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Stallion at Stud


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Stallion at Stud

Rain pelted my coat as I thundered through the field, steam roiling from my nostrils. The day was come and it was a fearsome sort of day indeed! The sky above was dark and stormy and my mane clung wetly to my neck, the sideways slanting rain stinging my eyes: the worst kind of rain. I neighed - the sound lost on the wind - and bucked sideways, body twisting at an angle that my dam would have not thought possible. Galloping up the mound in the middle of my field - everyone knew what belonged to me was mine and mine along - I burst over the crest in a flurry of black hooves and brown coat, a demon in my own right. Thunder growled through the clouds and I raised my head to challenge it, circling my domain. All was well. All was as it should be.

No one could stop me! I could gallop as far and as fast as I liked! I tossed my head and scorned the clouds, rearing and pivoting as thunder tore through the heavens. Let them try to scare me! I would roar back! I neighed, head high as I called to the ethereal ones of my kind. They still roamed the stars, blinking, far away worlds, wild and free - I could feel them. Every horse knew this.

I kicked up my heels and threw a buck heavenwards as lightning forked through the air, my body trembling. Yet I was not scared, no - not in the slightest. I splashed through the stream, feather soaked and streaming from my fetlocks. Fear? What was fear? I was a stallion! A stallion had no fear!

Well, except for ground poles. I didn't like those at all. Especially when they were painted red and white. Ground poles painted red and white were especially terrifying. I was not sure why, exactly, but I could have seen them swallow up a colt whole once and spit him back out again, a chewed up mess. At least that's what my friend, Bernie, said when we were eating hay together one time. Bernie wouldn't lie to me. You can't trust those ground poles. Horse eating monsters. Hear me true.

I shook myself. There were no ground poles in my field so there was nothing to worry about, nothing at all. Driving myself onward through the storm, I streamed under the scraggly trees on the far side of the field, following the line of the painted white fence, grey in the low light. Sometimes there were apples strewn on the grass beneath their branches. I liked apples.

"Allegro! Where you at, boy? Allegro!"

I pricked my ears, hooves skidding to a most graceful halt in the muck. Mud splattered my hindquarters as I wheeled about to the gate. There stood the funny two-legger with a red coat and a horse face just like mine. I always thought it was weird for them to walk about on two legs and wear such funny rugs wrapped around them but they brought food and were fun to annoy. They couldn't be that made if they provided me with amusement and food, right?

Whinnying, I threw my head back and slowed to a ground-covering canter - really, was there any other equine that could match my stride? There was no need to gallop when my play was done as the funny two-legger would stay there hanging off the gate while I took my sweet time. The chestnut-coated mare kicked the gate as I so slowly cantered up, tail waving behind like a very damp flag. Not like much of a flag at all, not really.

I dropped into a jerky trot, flicking my hooves up high, and snaked my head over the metal barred gate to chance a nip at her shoulder. Maybe the mare had treats in her pocket? She scowled, lips turning down. Her forelock was also plastered between her eyes. I bobbed my head. She didn't half look funny! Did she know how funny she looked? I pranced and danced back and forth in the mud, bounding like a colt away from his dam's side.

"Git on with you, Allegro. I ain't got time for this."

She lifted her paw to my neck and swore as I jerked away, ears back. Did she really think I would be that easy to catch? Honestly. It wasn't as if she'd only known me since I was a foal. Maybe she'd been struck by sudden loss of memory? I know that happened to mares sometimes, particularly when I was around. I grunted and pawed the mud, splattering my belly with a slick mess. Mares just couldn't handle themselves around me. It was why I had to me in a field on my own, otherwise they'd just all be throwing themselves at me.

"Allegro," she growled, eyes narrowing. "Don't make me come in there."

She heaved on the gate, pushing it inwards as the wind howled. A head collar was slung over her shoulder, soaked through. I wrinkled my nose.

"Come here," she said in her firm voice that I only sometimes listened to. "Now. Allegro, here, boy."

Begrudgingly - it was rather wet in the field, after all - I lowered my head and pushed it into the gross head collar that she held up for me. My ears went back as she flipped the sodden strap up behind my ears to slap into my cheek on the other side and buckled it. Gross. She'd owe me a treat for that. Speaking of which, did she have any treats on her? She usually did. I nudged her pockets hopefully, sighing heavily.

"Not now, Allegro, when we're back in the stable, okay?" She murmured, stroking the arch of my neck. "Let's get us out of the rain, hey? Come on, quickly now."

Tugging on the end of the lead rope, attached to the ring underneath my chin, she broke into a light jog, bidding me to follow. Truth be told, I was tired of the rain and didn't mind going in so I appeased her for the time being, trotting at her heels. She led me down the line of fields - of course, mine was the biggest and furthest one from the main stable block - at a brisk pace, muttering under her breath the whole time. I wondered if she thought I couldn't hear her? Two-leggers could be so rude.

