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Star Trek Ladies' Lesbian Leave

byTawny T©

The following is an erotic fictional work, which includes characters that are copyrighted by Paramount Pictures. This story is intended for the non-commercial enjoyment of mature readers, and is intended solely as an erotic parody. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit will be made from the distribution of this story.

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"Come." Counselor Deanna Troi said as her door announcer buzzed. The door hissed quietly open to reveal Dr. Beverly Crusher standing in the corridor in a short, form fitting two piece green dress that hugged every curve of her trim hips and complemented her long flowing red hair. Her knee length green boots molded her shapely legs. She wore a low cut blouse that draped down from her breasts and stopped short of her midriff. The dress was cut low so that her sexy navel was bare, and sported a green emerald in it, and a hint of her rounded stomach made her look extremely sexy. "Ready?" She asked as she stepped inside and the door hissed closed behind her.

"I most certainly am!" Deanna said with a nod of her lovely head. "A week's leave really sounds wonderful, particularly if I'm going to spend it with such a sexy lady. I love that outfit. You couldn't wear that on duty, you would drive everyone crazy, the men would fall all over themselves, and the women would weep with envy." She said walking to Beverly and pulling her close, her hand sliding up to cup one firm breast.

Deanna had on a black SecondSkinflexã bottom that fitted her body as advertised – "Like a second skin" - revealing her prominent pussy mound, shapely ass, and legs. Her stylish silver ankle boots set off the outfit that was sure to raise men's hopes and make every woman who saw her green with jealousy. Her top was cut lower than her uniforms tops, revealing her generous breasts, and came just above her large areolas. Her long nipples tented the soft material tantalizingly. Her bulging areolas made themselves splendidly prominent.

The two beautiful women kissed and hugged each other, tongues slipping between full lips, bodies pressed together. Deanna slid one hand up under Beverly's loose hanging blouse and cupped her firm naked breast, then her fingers rolled the firm nipple back and forth. Beverly sighed contentedly.

"Oh, you keep that up, you sexy Betazoid and we'll never get off the ship." Beverly said blue eyes sparkling. She pushed her friend away gently. "But I can't resist those luscious mammaries of yours. Damn woman, you drive me crazy." She bent and places a moist kiss on the soft slopes of Deanna's breast, revealed by her low-neck line. She managed to snake her tongue under the top to find Deanna's long hard nipple and lick it. Deanna stroked the long auburn tresses of her beautiful friend.

"Look who's talking? I can sense your body heating up, and your mind wanting to postpone the trip so we can make love - and - something else." She paused a moment, her brow furrowing slightly. "Beverly! You are thinking of my mother! You're thinking of her nude body -- and such erotic thoughts too! I can't believe this! Wait! Why, you faithless woman, you're actually thinking of my mother while holding me." Deanna said with a little twisted smile that said she was kidding her friend.

"Sorry, that just slipped into my mind. After all, I saw Lwaxana totally naked at her aborted wedding, and she is a very sexy woman. I can't help if the sight of her lush body pops into my mind when I look into your deep brown eyes. You both have such dark inviting eyes. I know how irritating she can be to you, but damn, she is one sexy woman with a splendid body." Beverly said her face coloring slightly.

"But you weren't thinking of my eyes, but her breasts as you licked my nipple." Deanna chuckled. "That's alright Bev; I'm not the jealous type. After all you are an older, sexy widow, and if you have the 'hots' for my mom, so be it. Just don't think those thoughts around her or she will be all over you! We Betazoids have a high sex drive, and are pretty free sexually, with either sex – as you well know."

"Ohhh, I know that all too well!" Beverly teased her, kissed her again, her tongue slipping between the soft lips, her hand cupping and stroking the firm full breast of her friend. Her mind wandered, she would love to try the older Betazoid. Lwaxana must be very experienced in sex - with women too. Then she realized that Deanna might sense her thoughts.

"Why you wench, I caught that! Well, go ahead if you are that attracted to my mother. I can imagine she knows a lot more about sex with another woman than I do. Now stop, Bev, we don't want to miss the shuttle." Deanna said laughing as she pushed her red haired friend away gently, straightened her clothes and turned to collect her travel case.

An hour later they were on the promenade deck of Deep Space Station 9 waiting for their space liner headed for the pleasure planet Eros, their destination. A tall absolutely gorgeous woman in a Lieutenant's uniform strode nearby along the deck.

