tagInterracial LoveStardust Ch. 02

Stardust Ch. 02


FOREWORD: Hi babies! Okay, Chapter Two...this is the second installment of a 3-part story. More is being revealed here, but we won't truly have all our answers until Chapter Three which will be the conclusion.

I've mentioned before that my stuff is more stories that include sex. This one is no different. There are sex scenes, but not much. So if you're looking for a sex story, this one is not it!

I won't say any more. I hope you all are entertained. Please remember to comment/vote. Thank you for reading the story!

I give you Chapter Two...


Lord Brand was engaged to be married, and Tyler was devastated; but she didn't want to admit why.

'He couldn't possibly love Lady Thora!' She couldn't resist the wayward thought.

Tyler thought dinner couldn't possibly get any worse...it did with the arrival of the man with the snake eyes.

His name was Leif and apparently he was Lord Brand's cousin. Tyler immediately disliked him just as much as she disliked Lady Thora, if not more.

Leif was a monster.

Tyler felt it in her core, and when the man had eyed her up and down his, brazen gaze resting on her breasts, the hairs on the back of her neck had spiked.

He and Lord Brand could not have been more different both in appearance and temperament. Leif was tall, but didn't come close to Lord Brand's immense height; and he certainly wasn't as big.

Actually, the man was quite thin with fair looks that reminded Tyler of the modern-day Swedes.

His features were soft and almost effeminate.

His white-blond hair was straight, only reaching his shoulders. It had obviously been neatly manicured as the man looked as if he had just stepped out of a Pantene commercial.

Leif's facial hair was almost non-existent. The light spattering of stubble had been trimmed as well; it was such a white-blond that it seemed invisible. The nose was long and fit his narrow face.

He might have been beautiful if not for the cruelty that he could not hide.

Dressed in bright colors, the hose and froufrou attire made Leif look as if he didn't belong in the great hall with the big, bushy, unkempt warriors. He was dressed immaculately, but showy like a male peacock.

But it was the eyes that made Tyler wary.

Leif's eyes were a dark blue, and the hardness...the viciousness in them was alarming.

"What have we here, cousin?" Leif had asked Lord Brand. His chilly gaze was focused on Tyler, which had prompted her to move closer to Lord Brand. She hadn't realized that she had brought more attention to herself with the small movement.

Leif's pale brow shot up in amusement.

"He has brought back with him the spoils of war...a souvenir of sorts," Thora chimed in slyly.

Oh how Tyler longed to scratch her eyes out! But instead, she reigned in her temper and slapped a smile on her face.

As Lord Brand made the introductions and told of how he'd come to find Tyler, she was aware that he was looking at her strangely. It wasn't until Leif reached for her hand that she understood why.

Under the table, she had grabbed the hem of Lord Brand's tunic and was nervously twisting it in her hand. He gently lifted her hand and placed it in his large one. Apparently, when she had moved closer to him, she had grabbed him as well.

Mortified, Tyler tried to pull away but was momentarily caught off guard when he held firm and would not release her.

She looked at Lord Brand askance, but he did not let on what was happening. Instead, his steady gaze remained on her, while he lightly and reassuringly swept his thumb across her knuckles.

Snake Eyes was now speaking to her, the falseness dripping from his tone.

"Tyler is it? What an extraordinarily masculine name. It is a pleasure I'm sure...welcome to our humble abode. And I do mean humble." he said. "For how long are we graced with your presence?" he asked.

He still openly stared at her cleavage.

Tyler smiled tightly and took her cue from Lord Brand; but what she really wanted to do was knock the stupid smirk from Leif's face.

"The pleasure is mine. And I will leave when Lord Brand says it's time," she replied sweetly.

Meanwhile, Lord Brand gave her hand another light squeeze before releasing it. No doubt he was silently offering her reassurance in light of the subtle, very cordial assault she was under.

As the meal wore on, Lady Thora threw her barbs at Tyler every chance she got. She purred and preened. Her laugh trilled throughout the great hall and she was constantly touching Lord Brand. Each time he tried to speak with Tyler, Thora would force his attention back to her.

Just when Tyler didn't know how much more she could take, the meal blessedly came to an end.

The hall's inhabitants broke into storytelling and song. Tyler pled fatigue and said her goodbyes to Lady Thora and Leif with false cheer.

