tagGay MaleStand for Love Ch. 11

Stand for Love Ch. 11


Hello and welcome to the eleventh chapter of this wonderful story. I really hope you'll have a good time reading this chapter and not only that, but find it interesting as well. Don't forget to drop your comments at the end of this story and rate it. Happy reading, enjoy...


Nicholas stood in his room, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. It was already evening and he was sure the guests had started to arrive. It was a really wonderful and important party and also to celebrate contract signing with an international company. It was a really important party to him but for some reason he was not happy at all.

Standing firmly, looking in the large dressing mirror, Nicholas slowly unbuttoned his shirt, ready for the shower. Then as he got half way, something happened, something that made him weak and vulnerable. Right there as he stared into the mirror he could see Adrian behind him, slowly helping him to unbutton his own shirt. He got caught by the image of Adrian and he had a huge smile on his face.

Nicholas' heart began racing as adrenaline rushed to his entire body making him quiver. His eyes were completely stuck on that image in the mirror. He was looking so cute and his eyes showed nothing but a flame which was full of passion. Then like a flash, Nicholas heard his voice.

"Come on, my love," He heard it loudly with a kiss on the back. "We don't wanna be late."

With a breath violent and painful, Nicholas quickly turned around to find no Adrian. He looked everywhere but Adrian was not in the room. That was when it had hit him, his brain was playing tricks on him but he wasn't gonna fall for any of it. He had to accept the fact that Adrian was not in that room or anywhere near that room. He was gone, gone forever from him.

But that thought and courageous talk neither helped him out nor got Adrian out of his head. As a matter of fact, his thoughts about Adrian increased and he felt a terrible headache hit him hard. He felt like his head was about to explode. His veins pulsed as his heart beats became painful. No way was he going to allow Adrian get into his head like that.

After a moment's reflection, Nicholas stripped everything that he had on him, grabbed a towel and went straight into the bathroom. Then he threw the towel and went into the shower. Leaning to a wall, he opened the shower and felt a warm stream of water travelling to his body, massaging and making him relax.

The only thing that helped him out whenever he was lost and had a lot of thinking to do was a hot shower which massaged his body and made him relax. It was his companion when lost, his masseuse when tired...his friend when lonely and most importantly, he felt like it would never, ever betray him unlike someone he had trusted and ended up heartbroken and realized just how foolish he'd been.

Leaning to that wall actually brought a lot of memories to him. For starters he remembered the time he had his first shower with Adrian after making love to him and taking his virginity. Then he remembered the first time they'd made love in the shower as he furiously thrust in his ass relentlessly.

It was like he was reliving those moments as he felt a strand of pleasure ran down his spine to his cock. It was followed by a powerful vibration which made him squirm and give out a low moan. The warm water striding on his back, down his crack and to his balls was making him horny.

As those memories slipped right through his brain, his heart began racing...his hormones were running out of control, making his whole body vibrate as he squirmed...his breaths were becoming pretty fast and violent...his hands were trembling in pleasure...he simply lost his mind as he felt his cock pulsing.

He slowly moved one of his hands, bringing it closer to his chest. He slowly passed it on his muscular chest, slowly circling his sensitive nipples. They added to his pleasure as he felt his body respond by relaxing and getting warm.

Then he used his fingers and pinched one of his nipples, giving out a soft moan of pleasure. As the image of Adrian pinching his nipples came to his mind, Nicholas began pinching both his nipples. Each pinch was bringing him a whole new pleasure, rendering him helpless as his body was slowly dripping into pleasure mood. There was nothing more he wanted to do than have Adrian do that to him and make love to him.

After few minutes of pinching, Nicholas slowly traced his hand all the way down to his cock, pinching on his pubes which became painful but he enjoyed every bit of it. It didn't feel like pain at all. It was rather pleasure and he had no intentions of stopping it.

Realizing that his cock was rock hard and throbbing painfully, Nicholas quickly wrapped his hand around it and with a gulp and low moan, he began stroking it softly adding to the pleasure. Stroking his cock softly, Nicholas felt a powerful electric vibration travel to his body making him squirm and moan. He used his hand to balance on the wall and then his strokes continued.

