tagGroup SexStacy's First Swing Pt. 03

Stacy's First Swing Pt. 03


With Jared deep inside the older woman, Stacy straddled Betty's head. She was facing her husband and paused a moment or two to allow him to study her open, dripping sex. A rivulet of fluid had begun its journey down her inner thigh. With a casual elegance that seemed at the same time both out of place and natural, she used a couple fingers to gather it up. Her other hand settled on her husband's head and tilted it back gently. She brought her fingers in close to his face. "See what you made me do?" her voice still playful but becoming husky. His mouth was slack with wonder and she fed her loaded fingers into it. "Taste me. Taste Frank. This is what your dirty old habits made me do."

It had been quite a few years since Jared had tasted another man's cum but this was not the first time. He had never gotten a thrill out of it but had also never hesitated to eat a woman after another man had filled her with his seed. Well, he hadn't hesitated much after the first time or two.

This was different. This was his wife feeding him the mingled juices of the lust she had expressed with another man. He caught her wrist in one hand, holding her in place. He licked and sucked at her fingers, moaning with desire. He was so very happy, happy with every fiber of his being. His lovely, exciting wife was sharing something with him and it was something far greater than those slippery fluids. It was a love of sex, a joy of the body.

Stacy could see the bliss in her husband's face and was nearly overwhelmed with love for him. Betty had said it in the car but had no idea how right she was. She was so fortunate to have found Jared... a loving, kind, intelligent and sexy man to share joy with. Passions that transcended sexual lust threatened to overwhelm her body and her knees grew week.

Fortunately, she had the presence of mind to let herself down gently before she fell over.

Jared continued to gently suckle her fingers, staring into Stacy's eyes as she knelt, hovering above Betty's face. Despite the fact that his manhood was lodged in another woman's love nest, he felt very close to his wife at that moment. She was truly the love of his life. And even though right now they were expressing themselves sexually, he knew deep in the fiber of his being that he and his wife shared a lot more than that. Their quite nights watching TV together or working together in the kitchen or the yard... simple tasks and quiet interludes shared by two people at peace with one another. His wife was smart, sensible and sexy as hell and she seemed to think he was pretty nice to be with too.

Both Lancasters felt Betty move beneath them. She wrapped her arms around the younger woman's thighs and waist, pulling her still-dripping snatch down onto her salivating mouth. At the same time, she lifted her legs and wrapped them around Jared. Digging her heals into the flesh of his ass, she pulled him tightly against her groin and ground herself against him.

She grunted softly and let out a long moan. "Spermy pussy for my mouth and hard cock for my pussy. God damn am I glad that Helen couldn't make it. To think that I was just going to do laundry tonight."

Stacy shook herself from her reverie as Betty's tongue dug into her slit, seeking out the goodies Frank had left there. She grinned at her husband. "Fuck her baby." She reached down to grasp Betty's big tits. They were spread wide and soft across her chest and Stacy attempted to gather each one into a hand. She pushed them together, presenting them to her husband. "Fuck this wonderful, nasty slut. Make her cum. I want to feel her shake and hear her moan while I drown her with my cunt."

Jared pushed against Betty's clasping legs, sliding his shaft back until only its head remained within her hot hole. There was tension on his cock as the crown of its head pulled out gently against the elastic ring at the entrance to her pussy.

Stacy's hands were clasping the outside of the older woman's breast, leaving her nipples and cleavage open and inviting to Jared's attentions. He reached down and pawed at her peaks, tweaking her nipples and kneading the flesh of her sensitive tits. Then he plunged back in to the hilt, filling her cunt with meat.

Betty gasped into the folds of Stacy's dripping sex. The experienced slut was having the time of her life with this loving young couple. Jared was every bit as talented as she remembered and his bride was proving to be a sex-hungry slut of the highest order. As Jared began stroking into her depths at a steady, firm pace, Betty shifted her oral attentions from the depths of Stacy's honey pot to the hard nubbin of her clitoris at the peak of her slit. She pursed her lips to suck on the tiny little thing, allowing her teeth to scrape across it from time to time. As she attacked the other woman's clit, she began pressing a spear of three fingers into her hole. Loosened by earlier activity and wet with Stacy's juices, whatever was left from Frank's hefty deposit and her own saliva, the eager young twat offered little resistance.

