tagGay MaleStand for Love Ch. 08

Stand for Love Ch. 08


Hello my lovely readers and welcome to this wonderful chapter. It is dedicated all to you. Before going into this chapter I'd like to tell you that I have considered your suggestion about a royal story and I'm sure I'll come up with something once this story ends. I love you guys a lot and I hope this will be an interesting chapter for you. Don't forget to drop you comments. Enjoy....


Ding dong! The door bell rang.

"I'll get it," Victoria gushed as she headed for the door with a bright smile.

Victoria rushed to the door, with a smile that she didn't wanna lose. She touched the knob and opened the door widely with her eyes still glued to Nicholas and Jake. Still smiling brightly, Victoria slowly moved her eyes to the door and she froze.

Her smile suddenly faded. Her skin felt cold and her heart was pounding in her chest making her shiver. She had no idea what to think and her voice was gone for some time. Then her eyes were wide open as a shiver ran down her spine.

"You!" Victoria gasped, gaping at the door. "What...what are you doing here?"

But he just stood there without saying a word, smiling as he crossed his arms on his chest. Victoria quickly took her hands and rubbed her eyes, hoping for whatever she had seen to be an illusion or just an imagination in her mind. But she saw the same thing once those hands were removed from her eyes. She saw Adrian.

Adrian was in front of her, dressed in expensive clothes and looked different. He was wearing a light blue designer's skinny jean, a bright pink shirt which was tucked in and blue snickers. His hair was tied in pony tail with braids on either side. His face was glowing with a smile which Victoria thought was irritating and there was a huge bag on the ground, making Victoria wonder. The boy had left without anything.

She couldn't believe it and her heart was racing, almost jumping out of her chest. She wondered how he had come and...no, it just wasn't happening.

Victoria took a quick glance behind, wondering if anyone was looking in her direction. She turned back once she was sure no one was looking in her direction. She took a deep breath, crossed her arms on her chest and got confident.

"What are you doing here?" Victoria said, literally telling him to go away with her eyes.

Adrian chuckled, repositioning his arms on his chest. He looked straight at her, getting closer to her till he was just an inch apart. He could see past those eyes, she was scared and he knew why.

"Why, mother," Adrian said, rolling his eyes in a sexy way. "Are you not happy I'm back?"

Victoria moved her hands to her waist and gave him a quick pose of confidence. She breathed in loudly and chuckled.

"You don't belong here," Victoria said with seriousness and determination in her voice. "The doors of this house are still closed to you. You are not married to my son anymore." She laughed, twisting her head making her hair rise. "Don't you remember? I threw you out and...?"

"Mother," Adrian said, grinning at Victoria. "Well, you see, I just want to be with my husband. I think..."

"There's nothing to think about," Victoria snapped, moving her hand to hold the door. "You're not getting back in here and that's final."

After saying that, Victoria quickly held the door tightly and began closing it with a smile on her face. She was expecting him to lose his smile but to her surprise he just stood there still smiling. No way would she allow him in the house. Not after her plan had become successful.

Suddenly she couldn't push the door anymore. She tried to push but she couldn't manage to push it. Something was wrong with the door and she couldn't push it. She needed that door closed before any of her family members realize that Adrian was back.

Victoria moved her hand and tried to push the door with her might when all of a sudden she felt Adrian's hand on her wrist. She quickly stopped and traced his hand with her eyes all the way to that smiling face. That smiling face was making her angry, big time. If only she could throw him out of the house.

"Mother," Adrian said, flipping his long hair to the other side. It went all the way to his shoulder.

"Are you in a hurry to throw me out?" He laughed softly, tightening his grip on her arm. "Don't you want to hear what your son in law has to say?"

"You are not my son in law," Victoria snapped, furiously moving her hand from the door.

She took Adrian's hand from her wrist and took a step backwards. Victoria couldn't stand Adrian one more time. She needed him out.

"What?" Adrian gasped, touching his chest in astonishment. "I thought I was. "

"Well, you are not," Victoria said, getting nearer. She gripped his arm so tightly and began moving. Her plan was to throw him out like she had done a few days ago.

"So...get out of this house before..."

"Before what," Adrian said angrily, releasing his arm from her.

