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Star Trek: Voyager

byRick Dean©

Please note all characters are copyright of Paramount and I am merely playing with a facsimile of their Trek characters. Slightly different versions than the originals but just as much fun in their own, unique way.

* * * * *

Tom Paris manuevered the starship Voyager hard to the port side, barely evading Borg cutting beams that had lanced out from the cube at the Federation vessel a millisecond before. "Where the hell did that cube come from!?" shouted Chakotay, a maquis freedom fighter turned second in command of Voyager, due to some very strange circumstances years prior.

"Sensors didn't indicate a spatial anomaly of any type before the cube arrived and opened fire, Sir!" Harry Kim gritted his teeth as the ship was rocked by another explosion before again speaking, "I'll run a full diagnostic on the ship's sensors and see if we've had some type of malfunction there!"

"Do it, Harry!" Captain Kathryn Janeway uttered from her chair.

"Aye Captain!" Harry quickly responded, "We have an incoming hail too, audio only." The metallic, cold voice of the Borg collective spoke resoundingly and convincingly: "We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ship. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to out own. You will adapt to serve us. Resistance is futile."

Captain Janeway had heard that hail more than once... it offered no inflection in the tone, no change in the pitch or tone... very cold and, to her human ears, devoid of anything that would remotely suggest it had a soul. "Like hell it is!" She screamed audibly. The Captain then locked eyes with her good friend and Chief Security Officer, Commander Tuvok. "I want a full dispersal of photon torpedoes with rotating phaser frequency fire so they can't adjust, at least not immediately!" She knew the Borg would adapt, however. It was their nature; adjust, adapt and overcome their enemies. Janeway new it would only be a matter of time until they were assimilated, unless something miraculous occured.

Tuvok launched a full volley of photons at the cube, phaser fire coming quickly on its heels...not surprisingly, the counter-attack did minimal damage. "Captain," Tuvok began in his monotonal voice, "The Borg vessel suffered minor damage, preliminary readings indicate it is still 89% combat ready and our own shields are down to 15%."

"Shit!" Janeway thought to herself, her eyebrows knotted together out of frustration and the lack of damage that they had returned onto the Borg. "One more hit and our shields will be gone," Tuvok stated.

"Maybe we can run from them, perhaps hide near a spatial distortion!?" Chakotay quipped.

"Harry grimaced and replied," The diagnostic indicates our sensors are working within acceptable parameters... in addition, I've scanned for spatial distortions, singularities, black holes, worm holes... nothing within 8 light years, Commander!"

"Get your phasers and change them to a modulating frequency!!" Janeway barked like a drill instructor. "If we're going to be boarded, we'll give them the fight of their lives! Until then, Tom, take us out of here at maximum warp!! Maybe we can find some aliens who would help us with the Borg... as vicious as they are, they're bound to have enemies all over the Delta Quadrant, and any enemy of theirs is a friend of ours!"

Immediately after Janeway stated that, a brilliant flash on incandescent light filled the bridge and there appeared... Q.

"Well, well, well if it isn't my little humans!! I see you've decided to take on the Borg once again! I really should have introduced your species much sooner... seems you can't help running into each other and the Borg have taken a liking to you!! Why don't you just let them go ahead and assimilate you!? I'm sure you'd find it ... an interesting experience." Q smirked wryly and interlocked his fingers as he did. Captain Janeway didn't know if Q's presence counted as miraculous or if he instigated the entire event, watching from behind the scenes, so to speak. If she had to wager her life, she'd choose the latter.

Janeway shot a scowl at Q but before she could speak, he said, "Come now Kathryn, I was merely having a bit of fun. My life is dull, drab and weary at times and I need to spice it up on occasion!! "Janeway gave Q a look that could kill but he paid her no heed, he simply snapped his fingers and the Borg cube imploded in upon itself. "There now, all the nasty Borg are all dead... feel better?" Q chuckled ominously.

"That wasn't necessary, Q and we both know it! You could have just as easily sent them back where they came from!" Q had a look on his face as though he were mulling it over, then said, "I suppose I could have... I still could even. just pluck them out of the space/time continuum and voila, they'd be back assimilating other species as though they never had been dead... that's the beauty of this universe, Kathryn... the past and future are both fluidic... you can alter events so easily, even on a whim! However, I think they should stay dead...the Borg are spiders and prey upon others... they needed to be squashed!!

