tagSci-Fi & FantasyStallion Treatment Ch. 02

Stallion Treatment Ch. 02



Nate stood up slowly. While naked around each other with ease, most men in our habitat of the city were a little awkward about getting nude in front of new women. It was a social quirk of the georegion going back to the B.E. era.

"Oh, go on, she won't bite," I said.

Nate smiled sheepishly, then unfastened his pants and let them down, exposing his penis.

"If it wouldn't be too much trouble, Mister Petrov, it would be easier all around for you to be completely nude. I can exit if you prefer to get undressed in private."

"Naw, that's okay," Nate said quickly, warming up to the idea of being naked in front of two gorgeous women. He quickly shrugged out of his clothes and placed them on the counter, which neatly folded each item and stacked them.

Mara came around the table. "Please stand against the far wall in front of the blue section, facing toward me," she said. Nate complied, standing in front of the marked scanning field, and Mara walked up to him. "Arms up and legs spread, please. Make an X." Nate held his limbs as requested.

"Would you like me to restrain you? Most men find it very arousing, which will help with the next step of the evaluation." Nate thought for a moment, then nodded his assent. The clinic chief touched the wall, and straps appeared. "We used to use fields, but the sexological effect of physical straps was much better." She proceeded to fasten the cuffs around Nate's wrists and ankles, then pulled on blue gloves.

"There. I think you'll like it. Do you know your flaccid penis size, just to the tip of the glans?" she asked, while delicately straightening Nathan's penis and holding a ruler to it. "I have the scanners running, but I like to cross-check the calibration manually."

"Five inches soft," Nate said. "Thirteen centimeters."

"There's a word I haven't heard in a long time. Are you a history buff?" Mara asked. Nate was a bit of a show-off. He loved everyone to know how much he knew about things, including obsolete units of measure like "inches".

"Local history. And there are still a few pockets of the city where you can find the old Americanese. Hell, I found a box of ratchets in an antique store marked in 'em. They help me work on some of the old vehicles I keep." She smiled and looked interested. He's trying to impress her, I thought to myself. And it seemed to be working.

Mara reached down to examine Nates testicles, which were hanging low, dangling between his legs. She obviously kept it warm in the office to suit nude male clients. She hefted my husband's nutsack. "You appear to have large testicles. That's excellent. Do you want them to be any larger, or to hang lower?"

Nate thought about it. "What are the effects?" he asked. "And won't it affect my status?"

The chief shook her head. "Traction can lengthen the hang, and regular vacuum treatment would slowly increase the volume of the testicles. If we don't go overboard, I can perhaps double the length and diameter of your testes without affecting your N rating. It will increase the Leidig cells by a factor of two..."

"Four," Nate corrected. "The Leidig cells are on the surface, and you are increasing the surface area. It varies as the length times the circumference."

Mara stopped, a bit flustered. Despite what should have been a submissive posture, given the straps, Nate had just verbally dominated her. "Well, okay, I must have been mistaken. Geometry was not my strong suit. In any case, it will increase your testosterone levels."

Nate grinned. "Well, maybe. What man doesn't want more testosterone?" he asked.

"Oh, yes, you would definitely get quite the elevation in testosterone levels. That would help with your muscle development, considering your gymnos-made body."

"You can tell, huh?" Nate said, pleased with her insightfulness. I bit my lip a little.

"I certainly can, and you've done a tremendous job. It's very impressive." The chief felt his buttocks, chest, and biceps - all professional, but at the same time a tad disconcertingly familiar. She was doing a good job controlling her attraction, but I'd hate to lose my status as Nate's Main.

"You want a 23 cm enhancement in length, but only a two centimeter increase in circumference?" the chief asked. I caught what she had done there - deliberately and subtly confusing the final length size with the change of length. She was providing cover for the real modification I'd arranged.

"Yeah, ask the expert over there. It's for her," Nate replied.

I stood up and stepped closer, stopping behind the boundary line on the floor. I didn't want the good-looking blonde to be the only women near him. "My sexologist recommended it for me to have stronger, faster orgasms," I said.

"Hm. Usually men come in because they want it bigger just for looks. You are very considerate," she said to Nate, releasing his scrotum. Her hand moved to the long nub of his foreskin. His penis started to chub. The chief gently pulled the tip of Nate's penis way from his body. "I want to evaluate the foreskin's elasticity," she said. "I'm going to pull it away from your body as far as it will go. You tell me when to stop." Mara pulled, and Nate's foreskin stretched.

"He has a long one," I told her. "It will pull almost halfway away from his hard cock." Mara gripped tighter and kept pulling until the foreskin wouldn't stretch any more. Nate didn't say a word. He likes it when I do that to him, I'm sure he liked it even more from Dr. Big Tits. She slowly rolled the taut foreskin back and forth between her fingers. "Beautiful," she said. "And you never had it enhanced?"