As the pleasure increased with each stroke, Nicholas bit his lip sensually as his moans filled the bathroom. Then he felt a billion electric volts take over his body as the ecstatic pleasure intensified with each stroke he made. He was in pleasure and his breaths, moans and squirms were becoming violent. That hand was giving him the pleasure which he had missed so much even though it was not compared to Adrian's ass.

With Adrian's ass slowly ringing in his mind, a perfectly clear image of Adrian in the shower came to his mind. He was leaning to a wall with his legs open, perfectly showing that beautiful, sweet pink pucker of his. Then he clearly gripped Adrian's hips and with a moan of ecstatic pleasure, he slammed deeper into Adrian's ass as the powerful vibrations made him gasp.

To his surprise, Nicholas felt intense pleasure as if he was truly thrusting deeper into Adrian's ass. He felt his body get hot...his dick become bigger and harder in his hands...the tingling vibration on his spine become worse and his moans got louder than before.

As he slowly moved his hips outwards and then slammed harder and deeper into Adrian's ass in the image in his mind, Nicholas gripped his cock and stroked harder and faster.

"Fuck," He moaned, thrusting his hips forward to meet his own hand which in his mind was Adrian's sweet ass.

Nicholas stroked faster, moaning uncontrollably, squirming and quivering uncontrollably. Each stroke he made was pleasure on its own. He felt like he was going to explode as the pleasure became too much to handle. He opened his mouth wider as a series of moans of pleasure escaped his throat. The warm water was adding to the pleasure.

Each stroke brought him closer to an orgasm. He could feel it building like a volcano, ready to explode. His strokes intensified...his moans became uncontrollable...he bit his lip harder and he lost his mind. In his image, he was now holding Adrian's waist tighter, bending him to give him access to that sweet ass. He slammed in deeper, harder and longer and Adrian's moans mixed with groans of pleasure turned him into an animal.

He fucked Adrian relentlessly, longer, deeper and violently. The only sound he could hear was their moans and the sound of his balls slapping painfully on Adrian's ass. He wasn't feeling the pain but the pleasure given to him by Adrian's ass. It was hot, sweet, ecstatic and unbelievably tight unlike nothing he had ever tasted before. The way he was moving his hips forward, hitting Adrian's sweet spot was absolutely amazing. He was literally violating that prostate as Adrian begged for more.

"Fuck... harder...come on...give it to me...harder..."

Encouraged by Adrian's pleas, Nicholas used his full force, pulled almost all the way out and thrust deeper into that ass, feeling his cock being pleasured as it slipped deeper into that sweet ass. He got it almost all the way out and then thrust in violently, this time deeper and past his prostate. The pleasure got tripled as the boy he was slamming in screamed out in pleasure.

"Oh...yea...fuck that ass...make me cum...slam that big fat cock inside of me..."

"Yeah, baby," Nicholas moaned, thrusting deeper and powerfully. "Feel that big cock inside of you. Feel that cock, yeah,"

"Uh, I...I..."

Nicholas used his full force and fucked Adrian. He heard him fail to even speak a single word as each turned into grunts and groans, begging to be thrust even harder and deeper. He was enjoying that ass, feeling its tightness, hotness, sweetness, pleasure and its juices. He'd never fucked Adrian like that before and he enjoyed it to the maximum. The pleasure was more than anything else in the world and the moans were sending rhythmic vibrations all the way down to his cock, making it pulse and get even harder.

He fucked Adrian like an animal. He fucked him like it was the first time after a century and the last time. They were both hot, moaning at the top of their voices as each thrust got Nicholas near. He could feel pressure building in his balls as his thrusts became violent and harder.

He held Adrian's waist tighter, fucked him relentlessly as the boy pushed out to meet his thrusting cock. The pleasure was unexplainable and the moans were uncontrollable. His thrusts became violent as the tingles on his spine became intense. He was now ready to shoot.

"I'm coming," He groaned, fucking relentlessly in that ass. "I'm coming...oh my fuck I'm coming..."

His cock swelled up in that sweet ass. The tingling became out of control and his pants and groans were out of this world. Feeling it near, he moved his hips violently. He arched his back as a powerful vibration overtook his whole body, making him squirm and pant. Then with a loud scream of ecstatic pleasure, he thrust deeper into Adrian. Then he began spurting ropes of cum deeper in that ass, moaning, groaning and panting uncontrollably.