"Dax. Hello!" Deanna called out. The tall woman turned, smiled radiantly and came over.

"Deanna! Hello." Her beautiful face lit up and she hugged the woman to her and kissed her on the cheek. She stood a full foot above the Betazoid. "It's been far too long since I last saw you. I love that outfit! Very sexy Counselor." Her eyes slowly traveled down the lush body, showing a little more than normal interest in the barely concealed body. "In fact, ravishing!" She said with a tilt of her beautiful head.

Deanna almost blushed at the comment, as she sensed a strong sexual interest coming from Dax. Momentarily flustered, she rather quickly introduced Jadzia Dax to Beverly and the two shook hands. To her relief, their ship's name was called and Deanna had to tell Jadzia that they were on that flight. With a soft kiss to Deanna, Jadzia strode off, her tall willowy form causing eyes to follow her, men's and women's alike.

"My God, who was that?" Beverly marveled still looking over her shoulder at the departing Dax. "She is absolutely stunning!"

"A friend! I counseled her when she was training to become a host. She is a beautiful woman isn't she?" Deanna said waving at her departing friend.

"Her Counselor, eh? Anything happen between you two? God, I'm insanely jealous!" Beverly joked, in a whisper of confidentiality.

"Oh, I would have loved for it to have happened, but it's all business when I'm their Counselor. She is a fantastic woman, and by the gods, what a body! But the previous host had been a man and that complicates things. She remembers every detail of every body the host has occupied. She is quite a woman." Deanna said shaking her head slowly, as the two moved into the ship and found their seats.

"However, I just caught an intense sexual interest in me when she looked me over, and I caught that sexual attraction that ran through your pretty mind too." She said softly nudging her beautiful friend with her elbow. She hesitated a moment, "She never showed a sexual interest in me before. Damn!"

Beverly caught the slight tone of regret in her friend's voice and knew the conflicts that a medical or counselor's ethics could bring about. "Thou shalt not screw around with thy patients!"

The ship, moored close to the Enterprise, moved out of the docking clamps and in moments they were on their way. Deep Space 9 fell behind and then they were swallowed by the wormhole. There was a brief mental disorientation; a blur of shimmering light, and the wormhole whisked them to the other side of the galaxy.

They were met at the Eros space station by a beautiful female alien who whisked them off to their resort. The small shuttle flew over emerald seas and lush green jungles as the very sexy pilot called their attention to points of interest.

Both had saved their credits and decided to blow them in a week of pure sex – Eros style. The planet had been bought and developed by several huge conglomerates and was heralded all through numerous quadrants as the place to go to have unique sex, any way you wanted it. There were a small number of restraints placed by the World Federation, but there always seemed a way around most of them if one was willing to take a small risk. The only iron clad rule was that there was no taking of a life, or life form, but there were life forms who could closely mimic death, thus circumventing even that rule.

The shuttle landed softly on the hotel roof. The sexy shuttle pilot took their small bags and guided them to a gravity lift, which dropped them gently to their floor. They were already pre-registered and their rooms were ready for them. The pilot showed them to their rooms and pointed out the many amenities, then with a saucy smile, left the two to enjoy themselves.

They took their belongings and quickly unpacked. They slipped off their boots and sank their toes in the wonderfully soft carpet, then went onto the balcony and looked down on the azure pool and the stunning view the high suite afforded them. Beverly moved behind Deanna and removed the clasps from her hair and let her long shining brown hair fall down past her shoulders. She put her arms around Deanna and slipped her hands under the bodice and cupped the full firm breasts of her best friend and lover.

Deanna sighed and pressed backward against her friend. Bev's knowing hands cupped and stroked. Deanna felt her nipples tighten and her breasts swell with passion. Her hand reached back and slid under the short skirt and moved upward. To her delight, she found that Bev had already removed her panties and her fingers stroked the short soft hair of her friend. She let her hand move a little lower and her finger slid along the groove and pressed inward. Beverly moaned as it touched her swelling clit.

"We'd better go inside before we get too serious." Deanna said with a laugh.

"Hey, this is an erotic resort. Look to your left." Bev said over her shoulder.

Deanna looked and on the balcony below them, in plain view, were three figures on a lounge. Two nude very stunning women were locked in a sensuous 69, while behind one of the women a tall golden skinned man with a huge cock was thrusting it in and out of the woman on top.

