Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute Ch. 06


Seventy-Two smiled. That was a very ProCorps response.

"It is," Admiral Garowyn answered. Then she turned to Seventy-Two. "Take Captain Antilles to the ProCorps supply room and get her fitted with a chastity belt," she instructed her.

"Yes Admiral," Seventy-Two replied cheerfully, then led Syal out of the office, to be locked into a chastity belt.

It took them almost ten minutes to make the long trek to the ProCorps supply room. A ProCorps supply sergeant was waiting for them when they arrived. Syal seemed embarrassed as she told him her size, and insisted on him leaving the room so she could change. He went into the back and Seventy-Two helped Syal lock the chastity belt onto her.

Other than during role plays, Seventy-Two hadn't worn panties since the Academy. She didn't even think about them either, much less miss them. It made getting dressed just that much easier. She hoped Syal would go to the Academy as well, and learn to serve the Empire as she did. Idly, she wondered if Syal would ever wear panties again.

Nearly half-an-hour later they returned, both fully in uniform. Admiral Garowyn was in her office proper, at her desk. Seventy-Two and Syal stood at parade rest at the door, waiting for Admiral Garowyn to acknowledge them.

"Enter," she instructed them after nearly a minute.

They walked in, and went back to parade rest a meter in front of her desk.

"Let me see it," she told Syal.

Seventy-Two watched Syal out of the corner of her eye. After barely a moment's hesitation, she reached up to take off her belt.

"Um, It won't come off," she explained, unnecessarily, to Admiral Garowyn.

Admiral Garowyn smiled. "That's right. It won't. Your uniform belt, collar, corset, boots, chrono, comlink, and now your chastity belt are locked onto you until I decide otherwise." She gave Syal a few moments to consider that, then asked, "You don't have a problem with that, do you Captain Antilles?"

Now Seventy-Two turned her head a couple of centimeters towards Syal, to get a better look at her face.

"Um, no Ma'am," she replied after a moment's hesitation, still looking slightly confused.

"Excellent," Admiral Garowyn replied with a smile. "Now, Seventy-Two has fallen behind on her ProCorps duties since you've come on board, so I have decided that she is going to spend the rest of the day attending to them. You will stay here and cover for her as my personal assistant," she instructed them.

"Yes Admiral," Seventy-Two replied happily.

"Yes Ma'am," Syal replied a moment later.

"Seventy-Two, get Captain Antilles started on your typing, and tell her anything you think she should know, then you can attend to your other duties," Admiral Garowyn instructed Seventy-Two.

"Yes Admiral," she replied obediently as they turned to walk out of her office.

"And Captain Antilles, while I don't expect you to fill in completely for Seventy-Two, I do expect you to give your best effort at all tasks, understood?"

"Yes Ma'am," Syal answered.

Both paused another few heartbeats, then walked out of the office and into the reception area.

Seventy-Two quickly showed Syal how to use the computer's word processing program, and what she needed to type. She wondered if Admiral Garowyn would have her perform the more 'personal' of Seventy-Two's personal assistant duties, but didn't mention it. Instead, she just told Syal when to expect Admiral Garowyn to summon her, and left.

Seventy-Two spent the next eight hours or so servicing a steady stream of Imperial Officers. Nearly nine hours later, Syal came into her room. Seventy-Two was resting on her bed, wearing her favorite collar, corset, chastity belt, chrono and comlink, and fifteen-centimeter heels. There was no mistaking the smell of sex in the room.

"Ready to hit the gym?" Syal asked with a smile as she stood in the doorway, keeping it open.

After countless hours working out in the gym, and in the bedroom, Seventy-Two was in fantastic shape. Still, she was used to working out before hours of sex, so she was a little tired at the moment. "How was your day?" she asked Syal, changing the subject for the moment.

Syal walked into the room, letting the door close behind her. "Fine. I typed until my fingers hurt, then got Admiral Garowyn her lunch—she didn't let me eat—then I typed some more," Syal said as she sat down on the pouf couch. "Oh, and I gave her a full body massage," she added as she took off her spectacles and earpieces.

Seventy-Two raised an eyebrow in mild surprise. She hadn't thought Admiral Garowyn would go that far so soon. She quickly recovered however. "Great," Seventy-Two replied casually. "I hope you did a good job."

Syal pulled off her belt before replying. "Admiral Garowyn said I did alright." Then she frowned as she pulled off her uniform jacket and added, "But she said that I had to practice more."

Seventy-Two smiled back at her. "Well, I'd let you practice on me, but. . ." and looked down at her own chastity belt.

Syal reached down, and pulled off her boots. "She also told me that I could only open my chastity belt like yours opened, and that you would tell me how."

Now Seventy-Two rolled over and looked at her a moment. She could only take off her chastity belt when an Officer ran his ID chit over the scanner on the front of her chastity belt. "She did?" she asked carefully.

Syal pulled off her jodhpurs. "Yes. She did."

Seventy-Two wasn't quite ready to explain that to her yet. "Let's hit the gym," she suggested, changing the subject.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ End of Chapter 6 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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