tagLoving WivesStaining the Deck

Staining the Deck


It was a warm fall day, and Indian summer type of day, and one of the last days to enjoy being outside and taking advantage of traditional summer activities in the Midwest. I had fallen asleep in my bedroom, a combination of a warm breeze and boring book being the sedative. In addition, I had just returned from a long bike ride, having taken my car to shop, and used my bike as transportation back home. My wife, Gina, was gone when I returned home and I assumed she had gone on errands or some sort of shopping.

I awoke to the sound of voices, and as I became more alert to the sounds I realized it was Gina. I rose from the bed and headed to the bathroom and heard her voice coming from the deck. Our master bedroom overlooks the deck, where we have a hot tub, and great deck furniture. As I adjusted my eyes to the outside I looked down and saw Gina in a pair of short black shorts and white tank top talking with a rather young looking blonde man. Gina is about 5'3" and the man looked to be about 6"1" and around 195 pounds. He had on a pair of tight fitting jeans, and a skin tight black t-shirt, covering a muscular looking chest, and wrapped around huge biceps and triceps.

As I looked closer it was apparent Gina decided to go braless on this day. Her nipples were at attention as I could see them from the sideview, her sun glasses, blond hair and tan harms and legs were in perfect form. Her lips were glistening with whatever she had put on them today. I heard them talking and heard her say she wanted to surprise me with having the deck stained and finished before winter, that I was busy and did not have time to do the job. They spoke for some time, and while talking he did some measuring, while she followed him around the deck. As he finished, he told her the estimate and said he could start on Monday. He worked alone, but worked fast and that she would be satisfied with this work. As they were talking I noticed she was rubbing his arm slightly, and saw her whisper something to him, and noticed he had a growing bulge in his pants. He said good bye to Gina and she said would see him next week, and said Grant have a nice weekend.

I pretended to be asleep when Gina came into the bedroom. I had shed my shorts before getting back into bed and had the top sheet covering my waist area, but had it slipped well below my navel so it covered just enough of me, yet was very low. I had a huge hard on from watching Gina with Grant the deck guy, and was pretending to be sleeping with my arms above my head while laying on my back. I saw Gina look over at me, and walk towards me, as she did she took her fingers and ran one hand down my arms towards my navel, while running the other hand up my leg towards my covered cock. I pretended to stir, and she did the same with the other arm and leg, while bending down and kissing my nipples, and then my lips and mouth, I pretended like I was waking and she said to remain in the same position, if I wanted to experience pleasure. I did as I was told, as Gina started to rub my arms with her fingers and hands while kissing towards my navel. She looked up at me and smiled, asking how long I had been home and what I was up to, I told her for a while and nothing. She asked if I heard anything outside, and I said no, she said she would stop if I was lying. I told her I was being truthful, and then she asked how long had I been sleeping nude since we had been married and I said not long, and she said like never. She asked if I was turned on by seeing her with the deck guy, and I said yes. She said she was planning to have sex with him next week when he was doing work on the deck, and wanted to know if I wanted to watch, as she went lower and lifted the sheet from my cock. I am seven inches and average width, and I was dripping precum. I said I was not sure I could handle it, and she said if I did not, she would not suck my cock this day, while licking lower and missing my cock, I said I could handle it.

She went to the bathroom and returned with our favorite massage oil and started to massage my chest, arms and legs conveniently avoiding my cock and balls, as she started to tell me what she intended to do with Grant. She said she planned to swallow him to the bone, and that he appeared to be rather large, in addition, she planned to feel his full length inside her while doing it from behind and while he held her legs in a V.

While talking to me, she went lower with the massage oil and started to stroke my cock with the oil, she went slowly up and down my shaft with her right hand while rubbing near my anus with her left hand, tickling my entrance. She leaned down and licked the slit of my shaft talking as she did so, about my juice and about how much juice Grant would have on Monday. She told him to abstain from sex for the next three days, as she wanted full loads on Monday. I was oozing even more from my tip. While looking at my shaft she pulled off her tank top and out popped her firm 34 inch breasts with her large nipples, she leaned down and told me to suck on her nipples. While doing this she raised up and pulled her shorts off to reveal no underwear. She was tan all over, no lines and her love box was shaved to perfection, just the right amount of hair. Her lips were protruding and I flicked them with my forefinger and she shuddered, and her flower opened even more. She held my cock straight up and while planting her feet on the bed she squatted on my cock, and let just the tip enter her love box. She moved slowly up and down, just letting a small amount enter her box. We were both on fire, as she said she was getting some ideas for what to do to Grant.

As I was starting to try and get deeper penetration, she removed herself from my cock, and said to get ready for the finale. She presented her cunt to my mouth and we were in a sixty nine position, as the started inhale my cock, while stroking it with perfection. I was not going to last much longer, and made sure I ate her flower and tickled her clit with my tongue. We exploded together and fell asleep in each other's arms.

On Monday morning, I awoke early and went downstairs to work out and get ready for the day. While heading downstairs I saw Gina in the kitchen barefoot and wearing an outfit I had not seen before, it was a see through type gown which went to mid calf and was slit on both sides, with a tie at the neck holding it up. She was naked underneath, she asked if Grant might like to see her in this outfit.

