tagCelebrities & Fan FictionStar Trek - Carter Chronicles Pt. 01

Star Trek - Carter Chronicles Pt. 01


Lt. T'Rokk Carter waited patiently in his temporary quarters. He was only spending 2 days on Deep Space Nine, and there wasn't much to do. He had heard good things, about it being the crossroads for a lot of travel. And that the bar, Quark's, was an exciting place. But he was too young to drink. He had entered Starfleet Academy at 15, and graduated early at 17. Some felt that he had been pushed through the academy because of his racial diversity. He was ¼ Klingon, and was in line to become only the 2nd Klingon to graduate from the academy. But that really had very little to do with the speed of his graduation. He had a very rich academic history, having attained 2 PhDs before entering the academy. One was in geology, and the other in warp field mechanics. He had also finished his pre-med degree. This combination of skills had allowed him to be fast-tracked through many of his courses.

Now, at barely 18, he was awaiting his first set of orders. He was continuing his education, and had decided to attend as many conferences as he could. There was a fascinating conference on interspecies behavioral health in the Alkalai system. He decided to attend. He was being met at DS9 by three travel companions. All he knew was that there were to be two Starfleet officers, and one cadet. Now, he just had to wait. He spent some time in one of holosuites in the bar. He watched from afar, as some of the patrons played a game called Dabo. He admired the body of the Dabo girl, Leeta. But he got the idea that just about everyone who stepped foot in that bar looked at Leeta the way he did. She had a tight body, with a plump ass, and very large breasts. She was gorgeous. He hadn't seen many Bajoran women. And the couple he had seen led him to believe that they were all very attractive. But he was too young to drink, and the allure of the bar quickly faded. He went back to his quarters, to sleep.

The next day, he finally received the transmission he had been waiting for. The shuttle he was boarding would arrive in just a few hours. His companions were running late, and eager to get back on track, so they wouldn't be departing. He was to be ready to board when they arrived. He gathered his things, and was ready to go. He was notified of the shuttle docking, so he quickly went to the airlock and boarded. As he got on, he was pleasantly surprised by some familiar faces.

The first to greet him was Nurse Alyssa Ogawa. When he was younger, Carter had spent a few years on the Enterprise, and Alyssa was always a friendly face. He had originally called her Nurse Ogawa, but she insisted he call her Alyssa. She met him in the airlock. She was genuinely very happy to see him. She greeted him with a hug, addressing him by his first name. At almost 2 meters tall, he towered over the petite nurse. She made a comment about how much he had grown and filled out, and Carter thought he sensed some flirtation in her voice. He told himself he was imagining things, and progressed into the shuttle.

The second person he met on the shuttle was another familiar face. Counselor Deanna Troi. Things had been awkward with her, aboard the Enterprise. He had always found her attractive, but was too young to act on it. As an empath, she could sense his pubescent lust toward her. It made her uncomfortable around Carter, and it showed. She was used to the thoughts of hormonal teenagers, but his were different. His Klingon blood boiled during puberty. His hormones and pheromones were almost unbearable. She was having lustful thoughts toward him, and he was only a teenager. So she had distanced herself from him. Now, here they were. Trapped in a shuttle together for days. She hoped he had matured, and had more control over his thoughts. She greeted him professionally, as Lieutenant Carter, and congratulated him on his commission.

T'Rokk put his bag into a stow away compartment, and entered the cockpit. The shuttle was being piloted by a cadet. An Orion female. She politely introduced herself as Cadet Zhalla Maraas. He shook her hand, and she smiled at him, calling him 'Sir'. As she was a 4th year cadet, she was 2 years older than him. It made him feel somewhat uncomfortable to have her call him that. He was about to correct her, but decided to leave it be. He had to get used to it, sooner or later. With a smile, he decided to sit in the co-pilot seat, next to her.

Carter caught up with Alyssa. She told him what had happened since he left the Enterprise for Earth. She asked about his foster family, the Rozhenkos. He needed a sponsor family to attend the academy, and Worf's parents were quick to volunteer. They were lovely people, and they had more experience around Klingons than almost anyone on Earth. He explained the process to her, with Troi and Zhalla listening on. They went on like this for hours, telling stories and laughing. She really was a lot of fun to be around.