"Of fuck!" Stacy exclaimed in a horse and trembling voice. She released the older woman's breasts and clasped her husband's shoulders, staring him in the eye. "She eating me real good. Pound her Jared. Fuck her hard and make her cum."

Betty had allowed her legs to relax, her senses filled with the delicious scent and taste of the young slut and the thrusting, throbbing intrusions of her groom. Jared hooked his arms under her knees and hauled her meaty limbs up onto his shoulders, altering his angle of approach. The change brought renewed moans from the big woman and Stacy could feel her entire body vibrate in responses.

Frank sat on the floor next to the trio, still in a slight daze as he watched the threesome drive themselves toward climax. The pale young woman was grinding herself down on the face of the experienced swinger while the male member of the triad continued to pound into her sloshing quim.

Stacy was trying to watch her husband's cock as it pistonned into Betty's hole. She wanted a better look. She bent forward to hook the other woman's legs in her arms and began pulling them back, forcing Betty farther onto her shoulders and neck. Keeping her throbbing pussy planed across Betty's moth, Stacy shuffled her position slightly and drew the older woman's hips up far off the ground.

Jared's cock sprang free as Stacy held Betty's body nearly vertical. Juices from her pussy were flung into the air, several drops catching Stacy in the face. She giggled and tried to reach some of it with her tongue. Stacy adjusted her grip on the other woman's body, now encircling her waist in a hug. She bent her head down, craning it a bit to reach the other woman's snatch. Without hardly even realizing she was about lick another woman's sex for the first time, she drug her tongue along the length of her slit. The other woman tasted very much like her own juices. She drank down the nectar and then straightened to face her husband. Jared had risen to his feet and was stroking his glistening cock. "Now let me taste it off of you." She said.

Jared stepped into position as his wife dug her chin into Betty's beaver. Betty had let off her attack on the younger woman's sex, waiting for the next stage of the performance. She squirmed a bit at the unusual sensation as Stacy playfully worked her chin across the older woman's mound. Betty was a bit uncomfortable upside-down on her neck but she was willing to put up with it to see what would happen.

Stacy opened her mouth and Jared slid his cock in. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the feel and taste of her husband. She sucked at it gently for a few moments and then released it.

Stacy sat there a moment or two, Betty's upside-down body held close to her own, her husband's cock bobbing just a few inches away. Shit, she thought, this isn't really going to work.

She let Betty's body weight carry them both back down to the floor. Then she grabbed the woman's ankles and pulled them back and wide, opening her up to her husband. Betty's back was once again flat on the floor and her hips were just barely raised above it.

Betty pressed her fingers back into Stacy's pussy, wriggling and flexing them as she explored the young woman's inner self. Stacy sighed in appreciations and gave her husband his marching orders. "Back in the saddle stud. This is it, we're all going to cum our asses off this time."

Jared lunged forward, nearly jumping as he directed his cock back into Betty's steaming hole. He rammed home in a single, violent motion that moved the entire pile of bodies a couple inches across the thick carpet. The resounding slap of colliding flesh was accompanied but a guttural cry from Betty and her pussy eagerly absorbed the assault.

Stacy released Betty's legs and her husband caught them in the crook of each arm. The young woman's hands found purchase on the big slut's ample tits and she ground her cunt down on the woman's face. Her hands were gripping the pliant tit flesh hard, nearly buried in soft folds of breast. It was lucky for Betty that the young woman kept her nails short.

Stacy's eyes were locked with Jared's, her face distorted by nearly vicious passion. "Fuck her hard god damn it. Make her scream into my cunt."

Driven by his wife's demented new persona, Jared pounded away at Betty's heaving body, rapidly driving her to climax. Not to be out-done or out-shown, Betty was hard at work at his wife's nether region, deeply penetrating her hole with her fingers and treating her clit to successive rounds of nibbling and sucking. Stacy was getting close to her fourth orgasm of the night, panting and heaving and yelling half intelligibly. "Oh god you fucking slut, your fucking mouth is going to make cum again. Fuck her baby. Screw her lights out."