Picard seldom would agree with me on anything but I would think you, of all people, wouldn't have such a bleeding heart... I've always fancied you as a female version of James Kirk... Gung ho, tough as nails and takes shit from no one, not even me. And I would think you wouldn't care if the Borg collective lived or died! I am happily surprised at that, Kathryn... to know that even I can get a reaction that I don't expect! I have to thank you for that!"

Q leaned down and kissed the back of Janeway's hand, gently pushing his lips against it while she sighed in disgust. She was still very angry at Q for bringing the Borg here and risking the lives of her crew, just so he could alleviate his boredom. "Thank you again Captain, it was indeed a pleasure... and now since you've done something pleasurable for me I'll do something even more pleasurable for you!" Q stated again with a sly grin which spread across his lips.

Chakotay then spoke up, "What the hell are you talking about, Q?! First you almost kill us and now you're wanting to do something you think will make us happy?! I think I can speak for the rest of the crew when I say thanks but no thanks... you've done more than enough as it is!" Q turned towards Chakotay and his smile downturned into a frown. "I wasn't speaking to you, now was I!?"

Q turned back towards Janeway and continued, "Captain, your crew was never in any real danger... I would have stopped the Borg before they would have had a chance to board and do any damage to either your people or your vessel. I see you all like... what's that Earth creature you love so much... those things... dogs yes... that's what they're called... I turned Picard's medical officer into one once upon a time but that's another story." Q laughed softly as he reminisced, then continued. " I see you all as my dogs, I suppose you could say and I care very much about your welfare, though I never would admit that to Jean-Luc! I have to play the part of the bad dog owner with him more often than not it seems, but all good owners play with their dogs right? And that's what I'm doing with you and your crew when I do these things Kathryn!"

Janeway didn't know whether to feel flattered or insulted... she thought perhaps a bit of both was appropriate. "So you see us as your DOGS?!" She mouthed. "Q, we don't need your interference in our lives in any manner, in fact you are a nuisance and we would appreciate it if you'd stay the hell out of our business and that of the Federation!"

Q retorted, " I know you don't really mean that Kathryn! You may say that but deep down you know you really have grown quite accustomed to my company and would be lost without me. So I'll tell you what, for being such good "doggies," I'll give you all a treat! What do you say to that?"

Harry replied, "How about getting us back to Earth?! I can't think of a better "treat" than that!" Tom said, " Hmmmmm well I can think of a couple things I'd like better than being back home, but not many. Paris then envisioned B'ellana Torres, his wife, giving him head for hours on end. To Tom, that was one of a couple things better than a ticket back to Earth.

Q must have been reading Tom's mind because he said, " I know the perfect treat! I'm going to lower all of your sexual inhibitions. Therefore you may all engage in fellatio, cunninglus and penetration without any need of a relationship, fear or rejection or any other social situation that may hinder you "gettin' some!" "he said in a voice identical to the 20th century musician, Barry White.

Q then snapped his fingers and another flash of white brilliance filled the deck, then vanished just as quickly. There, it's done!, "Q smirked" Now you all have the morals of an alley cat... though for Paris, I think that's a step-up! Without another word Q vanished like fog on a warm sunny day; leaving no sign that he had ever been there in the first place to begin with.

Captain Janeway quickly assembled her officers into the ready room, with Seven of Nine and Neelix joining as well. The Doctor, who usually is quite punctual, was a few moments late due to his being on the holodeck entertaining a computer generated Seven of Nine.

Captain Janeway stood while her officers were seated, then paced slowly around the room while speaking.

"I don't know about the rest of you but I've been experiencing a great need for sex. This hunger needs to be stifled and put aside, from myself as well as the rest of you. We are sentient beings and not animals in heat. This can be controlled and we can be cured. We all need to attempt to find solutions however and work together, not only with one another but your subordinates as well." She wheeled on her heels and said, "Doctor, I want you to begin immediately and to try and find a medical cure for this, short of genital mutilatiion. Research Starfleets medical logs and see what solutions they may possibly have, meanwhile Harry, I want you to try and find any nearby alien species that may also have a cure for this."