"I see what you mean, but being in Star Fleet makes it a little more risky for open sex, among crew members. We are supposed to be paragons of virtue – well appear to be - anyhow, and not fornicate in the open. Damn, woman. Let's go inside." Deanna said turning and pulling her friend into the spacious and beautifully appointed room.

They moved to the bed. "Would you like to record this so we can take it back with us?" Bev asked.

"Ohhh, yes, that is so sexy. Computer! Record our lovemaking with five views." Deanna's rich voice said. The soft sensual voice of the computer, a woman's voice, said recording with five cameras had begun. It was recording color holographic images.

"We have on far too many clothes Counselor. Dr. Crusher says fresh air is good for your skin. Let me undress you, you sexy woman." Bev said pulling Deanna to her and kissing her. Her hands went to the blouse and pulled it up and over the dark-haired beauty's head. Deanna let her arms move to her sides and her full rounded breasts settled slightly. Her dark abundant hair fell in disheveled waves around her shoulders.

"God, I never get tired of looking at your breasts. They are magnificent." Bev said as she sat down on the bed pulling Deanna to her and kissing the firm slopes. Her hands cupped the full twin mounds stroking them and feeling their hotness. Her lips went to the large swollen brown areolas, at least a third larger than the average human's. They were so erotic and mouthwatering. The areolas were a rich chocolate brown, bulging, and sensuously swollen. The crowning sexual peak was the long and very erect nipple, fully a half-inch long. Bev knew it would get larger and longer as she played with them, sucking, teasing, pulling, and stimulating it.

"Play, play - suck them, wench!" Deanna said in a low growl of passion.

"Mind invader!" Bev chuckled and opened her mouth to engulf the large nipple and areola. She tongued and sucked them hard now, moving from one to the other, and felt her friend's hips thrust toward her. She slid a finger down and found the groove of her pussy and slid her finger along it. She used both hands to roll the SecondSkinflexã bottoms down Deanna's beautiful legs.

Dee stepped out of them and kicked them aside. Bev's hand went back to the sexy woman's pussy slipping along the prominent groove. Deanna was totally nude now, a statue of sheer beauty and sensuality. Her pussy mound was prominent and completely denuded. The mound was so sensual with the deep grove of her pussy. Beverly loved the feel of the soft flesh there. Perhaps she should have her pussy mound bared too. Her hands slid over the velvet smooth flesh then she slid a finger back along the groove and pressed inward. Deanna spread her shapely thighs wider, giving her lover more freedom to pleasure her.

"Slide it inside me. I need to cum. Now! Hard and fast. Fuck me, finger fuck me! Please Bev! Ohhh yes, deep, like that!" Deanna cried urgently as her lover slid first one, then two fingers deep inside her and knowing her anatomy well, knew just how to bring the dark haired beauty to a rapid and screaming climax. Her hand pumped in and out of the hot wet sex of her friend and her mouth sucked and pulled on the large nipple.

Deanna pulled Bev's head harder against her breast and her hips thrust forward violently. Bev's slippery fingers thrust deep inside making little liquid sounds as they moved, twisting and pumping hard and fast. Beverly felt a gush of pussy juices and then a sharp thrust of the hips and knew her lips and fingers had done good service to her sexually high-strung friend. She held a trembling and gasping Deanna till she caught her breath.

Deanna pulled Beverly to her feet and they kissed, hips pressing against each other. Deanna's hands found the catch on Bev's skirt and unfastened it, letting it drop. Then she unfastened the top and slipped it off leaving her beautiful red haired friend nude. Her fingers found the clasps that held Bev's hair up and the reddish-gold hair cascaded to her shoulders, shining and beautiful.

"By the Seven Moons of Betazed, you have to be one of the most gorgeous women in the Universe." Deanna said taking the Earth woman's body in. Beverly kept her body in top physical shape and with the medical toning techniques in use, her breasts were beautiful rounded cones, and looked like the breasts of a young woman despite having nursed one child.

Deanna lay back on the bed and pulled Beverly on top of her. Bev moved upward and let her breasts come even with Deanna's lips. Deanna's lips opened to take in the small pink areola and nipple to suck on. She put both hands around the breast and started massaging it from base to tip, sliding her hands along the velvet slopes as if milking them.

