Stalking Amber Ch. 05


"I don't think that would be appropriate," Fred snapped. Unable to control himself, his hands clenched into tight fists. He wanted to see Amber alone, not from the inside of Brad's house. He didn't want to see her in Brad's bed...

"Well," Brad crossed his arms arrogantly, and the challenge in his eyes was clear. "You can come in and see her, or you can fuck off."

Fred slowly exhaled, praying for the heavens to give him restraint. In his mind, his fist collided with Brads nose. He was sitting on top of Brad, his fingers tightening around his throat, watching Brad's handsome features strain, his tanned skin taking on an unpleasant redness from lack of air...

"Fine," Fred said venomously, shaking off his fantasy. "Show me the way."

Brad nodded and silently stood back for Fred to enter. Walking into the hallway, Fred's eyes adjusted to the dark. The only light was by the moon, dimly shining from what seemed to be a kitchen ahead. The old, carefree Fred would have made a crack about saving electricity. He quickly turned when Brad locked the door behind him.

"Problem area?" Fred couldn't resist raising his eyebrows at the double bolt. It looked new.

"Nothing I can't handle," Brad replied with a wry smile, pocketing the key. "Follow me."

Calmly, Brad walked down the hallway he'd hauled Amber along, into the kitchen from where he'd carried her to the guest-room that first night. Checking Fred was still with him, he pointed up the staircase. "First door on the left."

"Shouldn't you at least tell her I'm here?" Fred asked incredulously.

Fred was a practical man, and even in his emotional state, he fought to put a finger on what was wrong, why his instincts were buzzing. Admittedly it was an awkward situation, but it was more than jealous tension. It was a gut feeling. With no idea why, his senses snapped into high alert the second Brad locked the door behind him.

He was also bewildered by Brad's magnificent home. He assumed it would be impressive, but it was also very dark, with a melancholy vibe. It was as beautiful, as it was cold. It was a setting he'd have thought Amber would hate. How little he knew the woman he loved...

Brad shrugged. "You know each other," he answered coolly, glancing away from Fred's piercing stare. "I'm sure you didn't come here to do anything stupid."

Fred raised a skeptical eyebrow. He always believed Brad was highly intelligent, but basic common sense would never condone pointing a jilted ex-lover in the direction of an unaware, sleeping female. Upset as he was, Fred felt a new rush of anger. Not only had Brad stolen her from him, he had no consideration for Amber's welfare whatsoever. But, Amber had chosen Brad. She would have to lie in the bed she'd made for herself.

Despite his senses screaming for him to retreat, Fred shrugged off his baffling paranoia and steadily made his way up the stairs, Brad silently following behind.

Pausing by the door, Fred gestured. "This one?"

"Yep," Brad confirmed, showing his teeth. There was no humour or civility in his smile. The glint in his eyes was quite alarming.

Dismissing all thoughts about Brad, Fred stared down at the curved door handle and took a deep breath. The knob was well-made, a beautiful dark-brown oak. Realising he was stalling, Fred tried to focus. What the hell would he say to her?

"Just do it."

At first Fred thought it was his mind talking, but it was Brad. The words dripped with hatred, his tone phrased it like a dare.

Opening his mouth to retort, Fred changed his mind. Savagely turning the handle, he opened the door and stepped into the room. At the confronting scene before him, his eyes widened with scandalised shock and his jaw clenched. It was a sight he would never forget.

Standing rooted to the ground, he took in Amber's naked condition. Running his eyes down her nudity, he squared his shoulders with tension, his pupils dilated with unwilling arousal. Of course he still desired her. Of course he wanted to climb onto the bed and...

Fred squashed his sex-drive and averted his gaze. He was disgusted. He didn't want to speak to her. Of all the distasteful things, Brad let him walk into their little sex game. It was all he needed to cement in his mind that Amber wasn't the woman he thought she was. Now, he could move on.

"You, whore," he snarled, unable to resist looking at her again. Speaking lowly, his voice quivered with revulsion.

Seeing her tied down and exposed, Fred wanted to touch her, punish her, even force himself on her. But he respected women, and it wasn't in his nature. Fred felt more frustration that Amber had driven his mind to dark places, and he abruptly turned to leave before he did something he regretted.

At first, Amber didn't understand what she was seeing. Fred had just stood there, grimly watching her. She had never seen his eyes so cold. Horrified confusion tumbled through her mind. Was she having a nightmare? Fred was in on it. Was he one of the 'friends' who helped Brad put the anchor under the bed? Was he going to rape her? What did she do for him to hurt her like this?