Harry could feel his loins begin to burn and his cock twitched as he glanced over at Seven of Nine. He had to forcibly look up at the Captain and reply, "Yes ... yes ma'am, I'll get on it right away."

"Excellent!" Captain Janeway replied. I know all of you will do your best, as you always have in the past. This crew never has backed down from any kind of threat and we won't now either... dismissed!"

Tuvok began to teach several of the lower ranking officers and ensigns how to properly meditate and use that as a focal point of their lives, not sex. Vulcans have to deal with Pon Farr every seven years, a maddening desire for sex and joining, and Tuvok thought of how this lowering of inhibitions Q inflicted on his crew was very mild in comparison. However, he is Vulcan and the crew consisted mostly of Humans... he doubted they would be able to exert the same type of self control as he did.

Harry began opening hails with all nearby sentient species and spent many hours discussing the problem Voyager was suffering from Q's interference with said species at great length. However, none of the beings he encountered were able to help with the problem. They suggested many treatments but even with the Doctor's supervision and aid, they failed to help one single crew member.

"I can't believe we've failed at this, Doctor!" Harry stated angrily. Harry Kim was a very intelligent young man and one who refused to give in, even when the odds were stacked against him. Q was seemingly omnipotent, and if he chose to do something, it would require a great deal of hard work (and luck) to undo it. Harry didn't even know if it was a possibility to undo something Q had wrought but he never considered giving up for a second.

"We haven't failed, per se, Harry," stated the Doctor, rather matter-of-factly. "I believe in this universe there are solutions to every conceivable problem, we've just not yet been fortunate to stumble across the one to ours yet but we shall! Persevere, Mr. Kim, persevere! We shall yet be triumphant, I am certain of that!"

Harry nodded in agreement but the look on his face read of defeat. "I'll be back later Doc, I have to go and meet Seven of Nine and Neelix for lunch now. I'll return at 800 hours and we can tackle this again." Harry departed without even looking back at the Doctor, who stood there in the doorway of the medbay and nodded his head slowly in agreement.

Scant moments after Harry departed, a brilliant flash of light appeared, signaling Q's arrival.

"Really, hologram, you have the audacity to attempt to undo my fun!? The Doctor retorted, "Of course! Not only was it a direct order from the Captain herself but it is the essence of my programming to assist those who need it in any way possible. And I would think this situation where the crew now have the morals of alley cats certainly qualifies!"

Q didn't know whether to burst out in laughter or seethe with fury at this projection of light, computer programming and forcefields. He chose the former and a large smile crept across his face. "Hahahaha hologram, you are very presumptuous, however you were following the orders of Janeway and I suppose I cannot hold you at fault for that. However, seeing as how I don't wish to see you disrupt my plans, I have something in mind for you too!"

Q's smile turned from innocent to mischievous in the blink of an eye. He snapped his fingers and a white light enveloped the good Doctor. A split second later, the white light was gone and the Doctor stood unchanged, or seemingly so anyhow. Q remarked, " There, now I doubt you'll be interfering as you had beforehand, Hologram!"

The Doctor felt different, yet much the same. He looked at his hands, felt his body and things were to his perceptions, the way they should be. Yet at the same time, something was wrong. Where he hadn't before, he now felt a new yearning and desire. He felt the need to be completed, to have his desires filled. Those newfound desires seemed to burn in his genitals and he felt his manhood begin to lengthen! "This can't be!" he thought?! "What the hell is happening!??"

A second voice joined his own in his mind. It was Q. "I've made certain you won't attempt to interefere again as I stated moments ago. I've done one thing which will ensure that I will have your complete and utter compliance. Simply, I've turned you from hologram to human." And with that, Q vanished as though he had never been there to begin with.

Harry entered his quarters to have a sonic shower and a quick nap before meeting with Seven and Neelix. He knew as stressed as he had been with attempting to find a solution for this problem, along with his own sexual desires which conflicted greatly, a shower and nap would do him wonders. He entered to find Neelix and Seven waiting for him, however. Seven spoke up promptly, "I have used my Borg technology to gain access to your room Mr. Kim. Mr. Neelix and I decided that it would be more efficient to meet and dine here, if you do not have a problem with that?"

