tagInterracial LoveStar View Academy Ch. 01

Star View Academy Ch. 01


I walked over to my office for my office hours in my Calculus II class.

No one comes in to office hours except a few students trying to make a good impression at the beginning of the term or a few students who are hopelessly behind and can't catch up. And then there are the ones who are looking for something else.

About 10 minutes into my office hours Kelly Lipman, the 18 year old skinny blond senior walked into my office.

Kelly was wearing the Star View Academy uniform. It was a short blue skirt and a white blouse.

I don't know why they put those short skirts on 18 and 20 year old women. It makes them almost irresistible. The dark skirt and knee high stockings on someone who is of legal age is very difficult to resist. Especially when they are not resisting. Then you add in the fact that those older girls hike up the skirts higher than they supposed to. My cock always throbs just thinking about it.

''Mr. Pearson, I was wondering if you could help me with a reference for my college application.''

Kelly wasn't one of my students. Hell, I can't even remember seeing her all that much.

''Sure, come right in.'' I said.

She awkwardly moved into my office. ''Mr. Pearson, ur, um. I have these papers that I have to get some of my teachers to sign.''

She was your tall blond bombshell that probably always got what she wanted her whole life due to a pretty face, hot body, and those deep blue eyes. I found it hard to keep my attention on what she was saying.

''Ms. Lipman, I was never your teacher so I really can't evaluate your performance.''

Becky tentatively took a piece of paper out of her bag and put it on my desk. She then eased around the desk to the side I was standing on.

''Becky said that you wrote her a great reference letter.''

I smiled. Becky Stewart was a 19 year old redhead who needed special tutoring that often turned into ''really special tutoring.''

She eased very close to me and I smelled the perfume that Becky wore as well. I laughed inwardly.

''What do you have in mind Ms. Lipman.''

She shifted her weight. ''I just want to see what everyone is raving about...I mean Mr. Rios and Mr. Childress are great, but I hear that you ain't seen nothing until you have seen Mr. Pearson.''

I walked over to the front door and locked it. I then confidently strode over to Becky and asked, ''Seen Mr. Pearson's what?''

She turned her head slightly and rocked from side to side and smiled and weakly and pointed to my crotch and said, ''I want to see it.''

I grabbed her, picked her up and put her on the desk. She sat there with one leg on each side of me sitting on my desk while I stood in front of her.

''Before I show you anything, I have something to do.''

No matter how old they are, women always have guys who will screw them and never leave them satisfied. If you satisfy a woman, then she will always keep coming back for more.

I kissed her full on her lips. I then picked her legs up and looked under that skirt. She wasn't wearing any panties.

I licked around her neatly shaved pussy. She started breathing deeply as soon as I began. I fluttered with my tongue and allowed my tongue to go into her pussy in and out. She grabbed my head and tried to push it further into her. I could tell that she probably hadn't had her pussy eaten. At least not well. I continued to do that for a few minutes while she writhed on my desk.

My cock was getting hard as well, there is something about giving pleasure to a woman that really turned me on.

Becky writhed and moaned with more intensity. I then moved on to caress her clit with my tongue. She was sweating and breathing hard. I knew it wasn't going to be long. She then gave a stifled scream as she climaxed.

My tongue continued through the climax. She laid there still at this point.

I laughed, ''You came already? You really wanted this.''

Becky looked at me with those deep blue eyes and said, ''I want your cock.''

I pulled down my pants and allowed my cock out. Becky looked and her eyes widened. She jumped up off the table and pushed me down in my chair.

She then grabbed my cock and took the tip in her mouth. I could tell this wasn't her first time sucking cock though, but she wasn't an expert by no means. She sucked and with each suck got my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth.

She took her hand and put the hair out of her eyes. My cock began to soften a little. Her technique might have sent the little boys into ecstasy, but was not that great for me. She looked up almost apologetic. She said, ''I want your cock inside me.''

She continued to jerk me off while I opened the top drawer on my desk and pulled out a condom.

''Oh you don't have to...''

I smiled and said, ''You want to go to college, you don't want to raise a kid.''

I took the condom and rolled it on my member. I then picked her up and put her back on the desk. She was already pretty moist due to her earlier orgasm.

I entered her and she moaned. I pumped her deeper and deeper. She moaned some more. It really felt as though she was about to have another orgasm.

I kissed her. My cock had jumped back to attention and was hard as steel. I could see one tear in her eye. I stopped, ''Are you all-right.''

She yelled, ''Don't you dare stop, fuck me!''

I continued as she continued to yell, ''Yeah, fuck me with that black cock.''

I kept fucking her with abandon when she was about to come and she yelled, ''Fuck me, N*****, fuck me with that N**** cock!'' Yes, she used the N-Word.

I then got angry. I hate that racist shit. I ain't no damn animal.

I had a mind to stop fucking her, but my cock had other ideas. I continued fucking her, and she came again. I continued pumping for a little while longer until I climaxed.

She laid there totally still now. I removed my condom and wrapped it in some papers and threw it in the garbage. She started rearranging her clothes. I put on my pants.

''What's with that racist shit?'' I said.

''What do you mean?''

''You used the fucking N-Word.''

''I thought you liked that. Every black guy I fucked before liked it when I said that.''

''Get out of my office.''

''Uh, so you gonna give me a good recommendation?''

''If you want me to tell them that you think that fucking black men means you aren't racist, then send me the papers.''

She smiled deviously. ''Well at least can I get that cock again?'' she took her finger and rubbed it against my chest.

''Just get out of my office, Ms. Lipman.''

She walked over to the other side of the desk, picked up her bag. ''See you later, because I bet you want some more of this.'' She said while bending over giving me a full view of her bare ass. She laughed out loud and walked to the door and left.

I tried to look angry, but she was right, I wanted more of that.

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