tagInterracial LoveStar Ch. 05

Star Ch. 05


Authors Note: Here it is! the final chapter! This has been so much hard work and I thank you all for taking this journey with me! Another thank you to everyone who patiently waited for the final installment! Wait no longer my lovelies! Oh! and don't forget to comment! I really want to know what you think!



Star was being pulled from the state of blissful sleep into a state of awareness. The awareness of throbbing pain trying to split her skull in two. This same awareness caused Star to open her eyes and she saw not her hello kitty alarm clock but a neck. Now she was aware of three things: She was not at home in her own cozy bed, she was in bed with someone who most likely owned this bed and her head felt like someone had taken a jackhammer to it.

Star attempted to move quietly and slowly away from this person and became painfully aware of two more things: she was wrapped pretty tightly in this persons arms, and that she was completely naked under the sheet.

Oh no.

Star tried to get a good look at his face but it was buried in his huge pillow. Looking around the room, she gathered she was in a frat house of some kind, what with the Greek lettering on the walls, the mess, and the smell. She decided to get herself out ASAP. Slowly, she removed herself from his arms, detangled herself from his legs and attempted to sit upright on the edge of the bed. She closed her eyes and groaned inwardly at the increased pounding in her head.

Still clutching the blanket to herself to hide her nakedness, she scanned the room for her clothes. They were nowhere to be found.

"Shit!" she whispered aloud.

"Well good morning to you too!"

Star turned around slowly, so she wouldn't agitate her aching head and there he was again.

"Adrian?" she asked slightly confused.

"Tis I," he stated. He sat up as well, and it was then that she noticed she was hogging the blanket, because there was only a small corner of it covering his lap.

Suddenly, the cold hand of realization slapped her across the face.

"We, we didn't sleep together did we?" the panic she felt must've been written all over her face because he looked almost amused.

He said nothing, just stood up revealing that he did in fact have some clothes on. If snug boxer breifs count. His body looked magnificent as he strode over to the crumpled pile of clothes that covered a chair and pulled on a pair of jeans.

"You always this jumpy the morning after?"

For some reason his question just rubbed her the wrong way and she quickly went on the defensive.

"What exactly does that mean? I asked you a valid question! Especially since you're wearing a whole lot more clothing than I am!" she said standing up and bringing the blanket with her.

"And I believe I've expressed to you how little I find myself in this position!"

"Yes, you did," he stated grinning at her.

"So then," she paused, spotting her lavender underwear on the floor. She made her way over but halted when she was met with resistance from the blanket she had wrapped around her. It was tucked in at the end and was not moving.

"What the fuck? The entire room is a disaster but you take the time to tuck in your blanket?" she yelled ripping the blanket from the bed. She ignored his laughter as she grabbed her underwear and pulled them on under the blanket.

"Stop fucking laughing you ass! Where the hell are my damn clothes?"

Star was overcome with so many different feelings. At the forefront was the pain in her skull but behind that was humiliation, shame, disgust. She leaned into the wall and slid down to the floor. He stopped laughing and she saw him making his way over.

"I'm sorry; I'm not trying to be insensitive. It's just, you're very cute when you're angry."

He was crouched down in front of her, and Star hid her face in the blanket.

"Please, just give me my clothes," she asked quietly, her voice quivering with emotion.

"That's going to take some time," he stated lifting her face up to his.

"You threw up all over them; I put 'em in the wash."

That feeling of humiliation was really threatening to overcome her. She once again dropped her face into her hands, her eyes welling up.

"Aww, there's no need to be embarrassed! It happens to the best of us! Well, not to me. Not in a very long time. But I can tell you honestly we didn't have any kind of sex. Not that I didn't want to, I mean I did at first. You were so sexy, doing that little strip tease,"

"Strip tease?" Her head snapped up, which was not a good idea considering the state of her throbbing head.

"Well yeah, you kinda stripped a little. You only took off your t shirt which was right over..." he went off to the side of his bed.

"Here!" he said returning the crumpled shirt to her.

She accepted the garment and pulled it into the blanket with her.