As Fred turned his back on her, Amber screamed against the gaffer. She didn't know what she would have said if she could speak. What was left of her dwindling hopes for freedom collapsed. It was a shattering discovery she couldn't cope with, and in that moment she genuinely wanted to die. She couldn't live with that betrayal. Not from the one person she'd cherished in her mind throughout her ordeal, for the sake of her sanity. Seeing Fred was like an ache in her chest, because she adored him. It was also a knife through her heart, that he was involved.

Hearing her muffled scream and ignoring his better judgement, Fred hesitated and looked back, wanting to see her one last time. Even after everything, Amber was still strikingly beautiful. She continued to shriek and pull against the silk. She vigorously shook her head at him.

Fred frowned, looking at the gaffer. Struggling to cope emotionally, he blocked out the chaos, and fixated on that tiny detail. He would have used something sexier, like silk, or panties, or even a ball gag....

The gaffer shone like glistening steel. The gaffer was wet. Tears poured down her face. Amber was crying. Fred's world stopped as he met her eyes and finally saw the truth. She wasn't embarrassed for being caught in a sex game. She was hysterical.

"Wha- No!" he gasped. Spinning toward the doorway, he charged into the hall. It was empty, Brad was gone. Rushing back to Amber, he didn't bother undoing the ties at her ankles, he ripped the delicate material from the bedposts with brute strength. When her legs were free she defensively curled them against her chest, unsure of Fred's motives. He slowly unpeeled the gaffer from her mouth.

Though she was free to speak, Amber couldn't. Sobbing, her breath came fast and ragged, her teeth chattered from shock. Seeing her in such a state was like a knife through Fred's chest, and a deadly urge for revenge surged through him.

"I'm going to kill him," he whispered, drawing the robe tightly closed about her. Then he worked to get her hands free.

Amber was a little frightened, having never seen her gentle, laughing boyfriend look so dangerous. He appeared a lot rougher since he hadn't shaved, and his normally melting, dark chocolate-brown eyes were wild with a black fury. Then she saw movement over his shoulder, and found her voice.

"NO!" she screamed.

At the same moment, something flashed by Fred's eyes and he felt the rope about his neck, the bristling fibres scratching his skin. It tightened brutally and jerked him off the bed, onto the ground.

As they disappeared from view, Amber tried to sit up as best she could with both arms still restrained.

"Don't hurt him! Don't, Brad!" Amber shrieked, helplessly pulling on the silk. Edging onto her knees and raising as high as the ties would allow, she peered over the bed.

Brad was on his back, with Fred on top of him. He'd pulled the rope tight about Fred's neck and wrapped his legs around his waist from behind. Fred tried to buck himself free, kicking the black desk against the wall, which loudly collapsed as one leg snapped.

Realising there was limited time before he blacked out, Fred abandoned his fight to gain control of the rope and blindly reached behind to Brads face.

"ARGH!" Brad bellowed, as Fred gauged his eye. Jerking his head away, one hand fumbled, losing grip on the rope.

Coughing, Fred twisted on top of Brad so they faced each other, and he seized Brad's throat with both hands just as he'd fantasied. Brad released the rope and gasped for air, reaching upwards. But Fred strained away from his searching hands, and pressed harder on Brad's neck, as hard as he could, wanting to hear his neck snap, to break his spine.

Fred groaned with his efforts, as one tormenting thought after the other surfaced, each seemingly worse than the last. Here before him was a man who'd stolen his woman, assaulted her, and after all that, he had the audacity to be in his company. Brad touched Amber, seen her naked. She was tied to the bed.

Fred's earlier image of Brad and Amber together refreshed in his mind, but it was worse. Brad was forcing himself on her, and she wasn't strong enough to resist. Amber cried for him to help her, but he wasn't there. Then he remembered the scratches on Brad's arms, from when he did God knows what...

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" Fred screamed hoarsely, his throat still recovering from the rope.

Brad's eyes rolled back as he began to lose consciousness. One hand reached to the side, feeling along the items which had fallen with the desk. Of course, he'd cleared away all potential weapons for Amber to use against him. In a last ditch attempt, he blindly straightened his leg, then kicked upwards with all the force he could muster. Fortunately for Brad, he hit Fred in the groin.