They were at the edge of the Kalandra system when they heard it. A boom, followed by a massive decompression hiss. Sensors had failed to detect an old cloaked mine, from one of the many wars in the nearby Talarian region of space. The training kicked in, for all 4 passengers. They used force fields to contain the breach. They re-pressurized the cabin. And then they took assessment of the damage. Communications were shot. Warp drive was gone. They had thrusters and partial impulse, but no other propulsion. They weren't going to get very far. Navigation was still up, so they quickly scanned for a place to set down, and repair the shuttle. That's when they realized they had drifted into Talarian space. They found a moon nearby that was uninhabited, and headed that way. They discussed sending a distress call, but Carter advised against it. The Talarians would likely intercept it before the Federation received it. The only way to safely call for help would be to construct a subspace beacon. There were parts present, but it meant disassembling the shuttle.

It took hours of tense tactical and strategic discussion, but they finally arrived at their new temporary home. It wasn't a large moon, and was barely Class M, but they were able to locate a suitable landing spot. They set down next to a stream, with some minor vegetation nearby. The replicator still worked, and they had rations for days, so they didn't really fear starvation. They quickly set up camp. They armed themselves, and established a perimeter, in case there were large predators in the area. It was getting very dark, and they all agreed the repairs and beacon would have to wait until morning. Carter let the ladies have the bunk area, and he unrolled a sleeping back in the cockpit. He fell asleep thinking of the task at hand.

Carter awoke to the sun rising through the cockpit windows. He heard the women rustling around the bunk area, and politely knocked, before being invited in. They all sat and ate breakfast together. Carter explained that he felt replicating parts would be an inefficient use of resources, as the matter used in the replicator could be used for food, later. He would prefer to salvage parts from non-essential systems. As the highest ranking officer, it was ultimately Troi's decision, but she felt like the group as a whole should make most decisions that affected their survival. They agreed with him. He informed them that, sadly, one of the first things to go would be the sonic shower. They were all disappointed, but understood the necessity. The four of them quickly took turns, getting in one last shower. Then Carter began disassembly. Troi and Ogawa were working on general repairs, trying to fix hull breaches. Cadet Maraas was bouncing back and forth, handing tools to people, and adding another set of hands, when needed.

Zhalla was the first to remove her uniform top. It was getting hot, and all the manual labor was dehydrating her. Her species is also notorious for not liking to wear clothing. The women are very sensual, and often use sex to manipulate men. The only reason she had kept her top on this long was to try and fight off that stereotype. She wanted to appear professional in front of the ranking officers. But enough was enough. She wasn't going to choose professionalism over her health. Off came the uniform top, leaving her in her Starfleet-issued undershirt. Underneath it, a non-regulation bra was needed to hold back her enormous breasts. With the regulation bra, she felt like she was spilling out. So she got a larger one, that really helped contain her 36EE breasts. As soon as she removed her uniform jacket, she immediately felt better. The air was helping to cool down her green skin. But she was feeling self-conscious. The sweat made her undershirt cling to her fit body. But Lt. Carter was the only male around, and he was focused on the beacon project.

The heat had also started to get to Carter. It wasn't unbearable, but it was uncomfortable, and the jacket was limiting his motion, as he was climbing and crawling all over and under the shuttle. He removed the uniform jacket. Not long after that, he got his undershirt snagged on a jagged piece of metal. It ripped his shirt and cut his torso. He was bleeding, but it wasn't serious. But the shirt was done for. He removed it, and used it as a rag, wiping the blood from his abdomen. He finished what was doing, and climbed out of the shuttle. Alyssa saw him bleeding and insisted she treat him right away, sighting medical code, and talking about infection. He had a lot of work to do, be he relented. He and Alyssa went into the bunk area for treatment.

As Nurse Ogawa examined Carter, she couldn't help but admire his physique. He was very large, and very, very muscular. He had a nasty scar from an animal attack when he was a boy. But aside from that, it looked like he had been chiseled from stone. She treated the wound with a dermal regenerator. She said, "See? Good as new." as she rubbed the area where the cut used to be. She left her hand linger on his lower abdomen. She couldn't help herself. His cock reacted to her proximity by beginning to harden. She couldn't help but notice. She reached into his pants to find the largest cock she'd ever seen, and it was still growing. She began to slowly stroke him. T'Rokk's cock quickly reached full hardness. Alyssa was in shock. It was over a foot long, and thicker than her wrist. As she stroked him, Carter reached down and grabbed her tiny ass.