"I'm afraid to ask, but what else happened?" she asked peering up at him. He took a seat beside her on the floor and stretched one leg out in front of him.

"Well, after you pulled off that little shirt of yours, you hopped up on my lap and, well you power puked all over the both of us. I mean, it went everywhere!"

Star Groaned in disgust. This was her worst nightmare.

"After that you started crying, I kinda had to strip the both of us, I put you in the shower and put our clothes in the washing machine. When I came back up, you were in my bed. Naked. And passed out. Kinda hard to have sex with someone who's basically unconscious!"

"I don't think I've ever been more mortified in my entire life. Ever," Star replied.

"It's not that bad sweetheart, look I'll be right back. I'm gonna go check on your clothes," he said standing up again.

"I put 'em in the dryer this morning but they probably ain't done. That thing takes forever. You need me to grab you anything?"

"Tylenol, ibuprofen, aspirin, whatever you have to kill a headache," she stated.

"Okay, I'll be right back," he said shutting the door behind him.

Star immediately curled into a ball and cried.


Two hours later Star was in a taxi on her way to Brian's house. Adrian was actually very sweet, bringing her a smorgasbord of medications and H2O. He gave her sweats to wear while hers were drying and amazingly enough, things didn't get awkward. She'd fully expected it to be weird, for him to ignore her until her things were ready and kick her out. But he didn't. He made conversation, and they found they had mutual interests and friends actually.

He had even seemed reluctant to see her leave, which seemed completely unreal considering she'd thrown up all over the both of them. She knew if the tables were turned, he woulda been put out too quick.

He also said he'd call her, which she immediately brushed off as him being nice because there was no way in hell he'd call her after what happened.

As her taxi pulled up to Brian's door, she considered Adrian. He was too sexy for his own good. And nice, and funny. Part of her, deep down in her heart of hearts kinda hoped he would call. But a much bigger part of her was concerned with another man.

Paying the driver, she got out of the car and walked up the driveway to the door. She quickly grabbed her keys from her purse and opened the door. The darkness of the house made her squint when she walked in but her ears wasted no time registering the sounds. Obnoxious high-pitched moans invaded her eardrums and Star froze. She was already inside and her eyes were beginning to register what was happening. She looked up at the mirror that was over top the fireplace at the reflection on the couch, and immediately wished she hadn't.

She saw a naked woman. Her back arched seductively causing the muscles that ran along her spine to flex as she bounced wildly on the lap of, well... Brian. He was gripping her hips so tightly she'd most likely be bruised as she ground herself onto him, swinging her short black hair. Star could clearly see the sweat pouring from him as he swiftly lifted his hips, pounding himself into the girl. She, from what Star could tell loved every second of it.

Star was glued to the spot and felt horribly awkward. If she moved, they'd hear her and know that she'd been watching. If she didn't, she'd have to continue watching. And although, Star was definitely no prude, voyeurism was not her thing.

Slowly, she began to back up and out of the room. She'd taken three silent steps back unnoticed. All she had to do was get her keys and she'd be on her way. Chancing another backward step, she dropped her foot on the wrong floorboard as it let out a loud creak. Star froze once again, staring at the reflection in the mirror. They were obviously off in their own world, as they heard nothing.

Feeling more sure of her getaway, star took a few more hurried steps backward and this time bumped directly into a table that housed four huge picture frames. Star spun around and watched in slow motion as they fell. Reaching out she clumsily grabbed the photo of Brian and his mom but couldn't save the rest. The picture of him and his sisters, the picture of his home in Ireland, and finally the picture of the two of them fell to the ground and shattered.

Star carefully placed the picture back on the little table and turned back around. They knew she was there now. There was no denying it. Rolling her shoulders, she made her way to the kitchen and called out to the fumbling couple.

"It's just me!" she yelled rooting around in the spare closet for the broom and dustpan.

"Fuck! Star! You scared the shit out of me. When did you get back?" she heard Irish ask from behind her.

She could tell he was still angry with her for leaving last night. There was a definitive edge to his voice and he was making no attempt to mask it. Star was filled with shame. Things just sucked lately! She'd already lost her best friend and she really didn't want to loose Brian as well.

