tagNonHumanStar Bound Ch. 4

Star Bound Ch. 4


Mike shuddered as he sat in the cold corner remembering his punishment for disobedience. By his count 3 weeks had passed since he had been allowed to use the alien thief.

Since then except for the 1 week he had disobeyed he had been allowed to orgasm once a week. His cock still ached but it wasn't as bad as it had been before. He had just woken up to the usual morning gruel and was awaiting the days training. Despite his utter lack of activity except for sex, his body had been in excellent condition. The "gruel" seemed to have some beneficial properties as his entire body was covered in solid muscles without an ounce of fat.

He shuddered again remembering how his skin had been peeled and regrown for 3 days using special potions. The agony and pain should of killed him but his captors wouldn't let him die. He knew he was theirs and whatever they wanted he would do. The invisible door slid open to reveal his usual teacher, a brunette haired beauty with long green tentacles and not a speck of hair on the rest of her body.

"Hello, my pupil." she said in a beautiful voice that rang with sexual lust.

"I am yours to command mistress," Mike responded as he had been trained and kneeled on a knee. She smiled cruelly down at him and turned on a heel and waved for him to follow. He rose to his feet and followed the beautiful ass out of the room. He found he could not take his eyes away from her beautiful soft swaying thighs and ass cheeks. Oh how he would like to plunder the holes they hid... But he knew better then to touch her or touch himself without her permission.

She led him through a series of cold metal hallways to a large room with numerous cells branching from it. Inside each was a life form. In the room there must have been at least 100 species, a space age Noah's ark. "These creatures are all prisoners here on this ship. However none of them will be blessed with your training and chance to live on. In 2 weeks they will be mass executed. However you will be trained to pleasure each of their species so that in the future you will be of more value to potential buyers. Your human women have clits and nipples which are generally "hot spots."

Many of these creatures possess the same characteristic hot spots as your females although their bodies are much different then yours. I will teach you those spots and how to best take advantage of them." Mike agreed feeling his cock engorge at the thought of pleasuring multiple alien partners. They turned and entered the first cell on the left. Inside was a strange creature indeed. Her upper body was a light greenish color and generally human in shape except for 4 breasts and 4 small holes on each side of the rib cage. The small holes appeared to be similar to cunts although Mike couldn't be sure.

Her lower body was that of a horse including a tail. The green color went all the way down into the horse half of the body although it was darker. There was no hair on the body except for on the horse section. Mike's teacher garbled something in a high shrieking voice and large manacles appeared chaining the creature to the floor with her arms stretched over her head.

"Now Mike, the gruel we have been feeding you lately has given you several characteristics that you may or may not have noticed. First you have an unquenchable appetite for sex, Second you are in perfect human shape. Your body is without blemish or fault. Finally, your body can change at will. Your body parts will stretch and grow to suit your needs. To be able to properly please a centauri you will need to take advantage of the last ability. As you have noticed there is 4 cunts on either side of where your human ribs would be. Their males likewise have 4 penises on either side. The only way to pleasure a centauri female is to fill each of her cunts. That is 9 total including the horse one. And in your current proportions that is impossible for you. I want you to enter her from behind and concentrate on stretching your arms and fingers till you can enter her cunts."

Mike wondered if he was actually capable of these strange abilities but he dared not speak out and approached the back side of the centauri. He lifted her tail to expose a light pink glistening hole that was obviously the horse half's cunt. He closed his eyes and concentrated on stretching his legs so he could access her pussy. Amazingly when he opened them his cock was now even with her cunt. He eagerly plunged his entire length into her cunt and began to fuck in and out.

The centauri whinnied and screamed and tried to kick against her bonds, but it was of no use. Mike concentrated again this time on stretching his cock. As he fucked in and out he realized his new length was at least 14 inches long. Next he concentrated on growing his arms and fingers and each in turn responded.

His arms stretched forward to her body and each of his fingers entered one of the tight cunts. He begin to stroke each finger in and out of the holes as if he were playing the piano while he fucked her cunt. She now was extremely tight on his newly lengthened cock and he enjoyed the feelings of her horse hole gripping and squeezing. His fingers were obviously drawing responses from her as he drove them in and out. Her breath was now slow and labored and her eyes were clenched in pleasure.

Her pussies were getting hotter and wetter as he drove in and out. He stretched his back and neck forward and began to nuzzle her neck and nibble at her ears. His thumbs stretched around her torso and began to slowly stroke her nipples in small circles. The centauri began to moan loudly as her fucking continued. She was being bred by the human slave of her captors like she had never been before.

She could feel herself nearing her release and began to whinny louder and clamp down on the intrusions in her body. Finally the massive organ filling her cunt and each of his nimble human fingers was too much and she orgasmed. Massive gushes of her release poured from each hole. Mike looked down as he realized her cum wasn't cum. It was piss. The horse was pissing on him! He got slightly mad at this not realizing that pissing was an orgasm for centauri.

He plunged in farther and harder and subconsciously commanded his cock to grow. He pounded in her harder trying to get his own release. Her cries of pain as the massive cock pierced through the back of her womb went unknown to him as he no longer cared. Her cunt was squeezing him and the fluid had made everything much hotter and wetter. He pounded in and out each thrust tearing through an internal organ.

Blood began to pour from her cunts as he fucked. Finally the multiple cunts, the hot, tight wet holes was too much for Mike. He screamed and bit into her neck as he orgasmed. He released a massive flood into her lung cavity filling them with fluids besides her blood. His victim collapsed beneath him and he fell on top of her. It took him several minutes to realize that he had killed the centauri female.

A cold laughter filled the room as his eyes widened in horror. His teacher commented, "Oh Mike, you really need to gain control of that ability of yours or we won't have any executions at all." Mike wondered what poor creature was next in line.

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