tagNonHumanStar Bound Ch. 1

Star Bound Ch. 1


Note: This is a chapter from a story given to me. The true author asked me to serve as author for the second chapter which I will post soon.

Mike was lost. He had partied a little too hard, and he now found himself fighting to prevent his vision from doubling. Although he had made this trip thrice before, he had somehow managed to take a wrong turn. He cursed as he looked at the illuminated digital clock on his dashboard. He concentrated to clear his vision. When the six figures finally focused into three, he saw that it was 3:02am.

It didn't help matters that the overcast sky kept the landscape pitch black, or that he had driven too far to turn back. The last road sign that he recalled seeing before somehow making a wrong turn, placed him 112 miles from Chicago.

Mike cursed again and hit the top of the steering wheel hard with his open palm. He asked out loud why he didn't stay at a motel in town, or simply crash on Bobby's couch. It wasn't that Bobby didn't offer, he had damned nearly insisted.

A few minutes later, Mike had to take a leak. He pulled over, and prayed that a cop wouldn't drive by. He turned off the motor and headlights, but left his parking lights on so that he had enough light to see where he was going. As he got out of the car, it occurred to him that he hadn't seen another car for at least 15 minutes. Realizing that traffic was unlikely to pick up any time soon, he decided to piss right on the roadside.

Mike walked around the front of his car to the edge of the shoulder and unzipped his pants. He smiled and sighed in relief as he began pissing into the grass. He looked out in a clearing, and struggled to focus his eyes in the darkness. Am I seeing things, or am I still high?, he thought. Sure enough, his eyes finally adjusted enough to see a strange, faint glow of blue light out in the distance. Since everything else around him was pitch black, he wondered how he hadn't noticed the light before.

He kept staring at the light as he zipped up his pants. It occurred to him that it was strangely quiet for a summer night in Wisconsin. There were no crickets chirping, or any sound whatsoever except his heavy drunken breathing. Goosebumps surfaced over his body as fear overtook his curiosity. He quickly zipped up and returned to his car.

Just as Mike was about to open the door, he thought he heard faint laughter coming from the direction of the light. He strained to listen, but all he could hear was his own breathing. So he held his breath. Just as he was about to exhale, he heard it again. The voices sounded female.

Although still scared, Mike's curiosity got just enough foothold to make him reach through the open window of his car and turn off his parking lights. He decided to watch and listen a while longer. All of a sudden, the moon peaked out from the clouds for the first time all night. The landscape noticeably brightened, and the bluish light disappeared.

Mike once again struggled to bring his double vision together. He thought he saw two women sitting around what appeared to be a lantern.

Even in his drunken state, he realized that they certainly would have seen him pull up in the darkness. They probably even watched him piss. Whoever they were, they obviously weren't trying to hide their presence. After his eyes adjusted better to the moonlight, he carefully studied the area, hoping to determine if indeed there were only two people. He wondered what they were doing out there. If they were camping, why wasn't there a tent?

"Why don't you come and join us?", one of the voices called out in a deep sultry voice.

Mike was astounded. His heart pounded as his alcohol soaked brain tried to assess the situation. His fear now forgotten, he began walking towards the women. The closer he got to them, the more Mike realized how unlikely these events were. He wondered if he was hallucinating. Maybe Bobby had spiked one of his drinks. Bobby hadn't done anything like that for almost 15 years, but he WAS capable of pulling such a stunt.

When Mike was within 20 feet of them, one of the women slowly stood up and turned towards him. Then she slowly raised her arm and pointed something at him. A bright flash of greenish light is the last thing that Mike remembered.

Chapter 2

Mike's head pounded with a severe beer hangover. He tried to open his eyes, but immediately squinted them shut to prevent further pain from the intruding bright light. He tried to turn over, but suddenly realized that he could not. His arms were strapped down.

"What the FUCK?", he uttered. His throat was parched dry, and his tongue felt like a match could be lit on it.

He tried to move his legs, only to find that they were also strapped down. He opened his eyes wider, and his head pounded even harder with pain. He frantically looked around the small, surreal room that he was trapped in. He tested his bindings once again, finding them quite secure. He studied the room and realized how futuristic it looked. If it wasn't for his pounding head, he would have thought he was dreaming.