After working out and showering, I went to the desk/office room which has great view of the deck. It was 7:30 and Gina said Grant was due at 8:00AM. She was out on the deck watering her flowers in her new outfit, which provided a great view of her large and dark nipples and her barely hair covered love treasure. Her blonde hair was bleached from the sun, and the light hair on her arms was blond from the summer sun as well. As I was working I realized it was nearing the scheduled time, and I heard a truck coming up the driveway. As the engine became silent, I heard Grant approaching the deck. He stopped in his tracks and said good morning to Gina. He was dressed in a tight black t-shirt, short demin shorts and low cut work boots, it did not appear he had underwear on, as a bulge seemed to be growing in his pants. His arms were covered in a mass of blond hair, as were his legs. Gina said good morning back and said she would be working around the deck off and on if it was okay with him. He said it was and that since she wanted the job completed quickly for my surprise he decided to bring a helper. Gina said that was not part of the plan, and that he told her he worked alone. It was the first time I had Gina flustered in a while. He said he could ask his helper to leave and she said that would be a good idea. As she said this around the corner came Jamaal, he was about 6'2" tall, wearing overalls with no t-shirt, and arms, forearms and pecs that looked to be cut from Men's magazine. He was light skinned, and an extremely handsome young black man. Gina looked at Grant, and I heard her say softly that she could see how things might be better with two workers.

Jamaal walked up to Gina and said he was pleased to meet her and looked forward to getting the job completed to her satisfaction. The boys started to work and spent the better part of the morning working as professionally as possible. Gina was fluttering about most of the morning in her sexually arousing apparel. At lunch time, the boys took a break and relaxed, while Gina prepared lunch for them. She said to enjoy lunch and that she would be back in a little bit. While she was gone, the boys stripped to their waist. Grant was rock hard, a wash board stomach showing through his thin coat of blond hair, which looked as though it had been groomed, while Jamaal glistened in the sunlight. As they were starting to get back to work Gina reappeared in a tiny string bikini, I mean tiny. It was consisted of strings attached to dollar sized fabric covering each nipple and her front, while the back side was more or less uncovered. She walked by the boys and asked if they had time to put lotion on her back side. Compared to the boys my wife was tiny. They surrounded her and tried to reach out to touch her. She stopped them and said first she would need to put lotion on them. She told them to strip to their underwear. Grant and Jamaal smiled and said they were part of the military club, which might no underwear. She approached Jamaal, and ran her fingers down the front of his massive chest and towards his stomach, she unsnapped the sides of his overalls, and as she pulled down his pants she sank down to her knees and admired his spear as it came into view. It was at least nine inches in length and the slit was glistening with a gob of precum, which my wife scooped off with her finger and licked clean. Jamaal shuddered as my wife ran her fingers up his legs past his cock and rose up to kiss his lips while rubbing her body against his cock. Grant came up behind Gina and grabbed her hips and scooted her ass backward toward him causing her to drop her head towards Jamaal manhood. To stop her from moving forward too fast she put her hands on his hips to steady herself, while lightly kissing the tip of his black tool. Grant dropped his pants to reveal a 10 inch cock surrounded by blonde hair on his stomach and thighs, the balls and cock were clean as a whistle. He stroked himself with the lotion meant for Gina, and his cock was glistening in the sunlight. Gina pulled herself up and told the boys to stand next to each other. She started to rub lotion on each of them with one hand on each man, she rubbed them and started towards their cocks, she started to play with them stroking them to massive erections. She asked which one wanted to experience her mouth first.

Jamaal said it should be Grant as it was his contract and job. Jamaal backed away and said he would wait his turn, while Gina said he could take care of her in other ways. She laid down on the chaise and asked Jamaal to remove her suit. He did and she spread her legs and told him to make her cum while she was working on Grant. Grant stepped forward and presented his cock to Gina who sucked it into her mouth. He was a great specimen, blond hair covered his entire body and he was ripped like a body builder. Gina reached over her head to caress his balls and tickle near his anus. He was on fire, while Jamaal was teasing her with his tongue. She was on the verge of cumming when she asked for his cock and asked him to rub it up and down her slit. She was begging him to enter her, while she was doing a number on Grant's cock. She changed positions and went to all fours so she could suck Grant while asking for Jamaal to take her from behind.

It was an awesome scene, my petite wife on all fours glistening in the sunlight, breasts handing down with her distended nipples, rock hard, her fingers and French tipped nails were working over Grant's massive cock, while her lips were wrapped on the tip of his monster sucking his precum, Grant was tan completely, no white lines, clean shaven balls and cock surrounded by blonde hair, muscles straining, head cocked back, as my wife was working magic on his manhood. At her rear, Jamaal, was situated with his cock in his hand rubbing lotion on his 9 inch tool, he was ripped as well, he moved forward bending at the waist he licked Gina's slit up and down a few times, while slowly inserting his index finger, she moaned for him to give her the real thing. He stepped back and approached her from the rear and swiped up and down her slit with his black spear. He slowly entered her and while moving forward started to caress and palm her nipples. She sank further down Grant's pole and started to stroke him a the same time. Jamaal picked up the pace at her rear, and was started to shake and throw his head back, I could sense I was about to see a huge explosion. Gina is very loud when she orgasms. Sweat was rolling down both men, and their muscles were strained, as Gina was moaning, she let out a yell and nearly in unison the men grunted and emptied their loads. Gina smiled and swallowed all of Grant's cum, while licking him clean he finally had to pull away, as he was too sensitive from just emptying his load.