He kept on coming and coming until...he realized that all that had happened was an illusion. Still stroking his cock, he opened his eyes and saw as his cock spurt cum on the tiled wall. He moaned in ecstasy as his strokes became violent and his cock spurt rope after rope after rope of cum.

It felt like forever but his cum eventually slowed until he stopped coming. The pleasure never left him for once his pants and moans intensified. With a few weak strokes, Nicholas let go and began panting like a dog. It felt so hot and he looked on the wall before the water washed cum away.

He realized that there was so much cum, unlike he had never cum before. He felt weak and his body was still vibrating after a powerful orgasm.

He leaned on that wall panting before he slowly slipped back into his mind. Realizing what he had just done, Nicholas pulled away from the wall, and still standing under the shower head as streams of water massaged him.

"What the fuck!" Nicholas swore, slowly covering his face. "What's wrong with me?"

He couldn't believe what the hell had just happened. He hadn't even realized he was jerking off until he came. He wondered why Adrian was affecting that much. Was it because he had massaged his cock and made him cum or was it because he still loved him?

He had no idea how he'd get those answers but what he knew was that he had to get out of the shower quickly as he'd spent more time that he had expected to. He didn't even want to stay in there anymore after what had happened to him.

Taking the soap and slipping it on his hard, muscular body, Nicholas slowly took his shower. He was still recovering from the pleasures he had felt and the powerful orgasm he had experienced a few minutes ago.

He also realized that he felt so much pleasure when he washed his cock. He was even tempted to jerk off again but he couldn't do it as he felt like he might go insane. With that thought in his mind, Nicholas took a quick shower and got out of the bathroom.

He got out, toweling his body and thinking about what had happened in the shower. It was unbelievable and he could still feel the vibrations in his system. All he wanted to do was forgetting about it and have a really good evening at the party. He didn't want Adrian to affect him at all and that was a promise he made to himself. He was gonna enjoy himself and show Adrian that he had moved on just to get him out of his life. He couldn't show Adrian that his life revolved around him. Should Adrian show up at the party which Nicholas was sure wasn't gonna happen, he'll show him that he'd moved on and ask for a divorce from him. He was gonna say it loud and clear.

Nicholas sighed when he thought about that but it was the right thing to do. He went to the room where he kept his clothes and stood there. It looked really beautiful. There was no sign that he'd even made a mess in that room. Everything was arranged perfectly. Yes, everything, including Adrian's clothes. He had a maid arrange everything as he couldn't bear it but now they were on display and they also brought a lot of memories to him.

After taking a deep sigh, Nicholas forgot about everything and went to the suits section. He looked at them, finger on his chin, thinking about what he should wear for the party. Had Adrian been there, he'd have figured...

"What the fuck!" Nicholas cursed, feeling himself losing control. Just what was his problem? Will he keep thinking about Adrian for the rest of his life? He had no idea what to do but that was not important. He had to choose his outfit for the party downstairs or he'd stay in that room whole evening without choosing anything to do.

After careful thinking and consideration, Nicholas finally chose a light grey, shiny designer's suit which he had not worn before. It was gonna be perfect for the occasion. He also chose a shiny, blue designer's shirt, green tight boxer briefs, and black designer's shoes.

Then he went back to the room, applied lotion on his body and slipped into his outfit. It was a little tight but it was perfectly showing his body. He moved to his hair, applied gel and faced it backwards. Everything was perfect and he couldn't have wanted to look any sexier. He was glowing and his smile brightened his face. He decided to forget about everything and just enjoy the party for a change. He was gonna forget about all his sorrows and just enjoy the party.

Nicholas took out his most expensive cologne, splayed it on himself and smiled.

With a final glance in the mirror, he got out of his room and went straight downstairs. He knew he was looking his best. He also knew that people would look at him especially his friends and business partners. He at least felt happy.


Nicholas reached the stairs and he froze there, looking everywhere. He could clearly see that all the people had arrived and as the host, he might have been a little too late. Glancing at the watch on his wrist, Nicholas realized that he might have spent more time in the shower. He was 50 minutes late for his own party. He just had to fix himself and look as if he was already at the party but he went upstairs for some important things.

He took a deep breath as he began rushing downstairs. He just took the last step and he felt tiny hands wrapping around his legs. From the feel of those wonderful tiny hands, Nicholas knew it was his son and he felt really happy. He smiled, leaning down to hold his son.

