tagGroup SexStacked Shelley's Airport Search Ch. 3

Stacked Shelley's Airport Search Ch. 3

bySexy Shelley©

Note: Reading Parts 1 and 2 first highly recommended. Shelley, a huge-breasted, redheaded submissive, tells the story of setting off the metal detectors at the airport, being strip-searched and violated by Elena, a sexy dominant Puerto Rican security guard. The story resumes with the arrival of Horace, a young airport worker, who’s walked into the room as Shelley orgasms under Elena’s firm hand.

Elena hammered me with it and forced me onto the table all the way. She climbed on top of me like an animal and mauled my tits again from behind. She bit me on the back of the neck and fucked me mercilessly with the big vibrator. My face was pressed into the table, right on top of my sex-pictures that she’d humiliated me with. She whispered in my ear “All right you little big-titted slut. You want to come now? You want me to let you come now?”

“Please. Please. Please let me come. I’ll do anything for you,” I cried.

“Yes,” she said. She forced her belt between my teeth, like a bridle on a horse, to muffle my screams, and then really let me have it, High power.

Even through the belt-gag, my screams could have woken the dead. “AIIIAIGAHGHAHESSSS! Giiiagyahh! UHGHGHgggghhhhh! Yesssssss!” I screamed for so long my throat ached. I came over and over again, each one lifting me higher into ecstasy. Finally, I collapsed, completely spent, and Elena eased the vibrator out of my cunt and let me drop the belt from my teeth. She pushed the vibrator in my mouth and I sucked it clean.

Then, finally, I turned my head and realized, that while I was screaming my way to orgam, the door had opened, and that now, standing a few feet away from me was a tall, heavily muscled, young man wearing a uniform—not security, some sort of baggage handler or ground-crew worker—and a look of disbelief. He couldn’t have been older than 24. He had smooth brown skin, a baseball cap on his bald-shaved head, and his mouth was wide open, staring at us.

Elena looked at him and smiled. “Told you I was a freak,” she said. “How you like my girl here?”

“Yeah,” said the young man. He was trying to play it cool, but was still too shocked to come up with a good response. Plus, he was rock-hard, and all the blood in his brain had rushed to his cock.

“Bitch, this is my friend Horace,” she said. “Horace, meet my big-titted white bitch.”

Horace smiled. This was something he could get used to.

“See, I’ve been liking Horace for a while,” Elena said. “He’s a nice guy. And I could tell he liked me because he’s always staring at my ass and his big cock is always hard when I’m around. But I’ve got a boyfriend—he’s in jail but he’s still my boyfriend. And Horace is kind of shy—he’s not into all the freaky stuff like I’m into. And also I was a little afraid that he’d hurt my little pussy with his big dick. So I figure—why not let him pound you first, and then I’ll see how much it hurts before I take him. What do you say, Titsy?”

I felt myself turn red again. I couldn’t believe I was actually going to have to fuck this stranger in front of her. Off in the distance, I heard myself saying “I’ll do anything you tell me to do.”

“Damn right.”

Next thing I know I’m on my knees again, unzipping this guy’s pants and fishing out his cock. He looked a little like the actor Vin Diesel, but younger and cuter. I'm expecting his cock to be big but I’m still shocked. He’s as thick as Earl, and even a bit longer, right around that foot-long mark. Gigantic, curved, brown, and unlike Earl’s, even thicker at the base than at the head, sort of like a snake. Elena’s kissing him and unbuttoning his shirt, whispering things into his ear that made him grin ear to ear. His chest and arm muscles were unbelievable. Tattoos all over, and an incredibly chiseled stomach. I’m licking him from base to shaft, juggling his big come-filled balls in my fingers, and stretching my mouth around his enormous tool.

“Yeah, suck him, down, bitch”, Elena hissed. “Swallow that nasty boy-cum like the slut you are.”

My pussy tingled from my last mind-blowing orgasm, and with the thought of what this big horse-prong was going to do to me inside. He was sitting in the chair, legs spread, while I knelt in front of him like a slave. His cock was wet and sticky with my saliva and I let him fall out of my mouth and land between my big breasts. It swayed back and forth in the air like a cobra. In addition to being huge and perfectly shaped, my tits are incredibly sensitive to the touch. For that reason, I love tit-fucking a big man. In fact, I’m famous for my tit-fucking skills. I love to do it and I'm proud of it. If you look at me, I promise that’s the first thing you’ll think of because my breasts are so big and shaped perfectly for it. They’re so sensitive too that the friction of a hot hard cock between them turns me on like you wouldn’t believe. I wanted to show these two what I was made of. I wrapped my big jugs around his thick shaft and stared into his black eyes as I gave him the best tit-fuck of his life.

“See how good my bitch is,” she breathed in his ear. “All for you, Big Daddy. You like those big tits, huh? You be with me, I’ll let you fuck all the big-titty white girls you want.”