To say Victoria was surprised was understatement. She was immediately filled with intense anger. She wanted to give the boy a hot slap. How dare he do that to her? That is something that she was not gonna take from someone like Adrian. Just who does he thinks he is, Victoria thought. She was still the queen of the house and Adrian was just a pawn.

Victoria furiously raised her hand and directed it at Adrian's face. She was ready to slap the boy back into his senses.

"How dare..."

Victoria's eyes couldn't believe it. Even she could not totally believe it. Adrian, stupid little Adrian just caught her hand and was now holding it tightly. She was really shocked.

"Me," Adrian said, losing his smile.

It was replaced with a frown that Victoria didn't appreciate at all. It was like the boy had gone to some form of training or something. The boy who had been in the house gave her the respect of a mother in law and now...now he just caught her hand, gripping it so tightly. She was now scared.

"Well, I'm still the son in law of this house," Adrian got closer to her. His face was almost touching hers. "Guess, what?" Adrian laughed softly, winking at her.

Victoria quickly got away from Adrian. She stood at a distance, her heart beating miles away. She had never felt like the way she did. She was even wondering if it was the same boy who she had thrown out or just an impostor.

"Get out,"

"I won't," Adrian said, gripping his bag. "I'm married to..."

"In case you've forgotten," Victoria chuckled. "Nicholas threw you out of his life."

Adrian slowly took a step before Victoria blocked him. He looked straight up at her and smiled teasingly. The woman was not that strong after all. She just pulled a stunt but if she had thought that Adrian would leave just like that then she had another thing coming. No matter what points she'd try to throw at him he'd remain firm.

"Of course," Adrian chuckled. "But he only did that because of a lie. He might hate me now..."

Victoria rolled her eyes in frustration and groaned. She had had it with him. He just has to leave the house before he makes her plan to become futile.

"I want you..."

But it was too late. Adrian had already entered the house and was rushing past her with expensive cologne. She could tell from that smell that Adrian's cologne was expensive. Where the hell did he get the money to buy...oh forget it.

Victoria quickly turned and followed behind but it was too late. All the family members had already seen him and it was clear their moods were ruined. She quickly stopped and watched as the family members blocked him. Seeing that, Victoria smiled brightly. It was clear the family members were not gonna allow him go inside either.

Now I have to stand and watch the drama, she thought, putting her hands on her hips. Now she was gonna watch the drama and throw him out of the house later.

"What do you want back here?" Adrian heard Noah's voice.

Adrian stopped in his tracks and stared at Noah. The guy's hands were trembling but he couldn't care less. He was not gonna allow the family members to render him weak. He was gonna be strong and that was a promise.

Adrian let go of his bag, stood straight and put one hand on his hip. He looked at Noah, eye to eye without any fear in his eyes. Then he decided to brighten his mood and smiled brightly, trying to see Noah's reaction.

Nicholas' heart was beating faster. His mood just went from bad to worse to...something that he couldn't describe. He couldn't believe anything that was happening. It was right in front of him but he couldn't understand a thing. He was somehow feeling happy and then sad at the same time.

A myriad of emotions took him over...pain being the least. Adrian just stood there looking confident and smiling. Nicholas wanted to feel his lips and his embrace but then again...he wanted to hurt him and make him pay for leading him on.

He felt a really terrible headache as his emotions were at war. There were some that were yearning for Adrian and others wanted to hurt him. Those things were really confusing him and...fuck, he felt his cock throb. What the fuck was happening to him?

"Didn't you hear me?" Noah snapped, furiously rushing to Adrian with his fists clenched and his anger totally burning.

"Wait!" Adrian said, moving his hand forward to stop Noah.

To his surprise, Noah stopped and vibrated in anger right where he stood. Adrian smirked, moving towards Noah with his hands moving from side to side.

"Everyone keeps asking me that question," Adrian smiled, stopping to keep some distance away from Noah. Yes, he had decided to be strong but the last thing he wanted was to have a bleeding nose.

"Well, I guess you know that none of us wants you here." Noah snapped, vibrating, sweating and trembling. "If you really..."

"It's not about who want me in the house," Adrian beamed.

He quickly moved his eyes to his husband who was sweating. He still had a smile but he was burning inside. He had only been out of the house for three days and Jake was already making his moves? None of that was gonna happen while he was in the house. He was gonna have to teach Jake to stay in his boundaries. He was gonna start with that disgusting hand on his husband's shoulder.

