunch that afternoon with a sense of satisfaction over their romp earlier that day. She had sucked his cock, used a vibrator on herself, and even rimmed his ass. He had fucked her doggie-style in a rough manner, thus acting on one of his repressed desires. Her seduction efforts worked better than usual, so their sexual rut had ended abruptly. However, there was now the question of what they should do next to keep things exciting. Neither of them wished to return to the boring, less frequent sex that had occurred recently.

"Walter, dear, now that we're intimate again, can we discuss our fantasies? Obviously, both of us have some that we haven't seriously talked about it, or at least haven't listened to each about," Stacey suggested with a wink, deliberately trying to act casual about wearing her wedding ring again.

"I guess that there would be no harm. We're not in public, after all. Alright, let's hear one of yours first. We can take turns talking about our desires," Walter chuckled, realizing that his wife had a delightfully nasty side.

By his standards, she was the ideal woman, he was already married to her, and yet he had nearly lost her to his own bad habits. He also feared that she might have had an affair, since she felt neglected recently. If so, he would have to be a little unpleasant, but he hoped that the marriage would survive his anger. He was simply too jealous to share Stacey. The very idea of her fucking another man started to give him feelings of rage. Well, it would better not to worry about that unless it happened.

"Okay, to be honest, I've had fantasies about swinging. I don't know how you feel about that, though you have said in the past that you were against it," Stacey informed him, more than a little nervous about her admission.

Part of her feared that he would refuse, the other that he would agree to it. She wasn't completely sure that she really wanted to be a swinger. She might get too jealous to handle the sight of Walter with another woman, which in fairness would preclude her from doing it with another man. She wasn't about to be mean to him like that.

To be honest with herself, she had to admit that her biggest reason for jealousy would be a fear of some other girl interesting him more than her. She had already lost his attention to the bottle, but losing him to another woman would be a serious heartache too. What if he wanted to divorce her and marry some other lady? It was true that common sense would suggest that a man probably wouldn't leave a wife who would share him, but paranoia reigned at times.

"Well, that's one that I can't honestly support. I am just too jealous to go along with it. I won't deny that I have fantasies about other women, which I suppose covers my turn, but I can't get over the rage I feel at the very idea of you in another man's arms. I imagine that I would feel something similar about you with another woman, if I actually saw it.

"The fantasy of you with a woman is nice, but the reality of it would make me angry, I suspect. Well, I would be angry and worried that you would prefer women. I would always fear that with another man too. I would wonder if he was better in the sack than me," Walter objected, as much as part of him wished that it wasn't true. Fucking another woman would be fun, but the price would be too high in his mind.

"I understand, honey. In fact, I'm somewhat relieved that you vetoed my fantasy. As much fun as the idea might be, the situation itself would probably make me jealous too. Even if it didn't, I'd rather know upfront if you weren't cool with it. This is part of why I brought up the subject. I want to know for sure how you feel about things now, not later, when our effort to rejuvenate our sex lives turns bitter on us, because you get jealous. I suppose that whatever we do, we'll just have to keep it entirely within the marriage," she smiled, no longer having to think about that issue.

She liked having her husband make decisions like that, even if they negated fantasies of hers. The very fact of him being in control like that was another fantasy of hers, after all. Maybe she would mention her BDSM fantasies next. He had hinted at similar desires earlier, hadn't he?

"Okay, since you mentioned a fantasy or two that you dismissed yourself, I will take my turn. I want you to be more, well, ...dominant. I want you to take charge more often. I don't just mean sexually. I would like to follow your lead. As I said earlier, I loved the fact that you had your way with me on the bedroom floor this morning. It excited me in a way that I hadn't completely accepted before. While I enjoy making love to you, which I don't want to totally stop, some rough sex like that is really great too," Stacey declared, albeit slightly embarrassed by her own statement.

"I would actually like that too, I must admit. So far, at least, we are compatible. I would like to take it further, in fact. I have fantasies about spanking you, tying you up, and collaring you, babe," Walter announced, still a bit shocked at admitting something that he had pretended in the past to deem "perverse".

"I wouldn't object to those things, honey. In fact, I have thought about them too. To be honest, I've actually thought about you attaching a leash to my collar and fucking me while holding onto it. I would even like it if you led me around by the leash or made me sit at your feet. I have fantasies of being your 'pet' sometimes. Oh, I don't mean that I want you to treat me like an animal, just that I would be your sex slave and at your beck and call. Well, of course, that wouldn't apply to when we have company, but it could work when we have privacy," Stacey revealed, blushing a little.

"Very well, I could go for all of that, especially if it meant that neither of us would refuse to have sex in the future. I'll quit denying you and you'll never start it. In fact, I owe you plenty of sex, retroactively, so I had better get busy with it," Walter concurred with her idea.

"Thank you, Master. Does that title work for you, or would something else be better? Maybe 'sir' instead?" she responded to her husband's decision.