Horace was groaning with pleasure as I worked his pole between my soft tit-flesh. Most cocks completely disappear in the valley of my cleavage, but his was so big that it came up into my mouth as he fucked me. Still, I could wrap him completely into the valley of my cleavage. My tits are so soft, when they’re wet like this that it’s like fucking a pussy. My nipples were so hard they hurt, and the feel of his big unit was making my pussy spasm uncontrollably. He started to thrust hard, smacking into my tits and making them shake and jiggle crazily. Then he grabbed me by the back of the head, shoving my throat down around his tool. “Make him come. Swallow his come, bitch,” Elena ordered. She was fully aroused by the scene in front of her. She kissed him passionately, thrusting her long tongue into his mouth, as I worked him over down below. She had the vibrator on again and started fucking herself with it. I sucked desperately at his big balls and pumped him with both hands like a cock-crazed whore. I wanted him to come so bad. I wanted to please him and show him what a good little bitch I could be. I could feel my throat contracting and spasming as I sucked him, and crazy humming sounds coming out of my stuffed mouth without knowing it.

Suddenly, without much warning, he let out a twisted, strained growl, and his cock swelled to double its size. His eyes rolled back in his head and he gripped me so hard I thought I’d suffocate. He erupted deep down my throat like a volcano—flooding my gullet with his come. I gulped and gulped as fast as I could, each swallow making my throat muscles milk his cock--but loads of it still spilled out and dribbled down my neck and tits. Horace leaned back and kissed Elena again, sighing with pleasure and smiling at her as if she was the one who’d sucked him off.

Elena brought me to my feet and started to suck my breasts, licking the come off me. She fingered my pussy again, roughly, and felt me soaking wet down there. I was so hot for it again, I didn’t care what they did to me.

“Get him hard again,” she said, twisting my nipple and pinching my tit-flesh so hard that my eyes watered. That didn’t take long—a 24-year old black guy with a horse-cock, and two sexy women? Shit, he was hard before she even finished the sentence.

I straddled him, my tits pushed into his face. I loved the feeling of his soft lips and huge hands on me. My massive juggs slapped against his face, and he took me in his big hands. Damn, but this kid knew how to handle my big rack. He bit my nipples and licked them, worked the tender flesh just like I was craving. I could feel his iron-hard rod erect against his chest, stretching a good five inches past his belly button. I ground my wet cunt against it, and then felt him lifting me up—way up—to where I could mount his big pole.

Immediately, when I felt his big head parting my pussy lips, I got scared and tried to get away. This fucking thing was going to break me! I still had my tiptoes on the floor on either side of him, and I pushed against his muscled stomach and tried to raise up off him. He just smiled, mouth full of my fleshy tits, and lifted me from the ground, the tip of his huge member still in my pussy lips, and then let me slide down onto his rock-hard tool. I screamed again as I slid down on it. Each one of his ten-plus inches felt like it was splitting me in half, like you bust apart a wishbone on a turkey.

“OAHAHHHH! FUCCCK!” I screamed. “Please don’t…go slow, please…auuhgh, too big….fuck…You’re killing me you big-dicked bastard! Fuckkkk! Goddaamnnnghghahgh! Aughhgh! Fuck meeeee!”

Finally, I’d hit bottom, taken his every inch. It felt incredible. I began to bounce on his pole, tits flying in every direction at once, my long hair shaking and falling on my shoulders, my face contorted in agony and lust. Suddenly, I was in the air.

Horace stood up, taking me with him with almost no effort, continuing to pound into my abused pussy with everything he had. Even though I’ve been fucking big-dicked men for a long time, my cunt is still really tight and small. It’s always hard for me to take, and it always hurts. But it hurts so fucking good!

He was groaning and sweating with the force of his fucking. I was impaled on him, riding up and down like a tiny little fuckdoll. My legs were spread obscenely, locked around his big body, and my arms were around his muscled neck, holding on for dear life as he jackhammered his cock into me. Elena was staring at us, amazed. Even she never imagined a scene like this—this young brown-skinned stud fucking the shit out of some big-titted redhead slut.

I could feel an incredible orgasm building up inside me again. I couldn’t believe the strength and stamina of this big fucker. I cried and babbled incoherently. He walked me over to the table and put me down on my back. He grabbed my ankles with his huge hands and spread my legs as wide as they’d go. His young handsome face had become bestial with lust, and he began to long-dick me in earnest, each stroke truly painful, shocking me to the very core.

“OOOEHEEEOHHGHG! Aughaightiiiii! I began to come, coming on each earth-rocking thrust of his thick prick. My tits pillowed out obscenely, bouncing so high that they hit me in the face. Elena pushed up behind him and reached around to fondle his heavy balls as he fucked me. I came and came, milking his huge tool, and in his passion he gripped me by the throat with one huge hand, and began to explode inside me again with an animal’s roar. Holy shit. I was so scared, but I loved it. He came what again felt like buckets and then collapsed on top of me.

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