Betty started the chain reaction. Just as Stacy had demanded, the other woman screamed into her cunt as her pussy spasmed and clamped down on Jared's driving rod. "She's shooting. You did it, she's fucking cumming. Fill her up baby. CUM! Fill her cunt with your jizz." Stacy reached out to her husband with one arm, roughly grabbing his neck as she yelled at him. "Fill the cunt up!" Her face was twisted in a snarl of passion.

Jared really needed no prompting as Betty's cunt milked his cock. He grunted and heaved as his nuts released there long pent-up seed. He lunged forward a final time, forcing his erupting cock as deep as it would go.

With both her partners tumbling through climax and Betty's moans and heavy, rapid breathing penetrating her pussy, Stacy followed them over the edge into crashing bliss. In some quirk of orgasmic release, her own quaking was silent, her mouth agape and eyes wide as contractions and shudders careened wildly through her body. New supplies of pussy juice dribbled unnoticed across Betty's blissed-out face.

While Stacy was still riding the plateau of her climax and Betty was showing signs of descending from hers, Jared withdrew is cock. It glistened wetly and its popping emergence from the woman's pussy was immediately followed by a flow of cum dribbling from her gaping sex. Stacy's dazed eyes stared at the sight; her husband's cock just beginning to lose the throbbing hardness of full arousal, Betty's pubic hair thickly matted and her nether lips open and inflamed.

With the hot energy of her orgasm yet to drain completely from her body, the young woman was drawn to the open sex of the other female. She bent forward, resting her hands on Betty's thick thighs near her groin. She stared at the open folds of pussy, saw the big drops of pearly cum and smelled their mingled musks. Stacy laid her face along the upper reaches of the other woman's slit, barely noticing when Betty jumped as she contacted her large, swollen clit. The fingers of one hand dove into the fountain of glorious cum. She scooped up the substance and brought it to her mouth quickly like a child drinking from a bathroom faucet. She slurped, reveling in the complex taste and texture of lust. Then she dove her head down into the valley between the other woman's legs, seeking with lip and tongue all the glorious cum her fountain had to offer.

Stacy was gradually wriggling farther down Betty's body as she craned her neck and strove to push her face further and further into the other woman's seeping well. Stacy's lust addled mind was fixated on the product the glorious union of this woman and her husband had produced. She didn't notice the tone of Betty's yelps and hisses.

Betty rolled over, carrying the smaller woman with her. She was briefly on top of the young slut but continued on, rolling off and away from Stacy and coming to rest on her back. "I said stop you crazy cunt. I can't take that much stimulation so quickly."

Stacy's flushed and gleaming face wore a look of confusion. Her own pussy was energized; ready for anything. Sure it was sensitive... that's what made sex so great.

Well, her brain was in no condition to give the mystery any thought. She turned away from the panting woman and back to her loving husband. He was reclined on his elbows, his dick about half-hard. That glorious substance was beginning to dry on it.

Stacy crawled forward, her eyes locked on the dick she called her own. Swooping in low like a stalking cat, she locked her mouth on the pliant member. The taste was exquisite. She had about half his shaft in her mouth, cradling it with her tongue. She could faintly feel the beating of his heart. She stayed that way several minutes, allowing her body to wind down a bit while gently nursing on her favorite toy.

Minutes passed in silence. Betty was still flat on her back, breathing deeply but steadily. Frank had slipped his boxers back on and settled into one of the deeply padded chairs. There was a thoughtful and appreciative look on his face.

Stacy released her husband's dick, still half-hard. She crawled her way up his body and kissed him. Their lips met in a close but gentle embrace. Jared let himself down onto the carpet, laying flat with his wife's body pressed languidly against his own. They released their kiss and she laid her head on his shoulder, finally at rest.

A kind of shock was beginning take hold of Stacy. What had happened to her? What had she just done? She had never behaved that way before. She had never felt that way before. She had lost control. Or perhaps, she had simply let it go.