Leading me into the white-washed stable block, I exhaled as we darted under cover, hooves clattering on to harder ground. Concrete, I think they called it. It was hard, anyway. I kind of liked the sound it made and pawed it, letting my horse shoes ring off the rough surface.

The two-legged mare rolled her eyes back into her skull and tied me up to a ring in the wall with a scrap of orange twine. I'd broken one of those before, pulling too hard, so it didn't bother me that I was restrained. I could get out and away again whenever it pleased me, though it seemed to make her think that I would stay in one place.

"Here you go."

She dropped a red bucket of water in front of me and I thrust my nose into it, sucking noisily. Water! I hadn't even known I was thirsty but, all of a sudden, water was the most glorious invention ever. I flicked my tail, pleased with the two-legger. It was good that she knew how to look after me. When I finished drinking, I shoved my muzzle into her chest by way of thanks but she pushed me away with a muttered curse, a smear of mud and chewed up grass on her weird rug thing.

"Manners, boy, manners." She bopped me on the nose, eyes as hard as stone. "You know better than that."

I snorted and jigged a front hoof in the air. I was only saying thank you! Was that so bad? Two-leggers didn't appreciate true equine communication with their weird ways, as much as their heads looked like hours. They were primitive, simply not the same.

Hooves rang loudly over the concrete and I pricked my ears, suddenly every muscle in my body at attention. I liked my lips, mouthing the lead rope. Well, well, well, I couldn't say they weren't good for some things.

Another two-legger, a bay stallion with an odd white face appeared from around the corner at the end of the barn. The mare who looked after me didn't like him very much, I could tell, so I made sure to pin my ears back and give him a good, long glare. He better stay away from my two-legger. That was if he liked keeping chunks of flesh in his shoulder and not between my teeth. I couldn't half bite. But what was more interesting than the annoying two-legger was the four-legged - like me - mare on the end of his lead rope. She walked sedately, muscle rippling smoothly beneath her shiny, black and white coat, just a little shorter than I.

And she was clearly in season, rich scent sending my mind reeling. I snorted and stamped, shaking my head hard enough to give the twine that my lead rope was attached to a good run for its money. If it didn't hold, she would be all mine! I'd be on her back quicker than the two-leggers could blink and then it would be too late for them to tell me no or anything like that. I'd be deep in her and that would be that.

I extended my head to her, a nicker on my lips, as that tingly feeling tickled beneath my stomach. The pretty, young mare tossed her head - flirting with me, of course - and I half-reared, top lip flapping as my breeding rod dropped immediately, showing off what I had to give. And I had a lot to give! There was a good, pulsing length of mottled grey and wrinkled pink horse cock under my stomach, bobbing and slapping as I flexed to demonstrate my particular set of skills.

Neck arched, I pranced and rocked back and forth, tail proudly high. Who wouldn't want me? I tugged at the lead rope, eager to have her, and the two-legger mare slapped me smartly across the shoulder. I whinnied so piercingly that she winced and rubbed the side of her head. Well, she should have just let me have the mare then!

"Oi, cut it out," she snapped, eyes hard. "Or you won't get any, you hear me? I'll put you in the stable, slide the bolts and that will be it."

I tossed my head, blew a wad of snot on to her rug and made no comment on exactly what I thought of that little quip. Mares. Would they ever learn?

The bay stallion approached and I huffed a challenge, head pulled high. Why couldn't he just back off? There wasn't room for two stallions in one stable - not my stable. The two-legged mare eyed him warily and shook his paw when he held it out. I felt the tension between them slip away and snorted, shaking my head. Yet there was nothing to worry about, even if I didn't think very much of that two-legger. I had more interesting matters at my hooves than wondering what game the two-leggers were playing at again. Namely matters of breeding a very fine little mare.

The stallion with the same coat as mine exchanged a few words with the mare and turned her about, presenting the mare's hindquarters to me. It was a better treat than a measly carrot by far. Her sex pulled up, winking as her tail pushed up and off to the side. I snaked my head out, only held back by the rope, and pulled back my upper lip as she splayed her legs, releasing a potent stream of urine. The heavily scented stream splashed to the concrete and she groaned, rocking her hindquarters slowly as she shifted her weight from hoof to hoof.

"Easy now, boy," the mare murmured, patting his neck. "Easy now, you'll have what you want. You be gentle with her now, you hear me?"

And - about time! - the two-legger mare untied my lead rope and led me up to my prize, in all my dancing glory. Neck arched, I could only reckon that I was a sight to behold. The mare was lucky to have me. I'd put my foal in her belly and then wouldn't that be something!