"Tyler, allow me to accompany you to your rooms," Lord Brand said as he offered his arm.

"My lady, cousin, I will return shortly," he said in his quiet, no nonsense tone.

Tyler gratefully took his arm and walked with him out of the hall. Away from the noise and the hatred emanating from Thora and Leif, Tyler was able to breathe a sigh of relief.

As the two new companions walked arm-in-arm, neither saw the looks of surprise directed at them. It was highly unorthodox for the lord of the manor to accompany a guest in such a way.

Asgerd tried to hide the look of glee on her leathery face, and was barely successful.

No one saw how Lady Thora's eyes narrowed with rage. Brand had always proven to be difficult to control. He was very unlike any man she had ever encountered. Most nearly swooned at her beauty; but he remained unaffected and normally turned a deaf ear and blind eye to her feminine wiles.

To add insult to injury, he was now breaking decorum and following that dark monster to her rooms...and for all to see! She would get her revenge. Thora's mouth nearly salivated with bloodlust toward the woman.

Beside her, Leif watched with great interest as Tyler's full, round bottom gently swayed as she walked. His cock began to harden; and shielded by the table, he fondled it, imagining the dark vixen writhing beneath him as he pumped hard into her.

Grabbing his chalice, he downed the contents and bellowed for more wine.

He meant to have her...one way or another. It would be a perfect way to spite his dear cousin...take the woman he was obviously smitten with. It was delightful. Leif smiled with satisfaction as his twisted mind devised a wicked plan to get this Tyler alone.

When he caught sight of the scowl on Thora's lovely face, he tsked. "Wipe that look of rage from your face, my lady. Now is not the time or the place. The day will come when you are able to avenge yourself against the woman. But for now, you are on display."

His words worked like a charm. The look of anger was immediately replaced with a serene, calm expression. Lady Thora even managed a smile.

"There's a girl. Simply bide your time and play the part of perfect noblewoman," Leif continued smoothly.

"As usual you have proven to be wise. I am grateful for your presence," Thora responded.

'That you should be, Lady,' he thought. 'That you should be.'


"I believe you have carried yourself well this day," Lord Brand complimented.

Tyler almost laughed.

"Thank you. It was difficult. Lady Thora is...a handful," she replied tiredly.

Dinner had taken its toll on her; and all she wanted to do was go to bed and have a good cry over her current circumstances.

Brand heard what she had not said and understood.

"Your displeasure is not ill-placed. Would that I could heave Lady Thora onto a mare and watch it carry her into the forest," he said with a conspiratorial wink.

Surprised, Tyler looked up at him and laughed at the image of him tossing Thora onto a horse and slapping its ass as it tore into the woods.

"Does that mean this is a marriage of convenience, then?" she asked a little too hopefully.

Brand looked at her sideways. "Is there any other?" he asked.

Tyler cocked her head to the side as they walked slowly. She knew he was right. A marriage for love was very rare for people of his status.

Once back upstairs, Lord Brand walked past his chambers a few feet to another door.

"Now that you are well, I have arranged for you to occupy these chambers. I hope it is to your liking."

He opened the door to a room that was similar to his own but slightly smaller and more feminine. A fire had been built, making the room warm and inviting.

Turning to her host, she was about to thank him when she became overwhelmed with the gravity of her predicament. She looked up into Lord Brand's familiar face – a face from which she now drew comfort – and burst into tears.

His brows snapped together with concern, and he swept Tyler into his big arms, carrying her to the bed.

"You are unwell?" he asked. "I will have someone fetch Asgerd-"

"No...no, Brand I'm fine. I'm just tired is all," she managed to get out as she sobbed. "I'm tired...and I'm so far away from home!!"

Brand pulled her into his lap and handed Tyler a cloth. She didn't use it, but instead turned her face into his strong chest and cried for all she was worth. He continued to hold her, and rubbed her back. He wished there was more he could do to comfort her, but he couldn't...at least not for now.

If there was one thing Brand hated was the feeling of helplessness. It was his duty to help his kinsmen, and though Tyler was not a Scandinavian, he was just as protective of her as if she were one of his own.

