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Standing Room Only


It's been a shit day. I'm just happy to be going home at long last. I turned down drinks with the boys tonight, because I just can't face being in a crowded pub, shouting over the noise of a thousand other conversations. Or their banal conversation topics, to be honest. Always the same - Tinder, football and women they haven't shagged. As I get to my train, I realise it is absolutely full of people already. Standing room only.

I could wait to get the next train, but that's not for another half hour, so I gather up the last of my strength, and clamber wearily aboard. The doors shut behind me, cued by the guard, and we're off. I settle back against the door, side on to brace myself against the rocking motion, and take stock of my situation. Can I really do this for 40 minutes? Do I have a choice now? I regret my decision. I should have gone for one drink. Just one.

The subtle smell of her perfume brings me back to the present. She's wearing a silk blouse, pencil skirt, and glasses today. Her hair is tied up, but tendrils of it have escaped during the day. In the crush of the train, I am crowding her into the corner by the door, her hip side on to my front. She's got her back to the door, and, book in hand, is swaying lightly with the movement of the train, both hands engaged in holding the book and in turning pages. She's so close I can see the tiny hairs on the back of her neck, the slight smudging of her eyeliner, the way the slightest breeze moves those single hairs that have escaped her pony tail.

She feels my gaze and peers up at me, over the glasses, stray hairs hiding the entire view of her lovely eyes. We're both regular travellers, and I've seen her before, so we smile and nod politely. She returns to her book. I continue to study her from the corner of my eye.

Is she blushing?

I sneak a look at her face.

Definitely. Although it's hot in the train. Could be heat.

The train bumps and sways over tracks, rushing past stations.

I sneak another look. A gradual flush seems to be covering her upper chest, what I can see of it as it emerges from her silk blouse. She's definitely blushing. I wonder how far that blush goes?

I smirk, and then realise my mistake. I'm fantasising about a pretty girl, on a packed train, while standing right next to her. I'm getting hard.

I try desperately to think about anything else. Anything but her skin. It looks so soft. I can feel the heat of her because I'm so close to her.

No. Think of work. Think of Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day. Anything.

Not what it would be like to kiss the back of her neck. Would she moan? What would she taste like? Oh god she smells so good.

The train bumps. My throbbing cock is suddenly, rudely, pressed up against her warm hip. Just for a moment. The pressure feels so good I nearly groan, but now I'm just horribly embarrassed. She must have felt that. Oh god, what must she think of me? Does she think I'm one of those perverts that rub up against people in public transport? Do I apologise?

I sneak a look. She's turning her head very slowly toward me. Oh god, I'm in so much trouble.

She smirks at me, looking me full in the face for a couple of seconds, before catching her lower lip between her teeth, still smiling. She turns back to her book.

Did that just happen? Did she like that? Did I just get approval for bashing my hard-on into a girl on the train? I'm confused.

The train bumps again. I can't see, but I can feel her hip pressing very deliberately into my aching cock. She slowly grinds into me, subtly, before moving away. She's reading her book, but I notice she hasn't turned a page for a while. A little smile plays about her lips. Not sure if it's for me or the book.

I try to calm down. I'm just going home after all. Wait. Where has her right hand gone?

Oh. She's rubbing me. Through my trousers. I think she likes what she feels, because she's biting her lip again, and this is definitely not an accident. She's still blushing. Her nipples are starting to make stiff points inside her blouse, and it's quite obvious. Her hand is warm as it expertly runs slowly up and down the length of my shaft, palm flat, getting plenty of friction. I'm trying to control my breathing, and not to buck into her hand, but it's taking all my will.

I reach past her to put my hand on the hand rail beside her, to steady myself you understand. I brush her stiffened nipples with my hand and the whole of my forearm as I move it past her body, slowly, deliberately. She closes her eyes momentarily. There's a little shudder from her.

"Tickets please"

Fucking train conductor. I jump guiltily, as he announces those words directly in my ear. I heard her giggle a little at my discomfort, and she removes her hand from my trousers. She reaches into the top of her shirt, and removes her ticket from the bra strap hidden within. It's a graceful movement that leaves me slack jawed with lust. She's wearing a black lace bra under her blouse, and I saw a tantalising swell of pale breast as she moved her top.