I didn't waste time. Rearing, I planted my forelegs on either side of the mare, holding on in front of her hind legs for balance. Most of the weight was on my hind legs as I thrust wildly, cock slapping and sliding over her hindquarters. I neighed, frustrated, and bit her neck, even though it was not really her fault that my length was not in her already. The mare squealed and lifted a hind hoof, threatening to kick, and we tilted, unbalanced. Yet still my shaft missed her winking vent, leaving gleaming trails of pre-cum streaking over her patterned rump. It only added to the effect though.

"Hey now, steady there."

The stallion reached beneath my stomach, lifted my cock and, just like that, I felt the tip press to the mare's wonderful heat. With that, my body knew what to do and I thrust, ramming in to the ring halfway up my shaft. She squealed as I claimed her, lips brushing her withers and a clump of sweaty mane at the base of her neck. Oh, did she feel ever so good! There was nothing that could compare to a mare's heat wrapping around my cock. I belonged there as much as she belonged under me. What else was a stallion meant to do but breed? I groaned, rocking forward. No, there was certainly absolutely irrefutably nothing that could compare to breeding.

Well, maybe crisp apples on a sunny day or fresh, spring grass could compare... But it was close. Very close.

Jerking forward with my quick, needy thrusts, the mare's eyes bulged and she whinnied loudly, ears pinned back. The stallion rushed back to her head, stroking her face and soothing her in a low tone. I snorted heavily and pushed deeper, rump twitching as I made her mine, made her remember what it was to be a mare and not a stallion. My eyes rolled back and, for a moment, all was sheer, all-encompassing pleasure.

"Keep her steady! Easy now, girl, he's a bit of a rough lad. Easy now, girl, steady now."

Silly mare. I nipped her withers in case she'd forgotten who was in charge. The lead rope tugging beneath my chin didn't do much to stop me from taking what I wanted from the mare. The breeding wouldn't last long and I would have my pleasure and leave her with my semen drooling from her hot vent. Every stallion around would know that she was mine. That was all a mare really needed - a good, hard breeding.

I didn't pay the two-leggers much attention as I drove in, balls heavy behind my sheath. All I cared about was that the mare beneath me stayed still enough for me to breed and breed until I was good and satisfied. Thrusting, my hindquarters moved quickly, pumping and pumping her with my thick length until she stood quivering. That was better. I grunted and rammed in deep, balls swinging nearly all the way up to her stretched sex. Waves of pleasure rolled through me, the tight mare squeezing and twitching around me. It was heaven.

Yet it didn't take too much to satisfy a stallion.

Driving in with the force of a stallion at his limit, I shrieked. It was half a neigh and half a stallion scream but anyone listening would have thought it utterly masculine, I'm sure. Something pulled tighter and tighter inside me, that release that I craved and knew was coming, oh so surely. Nipping the mare's neck, I thrust and thrust, forcing her to open up for me until I was past the point of no return.

She was going to have a foal - my foal. Ejaculate pulsed along my breeding length to fill up the mare, barely a drop escaping as my length plugged her full. I squealed - it was very stallion-like - and dropped my head, shuddering as one ripple of pleasure was surpassed by another, stronger and stronger every time. The mare's passage tightened around me and I grunted, nostrils flaring. Even the two-leggers were quiet, watching my awesomeness with wide eyes and bated breath. Could you blame them?

Bracing her legs, the mare groaned as I finished pumping her full, my tail lifted proudly so that everyone watching would know that I'd completed my task admirably. I slipped backwards off the mare, softening shaft sucking from her marehood in a slurp of semen, and landed squarely back on all four hooves. Tossing my head, I nickered and eyed the mess of her marehood, semen mostly sealed into her by a thicker plug that my body produced after ejaculating. It was to make sure she'd have my foal, that she would take. My neck arched. One more foal for my line. My owner-mare, the two-legger, would be so proud of me!

I nudged her cheek and snorted, lips flecked with foam. I knew they had foam on them because I left it smeared on her chestnut cheek. I'm sure it only made her more alluring to whatever stallion she kept in her home stable, that place she retreated to come dark. Prancing, I nickered to the mare, the one of my kind, as she swung a tired head around to face me, ears pinned back. She didn't seem to care much for the mating but I'd done my part and there'd be another foal at her hooves soon.

Half-rearing, I pulled at the lead rope as the chestnut mare rolled her eyes for what seemed like the umpteenth time. I could count to umpteen, I'd have you know too. One, two, three, four, umpteen with my hoof on the concrete. My ears pricked and my nostrils quivered in a whinny, listening to the answering calls of other horses deeper inside the barn, away from my frolics.

There were other mares there and their scents made my shaft harden all over again. Flexing, I slapped it against my stomach and the two-legged mare put her face to her forehead, shaking her head as if she was warding off a fly. How strange. But the other mares called to me, making me want them all the more. And they wanted me too. How could any of them not desire the stud of the barn?

Which mare would be next? I spun on my hooves, whipping the lead rope out of owner-mare's grasp. Oh, I couldn't wait to find out!

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