He palmed her ass, and used his middle finger to rub her pussy through her pants. Her breathing was getting heavy. She was getting close to an orgasm, when the door suddenly opened. Carter quickly let go of Alyssa, as she removed her hand from his pants. It was Zhalla. She told Ogawa that Counselor Troi was asking for her help, and the nurse rushed out to see what she wanted. Zhalla's mind must be playing tricks. She could have sworn she had just seen Ogawa with her hand down Carter's pants. She looked down to see a massive erection tucked down the leg or Carter's uniform pants. But he quickly said something about getting back to work, and left the bunk area. Zhalla watched him as he left, until his muscular back disappeared from sight. She noticed that her nipples were hard, and her pussy had started to get wet. Obviously, the thought of catching Carter and Ogawa was more erotic to her than she was willing to admit.

After a long day of hard work, everyone was more than ready to bed down. Again, the girls took the bunks, and Carter slept in the cockpit. He drifted off to sleep thinking about Alyssa stroking his cock, and how Zhalla kept staring at it. In the bunk area, sleep didn't come quite as easily. Alyssa was quietly playing with her pussy, while thinking about Carter's massive cock. Zhalla couldn't stop thinking about that cock, either. With all three of her companions thinking about sex, the empathic Troi didn't have much choice. She tossed and turned, trying to avoid the need to masturbate. Finally she, just rolled over and closed her eyes, hoping to drift off. Alyssa gave up on sleep. She couldn't pretend, anymore. She got out of bed, with a bathroom run as her guise. She looked at both of her companions. After a lot of tossing and turning, Zhalla was asleep, mouth open, not quite snoring. Troi was rolled over, so Alyssa couldn't see her face. But she was motionless, so Alyssa chose to assume she was sleeping. The tiny nurse crept past the bathroom, and headed to the cockpit.

T'Rokk was in a deep sleep. He awoke gradually, to the feeling of a tongue on his balls. He looked down, and saw Alyssa licking at his balls, while she stroked his hardening shaft. She lapped hungrily at his nutsack, slurping and sucking. She could only fit one ball at a time into her mouth, so she took turns with them. She had a very high sex drive, and thoroughly enjoyed oral sex. Giving and receiving. She hadn't been with a man in a couple of months, so she was very horny. Once he was fully hard, she took the tip of his cock into her mouth. Her tiny mouth could barely get around the tip. She tried and tried to force her mouth to go farther down, but to avail. Her mouth was stretched to the limit. She decided to try something else. She stripped down. She got his cock as wet as possible, and then climbed on top of it, slowly lowering herself onto it. Her tiny Japanese pussy was no match for the monster she was trying to take. It took her a long time, just to get the head in.

Alyssa just had the tip inside her, and she was already stretched to her limit. She was whimpering and moaning, as she tried to force more of the massive cock inside her. Her orgasm was building. She rocked back and forth, trying to squeeze another inch inside. She didn't succeed, but she didn't care. She had the biggest orgasm of her life. It rocked her, moving through her entire body. She cried out, loudly, as she came. She knew she might wake the other women, but at that moment, she didn't care. As she came down from the orgasmic bliss, she realized that there was no way she could make T'Rokk cum, with her pussy. So eased off the monster cock, and started sucking again. She loved the taste of her own cum, and eagerly wanted to taste Carter's. She used both hands to stroke his cock, while the head stayed in her mouth. Finally, T'Rokk grabbed her head, and came in her tiny mouth. Wave after wave of cum hit her tongue. The was A LOT. It filled her mouth, and he wasn't done. She swallowed the massive partial load, and kept swallowing. When T'Rokk's orgasm finally subsided, Alyssa's stomach was full of fresh cum. She quickly got dressed without making eye contact. Then she snuck back to her bunk, with the other girls none the wiser.

Troi could hear the sounds of sex coming from the cockpit. Alyssa had thought she was asleep, and crept into the next room, to have her way with T'Rokk. By the sounds of things, Alyssa was having some difficulty with T'Rokk's size. This got Troi's imagination running wild. She couldn't help but admit some attraction to T'Rokk. Her empathy was going crazy with Alyssa and Zhalla's horniness. And now thinking about how big his cock must be, to make Alyssa make THOSE noises, her arousal was growing at a steady rate. She hoped they would got off this moon before she did something unprofessional. She struggled, but finally fell asleep.