She shows the conductor the ticket before slowly, deliberately sliding it back next to her skin again. She looks at me the whole time. Christ. I'm actually sweating a little. I clumsily retrieve my ticket, only half a brain on what I'm doing, and show the conductor. I'm not even sure what I showed him. I hope he hasn't noticed my heavy breathing and hard cock.

Satisfied, he moves on, but she has to move slightly to let him by in the crush, and she steps directly into me, pushing up against me. She smiles at me prettily, innocently, before sliding her knee ever so slightly up to caress my inner thigh. Her smile turns devilish, and she gazes up at me, eyes inky pools of desire. She presses her pelvis to me, adding further pressure.

She leaves it just a second longer than she needs to before stepping back. I hear a small inhalation from her as I go with her, refusing to leave a gap between us. She's now pressed into the corner by my body. I reach my hand across her breasts to hold on to the handhold by the door, letting my fingers drift lightly across her breast as it goes. To the casual observer, it looks accidental. Her nipples are so hard, I can feel them pressing into my fingers. She shivers again. I want her so badly. We stare at each other from inches away, and she licks her lips. She's so warm. The book, forgotten, hangs by her side. I think she's lost her place.

Seconds, minutes, hours pass, as we stare at each other. Our lust is evident to both of us. The train bumps again, forcing her breasts into me. I can feel her warm breath on my neck, and the smell of her drives me wild. We're standing face to face now, and I can feel blood rushing from my head, making me dizzy. She reaches up to grab the handhold over our heads, pressing into me as she does so. The movement brings her face even closer to me, and I yearn to kiss her. Her eyes are full of challenge, invitation.

"The next station is Woking"

An announcement breaks the spell. This is her stop. I see her get on and off here often. I am filled with disappointment. I give her some space and step back, moving my hands across the bulge that threatens to rip through my trousers. Fuck. I haven't been this turned on since I was a teenager.

She doesn't move, but looks away briefly, like she's deciding something. The train is slowing as it comes into the station. I see a slight turning up of her lips, a very gentle grin. She smoothes some of her hair behind her ear, and turns back to me, retrieving her bag from the floor.

As the doors open, and she turns to go, I feel a small hand slip inside of mine, and pull me out onto the platform.

In the warm sunshine, blinking, I can't wait any more. I pull her to me roughly, grinding our hips together, and kiss those soft lips of hers. She reaches around my neck, and I feel her respond enthusiastically. The train is only just pulling away, but already we are panting for breath, chests heaving. I am frenzied, and her desperate low moan tells me she feels the same.

I want to take her somewhere, anywhere, to be alone with her. I release her from my arms, and make for the exit, half leading, half dragging her. There's a hotel not far. I don't even care if it's expensive. This is worth it.

She has to trot to catch up with me, as she's wearing heels. We get through the ticket barriers, her sliding that tantalising ticket out of her bra again. In my haste (and because I keep watching her) I almost bang my poor aching crotch into the turnstile. I've had to cover the front of my trousers with my laptop bag so I don't have to stoop.

Once outside the barriers, I can't help it any more. I grab her, and press her up against the station wall in a passionate kiss. She tastes like some kind of fruity lip balm, and when she whimpers in my arms, I have to hold myself back. I could just have her up against this wall, but it is still rush hour, and I don't want to spend the night in jail. Fuck she is sexy though. Her face is flushed, lips swollen from my kisses, eyes large and dark. Every time we stop, she encourages me more with a sexy upturn of her lips, a challenging lift of her chin.

I step away again, grab her by the hand and we continue. I aim for the hotel, but she pulls on my hand at the last minute.

"My place is right there," she says, motioning with her eyes. She heads in the direction, dragging me now.

She fumbles in her bag for her keys, as I press her up against the door of her flat, hands everywhere, lips on the back of her neck. She almost drops them as I nestle my cock into her warm bottom. I'm done being polite.

Finally, she gets the door open. I press her up against the wall the instant we get into her hallway. I don't know what it looks like - my eyes are firmly on her. I kiss her hard , pressing her into the wall with my body weight, and start to undo her blouse. I want to rip it, but I probably shouldn't. Looks expensive.