Fred yelped and slackened his hold on Brad's neck. He didn't release Brad by choice - his body instinctively forced him to retreat, and he curled over in agony.

Brad flipped onto his stomach and crawled away, choking for air. Unsteadily gathering his footing in the doorway, his view was blurred. Retching, he suppressed the urge to vomit as red spots swam before his eyes.

Fred was evidently as strong as he, and Brad wasn't ready to continue. The front door was bolted, the windows were barred, and the house sound-proofed. All he had to do was either subdue Fred, or get his hands on Amber. Then the fun and games would really begin.

Shaking with pain, Fred used the bedpost to hoist himself up and onto the bed.

"Untie me, Fred! Hurry!" Amber shouted. She'd continually tugged on her wrists, which were now rubbed raw and almost bleeding.

"Give me a minute, sweetie," he gasped wearily, gripping his groin.

Out in the hall, Brad coughed and began to straighten up against the wall. Rubbing his sore eye, he realised the chances were that Fred had a phone on his person, and he couldn't have Fred calling the police.

Amber had one arm free before she screamed again, seeing Brad return.

Fred ignored the pain and turned to get off the bed. Facing each other, they finally met without any pretence. The room was filled with the sound of their heavy breathing, and a deadly tension hummed between them.

Amber nervously began working on the last tie on her wrist. She wanted to shout encouragement to Fred, but if Brad got the upper hand, she was ready to say anything to convince him to spare her boyfriend.

Watching them size each other up, her chest seized up with anxiety. Physically, they appeared even matched. Fred played soccer, he'd taken hits to the groin and recovered fairly quickly. Brad looked a little worse for wear after the choking and eye-injury.

"I don't care what it takes," Fred ground out viciously, rolling up his shirt sleeves. "You're dead." He angrily rubbed his neck where the rope burned him. "I'm surprised you didn't choose an axe, you psycho."

One-eyelid lowered, Brad reached up to rub his own throat. "I wanted you alive," he replied, the past tense clear. His attention wavered to Amber, her pretty face overcome with a look of utmost terror, before shifting back to Fred. "If you only knew..." he laughed roughly, bracing for an attack. "The different ways I fucked her..."

Fred blindly lunged and Brad ducked to the side. Using Fred's momentum, he seized his shoulders and forcefully channelled him into the wall. Fred's bulk slammed against the plaster, his face strained from the impact.

As Brad opened his mouth taunt him further, Fred suddenly pushed off the wall and threw himself forward, using his weight to tackle Brad to the floor. Lying side by side, Fred quickly dealt a sharp punch to the side of his head, stunning him. Then he laboriously climbed on top and punched him again.

Blood gushing from his nose, Brad reacted, viciously boxing Fred's ribcage, again and again. Tensing, Fred endured the rapid hits, and heard something crack. A resulting burst of searing pain seemed to explode on his left side, but he didn't care. As long as it was physically possible, he was going to hurt Brad.

Fastening his hands about Brad's throat, he squeezed and held position. Brad desperately continued to punch his sides, but inevitably slowed as he fought for air. By the time he stopped punching and seized Fred's wrists, he didn't have the strength to shift the grip on his neck. Choking, his eyes rolled back and he reached up, his frenzied hands clawing at Fred's face.

Ignoring the burning pain ripping through his torso, feeling Brad's strength dwindle, Fred leaned close to Brad and snarled words he'd never said out loud in his entire life.

"Die, cunt."

Brad's head dropped back, unconscious.

Fred gazed down at him, furiously panting. Still gripping Brad's throat, his eyes lit up and a twisted smile formed on his face. Reaching toward the collapsed desk, he snapped the broken leg clear from the desk and raised the heavy piece with an effort.


Fred quickly looked at Amber.

"Don't kill him," she said in a small voice.

Watching her, Fred hesitated, still holding the large piece of wood over Brad.

"I don't want to take any chances," Amber explained, her lip trembling. "We have so much to lose."

More than a hundred times, she'd dreamed of doing Brad serious harm, even killing him. She was a little surprised that she wasn't already sitting on top of Brad, throwing punches and hurling insults. But the truth was, she was overwhelmed, and exhausted.

Now she could see her prior wishes unfolding, and she was finally with Fred again, it was different. Fred meant much more to her than revenge. Rather than physically or verbally assault Brad, she never wanted to touch or speak to him again.

Catching his breath, Fred nodded his agreement and tossed the wooden piece aside.