"Ohhhhh, Dee, that is fantastic, you know how to make my breasts feel so wonderful. Yesss, like that!" The doctor hissed as Deanna's hands worked their magic on her.

Beverly's beautiful blue eyes closed and she just let the wonderful sexual feelings flow through her body. Her lover's hands fondled and kneaded her breasts till they swelled with her growing passion. She was so glad the two had been lovers for so long. Deanna was bisexual and had several lovers, but Beverly had never really wanted a sexual relationship with another man. She had a couple of brief shallow sexual encounters with men, but was now quite content with her female friend.

Deanna kissed and kneaded each beautiful breast till it was swollen and the skin shone with the fullness of her blood-engorged breast, the nipple becoming hard and erect. She moved downward kissing Beverly's smooth wonderfully tasting skin. Her tongue flicked at Bev's belly button and she chuckled as it found the emerald Bev had placed there. She decided to leave it in place, and licked her way downward.

Around, and above them, the cameras took in the scene, two beautiful women making passionate love. In a far off location in the resort, the beautiful alien smiled and switched camera views from one side to the other, zooming in to catch Beverly's smooth ass, her brown star exposed, and lower her wet, delicious looking pink slit. She enjoyed watching as much as she enjoyed making a splendid presentation of the lovemaking for her guests. These two were so beautiful together. Perhaps she could find a way to give them a complementary hologram session. She chuckled and shook her lovely head slightly. She loved her work!

Of course Bev's passion rose the closer Deanna got to her already wet pussy. She cried out as Deanna's knowing tongue slid along her pussy groove and probed gently inward. A moan of pleasure came as the talented tongue found her clit and stroked it. Beverly had her long clit operated on years before. The operation freed the clit from its sheath, making it easier for a lover to slip the sheath back and let her clit slide out so that it could be sucked and tongued. She cried out as Deanna's lips surrounded her clit and sucked it between her lush lips. Deanna's tongue flicked the sensitive underside sending waves of pleasure through her body. She wanted more of that tongue and sucking lips. Beverly got up on her knees and knelt above the lovely Betazoid.

"That's right, Love. Fuck my face. Fuck it while I tongue fuck you." Deanna's muffled voice came from below. The way she accented "Fuck" made Beverly's blood boil

Beverly was only too happy to comply. She knelt bolt upright and cupped her breasts, squeezing them and pulling at her nipples. Deanna's skilled tongue played up and down her pussy lips, slowly moving inward. Bev allowed this for a few minutes as Deanna was playing with her, but finally she could stand it no longer.

Beverly suddenly went wild and her hips thrust forward and down onto Deanna's face. She franticly humped her friend's face as Deanna's long tongue slid deep inside her and she mashed her clit against Deanna's nose. Her hands kneaded her breasts, pulling her nipples hard as she went wild with passion, her long reddish tresses moving in shining waves.

With a long cry she exploded and her body went wire taut. Deanna was ready, her long tongue fucking up inside her friend; mouth open, ready for the gush of fluid she knew would come from the delicious pussy her mouth covered. Bev's pussy contracted and with a scream her body shook with passion and her most intimate juices gushed out into her friend's mouth. Deanna sucked and swallowed the salty/sweet fluid, delighted that she had brought her friend to another screaming climax. Beverly's joy and passion flooded her Betazoid mind and filled her with joy. She became a part of Beverly. She cried out against her friend and lover and exploded, her pussy untouched, but her mind controlling her passion. The two writhed on the bed and finally Bev fell to the side and they lay panting.

"God, that was fantastic. You are such a wonderful lover." Bev said gasping for breath. She looked over at Deanna, her breathing heavy, her body flushed. "That is so fantastic that you can cum while you make me cum. Did you touch yourself?"

Deanna laughed. "Ever the Doctor, eh? No, when I am really passionate and trying to make another person climax I don't have to touch myself. Your passion filled my whole mind, I was inside your mind, your body, and I became you and felt your passion. It overcame me and my body reacted and climaxed with you. One of the joys of a Betazoid, or curse as the case may be."

They kissed and Beverly reached down to touch Deanna's wet and spread pussy. Deanna pulled her hand gently away. "Later perhaps. That was emotionally and physically draining. But I do want you to make love to me later. After all that's one of the reasons we came here."

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