"No, I just pulled on it every day since I was five," Nate said proudly.

"Remarkable. You must have had a lot of intense orgasms from that. Does it retract?" the chief asked, continuing to roll his foreskin. She had released some of the tension, physically and socially, and was obviously slowly masturbating him to stimulate and arouse him. His penis had become erect during the stretching, and his glans showed prominently under the tight skin. I knew it was part of the evaluation, but I didn't like it. "Can I do that part?" I asked brightly.

"I'm sorry, but the scanner is only able to ignore one person at a time, in this case, me. It would lock on to you if you crossed the line," she said sweetly. She returned to Nate. "So, does your foreskin retract?"

Nate nodded. "Yes, all the way back." He clearly enjoyed the way she played with it.

"Okay, here we go," she said. She released the tip of my husband's foreskin. His penis stood straight out from his body, slightly elevated with need. She lightly held his penis between thumb and fingers and drew the skin just behind the glans back to his abdomen. Nate's bright red glans was smoothly revealed, and his foreskin snapped in place behind it. Precum was oozing out of the tip, he was so excited.

"My, what a large glans you have," said Little Red Riding Hood. I mean, Doctor Bitch. I knew I shouldn't be jealous, I had arranged the whole thing to get Nate on the rack, but still, she was laying it on a little thick. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind having her licking out my pussy while Nate fucked me from behind. Maybe we would arrange something after - she sure seemed interested enough in my husband's body.

The chief released Nate's penis and sat down in front of him on a stool, then grasped it again, just behind the head. "I am going to pull the rest of the skin back as far as it will go and examine the whole shaft and frenulum. You seem to like this, so I'm not going to be quite as gentle." She pulled back more quickly this time, stretching the sensitive inner foreskin taut. Nate's frenulum stood out almost transparently from his penis, pulling the tip of the glans down. Nate moaned.

"Good neuro sensitivity, excellent elasticity, remarkable size for a Natural, good Cowper's Glands production," she dictated as a bead of precum formed in the cleft of my husband's glans. Her words appeared on the floater next to Nate, along with schematics of his penis and a variety of different graphs. She pulled forward, running her thumb up his urethra, and a small spurt of precum oozed out, dangling halfway to the floor. "In fact, excellent production," she said, catching the dangle on the index finger of her right glove and smearing it back onto the top of his glans.

"Now, I'm going to get a semen sample. I don't want you to orgasm, so we are going to get it by prostate massage. Have you ever had one?" Nate shook his head. "You'll enjoy this. I am going slowly stimulate you to the brink of orgasm several times to cause your glands to produce a lot of fluid, but I don't want you to orgasm - I want it to build up on the follicles inside of the prostate and seminal vesicles.

"The scanners will tell me when to stop. I don't want you to tell me, it is not as accurate as watching the readings. Some men can't help but try to tell me, so I prefer to work with a gagged patient. Would you like me to gag you in order to make the test as accurate as possible?" Interestingly, Nate's penis surged at the thought, and the head turned a deeper red. Perhaps my sexologist was right about him liking a bit of submission to counteract his dominance.

"Go ahead," he replied.

I looked on with interest. Not only had Nate never let me use the restraints in the bedroom on him, he never let me fuck him, either. Now not only did this hot blonde sex clinic chief had him bound and unable to move, but she was about to gag him, then push her fingers up his ass. She produced a ball gag from a nearby drawer and snapped it in place, and from then on, all he could do was mumble.

"Once we do this a few times times, I'm going to insert a finger into your anus, then gently massage the prostate and seminal vesicles on either side of it to cause them all to release their fluids, which together make up your semen. It will kind of ooze out rather than being forcefully ejaculated." And now she was going to finger fuck him stone cold sober! I'd only done that when he was too drunk to refuse, which happened perhaps twice a year. Maybe there was something I could learn from this hot body modder.

"Now, to make sure we get all the semen, I'm going to cap your glans with this, and insert the tube a short way down your urethra." She held up a thin, metallic helmet a little larger than Nate's glans. It had a short tube maybe two centimeters long with a rounded, smooth end that extended toward the inner side of the cap. A small bit stuck out the outer side. "The tube slides down into your urethra, then the cap contracts and folds behind the corona of the glans to hold it all in place. Ampules to hold the semen clip on the outside. May I proceed?"

Nate nodded. "I prefer to use natural lubrication for this." Mara smeared the tube with a little of Nate's copious precum, and penetrated his urethra with it. The tube slid easily inside his penis. Then she gestured at the floating screen that had popped up, and the helmet conformed itself to my lover's penis head. Just like she said, the edge wrapped itself around the back and bottom of Nate's glans, holding everything in place securely.

