tagFetishStacy Lancaster: White Dreams

Stacy Lancaster: White Dreams


Jared's cock ached. It was a throbbing ache that slowly penetrated his sleep. He was so hard. His cock seemed to be draining all the blood and sense and will from his body. He couldn't quite wake from this state.

What was happening? Where was he? He was comfortable. He was in bed. Had he been dreaming?

There was a presence with him. Warmth in the bed beside him. Vibrant, active warmth. An unsettled body in constant movement. Distantly he heard heavy breathing.

Stacy. The name rang in his mind and sent adrenaline and testosterone pulsing even more powerfully through his veins. He whimpered as his engorged member pumped even larger, ready to split down the middle.

Stacy. The name meant sex to him. A mischievous smile that could turn jello hard. Porcelain delicacy disguising supreme carnality. And in his half awake state he knew that that goddess was inches from him. Not out of reach; within it. Right there. In his bed.

Stacy. His wife. Why had his half-dreaming mind taken so long to speak that possessive word? His wife, his bride, his bed-mate, his eager fuck-bunny.

With slowly growing clarity he began to understand the state of his mind. He was horny beyond belief because his fuck bunny was herself dreaming. Her could hear her moans now. He recognised the urgency of her small movements.

It was more than just moans. There was a soft babble. "Oh fuck. Fuck fuck. Shit fuck." she groaned into her pillow. "Cock. Cock, fuck. Jared, please. Yes. Yes Frank, harder. Oh god. Oh god. Jared again. Do me."

No wonder Jared was loosing his mind. His wife had been begging him to fuck her. Not just him but probably every man that had ever laid a hand on her.

"Yes Frank. God. It's deep. More" She hissed almost silently and went stiff. Was she climaxing? Jared couldn't tell. "Don't stop. Fuck, don't stop. Honey, more honey. Cream me."

Jared still had no coherent thoughts but he didn't need any. He whipped off the covers. There she lay in the ghostly light. Not lay. Squirmed. Jerked.

Jared yanked his briefs down to free his drooling cock. Without conscious thought he was against her. "Oh god, fuck, please fuck me more!" she shouted. Normally he would call their position spooning but that was a soft, cuddling sort of word. His bottom hand grabbed her hair roughly. She kept it just long enough to get a good hold on.

His other hand wrapped around her body and grasped a firm handful of tit. She hissed "Cock. Where's your cock!" she begged. Asleep? Awake? Jared didn't even pause to wonder as she arched her ass against him, begging in word and deed and scent.

Her ass and thighs were absolutely drenched in girl-juice. His blind snake skated along her delectable creases that all led to her flowing center.

Her hips were in constant motion but practice, need and destiny ensured that her orchid met his thorn at the right time and the right angle and he pierced her savagely.

In unison they both praised the creator. "Oh god!" There was too much girl juice and too much shaking going on to know for sure but Jared was pretty sure she had climaxed immediately.

But if she had, she never stopped.

Jared should have been content... no, thrilled... to remain impaled in his shuddering, grinding wife. Her ass danced against his groin and her cunt was fucking milking him like a starving beast.

But Jared was beyond horny and as awe inspiring as having his wife continuously cream all over his dick was, he needed to fuck.

Hand still entwined in her hair, he pushed her onto her face. Onto her stomach. His body lay atop hers but did not crush it. No, Stacy's orgasmic body could not be crushed. She bucked and reared like a mechanical bull; not trying to throw her lover but merely FUCKING. It was pure sex. The feel of cock in her gushing cunt.

Jared didn't get thrown but it did take take more than one try to find some purchase on the bed with his knees. Stacy humped him deliriously. "Fuck me" she whined, even though she still seemed to be climaxing and perhaps still dreaming.

Jared didn't exactly need an invitation. His hands locked into to familiar lines where ass met hip and he shoved his bride bodily into the bed. "Say it again, girl." He growled. "Keep begging."

"Fuck me!" she shouted on cue. She fought him, her body insistent that she fuck him back. "Cunt." She said. "My cunt. Harder."

Coherent enough. Jared was in a sexual rage now. No control, no thoughts. Just his cock and a pussy the plow.

She must have woken up at some point. She must have had some period of confusion. But a horny Stacy was a very able Stacy and she never did miss a beat. "God damn YES. Dick me good. No mercy. Show my sloppy little cunt no mercy at all. Fuck me inside out!"

