tagLoving WivesStanding In Front of the Mirror

Standing In Front of the Mirror


Authors Note: The story you are about to read for the most part is true. I have lived in South Africa, Switzerland, Washington D.C. and Rome and now am living with my husband near Paris, France. The name I have assumed for my own sexual experiences is "Vixen," the alter ego of a model.

Now I have written different stories about my life; my inner mind and psyche, my experiences and the flaw in my character, my weakness for sex, about how I could have said NO, but I let things happen to me. Perhaps some of you will relate to my real life experiences and sexual desires while some of you will undoubtedly fantasize about them and me.

This is the first story if you wish me to continue, let me know.

I like to paint you the picture … I like to take you to take a look in my large bedroom, its the place where I have these dark thoughts and delicious fantasies in my head, thoughts full of burning passion and lust, delicious depraved thoughts about being a instrument of pleasure.

Imagine a educated former model, from excellent background, married to a much older gentlemen, (29), 5.10", 112 lbs., 37C-25-35, very sexual orientated, who loves to sleep naked between silk sheets and is sometimes all alone, that's the time my large bed is empty and like to read erotic stories, stories full of burning passion and lust.

Now, I sit then in front of my computer, only a silk robe, with my legs wide apart and get some very extensive fantasies, sexual fantasies about being involuntary taken, to be honest I dream about being humiliated, being punished for my teasing. I feel my nipples getting hotter and hotter, but I read on, feeling the smoldering fire growing in intensity between my thighs.

Later I like to pose in the mirror of our bedroom, while the music from 9,5 weeks is playing loud through my bedroom, I am standing on my 6 inch high heels, wearing black silk stockings, black silk fishnet stocking, thong, black silk garters, with my legs spread and slowly I can't resist it but let my silk morning robe slide to the floor, I reach for a black charmeuse scarf and drape it over my neck. I feel the electric tingle in my nipple as the silk brushes.

As I look at myself, thinking about how turned on our two gardeners would be if they could see me now, I heard them call me a arrogant bitch, a snobbish bitch, my hand starts to play with my nipple through the silk, my breasts are large and firm, my nipples stark brown and very sensitive, it is wild to move on the sound, it is soo erotic, my hips moving in and out and from side to side, it is a sexual dance, raising my arms in the air offering my treasures, increasing the erotic dance.

I see a slutty whore in the mirror who is shaking her tits, I push my tits up, squeezing them, pinching my nipples, always very slowly, I am stroking my labia, teasing, thinking about how turned on our two gardeners would be if they saw me like that.

I cannot help it but I am already soo wet, I feel sensations, the heat is building between my tights, like always it pushes me to the edge, until I finger-fuck myself to orgasms, the voices I hear telling me roughly what to do, dominating me, calling me dirty names, I am not able to control myself looking at myself like that.

Writing this makes me also excited, but no one can see me how it makes me squeeze my breasts, feeling and twisting my hard nipples, I feel the pleasure in my pussy, feeling my clitoris swell. I move my fingers downward I part my thighs, sliding my finger down. I love to caress myself, increasing the burning desire, pushing myself to the edge, my fingers running madly across my clit, my eyes tightly closed and I tremble slightly from the dark thoughts I have.

I cannot help I am wet and start touching myself and know my black vibrator which will drive me insane with lust, wishing for a big thick cock for my mouth. I am standing in front of the mirror first I start to lick my fingers and touch my neck, then my big tits, it's exciting, I love to start to play with my boobs, I take some ice cubes, they swell and my nipples get very hard.

Later I slowly start to move and turn my body while I look at myself, even if I do not want to, I cannot control myself, I feel like such a slut. I love to caress myself, touch and feel while I look at myself and let go, thinking about my fantasies. I cannot help myself but I cannot resist it, unable to stop, I squeeze and twist my nipples, I got to put my hand on my steaming pussy, got to finger myself, I close my eyes, finger my pussy, my whole body is shivering when I feel the massive head of the dildo disappear up into my very center, pussy is throbbing, I love the feeling between my legs, deeper and deeper into me. I twist my nipples and my fingers working and squeezing my clitoris.

I look back in the mirror, they are not my eyes, they are the eyes of another creature that has completely taken over without any remorse as my orgasm explodes and completely envelopes me, consuming me completely.

But do not misunderstand me if you would see me in London, getting out of a limo at the Dorchester Hotel or having a late dinner at Blakes, or you would see me drinking tea at the Ritz in Paris, or perhaps at the Pierre in New York, you would have no idea, mostly I am very cool and reserved, looking very elegant, a women of depth and sophistication, living my high style life.

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