He would do everything in his power to find this place she lived...this America and get her back home. For now, all he could do was keep her safe and provide for her. It wasn't lost on him how Lady Thora and Leif had descended upon her this eventide. He would rectify the matter, Odin help him.

As her sobs began to subside and she rested her head on his chest, Brand admitted that even though she had broken politesse by calling him by his given name, he rather liked the sound of it on her lips.

He also liked how she felt in his arms. She was heavier than she looked, but was soft and womanly. Her heat was all-encompassing and he found himself wanting to stay there with her the whole of the night.

'You will,' he vowed to himself.

Kissing her forehead, he tried to look down into her face.

"Tyler, you are better now?" he asked.

She simply nodded her head, too embarrassed to speak. For the second time that night, she had shamed herself in front of Lord Brand. First she had been too familiar and grabbed him at dinner, and now, she was sitting on his lap, snotting all over his big chest.

His big, muscular chest. Damn, the man was cut!

Keeping her eyes averted, Tyler scooted off his lap and used the cloth to scrub at the wet area on his torso where her face had just been.

"I'm so sorry. I keep doing stupid things to you. I don't know what's wrong with me," she began.

Brand grabbed her hand and cupped her chin, placing a thumb against her lips to silence her.

"You have done nothing worth apologizing for," he said in his quiet, direct manner.

Tyler closed her eyes as his touch made her skin pepper with gooseflesh. The air crackled with the electricity between them. She felt so comfortable with him, it baffled her. This morning when she had first seen him, she should have fought harder or tried to get away from him.

But she hadn't.

His quiet strength and integrity emanated from him; and quite simply, she trusted the warlord.

When she opened her eyes, she looked up into Brand's gray ones and silently pleaded for him to kiss her.

His thumb slid over her soft lips and down her chin to gently cup the back of her neck. Leaning forward, he was amused as Tyler's eyes drifted closed again and her full lips puckered expectantly.

She was an enticing minx.

Bringing his mouth to her ear, he kissed the shell slowly, sensually. "Soon," he whispered, and placed a chaste kiss on her cheek.

Tyler opened her eyes just in time to see his wide, retreating back as he made his way out and closed the door behind him.

"Soon," she whispered, her heart pounding erratically at his promise.

She touched her cheek where he had just kissed her and flounced backward, lying on the bed. Dreamily, she thought of how it would feel to have Lord Brand kiss her. She wondered how his lips felt and whether or not he was a gentle kisser.

Was he thorough and did he have skills? Tyler was sure the answer to both those was yes.

"What are you doing?!" she growled suddenly. "He's going to be married! And you're not from here, HELLOOOO!"

She rolled onto her stomach and stared at the fire. This was a hopeless situation. She had been out of bed for one day and already she had taken a fancy to the lord of the manor and was sulking when she learned he was to marry a beautiful, blond harridan.

There were much bigger issues at hand!

Instead of concerning herself with Lord Brand's affairs, she should be trying to find her way back home...back to 2011.

"But he's so damn sexy...and I like him," Tyler lamented to no one in particular.

She flipped on her back once more and threw her arm over her face. Why did everything have to be so difficult??

Removing her arm, she blindly stared up at the rafters. Something else was bothering her, and had been for most of the day.

Lord Brand's name had sounded so familiar, but she couldn't place where she had heard it...or if she had ever heard it before to begin with. Tyler had read so many history books and watched so many History channel documentaries that they sometimes ran together.

"Lord Brand Magnusson." She repeated his name over and over but could not figure out why she should know the name.

In the morning, she would ask about Lady Thora and Leif's full names. Maybe that would jog her memory.

Pushing the nagging sensation aside, Tyler got ready for bed and perused her new rooms. She walked around, trailing her fingers along the stone walls. A beautiful tapestry had been hung against the farthest inner wall in the same manner as Lord Brand's room.

This depiction was of a golden woman. She wore a cloak of feathers and a beautiful necklace. She stood powerfully on a chariot that was pulled by two cats... she was the goddess Freyja.

Tyler peeked behind the tapestry and smiled when she found a door identical to the one in Lord Brand's room. Turning, she lightly ran her hand over the small wooden table and chair. If she remembered correctly, only the wealthy lords had them.

Taking a deep, steadying breath, she allowed her thoughts to turn to her beloved brother.