"Yes," Neelix chimed in. "Seven and myself thought that perhaps we could save time by being here, I hope we weren't intruding?" Harry was two seconds from throwing them both out, but out of professional courtesy he said bit his lip and said, "No, not at all. Please make yourselves comfortable and I'll be right back after I've had a quick shower."

Harry hurriedly took his shower and with a towel around his waist, he made his way back to his room. As he walked by from the bathroom to the bedroom, he glanced over his shoulder, then did a quick double-take to make certain he saw what he thought he had initially saw. On the couch, Neelix and Seven were kissing passionately, their tongues dueling playfully, and every so often Neelix would hold Seven's tongue between his lips and gently suck on it. Almost in a trance, Harry softly walked directly up to Seven and Neelix. "What... what the hell are you two doing?!" Without missing a beat, Neelix said lustily, his gaze still fixed on Seven, "Sorry Harry, it just sort of happened. We Talaxians give off great amounts of pheremones, moreso than most species, and with Sevens lowered inhibitions... well, this was the result!"

Seven looked up at Harry and locked her eyes with his, then in one quick motion, she yanked the towel off from around his waist. "I need more, Mr. Kim... much more if I am to be truly satisfied!" Harry's manhood wasn't little but it also wasn't large, or even average. He began to get harder and harder... 2 inches, then 3, then 4 ... finally 4 1/2... then he grew no more. Seven of Nine looked at Harry's cock and then back into his eyes and said, "Insufficient for vaginal penetration, Mr. Kim. Perhaps you are more ... orally skilled?"

"Harry's eyes lit up and he quickly dropped to his knees. With his hands on either side of Seven's skin tight metallic suit, he began to peel it from her body. Neelix, meanwhile, took his pants off, then his shorts to reveal a very large but furry cock. As is hardened and grew, Seven's eyes did the same. Neelix grew from 5 to 7... then 8... 9... 10... finally 11 inches long and 4 inches thick... Seven's mouth began to salivate at the prospect of placing this giant cock in her mouth. "This cock is gorgeous and certainly capable of pleasurable vaginal penetration. You are a credit to your species, Neelix!"

Neelix countered, "Actually I'm painfully average by my people's standards. Some male Talaxians have cocks that are much longer than mine!!" Seven smiled and said softly, "Perhaps but to me, this is perfect!" She then lowered her head and began to tease the side of Neelix's throbbing cock with the tip of her tongue. Like a craftsman, she worked it back and forth, a thin trail of saliva glistening on Neelix's manhood.

"Oooooohhh yes Seven... I like... please take me into your mouth soon!" Neelix moaned.

Seven didn't acknowledge that she had heard Neelix and continued to lick up and down the length of his huge shaft, teasing it with her tongue and then licking his slit, tasting his precum. It seemed to her Talaxian male's sperm tasted much like chocolate that humans had a fondness for, so she continued to lick and swirl her tongue around the head, teasing and licking it as she went. Neelix moaned louder and placed his hands firmly on Seven's head, guiding her up and down his fuckstick. He glanced down to observe Harry removing Seven's underwear, then watched closely as Mr. Kim's tongue began to flick and rub against Seven's clit. She momentarily stopped sucking on Neelix to take in the pleasure that Harry was giving her. Her breathing became heavy and her eyes closed tightly as her lips curved upward into a beautiful smile.

Harry licked Seven faster now, her hips rising up to meet his tongue's thrusts. He never really cared before for eating women out, not even when he was a early twenty-something at Starfleet Academy, but Seven was unique. Things he wouldn't or didn't fantasize about with other women, he did with her. Harry had imagined licking her slit many times before and rolling her hard clit around in his mouth. Now he was actually living the fantasy, tasting her wetness and attempting to bring her to orgasm with his tongue. He slowly began to lick down and pulled her asscheeks apart, prying them open so his tongue could circle her asshole. He teased it softly, making Seven coo with pleasure, then worked his way back up to her pussy. Harry heard Neelix moaning louder and looked up to see what was occurring. Seven was taking most of Neelix's eleven inches of cock into her mouth and the back of her throat now, her lips pursed tightly around it like a lollipop. Harry thought he could go one better and began to drive his tongue deep into Seven's wetness, licking the opening of her vagina and thrusting his tongue inside like a firm cock.

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