"Then what do you want?" Arianna snapped, rolling her eyes in anger. She moved a bit closer and gripped Noah's hand.

"Where else am I supposed to be?" He chuckled, his eyes never leaving his confused looking husband's face.

"I don't know," Arianna laughed bitterly, putting one hand on her hips. "...In the streets where you belong."

Adrian laughed and touched his chest in anticipation. The girl really hated him with passion. That kind of hatred would soon have to be melted.

"I'm supposed to be by husband's place."

Nicholas quickly dropped his face and looked on the floor. That word made him so mad. He wanted to snap and he could feel something inside telling him to calm down. He felt like he was going insane with what was going on in his head. He clenched his fists, snarling his teeth and trying to bring himself under control.

"Which husband?" Adrian heard Victoria's footsteps coming from behind.

She quickly came in front and stood, her arms on her chest and her face wearing a frown. Adrian looked at her and contrasted with her frown by wearing a wonderful smile which he knew Victoria didn't like at all. He was back and he was back to make her realize just who she had messed with.

He had been nothing but a good son in law but she took that away from him and accused him of two devious crimes that he'd never, ever commit in his life. She had really crossed all boundaries this time.

If the mother in law could be disrespectful to the son in law, shouldn't he return the same gesture, Adrian thought with a smug grin on his face? After all, "Respect is reciprocal."

"Mother," Adrian chirped. "I'm married to your son. How could you have forgotten about that very soon?"

Victoria laughed. Adrian really had the guts but he was forgetting that she wasn't stupid.

"My son and you..."

"Are still married," Adrian chuckled, repositioning his gaze on her.

"Keep dreaming," Victoria snapped, raising her eyebrow.


Adrian very well knew that she realized they were still married. A woman like her would go to any extent just to make her son leave his husband. In this case Adrian had a strong point that was gonna make him have an advantage over her.

"You do realize that Nicholas and I are not divorced, right?"

Adrian saw Victoria's face frown up. It made him happy because she was shocked. Surely, she didn't think she'd end their relationship just like that without making them divorce, right? If she didn't then she was not smart either. She should have known that no relationship can come to an end without an annulment.

Victoria's face was hot. She knew Adrian was right. Why did she not think of that before? How could she have been so stupid? She should have made her son divorce Adrian before deciding to throw him out of the house. What kind of stupid move did she make?

Now she was gonna have to think quickly and get rid of him.

"The doors of this house are still closed to you?" Victoria yelled, taking a few steps closer, nodding her head in a stupid manner. Adrian knew exactly why she was talking like that.

That was a stupid move coming from someone like her. A door was something that could open and close instantly. It was no big deal so that lame excuse was not scaring him at all. He had a few points himself.

"But mother," Adrian knew exactly how to handle her. He somehow had known that she was gonna say something like that in her defense.

"I clearly heard you say, Adrian Wilson," He chuckled, dropping his hands. "I'm not Adrian Wilson but..." He looked at furious Nicholas and smiled. "....Adrian Nicholas Miller."


"Hold on, Arianna," Adrian smiled, directing her to stop. "Please, hear what I have to say on this matter."

Adrian quickly turned to Victoria and gave her a long glare. He took a few steps closer and stood closer to her. Now he could tell it to her face.

"I'm pretty sure you opened that door for me a few minutes ago." Adrian said softly, sweetly and enjoyably. Those words were only for Victoria's ears.

"Besides, I don't think I can stay without my husband."

Noah was burning. He had reached his boiling point. That was really it. He didn't want to tolerate any of those foolish things. Sure, Adrian was still married to Nicholas but he was gonna have to leave the house or else...

"Get out!" Noah ordered, angrily pointing towards the door.

"I'm really sorry," Adrian put his hands together, dropping his head.

Even though he was back in the house and Noah was being kind of an ass to him, he still respected him big time and didn't plan on disrespecting him. He was like an elder brother to him, a brother he had been yearning for whole his life. It was a pity that brother of his saw him as an evil person because of a lie which had also ruined or rather made his marriage to almost crumble.

