tagRomanceStalked Ch. 4

Stalked Ch. 4


This is not happening, she thought to herself, as the taxi took her to an unknown destination. "Where are we going?" She demanded.

"Just sit back and enjoy the ride doll," the driver said in an amused voice. Desperately she lunged for the driver to get him to stop the vehicle. The car severed dangerously on the road, and the driver took a swing at her, catching her on the side of the face knocking her back in her seat. "You crazy bitch! Are you trying to get us both killed? Try something like that again, and I'll make you wish you were never born," he said in a tone that was dead serious. Emily had never been more frightened in her life. She had never felt a fear as intense as the fear she felt at that moment.

She huddled in the corner of the cab to get out of his reach in case he chose to grab her. Escape was the only option, but at the rate the cab was going she knew that if she tried to get out of the vehicle while it was moving she might not escape alive. Finally she decided that when the car stopped, she would jump out as quickly as she could and run, but every mile that was driven made her heart sink because her surroundings were becoming less as less familiar as they went on. More than anything she wanted to give into the luxury of tears but the anger took over. There was no way she was going to let this bastard see her cry so she sat there thinking of what she would do if she got away.

To his credit, the driver didn't offer any conversation which was just fine with Emily, but now and again, she could feel the cold stare of his eyes in the rearview mirror. She knew that if she got out of this ordeal alive she would never forget those eyes. They were the lightest blue that she had ever seen, and set to his dark features, it made him quite menacing. From the glimpses that she seen of his face, he could have been a handsome man, with his dark hair and rugged features, but like his eyes, there was a coldness about him that made her shudder.

He was certainly a big man, not overly tall, probably no more that six feet, but he was muscular as if he worked out frequently. She could tell this even through his clothes. Poor, poor Mike, he couldn't have stood a chance at this guy, Emily though about Mike's more slender frame. At the thought of Mike, anger took over the fear and the self-pity.

"What did you do to Mike?" She asked with more calm and control than she actually had at the moment. The driver didn't say anything. "Hey! I'm asking you a question."

"My name is not Hey, it's Zeke, and you'd better learn it quick girlie." He commanded, totally ignoring her other question. Zeke. The name meant nothing to her. Who was this guy, and why had he chosen her? She decided to try a different approach.

"Zeke, why did you do this. I haven't done anything thing to you. I don't even know you. Come to think of it, I can't think of anyone that I've done wrong." This only cause him to burst into a peal of laughter.

"Life's a bitch isn't it? Why don't you just sit back and shut your trap? We're almost there," he instructed. Emily sat back and let her mind return to ways of escape.

What seemed like another half an hour, Zeke pulled the cab to a halt. "We go no farther until we lay some ground rules here." He got no further than that before Emily was out of the cab in a flash. She ran down the road as far as she could not knowing where to go. It was one of those winding roads surrounded on each side by woods, with not a house or building in site. Why he chose to stop the she didn't know but she didn't want to stick around to find out. She kept running despite the feeling of pain in her lungs from running so hard. In no time at all however she heard footfalls behind her.

Despite the head start that she had had, Zeke had no trouble catching up with her. She was ran even harder, but was finally tackled from behind to the ground. Zeke flipped her over to pin his body underneath his. If she could she would have screamed but she didn't have enough breath left within her to summon one. "That wasn't smart. I guess you've already figured out rule number one though, you can't escape me, so don't try. If you do, you'll be punished." He got up dragging her up with him. "Come on."

"No...let...me go," she said breathlessly still struggling against him. Her struggles were nothing to him. He simply grabbed her and hauled her over his shoulder like a sack of flour and started walking back towards the cab. She squirmed still. Zeke brought a palm down stingingly on her bottom. Tears of pain and humiliation welled in her eyes, after while she made herself go limp knowing that her struggles, were useless, at least at that moment.

"Thatta girl," he laughed in amusement. "Sooner or later you may find out that you don't want to struggle."

"Don't count on it." She muttered, which brought another sharp slap on her already aching ass. She let out a yelp, the tears were know falling freely down her face.

"Rule number two, I don't like sass girlie. You speak when spoken to and it's yes Zeke, no Zeke. Understand?" When she didn't answer she received another slap. 'Understand?"

"Yes, Zeke!" she almost yelled. She would say anything at that point so that he wouldn't hit her again. She already knew that she would have bruises on her butt, she didn't want him to add anymore to it. They were back in to the cab in no time. Zeke opened the back seat and dumped her in. He pulled out a bandana from his pocket. He grabbed a handful and pulled her closer. Emily sat rigidly as he put the bandana over her eyes and secured a knot tightly behind her head.

"Now stay put, and don't take that off, or I promise that your ass won't be the only thing hurting you."

"Yes, Zeke. She said automatically.

"Very good." He said softly. She felt her hand tweak her breast. She flinched away, and the hand returned to her breast again. "Don't pull away from me. That's rule three." Emily forced herself to remain still as Zeke moved his hand over her breasts. His touch was surprisingly gentle, and to her humiliation she could feel a slight stirring within her. She heard him chuckle gleefully and then she heard him get out and close the door behind him. He returned to the driver seat and the car moved on. Emily sat fidgeting in her seat nervously. After what had just happened she was too scared to even move.

