tagLoving WivesStag and Vixen Lifestyle Ch. 02

Stag and Vixen Lifestyle Ch. 02



The last thing I want to do is write like it's been nothing but roses as we've worked through opening our marriage. At times we each had to evaluate whether we wanted to remain monogamous or, after we experienced sex with others, whether we wanted to return to monogamy or press forward with non-monogamy. The next series of posts are going to be a challenge for me because I want to describe truthfully the mental struggle that I went through before and after "the deed" was done. No sugar coating. So, bear with me as I peel the onion, layer by layer. These posts are from my perspective. Perhaps my wife will add her own perspective down the road.

The emotional roller coaster I experienced over a five day period will be difficult to write about. It vacillated from pain to excitement in a random nonsensical manner. One minute I was excited and horny beyond belief and the next I was scared to death that we'd made a HUGE mistake. Then back again to horny and excited. It was mental torture so I'm not sure I have the words or the writing skills to convey the experience adequately. I'm going to give it a shot though.

For twenty-six years I remained faithful to my beautiful wife. I pushed thoughts of cheating on her aside and remained loyal to her. I knew that she was not ready to accept or experience a non-monogamous marriage. So, I waited. I was fully prepared to wait in vain. Then one day it happened. We became non-monogamous. After all the fantasizing and convincing it finally happened. Not, mind you, like I thought it would.

She was able, through research on the Internet, to track down a childhood friend with whom she had visited and flirted on one occasion years before during our dabbling in flirtations with extra sex. That experience was described in our Prologue posts. She called the phone number she found and left a message not knowing if she had the right number. A day or so later we were sitting at a local restaurant when my phone rang (she gave my number by accident on the voicemail) and a man asked for her. I didn't think anything of it and handed the phone to her. Within seconds her face lit up with excitement as she said, "Hi Alex!" She gave me "that" look as she talked with him for a minute or two. She told him that we were at dinner and she would call him later.

After she hung-up, we had a brief conversation about this stroke of luck and the possibility that this might be the opportunity to indulge the adventure we were talking about. We agreed that she'd explore the possibility.

Over the years, we had dabbled in all kinds of extra marital sex fantasies. Everything from BBC experiences to swinging was included in our fantasy repertoire. Always though, they included Hotwife experiences. I was sure that this type of experience would excite both of us. At least I hoped it would.

When we arrived home, she retreated to the bedroom with her phone. Not long afterward, I followed to the bedroom with butterflies in my stomach. As I entered, I heard her having a very frank and concise conversation. "Are you interested in being my Lover"? Wow! I had never really thought about what we were going to call our partners but Lover had never entered my mind as a possibility. The butterflies vanished but I decided that it was just a word and that we'd decide later what words we would use to talk about our partners. Of course, he said he was interested and she said she'd be in touch before she ended the conversation.

We jumped right to what we did best. Fucking. Hot sex fueled by this fantasy. I forgot all about the word.

She was already gone to work when I woke up the next morning. I dressed and went to work myself. Midmorning my phone dinged with a message from her. "He wants to get a room tonight. Talk?" I called immediately. We had a brief conversation about whether we wanted to move forward. We decided we did. I was excited. She sounded excited. A short time later I heard from her that she had made arrangements to meet him at a hotel. No specifics were provided and I didn't think to ask.

I didn't hear anything else. I went home from work as usual. It hit me that I didn't know where she was or what she was experiencing. I settled into my routine as best I could with the angst I was experiencing. As I laid there in bed before passing out, I thought that I'd been left out of the experience entirely. I was terribly disappointed that I had been forgotten and not even considered. Did she even ask if I could be there to watch? Did she not want me there? I fell asleep.

At 3:00 AM, I was awakened by my beautiful and extremely excited wife standing next to my bed. I jumped up to hug her and she said, "I did it!" What followed was some of the hottest sex we'd ever experienced. The passion was intense. We fucked, hard, while she told me how good the experience was for her. Hearing this alleviated my angst so I didn't bring up any of my negative thoughts. We settled into sleep for the few hours of the night we had left. I thought we'd talk about my experience later. There was plenty of time.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/25/18

Actually, what you describe "is" a hotwife.

A Vixen would never do anything sexual without her husband present. Stag and Vixen couples don't do "separate".

Stags are mostly alpha males (as you describe your character) who other men wouldn'tmore...

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by Anonymous12/04/17


Vixen so getting hers. Does Mr Stag ever get any extra?

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