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I got out of the cab with my friend Debbie. It was a warm wonderful summer night. Debbie looked at me "Aren't you going to take the cab?"

"No," I answered "I am going to take a walk, cool down a bit before heading to bed." She laughed "Getting all the guys out of your head hitting on you."

I joined her laughter stuck out my tongue at her and kissed her good bye.

Still smiling I walked down the street my heels clicking on the asphalt, a warm breeze caressing my body. It had been a wild fun night. Debbie and I had met after work. We went for dinner in that Indian place we had talked about trying out for weeks. After dinner we hit the clubs. We danced and partied late into the night. There was quite a bit of flirting involved, but we left it at that. I can't blame the guys for trying Debbie and I made a formidable team, when it came to teasing. I liked the attention and the admiration, the hungry looks of the guys and some girls as well.

Lost in my thoughts I didn't realize that I had taken a turn left leading me through the park. While it was the shorter way the dark park was not the route I would have taken during the night if I hadn't been lost in my thoughts and a little buzzed. Well here goes nothing. More aware of my surroundings I picked up my pace.

Suddenly it hit me, that feeling of being watched. Were there footsteps? I stopped and listened. No all was quite. I laughed a little nervous, I was growing paranoid. What could happen? I was just alone in a dark park. With that thought I started walking again, faster. I heard a crunching sound, footsteps behind me. I whirled around my purse raised to hit an unseen assailant, but there was nobody behind me and all was quite. My heart was beating faster in my chest. I turned, continued my way, my heels clicking faster on the ground, as I almost ran towards the exit. There it was again the crunching sound of footsteps. I quickened my pace, the steps seemed to quicken also. I turned my head looking behind me, but I couldn't t see anybody. Ahead there was a light, the exit of the park. I started running, desperate to get into the light.

Just before I reached the exit someone bumped into me from the side. I screamed, whirled around and hit the assailant with my purse. My opponent raised his arms to protect himself.

"Easy there", he screamed "I didn't t see you I just wanted to get to the bus stop." "What?" I asked.

My "stalker" a blonde athletic man wearing a suit took a step back. It looked like he was drunk "I was on my way to the bus stop and I am in a hurry so I didn't see you in this darkness."

I turned red: "Sorry", I stammered. "I thought you were a following me."

He laughed: "Sorry no pervert, just on the way to the bus stop."

I joined his laughter. Together we walked out of the park. He turned left towards the bus stop, I turned right. A few minutes later I sighted in relief as I closed the door of my flat behind me.

After I closed and locked the door to my apartment, I took a deep breath and walked into the kitchen, to get myself something to drink. Sipping on my Soda I moved into the living room, watching my reflection in the dark mirror. I smiled and my reflection smiled back at me. That dress looked good on me. I looked down on the street and there he was. A man dressed in a dark hoodie looking up to my window, I shivered. Maybe I was still shocked from my experience in the park, maybe I overreacted, and maybe it was all my imagination. Still I was a bit scared. More strangely the idea of him down there, watching me with hunger in his eyes and me up here, safely in my flat exited me. I put my drink aside and ran my hands through my hair. A slow sensual tune in my head, I began swaying my hips slowly. I smiled running a finger over my lips continuing my sensual dance just for him.

I thought I could feel his eyes staring up to me. My body swayed from side to side, as I ran my hands suggestively over my body. I knew it was wrong, but what could happen, besides me giving the guy something to dream about? I was safe up here. Feeling playful, I turned and looked over my shoulder. I could feel his eyes burning into me, as I reached for the zipper of my dress and slowly pulled it down. My hands moved back up, sliding the straps of my dress almost of the shoulders. I was totally enraptured in the moment. The whole situation turned me on. I turned and bend forward showing more of my cleavage. As I slid back up I rubbed my breasts against the window, grinning wickedly. I danced a few feet back and looked down, he was still standing there. My hands moved up and I cupped my breasts. Slowly I reached for the straps of my dress, smiled and turned. Giving the straps a final tug, I moved them over my shoulders.

The snakelike movements of my body were enough to send my dress sliding to the floor. Giggling I kicked the dress into the room and turned, my hands still covering my breasts, squeezing them together as I finished the turn. I was so naughty, I felt hot and the situation worked me up good. Slowly I started to uncover my breasts until only my nipples where covered, which I started to rub and pinch. A low moan escaped my lips. I gave my stiff nipples a slight tug and let go. Clad only in my lace panties I ran my hands through my hair. My fingertips touched the window. As I reached higher and higher I leaned forward until my breasts pressed against the window. I gave the window a lick and turned, bend over, my buttocks pressed against the window, as I reached for my panties and pulled them down. I stepped out o my panties and stood back up, held up my and let my panties fall to the floor. For a moment I thought about giving my watcher more of a show, but decided against it. I blew him one last kiss and went into the bathroom.