She turned around, broom in hand and almost swung. She felt anger overtake her as she laid her eyes on the half naked people in front of her.

"Lindsay?" she whispered in disbelief.

There she was, wearing the rolling stones t-shirt Brian had worn yesterday and nothing else. She was looking increasingly uncomfortable. Silence cut through the room and Star gripped the aluminum broom handle as if it was a weapon.

"Wow, you really move fast huh?" she asked the girl.

"Just what's that supposed to mean Star?" Brian asked, but she wasn't looking at him. She was staring dangerously at Lindsay.

"You know, if you wait around long enough a few of my other friends will be coming over, you know, if you want to fuck them too."

"Excuse me?" she breathed, trying to pull the hem of the short t-shirt lower on her thighs.

"Star, that's enough."

Star turned and threw the dustpan back at the closet

"Oh wait!" she said turning back to the girl and moving in on her. "I've got a younger brother you can fuck as well," Star stated evenly. There was only about a foot between the two women and even though Lindsay was much taller than her Star wasn't the least bit intimidated. She'd taken on girls twice her size; this skinny bitch didn't stand a chance.

Star felt a hand roughly grab her arm and she was forcibly thrown up against the refrigerator. It happened so quickly Star didn't get a chance to react. She realized at once, what Brian had done and attempted to push him off. He grabbed her other arm and held her firmly against the fridge.

"Don't move," he said coolly.

She didn't. She just stared at her friend in utter shock. He was wearing only his jeans from the prior evening and nothing else. His face held a look of pure contempt and it hurt star in a place that was very familiar as of late.

"You will never speak to her like that again, do you understand me?"

Star just stared at him.

"This isn't just some random from a bar that I took home, we have an actual connection and I will not stand here and let you disrespect her." His Irish accent had thickened; he was serious. Star felt the emotion gripping at her throat. In a voice barely above a whisper she spoke.

"Get your goddamned hands the fuck off me."

He continued to stare daggers at her but slowly released his grip on her arms. As soon as he did, she slapped him with every ounce of strength she had in her. He took the slap but there was a fury in his eyes that should have deterred star. It pushed her further and she wound up for another. This time he stopped her, grabbing her arm. She countered with the other pounding his chest with her fist. He managed to subdue both of her arms and she swung her legs wildly trying to free herself from his tight grip.

Wrenching herself free she wailed at him.

"She's a fucking whore! A slut! A random bitch you met last night and you're ready to throw away years of friendship for this?"

"You're gonna make me choose? Between her and you?"

"It shouldn't even be a choice!" she countered.

"You're right about that! Tell me something," he said closing the distance between the two of them.

"Why is it okay for you to run off with some random and fuck him like mad, but as soon as I bring someone home; someone I care deeply about-"

"Fuck you Brian! You insensitive bastard!" she yelled turning for the door. She stopped in her tracks and turned back.

"I didn't fuck anyone last night Bri. And you know what? I could give a rat's ass who you decide to fuck! That's your own business! I just assumed that you would have respect enough for me and for our friendship to not fuck Micah's leftovers. But you know what? Fuck you, fuck you and fuck you again!"

"Oh, fuck me huh? You self-centred bitch! This has nothing to do with you! Or Micah! This is about us!" he yelled pointing in Lindsay's direction.

"And if you can't accept that then I guess you've made the choice for me."

Star held his gaze for a long time, and then glanced over at the girl. She looked like a deer in headlights, all long legs and wide eyes. Fuck that, fuck her, and fuck this!

She turned and started gathering up her things in a plastic bag. The room had once again fallen silent and the air was thick with tension as they both watched her grab her belongings. She knew she would leave a bunch of stuff behind but there was honestly no time to think.

As she was turning to leave Star turned to look at her friend one last time. He was holding Lindsay tightly in his arms and for a moment Star had a memory of Micah holding that girl in the same way and her heart lurched. When she finally spoke, her eyes were blurred with tears and her voice shook violently with emotion.

"Brian I hope for your sake that you find everything you're looking for in this woman and all this wasn't for nothing but I'm done. I wish you both the best."