They didn't seem to go that much further before the car was brought to another halt. "We're here." She waited as he came around to her door and opened it. Automatically she got out and waited. He took her arm and began to guide her to an unknown destination. They went up some steps and they went through a door. He led her a few more feet, and up more steps, and then through another door. He sat her down on what felt like a bed. "Stay right there and I'll be back. Don't touch that blindfold. I'll know if you did or not." She thought he had left but she heard him say, "By the way, don't even think of escaping." He left and she heard the sound of a door closing.

Only a few minutes must have passed before he returned. he took her hand a placed a mug in her hand. "Drink it," he ordered. Emily hesitated. She wasn't sure that she wanted to die by poisoning. "Drink it. It's not poisoned." He said as if reading her mind. She took a sip. It was only water, and her throat was dry. She gulped the rest of it down. "Now we wait." He said.

"For what?" she asked.

"You'll see." Silence. The not knowing what was going to happen next was the worst part, but strangely, she could feel her body relaxing. After a while, she was completely relaxed, almost sleepy. With her already closed eyes by the blindfold, allowed her to succumb to the drowsiness and feel back against the bed. "That's what we were waiting for." Zeke whispered to himself. The drug that he put in her water should keep her knocked out for a few hours.

Emily came to, later on, and she couldn't open her eyes. Come to think of it, she could hardly move at all. When she tried to move her arms and legs, they would only be moved so much before she felt restrained.

"Ain't no use of struggling, them ropes are secured nice and tight." Zeke's voice penetrated the darkness. She felt the bed dip under his weight and her blindfold was plucked from over her eyes. She blinked as her eyes adjusted to the light. She was what look like a luxury suite in a hotel, but it couldn't possibly be. The room was completely white. White walls, furniture and curtains. Emily turned a deep scarlet when she realized that she was stark naked, with all of her limbs tied in ropes that were tied to a post. The ropes only allowed her to move her limbs just enough to bend them.

For the first time, Zeke laughed, and Emily looked over at him, getting her first proper look. He was as she remember, the dark features and the sinister blue eyes, but gone was the jeans and pull over that he had worn before. He was wearing some sort of leather harness that crisscrossed over his muscular chest. He wore leather pants that molded tightly to his thighs. He looked just like that man in the book. Her eyes widened in fear when she spied the whip that he was holding in his hands.

"Please don't hurt me." She pleaded. Before she even knew what was going on, Zeke was at her side bring the whip down against her thigh. She let out a yell. Though it stung like mad, it didn't produce the pain that she had imagined it would.

"Take that as a warning. I told you not to speak unless spoken too, and we'll get along. Understand?" She nodded her head vigorously. The whip was brought down again. "What?" He demanded.

"Yes, Zeke!" He smiled in approval. At this point she was shaking badly. To her relief he put the whip down, and joined her on the bed. His hand rubbed over the tender flesh that the whip had touched. His touch was so gentle that it was hard to think that only moments before he had inflicted the pain. Emily was unaware that the she was crying until she felt him wipe the tears that were stream down into her hair. He bent over and licked the salty residue from her face.

At first she stiffened at this unexpected intimacy, but as his tongue continued, to explore the crevice of her ear, she could feel herself relaxing. His hand moved further up her thigh stopping at her bush. She squirmed as his tongue ran down her neck and he began to nibble at her skin. His mouth moved down further still and fastened on an already hardened nipple. His teeth nipped at the rigid peak, causing her to moan, to her chagrin. She couldn't believe that she was actually beginning to enjoy what he was doing to her. His hand squeezed the lips of her swollen pussy lips. Carefully, as if handling something delicate, he slipped a finger into the slick warmth. His fingers latched on to her clit rubbing it between his thumb and forefinger. Zeke continued the caresses with his mouth and hand, making her body ache for a fulfillment that she had yet to experience. His hand moved lower, and he slipped his middle finger slowly into her. She felt a little discomfort at this intrusion into her body, but only a little because the pleasure was more overwhelming. "Nice and tight. Virgin pussy, he will be pleased."

Emily froze at his words. Who was Zeke referring to, and what was wrong with her. Here she was tied up in some strange bed, being groped by some strange guy who had wreaked havoc in her life and quite possible have committed murder. When Zeke began, his caresses again, she turned her head away from him. This seemed to anger him, and he grabbed, handful of her hair and turned her head forcefully back towards him. "Don't you ever turn away from me again!" he snarled. In a burst of courage, she hocked and spit in his face. For a second he was stunned by her rebellion. As the spittle, dripped down his face, he wiped it off at looked at it as if he had never seen such before. Something ugly enter his eyes, and he raised his hand to strike her.

"Zeke! That's enough!" A command came from the door. Hesitantly Zeke lowered his hand. Emily was stunned as Mike stood in the doorway, looking just fine.

"Mike, what are you doing here?" she asked.

"I live here." He answered as if it was a ridiculous question.

"I don't understand." She whispered.

"You will. Zeke, leave up now. You can come back in a half an hour."

Zeke got up reluctantly. "Yes, Master." Emily flushed at Zeke's address of Mike.

"What's going on?" She cried.

"Remember when you were eighteen and you ask why me?" She nodded dumbly. "I think you're ready for that answer now."

To Be Continued...

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