"Fine," he huffed brusquely, getting off Brad and rolling him onto his face. Locating the rope Brad tried to strangle him with, Fred firmly secured Brad's hands behind his back.

"I'm glad for those times you kicked me out of bed for the gym," he joked, sweat running down his temples.

"I hope you weren't lazy while I was away, babe," she replied shakily, wondering how he had coped in her absence. Did he miss her? Was he already seeing someone else?

Hearing the uncertainty in her voice, Fred vigorously pulled the last knot tight and looked up. He held her gaze pointedly. "I couldn't tie my own fucking shoelaces without you," he said slowly, still breathing heavily. "I took leave from work to find you, but I thought..."

"You were coming to find me?" she whispered. "I thought..."

Impatient to touch her again, Fred staggered to the bed and pulled Amber against him. She closed her eyes and smiled against his wide chest, savouring his familiar scent.

"I thought you left me," Fred whispered bleakly, remembering the shattering moment he'd come home to find her things gone. "I thought..." Relaxing his hold, he looked down at her.

For a moment they watched each other intensely. As a thought struck him, Fred's looked at Amber searchingly.

"Are you injured?"

Amber shook her head.

"Did he hurt you?"

Amber hesitated. "No-o..."

Fred swiftly released her and left the bed. After briefly contemplating kicking Brad in the head, he kicked him in the ribs. Brad groaned as he regained consciousness, coughing against the floor.

"You piece of shit," Fred spat, rolling Brad onto his back. "Look at the size of you. She didn't have a fucking chance."

"I made her come, more than once," Brad dizzily wheezed through clenched teeth. "She said my name-"

"Wow, you're pathetic!" Fred glared down at him, his hands itching to wrap about Brad's throat again. Glancing back at Amber, he did a double take. There was something in her face that made him pause. She looked devastated. Was Brad telling the truth? Did she treat him like a lover? Did she....

"I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU MADE HER DO!" Fred shouted at Brad. "And I don't care what happened! Do you know why, dickhead?"

Fred stalked back to the bed and pulled Amber into his arms. Brad grit his teeth and his eyes widened as Amber immediately clung to Fred, burying her face in his chest.

"Because she wants me, not you. She never wanted you. All the rest doesn't matter, because we're each other's world."

"Don't fucking say that to me," Brad snapped from the ground. "Don't bother. I know-"

"You don't know shit!" Fred yelled, startling Amber. "Were you raised in a fucking cave? Men like us are supposed to protect women! What the fuck were you thinking?"

Turning to Amber, he gently tilted her chin up to his face. Looking into her eyes, he stroked her cheek. Immediately she smiled at him, albeit tremulously, but the tender affection in her eyes was real. "See that? I didn't have to tie her down and tape her mouth, did I?"

"FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE!' Brad roared, as an agonising wave of jealousy filled his chest at the sight of them together. Heaving with anger, he managed to rise to his knees. "You better kill me now, because I'll come after her. She knows. She'll remember me, forever. She'll never forget-"

Fred stood and kicked Brad in the face. As he fell backwards, Fred got to his knees beside him, rummaging through Brad's pockets, locating the front door key.

"Yeah, I noticed that, you fucking creep," he growled. Looking to the side, he spotted the chain that had lay on the floor, twirled about one of the bedposts and connecting to a large, dark object beneath the bed. "You are so lucky she's alive." Fred's eyes flared with a violent rage. "You are so lucky."

Picking up the chain, he held the cold metal in his hands. Then he bent to wrap the chain about Brad's neck. The metal weighed Brad down, and without his hands free he couldn't budge.

"No..." Brad groaned, as Fred left him on the ground and went to Amber. Ensuring she was tightly covered by the robe, he lifted her into his arms and carried her to the door.

"NO!" Brad shouted, desperately trying to loosen his hands. His bloodied face was barely recognisable, twisted with pain and anguish. "She's mine! Amber! Look at me! Amber!"

Amber ignored him, burying her face in Fred's chest. As they left the room, Brad screamed after them.

"You'd better fucking kill me now! She's carrying my child! You don't know my connections! You-! STOP! AMBER!"

Feeling her shake uncontrollably in his arms, Fred tightened his hold and carried her down the stairs, through the kitchen and hallway, towards the exit. Shifting to hold her up with one arm, with the other he began to unlock the door.

"Babe, put me down," Amber murmured, weakly wriggling.

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