Stacy Lancaster was a sober kind of woman. She was almost always thoughtful and deliberate in her actions. On the other hand, she enjoyed indulging her powerful sex drive when the mood struck her, sometimes screaming at her husband to fuck her harder and harder even after she had climaxed a dozen times or more. And she knew... or at least assumed... that that kind of appetite wasn't normal. But she had been in control all those times. She had learned her husband's limits... if his amazing stamina could be called limiting... and had thrilled in pushing both their bodies to incredible peaks of pleasure.

So yes, Stacy could be wild and demanding in her need for sexual gratification but what had just happened... it was crazy! What she had just done to these two strangers, the way she had attacked them and demanded satisfaction from them just wasn't like her. Or at least it had never been before.

She lay still across her husband's chest, listening to his heart and rising and falling with his breath. She wondered what he was thinking of her right then. She gathered up what she could of her will and her wits. She croaked once, finding herself horse and had to clear her throat. Jared's body shook with a chuckle. Finally she said in a quiet voice, "I can't believe the way I just acted. What I just did." She waited for her husband to respond.

He didn't leave her waiting long. "Honey, that was more than I could even hope for. You were amazing."

She raised her head up a bit so she could look his in the eyes. The other couple in the room remained silent, allowing the Lancasters to deal with what had just happened. Stacy asked her husband. "You're not upset or weirded out or anything? I never thought... I mean, I didn't intend to..." She was at a loss for words. "I just don't know what came over me."

Jared cupped the back of her head and smiled reassuringly at her. "You had fun, hon. That's all it was; we all had fun. You don't feel ashamed, do you? There's no reason to."

She lay her head back down on his chest and let him stroke her short, damp hair. She had spent a lot of time in just this position, laying with her husband quietly and happily. It was very reassuring. Still... "Yeah, I think I kind of am. What I did wasn't right."

Jared's hand stopped and his voice took on a note of urgency and concern. "No, honey, it's fine. It's just sex. It doesn't..."

She gripped his shoulder to stop his protests. "No, I don't mean the sex. Sex is sex... it's fun and it feels good. I understood that long before tonight. But sex shouldn't be like that. It's not right."

Betty couldn't listen to any more without voicing her opinion. "There's no wrong way to have sex dearie. I mean, as long as everybody wants what they're getting."

For a moment Stacy almost resented the other woman's intrusion but shook herself free of that thought. "Yeah fine, I understand that. Whatever floats your boat and all that. And I agree. But... I don't know. I almost didn't feel like myself." She still lay flat on her husband, not looking at the other woman.

Betty had sat up, sitting naturally on the floor with her legs spread out in an open circle before her, her heavy breasts and swollen sex shamelessly on display. One finger was idly drawing circles in a wet stain they had made on the rug. "Well, I guess who you are isn't who you thought you were."

Stacy had no answer for a while. "You know what the worst part is?" The others murmured questioning sounds. "I'm still fucking horny. I think there's something wrong with me."

Frank laughed at that. "Damn it girl, don't over-think things. There doesn't have to be a why and you don't have to justify your actions. Hell, you don't even have to justify them to yourself. Philosophers may find reasons for sex and biologists and psychologists probably know what they really are but for our own purposes, sex is just fun. And you, Mrs. Lancaster, are a hell of a lot of fun. Or at least, you were until you started thinking."

"How very chauvenist of you, Mr. Pallard." Betty observed.

"You know what I mean."

Jared let one of his hands clasp Stacy's ass cheek, the tips of his fingers brushing the lips of her quim. Stacy stiffened from both nervous anxiety and arousal.

Frank stood, taking a moment to stretch expansively. Stacy turned her head to watch him. "As for still being horny... I'm glad to hear it. I may not be a teenager any more, but I'm definitely still good for more than one shot a night." His feet took him to stand near Betty, his knee against her shoulder.

She looked up at him. "Can I help you?" she asked in a mocking voice.

Frank dropped and discarded his boxers. His large cock was hanging limp but heavy. "I was hoping for a little oral assistance." He answered.

Betty let her eyes roll. "Who writes this stuff?" But while she sneered her response, her hand clasped his member at its base. Turning to him, she engulfed his soft cock in a single slurp.

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