Hot water ran over my body. My soapy hands caressed my skin and low purring sounds escaped my lips. I was clearly aroused and touching myself didn't make the situation any better. I needed release. My hands cupped my breasts, squeezed them gently together. That felt good. I ran my fingernail along my aureola and gasped. I closed my eyes as my caressing grew bolder and harder. Squeezing my breasts, rubbing and pinching my nipples, I imagined myself at a nightly beach the strong hands of my boyfriend on me. I moaned reaching lower I ran my hands over my lips. "Oh god yes, please take me," I moaned. I started rubbing my clit.

A hoarse rough voice ripped me out of my bliss: "Don't move and you will be ok."

I froze in panic.

My body acted without me thinking and I started to turn. A strong hand roughly grabbed my neck and pushed me against the cool tiles of the bathroom wall. I gasped in panic as my body was pressed against the wall. At the same time, his strong hand controlling me send a shiver down my spine. "I said don t move!" He hissed angrily. I could hear him move behind me, then let go of me. I heard more movement and some clutter. Despite the hot water splashing on my back I shivered. I was afraid and aroused at the same time. My legs trembled a bit. I din t know which of the conflicting emotions raging through my body was the cause. I groaned as I moved the fingers logged between my wet folds. What was he doing there? After the initial movement I could hear him breathing behind me. I felt his eyes devouring my naked body with his gaze. My body developed a mind of his own. Still pressed against the wall I arched my back more, feeling the cool tiles pressing against my breasts and sensitive nipples. I moved my fingers almost sliding out of my wetness, and then plunging them back in. I moaned and I almost could hear the wet squelching sound as I drove my fingers into my pussy repeatedly. I was totally out control.

I heard him groan. He mumbled something my lust hazed mind couldn't make out. Suddenly I felt his strong hand again, whirling me around and pressing me down. Keeping my eyes closed, I clumsily went to my knees. His erect cock pressed against my lips. "Blow me!" he commanded in his hoarse voice. I opened my lips slowly, but he wasn't going to accept that and shoved his cock deep into my mouth. I gagged at the sudden intrusion. He shoved his cock into my mouth several times. I chocked and gagged, spit flowing out of my mouth over my tits. Finally I was able to adjust and started swirling my tongue around his rigid shaft. He gave me some room his hand still firmly wrapped into my hair. He reached down with his other hand cupping and squeezing my breasts. I moaned around his shaft and started bobbing my head, taking his cock deeper and deeper, sticking out my tongue licking his balls.

I heard his moaning, which turned me on even more and slid a third finger in my drenched pussy. I pulled back licking around his shaft and balancing it on my tongue. He grabbed his cock and slapped each of my cheeks twice. "I said suck it!" He groaned pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. I was lost in carnal desire. A very small part of my brain, which was still thinking rational thought about the absurdity of the situation I was in. Kneeling on my bathroom floor blowing a stranger, who had broken into my flat. But the whole situation was such a turn on. I kept my eyes shut tightly. For a short moment my mind wandered to the stranger, I had stripped for at my window. Had he broken into my place? My fingers moved faster, I so needed that. As he pushed forward and hit the back of my mouth I swallowed, letting him slide into my throat. He was moaning heavily, his finger digging into my tits. I rubbed my clit furiously and fingered my pussy. I felt the fire raging through my body, focusing in my loins. I was getting close. Feeling my unseen lover's cock twitching between my lips, sliding in and out, deep into my warm wetness, caressed by my tongue. Letting out a scream he grabbed my head and pushed his shaft down my throat as his cum spurted into me. Gagging I swallowed his seed. My body stiffened, as I arched my back, letting out a long wailing moan as my orgasm flooded over me. Shaking I could feel his cum splattering over my face. I collapsed on the floor, breathing heavily.

I rolled on my back basking in a warm afterglow. I heard him kneel down, his hands sliding over my heated skin, I purred. His cock touched my face and I searched for it with my tongue, gently sucking his head back into my mouth. A sudden "FUCK!!" by a second voice ripped me out of my revelry. I was confused, but felt my arousal grow at the same time.