The next day was another hot day, full of repairs and hard work. But there was a lot less real work getting done. All three women kept stopping what they were doing, to ogle Carter whenever he walked by. Due to the heat, he was shirtless. Sweat was dripping down his chiseled torso. And by now, all of the women had figured out that he had a monster in his pants. Despite staying busy, the women all kept trying to catch a glimpse of that huge cock, stuffed down his uniform pants.

Work was slow, but steady. Finally, the day wound down. Carter was eager to take a shower. But the sonic shower was disassembled. He headed down to the stream, to wash up. He scanned the water with a medical tricorder, and deemed it safe enough. He stripped down, and got into the water. It was a comfortable temperature, and felt good on his sore muscles. He took his time, and enjoyed it. As he was finishing up, he suddenly felt a hand wrap around his cock. He turned around to see a naked Zhalla, in the water with him. Her massive breasts were sitting just below the water. As he turned around to face her, she kissed him deeply, while beginning to stroke his cock. He was surprised, but knew not to pass up a good thing. He kissed her back, as his hands quickly found her massive breasts. He squeezed them, and gently pinched the nipples. She kept stroking his cock, until it was hard as steel. She was very impressed by the size. Orion males were known for their massive cocks, but this was even bigger. Zhalla took a deep breath, and went under the water. She took Carter's cock into her mouth, and began sucking. She was able to get a few inches in, but knew she wouldn't be able to take the whole thing. She stayed down as long as she could, sucking and slurping on his massive cock. When she came up, Carter grabbed her ass and lifted her. He lined up his cock up with her green pussy, and pulled her into him. Her Orion pussy was green on the outside, but pink on the inside. It was very similar to a human pussy, except it was made to accomodate much larger dicks. After just a few strokes, he was able to fit every inch inside Zhalla. He held her ass, and started pumping into her. In response, she started bouncing like she was riding a bronco. As soon as he bottomed out the first time, she came. HARD. She couldn't help but scream. As she came, he just left his cock in her, and slowly teased her nipples with his tongue. As soon as she came down from the first orgasm, she was looking for the second. She slowly built up speed, until she was bouncing wildly, with water splashing all around them. She felt another orgasm building, and kept riding toward it. She came again, and repeated the cycle, over and over. She was moaning and screaming loudly, but didn't care. After her sixth orgasm, she had just about had enough. She decided to make Carter cum. She started clenching and releasing her pussy muscles. She was milking his monster cock. He was getting close. Carter put a nipple in his mouth, slipped a finger in her ass, and drove his cock as deep as possible. This sent Zhalla over the edge, and they came together. Carter had a lot of cum, and he emptied all of it deep inside Zhalla's pussy. After a minute, he let her down. Her legs were wobbly, but she made her way back to shore. They both dressed, while continuing to tease each other. He kept staring at her massive tits and juicy ass, while she got dressed. She was intentionally wiggling her ass and bouncing her tits as she got dressed, putting on a show for him. All the while, she kept looking at his chiseled, muscular body, and massive cock. Even as it was deflating, it was huge. They both knew they wanted more of each other. They got dressed, and returned to camp.

Troi was walking in the woods, near the stream. She was scanning some local berries. While the replicator food was sufficient, finding edible food in the wild would help preserve their rations, and give them a morale boost. In the distance, she heard a scream. She quickly made her way down the bank. Then she found the source. A naked Zhalla was bouncing wildly in the water, with Carter thrusting into her. She was moaning loudly, and her massive green breasts were bouncing around, splashing water everywhere. Troi tried to avert her eyes, but was drawn to watch. Before she realized it, her hand was rubbing her neglected pussy through her uniform pants. She crept closer. Her empathy went wild. Klingons and Orions both have very high sex drives and powerful pheromones. She felt their animalistic lust. She couldn't help herself, as she worked a hand down the front of her pants. She slipped two fingers into her pussy, as she watched Zhalla cum. Troi watched as they kept going at it, and she kept fingering her wet pussy. It had been a long while since she and Will Riker had broken up, and she hadn't dated much. She hadn't felt the touch of a man in years, and this was too much for her. She was getting really into it, as she bucked her hips into her fingers. Finally, she saw the look on Carter's face. She knew he was going to cum. He put Zhalla's massive tit into his mouth, and pulled her in tight. They came together, and it sent Troi over the edge. She had her first good orgasm in years. She quietly got dressed, and returned to camp.

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