tagNonHumanStar Bound Ch. 2

Star Bound Ch. 2


Mike's eyes widened suddenly at what he saw. As his eyes had traveled up her beautiful legs they had seen perfectly tanned thighs and a pink dripping pussy. But what surprised him were the two tentacles directly above the pussy. Each tentacle was about 12 inches long with a suction cup at the end.

Mike's mind began to race as he thought of all the possibilities they offered to him. He lunged forward in hopes he might be able to taste the wonderful looking cunt. His tongue was barely able to reach the smooth wet lips of the dripping pussy. He eagerly lapped at what he could touched being driven on by the horniness of the situation and wonderful taste her juices provided. As he did he watched the two tentacles grow till each of them could reach his rapidly hardening cock. As soon as they came in contact with it the two suckers went to use. Each began to suck hard on his balls and on the head of his cock driving Mike insane.

Still he managed to lick through the pleasure and heard small gasps of pleasure escape his captors lips. But just as the familiar feeling of an orgasm was about to wash over him the suckers retracted and she took a step back no longer in his reach. Mike was stunned and dazed. He was so close to an orgasm and yet she would not allow him that. He began to stroke his shaft in one last hope of release but one of her beautiful feet quickly swung up and him in the stomach causing him to drop to the floor in pain.

"You will obey me and never, never touch your cock without my or one of the others permission. If you do you will be horribly punished. From here out you are our property and will behave as such."

How could such a beautiful voice condemn him to such cruelty Mike wondered as he bit his lip trying to drive back the tears. Once again she approached him and once again the suckers extended this time attaching themselves to his upper and lower lips. Each began to pull causing his mouth to open. She then positioned herself directly above him so that he could see perfectly into her dripping cunt and black tight anus. Then a golden stream was let loose perfectly into his mouth and all over his face. He tried to force his mouth shut but the two tentacles would not allow it.

For 5 minutes a steady stream of the golden fluid was poured out on his face degrading him and showing him who was boss. Then another "woman" entered the room and began to remove her clothes. Her body was just as beautiful as the firsts and he felt himself harden at the side. But she to unleashed a stream of piss all over him.

Soon over 15 females had pissed on him forcing him into a ball of piss covered flesh. His mind and ego had been brutally battered. This was the first step of his training. After several hours alone in his chamber he fell asleep. When he woke up he was sitting in a chair much like the one that human dentists used except he was strapped down everywhere.

On each side 2 females stood naked with tentacles extended, sucking and stroking his hard cock. In front of him two of the females writhed in sexual bliss as they drove fingers and tentacles in and out of each others cunts and assholes. He felt his pleasure building as he watched one of the females force 3 fingers into the other cunt and began to rapidly stroke in and out until she shuddered with orgasm. Precum was dripping down his shaft and just as he watched the other female orgasm and pour her juices on the floor he felt himself prepare to orgasm; but once again the tentacles retracted and each of the females left the room still covered in each others sweat and juices. There he lay for 2 hours hard as a rock but with no release.

After that time a female came in and fed him a tasteless substance much like porridge or oatmeal on earth. Then she left leaving him alone again. After 30 minutes 15 more females entered and his chair was lowered into the floor till he was even with the ground. Then each proceeded to spread her legs and pull her juicy cuntal lips apart and piss all over his cock, mouth, face, and chest. Then he was left alone as the night before. The process of that day would be repeated for 3 weeks until he had been so beaten down and battered the aliens believed he was ready for the next stage in training.

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