My eyes were still closed as I felt a strong hand grabbing my neck and pulling me up. I felt his semi erect cock brush my lips. "Open!" he commanded in a growling voice. Playfully I flicked my tongue at his cockhead, then he filled my mouth with his manhood. Wrapping one hand in my wet hair he guided my head over his growing shaft pushing deeper and deeper into my mouth. He reached down, caressing and groping my firm tits with a strong grip. I moaned around his meat. His hand sent a tingling current of arousal through my body.

The other man slid up behind me. His arms wrapped around me and I could feel his shaft grind against me. His fingers raked over my stomach, while I gagged on my new lover's cock and began rubbing my pussy. I moaned reached back and began stroking his shaft, which quickly reacted to my touch.

The sound of hot water splashing down on us mixed with our moaning and groaning. I had a hard time keeping up with the huge shaft filling my mouth and invading my throat. My spit covered his hard cock and dripped down on my tits. Fingers split my pussy lips and I started grinding my hips onto them. I was so going to get fucked. I stroked his solid pole faster. Fingers pinched and tugged my erect sensitive nipples. I was lost in a lust filled haze.

The cock fucking my mouth pulled back and I gasped for air. My head gets pulled back by the hand in my hair. His shaft smacks my cheeks with a wet sound. "You want it?" He growled "You want this cock?"

"Yes", please fuck me with you big cock, I want it deep inside me." I moaned in a husky voice. I was completely out of my mind, but I felt so good.

I was pushed over and landed on my stomach. I pulled my legs up under my body, lifting up my ass. I felt his head parting my wet lips and I moaned in anticipation. With a sudden thrust he stretched my pussy filling me with his huge cock. I screamed, my body was on fire. His hands smacked down upon my ass. I yelped as pain and pleasure fought for supremacy in my body. Grabbing my ass, taking control of my body he started pounding his cock in my cunt at a rapid pace. I pushed back, but the fury of his assault on my pussy pushed me over the wet floor till I hit another body. My lustful screams were muffled as the other man slid his raging erection between my lips, thrusting away into my warm wet mouth.

Two hands squeezing and kneading my bouncing tits, another two doing the same to my ass mixed with some spanking. Two cocks filling my mouth and my pussy, making me bounce between them like a toy. My blood felt like molten lava as carnal desire flooded my senses. My body being ravished, used as a toy for two unseen lovers, I didn't t know how much more I could take, but they didn't t slow down.

I was pulled toward the man I was blowing. He lifted me up and let me down upon his groin filling me with his shaft. Moaning I started bouncing on his cock like I was possessed. I was possessed by a burning desire raging through my body wanting release. It didn't take long and my mouth was again full of hard throbbing cock. The guy I was riding started pulling my cheeks apart teasing my tight backdoor with his fingers. I gagged, moaned and groaned, water running over my body, my eyes pressed tightly shut.

I groaned as his cock withdrew from my mouth. Strong hands pushed me over and my tits landed in my other lovers face. He immediately started sucking and licking them with a heated fervour. I felt a cockhead pressing between my buttocks. "No No No Ahhhhhhhh" I screamed as his head entered my ass. His cock worked his way deeper into my ass with every thrust. I screamed as pain and pleasure mixed together into orgasmic bliss. My nails dug into the shoulder of my other lover leaving bloody marks. He didn't complain, like me he was too lost in the heat of the moment to care. My moans grew louder becoming ecstatic screams. I pushed back against the cocks ravishing my body urging them on which they did. I could feel it, getting closer and closer. I wanted it I needed it I wanted to cum. The cock in my pussy started to twitch and then exploded filling me with hot cum. This was the last straw. My vision faded as my orgasm crashed over me like a hot flood wave. I screamed my body grew tense before collapsing. My climax pushed my other lover over the edge and he filled my thigh ass with his seed.

I lay there on the floor panting, catching my breath basking in the afterglow of my climax, hot water flowing over my body. The two men got up. I heard a scuffle, then a painful scream and a body hitting the floor. I opened my eyes.

My boyfriend stood over me his dark, delicious, semi erect cock dangling within reach. He glowered at the red haired young man on the floor half wearing an overall, his nose bleeding, next to him stood a cage containing a snake.

"The landlord let me in to get that snake which escaped from the apartment next door and then ..." the young man explained gesturing in my direction.

I looked up "I am sorry baby I thought he was you." Turing toward the repair man I said. "Thank you for catching the snake and sorry about the nose, I think you better leave I have some making up to do to my man."

As he scrambled to get his things together I stood up gently kissed my man on the lips took his cock in my hand and led him to the bedroom.

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