"Where the fuck AM I?", he screamed out. A few moments later, the door slid open without even a hint of sound. An imposing female briskly walked into the room without making a sound. Mike studied her as she approached. Her starkly beautiful face was adorned with sharply pointed full eyebrows, slanted eyes, and a slightly upturned small nose. Her facial features were almost… feline. Her thick, almost medium length, jet black hair reminded him of the shag cuts that were so popular back in the late 60's and early 70's.

"Who the fuck are YOU?", Mike screamed out.

"Your trainer," she responded confidently and without emotion.

"Let me OUT of here NOW!", he screamed, as he struggled against his bonds in vain.

She pointed something at him and flashed the greenish light upon him once again. This time he didn't pass out, but he did suddenly feel calm and sedated.

"They call you Mike in your world, but in our world you will be just another pet. A play pet that exists only to serve, obey, and please. There is no escape for you. No where to run. You are completely dependent on us for your life now. Let me explain. So that you can understand better, I will speak in terms of Earth measurements of time, even though our measurements are different. We have been transporting humans here for over 200 years now, male and female alike. Although we make every effort to select those that we deem most likely to be trainable, we have made a few mistakes. For the past 5 years, our selection process has improved dramatically, due to the advent of your internet system. From what we know about you, we're almost certain that you'll conform, and even eventually learn to enjoy your fate. In any event, you will soon learn that you really only have three choices. Serve and enjoy your fate, serve and be miserable, or die," she explained.

"W-what can you possibly know about me?", Mike nervously asked, his calmness quickly diminishing.

"We know that you are an only child to biological parents that you never knew. Your adoptive parents are both dead. You have no children yourself. You have one step brother that you have very limited contact with. You only have a handful of friends. Most of them live far away from you now. You also lost your job a few days ago. Basically, we know that you won't be missed!", she confidently explained.

"H-how do you know all that?", Mike stuttered, fear mounting.

"Our civilization is almost a thousand years ahead of yours in technology. It's child's play for us to tap into your internet and retrieve any information we want. Consequently, we know everything there is to know about you. We even know about your submissive fantasies and desires. Do you understand what I'm saying?", she asked.

"Y-yes," he responded.

"Genetically, our race is far superior to yours. For over 800 years, we have had no sickness or disease... mostly due to genetic engineering. We isolated and modified the aging gene over 600 years ago. Baring any severe head injury or trauma that cannot be timely treated, we now have the capacity to live in youthful vigor forever. For those of us who were too old when this discovery was made, we were able to transplant individual memory into cloned duplicates of their bodies as young adults. This is something that we may offer YOU if you please us well. Have you ever thought about living forever?", she inquired.

"Not seriously," he replied.

Mike studied the black suit that snugly fit her strong physique. The material appeared thick and leather like. The style was futuristic and almost military.

"Well, give it some serious thought!", she said.

She then smiled for the first time. Mike could see that her i-teeth were noticeably longer and somewhat more pointed than the rest of her teeth.

"Now… the only reason you've been restrained is to make it easier for me to communicate with you. I think you're calm enough to be released now," she explained as she unbuckled his straps.

"Stand up!", she instructed.

Big mistake sister, Mike thought.

Mike tried to shove her aside to make his way to the door. Although she was about two inches shorter and about 50 pounds lighter than than his 6 foot,185 pound muscled frame, his inability to push aside her surprised him.

As he stared at her in awe, she grabbed a handful of his shirt in the middle of his chest. Mike tried to back away, but she made a fist with his shirt material clumped inside her hand, and easily lifted him off the ground with one arm. He thrashed his legs and beat down hard on her outstretched arm, attempting to break free. She pulled him towards her so that their faces were just inches apart. Mike's skin crawled as he realized that the pupils of her eyes were not round, but vertically pointed oval.

Chapter 3

"Foolish creature!", she snarled, as the pupils of her eyes narrowed. She threw Mike like a rag doll all the way across the room with her one arm. His backside crashed squarely into the wall. He crumpled to the floor, completely stunned. The blow had knocked all of the air out of his lungs. He gasped frantically to regain his breath, totally shocked by her display of inhuman strength.

"I could easily tear you in two in SECONDS! Any one of us could! Want to SEE?", she hissed, walking towards him.

Unable to respond and fearing for his life, Mike frantically shook his head and waved his hands no.

"Are you convinced of my superiority?", she asked, more even toned.

Mike tried to speak, but he still hadn't caught his breath. He continued to frantically gasp for air. She allowed him a few more moments to gather himself.