"Really? You're just gonna leave like that?" he called after her, but she was already running out the door trampling the happy photograph of the two of them beneath her feet.

****************** Star jumped in her car and peeled out of there as fast as her four wheels could take her. Tears obscured her vision and she had no idea where she was going but as long as she was going away from Brian's house, she was going in the right direction.

Her heart thudded in her chest as she replayed their fight blow for blow. Star had never felt so alone. She'd successfully alienated herself from her two best friends and it was all because of... well, she didn't know what to blame it on. Love? Love is a shit disturber. Something that moves in and fucks everything up. It was nothing like it was supposed to be. Hell, her life was nothing like it was supposed to be.

She wasn't supposed to be madly in love with her best friend, she wasn't supposed to be the only one with balls enough to own up to it, and she for damn sure wasn't supposed to be loosing one of her closest friends over this bullshit.

She loved Micah! And she hated it! All it did was make her weak and irrational. She was so gone over him. He had a part of her that no other man on this earth could ever have and he was to afraid to claim it. All she wanted was to love him. And for him to love her the same way. But that seemed impossible.

Everything in her was telling her to just go to him. Tell him it's okay if he's not ready yet, that she'd wait as long as it takes. And truthfully, she could. It was in her nature to be patient.

Star had to suddenly slam on her breaks because she was about to run a red light. Reversing back out of the intersection, she wiped her eyes and took in her surroundings. It was funny that she was here, less than a block away from a house that had always been safe to her. She drove the rest of the few blocks trying to mentally calm herself down and by the time she was outside, she felt considerably better.

That is until the front door swung open and she heard that familiar voice call out her name.

"Star? Baby that you?"

At the sound of that voice, she lost all control again and ran from the car to her mothers waiting arms.


Star was sitting out on the back porch of her old house, staring at the peach tree that used to look so gigantic! Now, it just looked old.

After her mother hauled her in the house, she cried and cried. She had a sense of déjà vu too. Not long ago she was doing this same thing in Brian's arms. That fact only made her cry harder. Once she'd calmed down, again, she walked directly though the house to the backyard. She really needed some fresh air.

Her mother joined her after a few minutes. She handed her a tall perspiring glass of peach lemonade and sat down across from her looking at the old peach tree as well. Over the years they'd had peach everything. Peach tea, peach cobbler, peach flavoured chicken, (yuk!) peach pie, squares, turnovers, yada yada yada. She had long since lost her love for peaches and although the peach flavoured liquid should have offended her taste buds, she drank the whole thing down in one gulp!

"Damn child! Thought you hated peaches?" he mother asked lifting a carefully arched eyebrow at her.

Star thought for a moment and then told the truth.

"Tasted like home," she stated simply.

"You gon' tell me what's wrong? Or am I gonna have to pry it outta ya? You know I have my ways! It'll be much easier if you just tell me!"

Star thought for a minute. Mama did have her ways. They usually included bribery and torture. She'd spill the beans; she really couldn't keep much from her mother. She could just see right though her. 'Mama's intuition' she called it.

Star took in her surroundings again. The vast backyard she remembered was now so small and closed off, the flowers were still there, the tulips, daffodils, and even the forget-me-not's she and Mikey had planted were somehow still there.



"Yes baby?" her mother asked tilting her head towards Star. She somehow stopped aging. She was frozen at about 35. She was at least 10 years older than that. God, she looked so much like her! They were more like sisters. Appearance wise, they shared the same full lips, the same almond shaped eyes, the same rounded nose. They had the same bone structure as well, same high cheekbones same soft jaw line.

There were subtle differences. Her mother had dimples. In both cheeks, but they only showed up if she laughed really hard. She even had a slight cleft in her chin and her skin was about three shades darker than hers was. And damn if she wasn't envious! Her mother's skin was always soft, even, dark and beautiful.

"I always wished my skin was the same color as yours," she said staring at her mama's arms resting comfortably on the arm or the tan deck chair. The color was contrasting so starkly, the cream against her dark chocolate. Her mother was still looking at her expectantly, like she was tired of Star stalling. Star turned back to the old peach tree and finally spoke.

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