Sweat was dripping from every inch of their bodies as Stacy climaxed again and again and Jared tried to ruin what he knew very well to be an invincible, insatiable hole.

Yes, she was awake now. She was awake as her husband fucked her right through half a dozen screaming orgasm. Awake enough to sense when the end was near. When Jared, red faced and snorting, simply couldn't stem the tide any more.

There were times in the heat of passion when his wife did things that he just couldn't follow. Whether it was due to lack of oxygen to the brain or maybe she really was a magical sex-goddess, he'd probably never know. But it happened right then. One moment he had his hands locked on her hips, royally screwing her from behind and in less than a blink she was somehow disengaged and lying on her back. He had his froth-covered cock in his hand, somehow, and she was frigging her clit with one hand and rubbing her chest with the other.

"All over me baby. Stud all up on my tits and face. Jizz all over your slut."

He didn't even have to stroke. Her words, her command, triggered his release. He grunted and came.

He did them both proud. The first blast hit her in the chin. It was huge, splashing across her cheeks and neck. The next salvo was even bigger and glazed her cleavage like a diabetic's wet dream. "Oh god, yes, more. All of it!" She screamed, climaxing yet again on her busy fingers.

No one was in condition to count past two right then but there were many, many more sizzling shots across her body. In the ghostly light against her pale skin his essence all but disappeared; only the glint of something viscous and wet giving it away.

"Jared, am I you slut?" She asked breathlessly as finally his gun fell silent.

"You are a dirty sex goddess that out fucks every slut in the world." he croaked.

Her hair was an sweaty, twisted mess but impossibly, she still had her one bang hanging over her eye. She gave him the most depraved grin and said, "Yes, dirty. I like that word. I'm going to be so fucking dirty for you Jared."

Again moving with a grace that seemed inhuman she rose, kissed him hard on the lips and in a blink had him lying beneath her. He stared up at the apparition in the dim light of the night outside.

Those perfect little firm handfuls of breast flesh seemed to throb, their swollen aureoles puffed up like golf balls. His spunk slowly dripped from her face, her shoulders, her delectable tits and inviting stomach. He had really covered her.

His cock was still mostly hard. Stacy let it slide between her thighs but not yet back into her sex. Staring him in the eyes, grinning depravedly, she lay languidly across him.

"Oh fuck." Jared said. He just couldn't not say it. Her spunk-covered body felt indescribable against his own.

Stacy luxuriated in the feel. Her husband's love all over her. Her husband lover beneath her, soaking in what their joyous rage had wrought. She undulated against him. She spread his jizz across every inch of their chests and stomachs.

And then she kissed him. With her face still covered in his cooling ejaculate, she kissed him deeply. With her hands she began spreading it across his face as her tongue molested his.

As luxurious and depraved as this shared cum bath was to Stacy, there was one little part of her that couldn't completely enjoy it. Because between her thighs there throbbing club of flesh that was no longer merely "mostly hard". It was again straining at the seams and knocking on her door.

And she really, really wanted to get fucked some more.

"You know it's Wednesday morning, right?" Jared asked around her tongue, despite the fact that his own hand was now teasing her pussy lips.

"Fuck, baby. I might not even shower before I go to work." She said with evil intent as she shifted and engulfed his member once again.


Roughly four hours later the alarm woke the sweetly slumbering lovebirds. Moments later, Stacy was out of bed and dancing around the bedroom. "Eeew, Eeew. God. Gross."

Jared watched her, laughing. "No need to rush honey. Didn't you say you were going to skip your shower this morning?"

"Eeew, god Jared. How many times times did you cum on me?"

Jared was looking down at his own crusty, smeared and sweaty form. Several 'Eeews' passed through his own mind. "Four I think. Hard to say no to a begging fuck-bunny."

"You're doing the damn laundry, buster!" She said as she made a bee-line for the bathroom.

Jared heard the water turn on. Being a work day, he probably shouldn't join her... and really should get the sheets into the wash.

We was still extricating himself from the bed when she darted back while the shower warmed up. Her naked ass was in his naked lap in a blink. She wiggled against his exhausted cock and kissed him fiercely.

Releasing him, she jumped back up. Before turning and scampering back to the shower she gave him a contented smile. "I want to still be waking up covered in your cum when I'm seventy."

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