"Leave!" Noah yelled, practically telling him to leave the house. "Yes, you are married to Nicholas but that doesn't mean he still wants you here. Just leave your address and we'll send the divorce..."

"I'm sorry," Adrian quickly raised his face, pitiful at the words uttered by his brother in law. "No one is getting..."

"Oh, you will." Victoria yelled, looking at him wide eyed. If only she could kill him with her bare hands in front of the family.

"Mother," Adrian chirped, dropping his hands. "I think Nicholas is the one to tell me all this. He is my husband and if he wants a divorce..." Adrian moved his head to the other side and caught a glimpse of his husband who had his head dropped, looking straight at the floor. "...he'll have to tell me himself."

Adrian could tell that Nicholas still loved him. The only barrier between them was a lie that Adrian was after his wealth after all. That lie was also accompanied by Victoria's fake poisoning and if that was not enough already there was also Victoria and Jake. Those two were really out to destroy him.

"I think this decision is to be made by..." Adrian brought his head to its original position, stared at his mother in law, arm crossed and smiled. "...me and my husband,"

"Really," Victoria said, squint eyed.

"Yes," Adrian nodded slowly. "And until that happens..." He paused and moved to the other side.

He passed Victoria, Noah and Arianna and went to stand in front of his husband and Jake. He looked at both with a smile.

Adrian felt Nicholas' violent breaths and he heard his heart beating faster. It was impossible but he did. His emotions were rising and he knew he needed his husband's hug. He was still staring at him, smiling widely with a beautiful grin on his face.

He moved his eyes to Jake and saw the guy's eyes. It was clear he wanted to kill but he couldn't do anything. Jake was just a boring bitch, who thought he was fearless, fierce and...Adrian didn't care anymore.

He enjoyed seeing him with a burning passion in his eyes. His jaws were shaking terribly and that hand...oh that hand, Adrian thought, angrily looking at it as it touched his husband's shoulder. For once, he lost his smile but managed to bring it back once he raised his face again.

"...before that happens," Adrian slowly moved his hand and gripped Jake's hand which was on his husband. He slowly, irritatingly and angrily lifted it up. "...certain boundaries should be kept."

After saying that, Adrian threw Jake's hand from his husband's shoulder and enjoyed the look in his eyes. It was of anger, despair and the urge to kill him which by the way wasn't happening, ever.

Nicholas somehow felt good that Adrian got Jake's hand from his shoulder. He'd been dying of doing that. Thank God that hand was no longer there. But Adrian's presence was having a bad effect on him. It was like Adrian was the other part of the magnet that he needed. His body was vibrating in pleasure and his lips were twitching, dying to be wrapped around Adrian's body.

Nicholas wanted to raise his face and stare in those beautiful blue eyes again but he didn't want to. Not on someone who had never loved him.

Why is he back anyway, Nicholas thought, anger and hatred taking the best of him? His heart rate kept on increasing and his breath was getting out of hand. He could feel the blood rushing in his veins powerfully and painfully. He felt like his veins would burst if that continued.

"How dare you..."

"Shh..." Adrian signaled Jake.

Both the whisper and the angry look in his eyes were enough to serve as a warning to Jake. He couldn't allow him to outsmart him. Not in front of the family members.

"I think this does not concern you." Adrian said rudely, passing his two left fingers in his soft hair. "This is between a couple and..." Adrian eyed Jake and looked at him in disgust. "...stop acting like...a whore. Stay out of this and allow me to talk..." He moved to his husband and smiled. "...to my husband."

Nicholas clenched his fists and...he released them, feeling the pain strike him like lightning. He was in pain but he couldn't express it. The tear building in his eyes were just as painful as...the blood passing in his veins. Adrian was probably back to accomplish what he did not finish, Nicholas thought as he suppressed any tears from coming out.

"So, Nic, do you want to divorce me."

Oh hell no, Nicholas thought. Fuck! What was he thinking? The boy had betrayed him and now he was rejecting divorcing him. What was really wrong with him?

"I'm waiting," Adrian said softly. "Do you want...to divorce me and...."

Fuck, no! Fuck, Nicholas cursed. What was wrong with his brain? He knew if he opened his mouth those would be the exact words that would come out of his mouth. So staying quiet was rather helping things though it felt like he was holding a really big burden in his heart.

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