"I like 'sir', since outsiders might not get the drift. It will be a nice secret to keep from them. I'll call you 'woman', and then you will know that I am asserting my authority. Perhaps we should use a safe word for this activity," he proposed.

"Yes, sir! How about simply saying, 'danger'? That would be unmistakable and easy to remember?" Stacey offered.

"Very well. We'll use 'danger' as your safe word. Now, what other fantasies have you had?" he inquired.

"Well, aside from the ones that involve other people, I think about anal sex a lot. I would like to have a man fuck me in the ass, preferably in a rough way, though with lube. I know that you see it as 'dirty', but would you reconsider trying it, for me?" she pleaded with him.

"Well, I could try toys," he observed.

"Toys would be a nice start, but would you consider fucking me there? If you were still too revolted after trying it once or twice, I promise never to bring it up again. Hell, you could even use a condom!" Stacey urged him.

"A condom, eh? Well, how about we try the toys first and get me used to it. I must admit that I wouldn't mind some anal play these days, but I'm still a bit squeamish about sticking my dick in that hole. I'll even lick it, if it's washed enough. Then we could try anal, albeit with a condom. Little steps, if you want to call them that," Walter modified her idea.

"Fair enough, lover. All I know is that I would love for you to take every one of my holes and become owner of my entire body in every sense. It's a fantasy for me, that you will use me as you wish and make me available for your every whim. So, Walter, do you have any more fantasies yourself?" she wondered.

"Yes, in fact, I do. I would like to kiss you after we have had oral sex with each other. I want to rim you, eat pussy, have you suck my cock, and then swap spit immediately afterward. I think that the term, at least for a blowjob, is a 'snowball'. I wouldn't like to taste another man's cum, as we already agreed not to swing and I am not even slightly bi. However, my own cum is not as prone to give me a disease and doesn't sound so disgusting.

"By the way, who were these other people that you thought about sexually? I just have to know. I won't judge you, as long as you promise me that you didn't actually fuck them," Walter demanded. "First of all, I like your fantasy and will have no problem doing it. It sounds sexy and even intimate, if that makes sense to you. I will 'snowball' you anytime you wish.

"As to the other, well, it's kind of embarrassing, baby. However, I'll tell you, if you really want to know. Very well: one of them was Leo, Suzanne's husband. He just seemed very manly and very hot. He seemed to want more sex than she offered him in their marriage, too. I could empathize, being in the same boat myself, honey. The other one was Lindsay, my boss. She's attractive and flirtatious enough that I certainly noticed myself being bi-curious. I promise to only look and not touch, though, dear. I've never acted on either crush. I swear it, Walter," Stacey confessed, despite some sense of shame at her now-abandoned ideas of cheating on her husband.

"It's a damn good thing that you didn't, baby. I guess that I forgot to tell you about Leo, but it never occurred to me that it might be an issue. He used to be a teacher at the same school as me. In fact, we were colleagues once. Remember that time that I told you about a teacher getting caught fucking a married co-worker on school grounds? That was him. He lies to vulnerable women and gets them into bed for the fun of it. Then he drops them.

"Any guess as to whom his most recent victim has been? It's your boss, Lindsay. I didn't tell you, again, because I didn't consider it relevant and I don't gossip. I'm no prude and I don't expect everyone to be old-fashioned like me, but I abhor men like that. You probably would have gotten him, if you caught him between mistresses.

"It's true that Suzanne is a bad wife, but that's the point. He chose her on purpose, knowing that she was incompatible. That gave him the sob story he needed to get laid with the women, while at the same time she wasn't as likely to catch him. Of course, when he is in the middle of an affair, he doesn't look elsewhere. He's oddly more faithful to his lovers than to his wife. It's mainly because he prefers to move from woman to woman, not try to juggle them at once and keep track of his lies. When a particular lover bores him, he dumps her for a new one. That's his pattern, honey," Walter explained.

"Oh, baby, I'm so sorry! I can't believe that I actually once thought about cheating on you with him! I guess that he wasn't my type, after all. My man was already in my bed, if I could just get his attention back. Can you promise me something? Promise me that you'll never deny me again and that you'll quit drinking. I swear to never deny you, not that I can as your 'pet'. I won't try to control your life. I just want to know that you're my husband again, not my drunken roommate, if that doesn't sound too harsh," Stacey cried a bit, more than merely ashamed of her previous attitude about her husband and her marriage.

"You won't get crazy ideas of cheating anymore? I mean, we can both think about others, but not plan or take seriously notions of having such affairs. If you can swear that, I swear to give up the drinking," Walter assured her, before they kissed with the kind of passion that they had forgotten until that morning.

Whatever issues they might have in the future, they decided to handle within their marriage, not by cheating. In Walter's case, it would also mean not resorting to booze. Being his wife's Master was a better feeling, anyway.

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