"Daddy," Gabriel gushed.

Nicholas was caught. He couldn't move his gaze away from his son. His son was looking really handsome and sexy for his age. He had his hair gelled to the maximum and his face was glowing in the light. He was putting on a white suit which was fitted on his body perfectly. His smile brightened Nicholas' mood and hearing his little giggles almost brought tears to his eyes.

"Sweetie," Nicholas said softly, cupping his son's cheeks. "You look so handsome."

"You too, daddy," Gabriel said, wrapping his tiny arms around Nicholas' neck.

Nicholas smiled, opened his arms widely and said, "Give daddy a hug."

Nicholas felt like he was in heaven when he wrapped his arms around his son. All his worries went away and every doubt that he had in his mind melted. He was with his little bundle of joy and nothing was gonna change that. Gabriel was like his little shield from his own problems. He always felt safe and happy in those tiny little arms.

Kissing him on the forehead as he chuckled softly, Nicholas pulled away from that wonderful hug and cupped his son's cheeks. He was more than happy and he knew that the evening was gonna end well for him. There was nothing that would ruin his mood no matter what. Not even Adrian was gonna manage to ruin his mood.

Everything to brighten his mood was there, his little bundle of joy...his family...soothing music...decorations that were beautiful...his friends...his business partners and most importantly he had courage to say things that he wanted. He was now ready to give Adrian his peace of mind now even though it would hurt after.

"Daddy, where's papa." Gabriel asked, leaving Nicholas speechless and helpless. He had nothing to do but lie to him.

"Sweetie...well..." Nicholas paused, thinking about a lie to tell his son. "Papa won't be coming." He hoped it was true.


"Don't worry," Nicholas smiled, softly pinching Gabriel's cheeks. "Daddy will be here okay?"

Gabriel nodded happily and gave Nicholas a sweet kiss on the cheeks. It left him warm and happy. Why didn't he get kisses like that more often?

"Alright sweetie," Nicholas smiled, sweetly rubbing his son's cheeks. "Run along now. Go and enjoy the party. Daddy will see you later okay?"

"Yea," Gabriel enthused and disappeared, leaving Nicholas smiling and happy. He just leaned there fixed on where his son disappeared. He was so lost that he didn't even hear the footsteps approaching him.

"Mr. Miller," He heard a deep manly voice.

Nicholas quickly looked up and saw him, his new business partner. He had grey hair, a round face, a bright smile, a lot of beards and a bright smile. He was quite muscular, handsome and sexy for his age. At 53 Nicholas thought he was hot. Not that he was crushing on him or anything. He was just appreciating the lovely guy in a beautiful brown, designer's suit.

"Mr. Raj," Nicholas smiled, getting up from where he was leaning. "Welcome sir."

He laughed, patting on Nicholas' shoulder. "I wouldn't miss this party for the world. Besides," He chuckled. That's when Nicholas saw that the man had brown eyes. Seriously the guy was looking younger for his age. "This party is also to celebrate our partnership."

"Yeah," Nicholas chuckled, smiling brightly. "Let me introduce you to my friends, family and partners."

Mr. Raj smiled and they both went away chuckling and talking about other issues concerning their businesses. It was really beautiful and the people at the party were all lively. Nicholas couldn't have wished for anything more.

First he introduced Mr. Raj to his brother and wife. Both of them were looking so damn cute, Noah in a blue suit and Clara in a dark blue dress. They were dressed to perfection and were a perfect couple. Everything about them including the love they shared could be reflected in everything that they did. Even Mr. Raj was impressed by the love they shared.

After introducing them to his brother, Nicholas got the chance to look around as Mr. Raj chatted with Noah and Clara. The whole house was lit by beautiful and elegant decors. They ranged and varied in color and it was spectacular. It was sparkling and the chandelier from above was really beautiful. It was fully decorated and he wondered how the people had reached all the way up to decorate the chandeliers.

Moving his eyes around, he scanned everywhere, trying to see if Adrian was at the party at all. He didn't want to see him but he somehow would have loved to see him glowing that evening. He could still remember how beautiful the last party had been. It was really beautiful and he held on close to Adrian and kissed him in front of the guests.

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