"Marcus, can you believe it? Can you believe where I am? I wonder if you can even hear me...or did you have something to do with this?" she asked.

Unexpectedly, everything that had happened came crashing down on Tyler. There was just too much going on.

She was lost in the 9th century and had no idea how or if she would get back home. She had not had an opportunity to mourn her brother's death, she was smitten with a medieval man whom she barely knew, and his fiancée wanted to rip her to shreds. She didn't even want to think about Leif.

Tyler sincerely hoped that things could not get any worse. She didn't know if she had the fortitude to withstand any more!

As she stopped in front of the fire, she broke down once again and held herself tightly.

She cried over the cruelty behind her brother's death, and she cried because he had been taken away from her so soon. She cried because he had not had the opportunity to live and love with Ian, and she cried because the world could be such a terrible place.

Tyler was drained.

She washed her face with the water that had been left in a ceramic bowl and got into bed.

Feeling better that she had at least been able to cry, Tyler was very aware that she seriously needed to figure out how to get back to her rightful time.

That gold box was the key to everything. If she could find it, she was sure she could travel back to where she belonged.

But where the hell was the box? She hadn't seen it with any of her belongings, and hadn't even thought to ask about it.

She would just have to speak with Asgerd in the morning. Tyler didn't have to tell the old woman everything...she would just mention that the box was of sentimental value and leave things at that.

By some great miracle, if the trinket had come with her, she had a fighting chance of going home.

As for Lord Brand...Tyler made up in her mind that nothing would go on there. It couldn't. So what, she had a small crush on him.

Big deal.

People developed crushes all the time. It was how the situation was handled that set people apart.

The man was as good as married, and Tyler had no desire to become a home wrecker.

He really was yummy, though.

"Stop that!" she mumbled to herself and smacked her own hand.

Her eyelids became too heavy for her to keep open, and her last thoughts were centered on Brand and the way he had made her feel. Too tired to dissect her emotions, she decided that her feelings were raw right now, and she was vulnerable.

"I bet you won't even like him that way in the morning," she whispered to herself.

Yes. Tyler was sure that in the morning, life would make a tad bit more sense, and she would find that Lord Brand didn't affect her nearly as strongly as she'd thought.


The manor was dark save for the torches scattered about the walls. All that could be heard was snoring, the muffled sounds of a miscellaneous couple fucking and the footfalls of the guards outside.

The cloaked figure slipped quietly into the chamber.

"I was beginning to think you had changed your mind, my dear," Leif drawled.

He was nude upon the bed, his long, pale cock in his hand. "My apologies...I have begun without you," he said as he stroked himself.

"Those dimwitted barbarians grow increasingly greedier for wine and beer. They have just now settled in for the night!" Lady Thora said.

She was disgusted with the lot of them.

If Brand wasn't as powerful and rich as he was, she would have left this place long ago. But he was rich and he was a powerful chieftain. She had been promised to the brute because Halfdan thought him "noble." But to Thora, Brand was nothing more than a savage lout. The only thing he was good for was wielding his sword and bringing her riches.

She despised everything about him. From his big, vulgar body to his dark, doglike looks...Thora wanted nothing to do with him.

Removing her cloak, she paced in front of the fireplace, exposing her slender form to Leif's feasting eyes.

"The audacity," she growled. "The gall! To embarrass me in such a manner. The entire keep does know he escorted that woman to her rooms! Why is she his guest?! She should be a slave, yet she enjoys the same comforts as his betrothed!"

On the bed, Leif continued to stroke his growing manhood and watched Thora's titties jiggle as she stomped back and forth.

This was a laugh they both shared, for they both hated Brand. Thora gained much gratification from enjoying Brand's generosity. And when it was dark as pitch, she thumbed her nose at him by traipsing along the keep in a cloak with nothing on underneath.

She would make her way to her lover at night and fuck Leif, making the deceit all the more delicious.

"And he would take me to task and command that I am cordial with her...ME, Lady Thora!" she was saying.

Bored with her theatrics, Leif got out of the bed and walked to his lover.

He forced her to halt her movements and wrapped his arms around her waist. Turning Thora so that her back was to him, he first placed one of her arms above her on the warm stone above the fireplace; her other arm followed.

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