As they rested, Gina told the boys, they had to reverse roles and she wanted to feel Grant inside her and make sure Jamaal experienced her mouth.

Grant told her this time they would each perform with her one on one while the other watched. She agreed to these terms.

Jamaal said he was ready to try whenever she was, and doubted she could make him cum again so soon. She told him to stand and spread his legs slightly. She approached him and ran her hands lightly across his chest and whispered to him that he would definitely cum and that he would be begging her to let him cum. She went behind him and started to caress his back with her fingers and nails while kissing lightly on his back, she lowered her hands and rubbed his butt, going lower she let her nipples rake across his back, as she kneeled behind him and ran her nails down the insides of her legs from behind. She felt herself with her fingers and shivered from her own touch, while looking at Grant who was lounging on the chaise enjoying the action. He started to touch his cock and Gina told him to stop, that she was saving her box and next orgasm for him. She watched him moan, as precum was dripping from his massive pole. Giving her attention back to Jamaal, she stroked his balls from behind while running her hands up the front of his legs from behind, avoiding his cock, she continued her ascent up his front side with her hands and fingers kissing him from behind, while slowly turning him to the side so Grant and I could see him from our vantage points, the side view, she had Jamaal bend down so she could taste his lips, she gave him a long kiss. As she released him from her lips, she kissed his nipples and started to work her way down to his black spear. She used her light finger work on his cock and balls, and I noticed a huge gob of precum appear on his slit, Gina did not let this go unnoticed and bent down and swiped it off with her tongue. Jamaal moaned as she grabbed the lotion she squirted a large amount on her hands and started to rub her hands together, she turned away from Jamaal and walked over to Grant, his cock was standing straight up, she told Jamaal this is what he should expect. She told Grant he would be the model, and Grant asked for her to stop, she proceeded to rub the lotion lightly up and down his cock with both hands, while bending down she started to suck just the tip and the slit. Grant was moaning, as was Jamaal. I could see Grant starting to tense when she stopped and asked him if she had the best mouth he said, yes.

She went to Jamaal and asked him if he wanted to stand or lie down. He said to stand, she grabbed the lotion and squirted it on to his cock, and let it drip on to the deck. She moved closer and with her right hand started to stroke his cock using her hand to go from base to over his head for a few minutes, she stopped and switched hands, and started a half stroke while lowering her head to the tip of his cock, she started to suck it in and pried open his slit to suck on it. She started to go deeper in her mouth while continuing her stroking motion, she pulled off and said she loved to suck cock. She plunged back down and asked Jamaal to replace her hand with his as she placed her hands behind her back, Jamaal started to stroke himself while Gina worked on his monster. He tilted his head back, and started to moan as he came in a bucket of cum. All he could way was amazing.

Gina walked towards Grant lying on the chaise lounge. His long hard cock, was glistening in the sunlight, it was almost perfectly straight with a large vein underneath, the classic large vein, and his balls were already slightly contracted from the earlier work performed on him by Gina. She walked past him and came up behind the lounge chair and reached down from the back and ran her hands down his chest and arms, as he leaned upward they kissed a long drawn out kiss with full tongue action. Gina pulled away and walked in front of the chair and turned her back to Grant and bent over at the waist, showing her flower from behind. She walked to a yoga mat which she had placed on the deck earlier knelt down and got on all fours, she asked Grant to take her from behind. He walked over to her and knelt behind her while rubbing his cock up and down her slit he reached around and rubbed her nipples started a slow stroking motion, after a couple of minutes they were covered in a sheen of sweat. Gina said she needed to be finished with Grant in front of her, she went to the chaise and laid down while pulling her legs up she put them in a V position with them up and Grant smiled and approached her, as he grabbed her legs he slid into her love box and started to pound her faster and faster, all the while Jamaal was stroking his cock and was on the verge of his own orgasm.

Grant continued his pace and Gina started to moan, she was cumming and Grant was near, with one last stroke he came and pumped a few more times. He stopped to enjoy the sensation, and pulled out to reveal a cum covered cock, he started to grab a towel to wipe himself, but Gina rolled off the chaise and proceeded to lick him clean, as he started to grow again, she said maybe we could do this all day.

Jamaal was near cumming again from his stroking and Gina walked over to him and lent him a hand, as she worked her hands up and down, two fisted, and as he was ready to cum, she swallowed just the tip of this cock and I watched him explode in her mouth.

They spent the rest of the afternoon in various positions, while I was left to use my hand.

Our marriage changed that day.

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