"I'll ask you AGAIN… are you convinced of my superiority?", she repeated, more firmly.

"Y-yes!", Mike blurted out, finally catching his breath.

"Then stand up and remove your clothing! You will no longer have any use for them," she instructed.

Mike stood up, and immediately felt unsteady. Just raising his hands above his head to remove his pull over shirt added pain to his unsteadiness. Beat up and terribly hung over, removing his clothing proved to be a difficult task. He began to feel nauseous.

"Please… I feel sick. If your technology is so advanced, you certainly must have something that will make me feel better," he asked as he removed his pants.

"Of course I do, but I will only reward you if you agree not to give me any more trouble," she explained.

"Agreed," he simply responded. There was no point in tackling a creature at least three times stronger than him. He was on unfamiliar turf as well. No… he would wait for another time and another place that might provide more opportunity.

"Fine, then you may lie back down on the examination table after you have removed the rest of your clothing," she instructed.

Mike removed his socks and boxer shorts, and got up on the examination table. He felt relieved to lie down. She quickly passed a hand held device over every part of his body. It glowed, and emanated a low hum. His pain quickly diminished.

"Now turn over," she instructed.

Mike rolled over, and she passed the device over the backside of his body. Seconds later, he was pain free.

"Now sit up," she said. She walked over to the counter, and returned with a large glass of water and some grayish powder. She poured the powder into the glass and mixed it in front of him.

"Drink this... ALL of it," she instructed, handing him the glass. Mike drank the mixture. As thirsty as he was, it took a little effort to drink the large volume of liquid. He guessed that it was at least a pint, and most likely around 20 ounces. He immediately began to feel better.

"Now that you feel better, kneel down before me. It's time for you to learn more about us," she directed, taking the glass from him.

Mike complied. She slowly began to remove her leather looking outerwear, revealing a tight, full bodied, black spandex type undergarment. She unzipped her belt line, and the garment separated into two pieces. She removed her top, revealing her broad shouldered, and lean defined physique. Her breasts were absolutely perfect, and slightly upturned. She had somewhat small aureoles, but her nipples were large and pointed. Mike wondered if she was aroused.

She turned around to slowly and seductively wiggle out of her bottoms. He fixated his eyes on her perfect ass, and his cock began to stir. As she slowly peeled off the tight fitting spandex material, his eyes worked their way down her luscious, perfectly defined legs. He'd never seen anything sexier in real life before. As his cock quickly stiffened, the fear of his captive predicament diminished.

"Do you like what you see, my pet?", she teased.

"Oh YES!", he responded, almost hypnotized by her oozing sexuality.

"That's good! Except for hair color and other minor variances, we all look almost the same here," she explained.

She then bent down, looked over her shoulder, and leaned slightly forward until her luscious ass was only inches from his face.

"You want to kiss my ass, don't you?", she asked knowingly.

"Yes," Mike admitted, his fear now completely forgotten.

She backed herself up until her ass almost touched his nose. His cock throbbed as he leaned forward an inch and softly kissed her ass. Soon, he was completely engrossed with her derriere, repeatedly kissing it and caressing it gently with his hands.

"I know what you want to do Mike. Go ahead, use your tongue," she suggested.

Mike softly licked and kissed the crack that separated the two mounds of her seductive flesh. She bent down a bit more, and arched her back. Mike cupped her firm asscheeks with his hands and gently spread them so he could penetrate her puckered asshole with his tongue. He spent the next two minutes slowly working his tongue into her tight hole. Before long, her sphincter muscles relaxed. Mike eagerly tongue fucked her ass as he easily worked the middle finger of his left hand into her dripping wet pussy. Her love juice was more slippery than any he'd ever encountered, providing unequaled lubrication.

Mike removed his finger with the thought of replacing it with two, but she bent over even more… offering her pussy to his tongue. Mike fleetingly wondered how she could effortlessly hold such a seemingly difficult position, then buried his tongue deeply into her sweet tasting snatch.

His thoughts soon turned to fucking this erotic creature, but almost as if she had read his mind, she abruptly interrupted, "Enough for now!"

His cock throbbing and wet with pre-cum, Mike reluctantly backed off. She slowly stood erect. He stared at an almost impossibly large amount of glistening love juice running down the insides of her legs, well past her knees. The sight was extremely erotic for him.

Then she very slowly turned around. Mike gasped in total shock at what he saw!

To Be Continued...

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