I switch my attention to her neck and start to nuzzle downward. She's panting, moaning, clutching at my back. I part the blouse, revealing that sexy lace bra, just a hint of nipple beneath. I lick it through her bra, and she shimmies her skirt up. She's wearing matching panties, and they're tiny.

I find her fumbling with my belt, desperate to get at me, and I help her as best I can. My trousers and pants hit the floor with a thud as we manage, and she pulls me to her, digging her nails into my arse.

Christ, she's so warm. My cock finds the wetness between her legs, and I push up, pushing aside those panties, and sliding easily into her. She's so very wet. Oh god. Oh that feels so good.

She shudders violently, clamping down on me, and rests her head on my shoulder. Her glasses dig into my shoulder, and she sighs. Desperation has suddenly vanished, and we wait a second, getting used to each other. She's breathing so heavily. She lifts her head to look at me, and seems to be taking me all in, every detail of my face. It's endearing, but a little intimidating - she's got those sharp eyes that look like they can see right through you, and I feel naked.

After a minute to catch our breath, she digs her fingers into my butt again, and I take the hint to start to move. Such delicious friction as I slide out of her, out of her warmth, her nipples grazing my chest through my shirt. Just shy of slipping out of her completely, I push back into her warmth, wringing a moan from her as I drive in hard. She closes her eyes, taking in the sensation, head slightly slanted back. God, I feel like I belong inside her.

I drive into her, again, and again, each push eliciting a gentle, heartfelt moan from her. But this is a difficult thing to do for long, and I can feel her starting to buckle.

There's a small table in the entrance hall. It has some keys and a pack of chewing gum on it. I pull out of her, suddenly, immediately missing the warmth, and turn her, sweeping the items off the table and pushing her face down onto it. She lets out a surprised squeak. I reach up to pull down those tiny panties, and am back inside her in less than a minute. She recovers her position, leaning up on her forearms, before taking off her glasses, and laying them in front of her on the table. She thrusts her beautiful arse at me, arching her back, and groans with abandon, face toward the ceiling, as I pound in and out of her, hands pulling her hips toward me. I need her, and I am driven to an animal intensity as I feel her squeeze me. She's shaking, and she looks over her shoulder to look at me. She gives me a saucy wink, and I groan. I'm lost in her. She's so wet, and so tight, and she keeps squeezing me. I may not last too much longer. I'm shaking, sweating, holding back the urge to finish, because I want this to last.

I pull back on her pony tail, pulling her almost upright, as she curves her back. The added pain must have done it for her, because even as I kiss the corner of her mouth, she shakes, and starts to flutter around me. Her groans rise to a crescendo, uninhibited. She comes around me, squeezing, bucking, crying out, panting. So sexy. Fuck.

I can't hold on any longer, and I pull out just before I come, splattering her beautiful, smooth behind with my come. Oh god. Oh...

Oh, yes. Fuck. Yes.


I find myself panting and shivering in her hallway, trousers around my ankles. She collapses on the hallway table, and my come drips from her arse, onto the parquet floor. It's so erotic. I did that, and I want to do it again, already.

From her position, head down on the table, she slips a thumbnail into her mouth and giggles coquettishly at me, looking over her shoulder. She wiggles her bottom, as if to show off what I've done.

"I've never done that before," she giggles. "I don't know what came over me."

"Me," I reply, at my witty best.

She laughs, a great belly laugh, which crinkles her nose. We're laughing together, as she gets up off the table, kicks off her heels, and turns to embrace me. I link my arms around her waist, squeezing her to me. I don't want to let her go.

She leans back in my arms, and gives me a quick kiss.

"I'm Hanna," she says.

"Joe," I reply. "Very pleased to meet you. You have a lovely home. This table is in exactly the right spot."

She giggles again, looking up at me shyly. She's biting her lip again.

"Joe, would you like to stay and get a pizza with me?"

Her skirt is still rucked up around her waist, hair disheveled.

I can't think of anything I'd like better. Well... Maybe one thing... In a couple of minutes.

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