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Star Trek TNG: Troi & Dr Crusher


"Hi, Beverley" said Counsellor Troi warmly "Would you like a drink?" The dark haired ship's counsellor was surprised to see her good friend at such a late hour. Troi was wearing nothing more than a thin white nightgown in preparation of a nights sleep. A combination of her empathy and her close relationship with Dr Crusher made the surprise a pleasant one.

"No, thank you," replied the doctor "I need some advice. It's about Wesley" Counsellor Troi sensed a tension in her friend that was unusual.

"You know you can ask me anything," said the Counsellor "Come sit down". She motioned towards the two-seat couch. She noticed that the red headed doctor was also dressed for bed in two-piece black silk pyjamas.

"Do you find Wesley attractive?" the doctor almost blurted out the question.

The Counsellor raised her eyebrows "Well he's a handsome young man." She knew she was dodging the question but she didn't want to lie to her friend. She had been fantasising about the teenage boy, not to mention his mother, for some time now. Deanna's mind raced. Had the doctor noticed her staring at Wesley in his tight ensign's uniform? Had Wesley?

Beverley didn't seem to notice the Counsellors discomfort. She stared at the floor. "He is, isn't he" her voice was so quiet that Troi had to strain to hear it. "Is it wrong to be attracted to your own son?" The question seemed to be directed at herself rather than the Counsellor.

"No feeling is right or wrong," Troi said, her shock (and twinge of arousal) at what her friend had said was outweighed by her professional training, "It is how we act on them that is important. Sometimes we have to control our feelings, at other times we can give in to them."

"I accidentally walked in on him when he was undressing for bed," Dr Crusher said, shaking her head in disbelief at her own account, "Deanna, he has a great body, lean, not an ounce of fat. I saw his cock too, wow, it could fill me fantastically,'

As her friend Beverley told her this, Deanna could sense the arousal in the Doctor, and she began to feel herself getting wet at the thought of Wesley naked and Beverley looking on. Gently, the counsellor lifted the doctor's chin and looked her in the eyes.

"You're going to tell me I've got to control those feelings, aren't you?" Beverly asked.

"Sometimes, feelings are so strong, you can't do anything but give in to them". At this point Deanna Troi leaned forward and soft pressed he lips onto the lips of her friend. Beverley's eyes widened in surprise at what Deanna had done. The empathic Counsellor sensed that although her friend was surprised she was not upset. When Deanna leaned in again Beverley returned the kiss and the two kissed passionately. Their lips locked together and their tongues probed each other's mouths.

As they kissed Beverly began to run up Deanna's leg softly caressing the skin of her inner thigh. Deanna pushed away Beverly momentarily and stood up. The counsellor removed the nightgown over her head to reveal her completely naked body.

"You're beautiful," whispered Beverley. She was right. Her skin was perfect from head to toe. Her tits were of average size but were perfectly formed. Beverly's eyes took in her body as she ran hey eyes down from her tits to her pussy, which had a small strip of black pubic hair.

Desire overwhelmed Dr Crusher. She stood up and again the pair kissed. The kiss was much more eager this time. It was as if the dam of their tentativeness had broken and all that was left was the river of desire. They continued to kiss as they headed towards the bed on the other side of the counsellors quarters. When they reached the bed, the counsellor separated herself from the doctor and lay down on her back staring with nothing but need on her face. Beverly ripped her silk pyjamas of her body. She was wearing nothing underneath but a pair of black panties.

Although, older than her Deanna, it was clear she kept in shape. Her breasts were round and firm. There was barely an inch of fat on her body. The counsellor was impressed. Beverly climbed on top of Deanna and looked her in the eyes. Each could feel the warmth emanating from the others body. Beverly kissed Deanna again and began to run her tongue down her neck. As she continued her slow journey down her body she paused and kissed her left nipple and began to trace her tongue around the areole. Deanna's body shuddered in delight and she began to moan softly. Beverley gave the same treatment to her other nipple and again Deanna moaned, this time louder. Beverley smiled and licked slowly down the other woman's stomach. Their she stopped an began to kiss the inside of Deanna's thighs.

"Please, please," Deanna pleaded. Beverly knew what her friend wanted. She saw that Deanna's pussy was almost dripping, so turned on was she. Beverly knew her pussy was the same. Beverly took two fingers of her right hand licked them and inserted them slowly into Deanna's waiting hole. Deanna gasped immediately. Beverly knew this wouldn't take long. She began to work her fingers in and out of Deanna's hole as quickly as she could.

"Oh, yes'" the counsellor moaned " Oh I'm cumming! Yes! YES! YES!" The counsellor screamed and her body tensed and then went limp again. Beverly removed her wet finders from Deanna pussy and licked them to taste the pussy fluid of the counsellor.

"We're not done yet," said the Doctor, whose pussy was on fire. She manoeuvred herself on top of the counsellor with her face on top Deanna's pussy and her pussy on top of Deanna's face. Troi began to rub Beverley's pussy over her thin panties and the doctor moaned her approval.

Beverley spread Deanna's pussy lips apart with her fingers and shoved her tongue inside. Her tongue flicked at Deanna's clitoris expertly. Taking her lead from the doctor, Deanna moved the panties to one side and began to delve with her tongue in to Beverley's pussy. Before long Beverly came spraying her pussy juice all over her friends face. They continued with their sixty-nine until they both had another orgasm and their faces were covered in each other's liquid.

That night they slept together, not washing the smell of each other off until the morning. Both knew this was the start of something special.

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