Nate looked like his glans had been painted silver - a nice look, I must admit. I considered getting one of these if I could talk him into some chastity play. It looked to me like my husband had a hidden side to his dominant personality. My sexologist had always said she thought Nate secretly wanted to be raped. Maybe she was right.

"Now I need to expand the tube inside the end of your urethra to make sure we capture all the fluids you are about to produce," said Mara. "I could have the machine do this, but most men prefer the human touch. By turning the spout, the inside tube widens." She gave it a single click clockwise. "Just to be safe, the mechanism can only be advanced one click every five seconds. That way, I can't slip and turn it too far in one twist. Otherwise, I could split open your glans." For some reason, my pussy gushed at the though of a man (but not Nate) having his penis forcibly split open with one of these. I wondered if there were any shows at some of the harder SM clubs in D-Town that might feature that kind of fetish.

"I'll watch the readings. When it's tight enough to be very uncomfortable, but not painful, I'll back it off two clicks." With that, Mara began the slow process of sealing my husband's urethra to the catch tube.

After five clicks, Nathan started moaning and involuntarily grinding his butt against the sensor wall. "You like that, baby?" I asked. He nodded. "Should I get one of these for home?" He paused, then nodded again. Jackpot! I would ask Dr. Babe (I decided that was her new name) afterwards if they made very long full chastity versions to encase my lover's entire penis. I'm sure I could get one in D-Town, if necessary - there were all kinds of specialty stores for doing things to men there.

"The next few clicks will feel very pleasurable, then it's going to be less so, and finally it will be downright painful. Some men start oozing lots of Cowper's Glands emissions, but you've already been doing that, so I'm going to hook up an ampule right now. How much does he ejaculate, normally?" she asked me.

"Well, I never measured it, but compared to other guys, he's well above average."

"Does he cover his chest with semen when you masturbate him to orgasm?" she asked.

"Oh, yeah, does he ever. Sometimes he hits himself in the face and hair. And it tends to form a big pool between his pecs."

"Must be tough to get it out of his chest hair. You don't see men with chest coverage like that very often." She unconsciously licked her lips. I knew how she felt - chest hair was such a turn-on, and so rare! Men nowadays all looked like manequins, not even public hair. "I'd better use the largest size, then. 25 ml." She snapped a long, clear tube with markings to the exposed end of the tube, capturing the precum that was starting to leak out.

"Won't all that precum throw off the readings?" I asked.

Dr. Babe smiled. "No, 'precum' is part of the ejaculation process, too, so we want to collect everything sexual that comes out of the end of his penis. No urine, obviously."

"Obviously," I echoed, thinking how maybe I could tie up my husband all day and night long and make him pee into a flask. Assuming he enjoyed the milking that was coming, the thought that I could steer our sex life in a new direction full of bondage and teasing had me revved up full.

Another click, and Nate started squirming in pleasure. And another, and another. On the next, the sound of his muffled breathing and moaning changed, as did something on the floater that Dr. Babe was watching.

"There it is, see it? The prior position was maximum pleasure," she said. I realized that she was completely ignoring Nathan now. The floater was the focus of her attention, he was just a penis to be teased and milked. "I'll gradually turn it until it registers moderate pain, then back down." Click, click, click. Nathan was no longer grinding his butt against the wall and moaning. Now the muffled sounds from behind the gag started to sound a touch labored. Sweat broke out on his forehead and in the hair of his armpits. Who has hair under their arms, anyway? Or sweat under there? Or chest hair, for that matter? Naturals, that's who. What weird - but sexy - primitives.

"One more click." Nathan sounds of discomfort turned to distress, and an indicator on the floater turned light red. "There it is. Now back by two." Click, click. Nathan sighed in relief, only mildly uncomfortable.

"His urethra will stretch slightly over the next hour while I milk him. He will be back down in the pleasure zone shortly, even with staying at this diameter."

"Can you permanently stretch his opening to be bigger?" I asked. I always found a large opening exciting.

"Oh, yes. I've had men double the size of their openings using one of these. The trick is to wear it continuously and set it to just above the pleasure zone at the start of each day. When the feeling changes to pleasure, he should enjoy it for a couple days, then advance it again. Doubling the opening usually takes about three months." Three months, in chastity, with a tube constantly fucking his dick, opening it to the world. I wanted to try that.

"Some couples switch to the male receiving the woman's extended clitoris into his urethra, reversing the usual male/female penetration roles. Five to seven centimeters length is about right for the woman - I could do that to you in an afternoon on an outpatient basis, if you are interested. It lets a woman really feel what it's like for a man to have coitus." My pussy oozed cream with excitement at the thought of fucking Nate's penis rather than his penis fucking me.

"Now, let's begin," Dr. Babe said with a smile. "I think you are going to enjoy this," she said, looking at me rather than Nate. She reached forward to grasp his foreskin.

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