tagInterracial LoveStardust Ch. 03

Stardust Ch. 03


"You please me, Lord Brand," Tyler whispered, batting her lashes coquettishly. Her eyes twinkled with mirth and her skin glowed radiantly from their lovemaking.

Brand chuckled in acknowledgment. It was he who normally spoke of how pleased he was with her.

"You are a minx," he teased as he kissed the tip of her nose and rolled his big body off of hers. Unable to pull her eyes away from Brand, Tyler's gaze followed him across the room as he made his way to the bowl of water.

She was still in awe of his powerful physique...not one ounce of fat!

His upper thighs nearly rubbed together when he walked, they were so heavily muscled! Not even his battle scars could mar the perfection of his form.

Tyler continued to stare, her appreciation evident when Brand brought a wet cloth over to her. He proceeded to gently clean her body of his spilled seed; the tenderness of his attentions belied his fierce, warrior frame. She placed one arm behind her head and allowed her other hand to trail idly across the soft furs on the bed.

Absently, she contemplated Brand's face. It was in these chambers that she'd first seen him. His appearance had scared the crap out of her; and Tyler had been afraid of him...afraid that he would hurt her.

Now she was amused by the thought.

She had come to love his face, love the kindness that was evident in his gray eyes. Tyler held no allusions about his violent side, though. She was positive he was vicious in battle and had killed many...he must've in order to have acquired his status as chieftain and the accompanying lands and riches.

"What has claimed your thoughts?" he asked, his deep voice bringing her out of her reverie.

Again, Tyler watched as he made his way back to the bowl to toss the cloth inside. She cocked her head to the side and bit her bottom lip.

His ass was perfect...so round and firm and fit! Even his big, muscular back was sexy.

"Whew!" Tyler whispered quietly. She could feel her natural lubricant pooling inside her woman's parts.

Brand walked around so casually, as if he owned the world. He was obviously comfortable with his nudity – he really had no reason to be ashamed – and walked around as if his nakedness was the most natural thing in the world...which, Tyler supposed it was!

This time when he walked back to the bed, she allowed her eyes to roam his entire body. As she focused on his cock – which was now semi-hard – she blushed prettily. Brand's manhood was long, large and beautiful.

It was dark and veiny and so...powerful, just like the rest of him. She definitely was going to taste him before the night was over.

Tyler blushed again at her wayward thoughts.

Just then, she realized that Brand had asked her something. She had been so busy with her perusal, she had completely ignored him!

Ripping her gaze from his body, Tyler looked up to find that Brand was now looking down at her. As he towered there, she was momentarily taken aback by the heat she witnessed in his eyes. Fire couldn't have burned as hotly as his gaze.

And his dick was now fully erect, and it pointed...at her.

"There is something you...require, woman?" he asked, his voice silken, mesmerizing...daring.

Hypnotized, she nodded her head and slowly rolled to her knees. She then stood upon the bed which brought her close to eye level with him.

Never breaking eye contact, Tyler lightly placed her hands on his stomach and felt him jump ever so slightly.

She smiled wickedly.

Brand growled.

Leisurely her hands moved upward along his abs and over his chest. Tyler smoothed her hands along his warm skin and rained soft kisses along his flesh. Her hands continued their exploration over his shoulders and down his heavy arms. This time, when her lips touched his body, it was to take each of his nipples into her warm mouth.

Brand jumped more perceptibly.

Biting back her laughter, Tyler continued to kiss her way up his torso until she came to the base of his neck. Nuzzling him there, she reveled in the feel of his scratchy facial hair and his clean, fresh scent.

With one hand on his shoulder, and the other at the back of his neck, Tyler slowly and thoroughly left her love mark on him.

To his credit, Brand didn't move a muscle. He stood there, power harnessed and allowed her to explore his beautiful body.

Now hungry for her man, Tyler inched closer, and loved the feel of his skin against hers. His cock throbbed between them and it excited her. A spell had been woven around them.

With heavy eyelids that were half closed, Tyler wrapped her arms around Brand's shoulders. She threaded one hand into his beautiful hair and brought his head down to claim her lips in a kiss. When she felt his arms finally close around her, she gasped at how good it felt...how right.

The intensity between them was sweet, and so potent that a single tear trickled down her smooth cheek. She quietly sobbed her need for him. Tyler was compelled to bring her warrior even closer to her own body as she climbed him and wrapped her thick thighs around his body.

Sensing her need, and swept away by the strength of their passion, Brand took control.

As they kissed hungrily, their tongues dancing and breath mingling, he walked them over to the stone wall beside the fireplace. Pushing Tyler's back against it, Brand continued to kiss her roughly.

His big hands massaged and squeezed her breasts, hips and thighs; and when he couldn't wait any longer, his cock found her tight, wet opening of its own volition. Steadying himself, he pushed his dick inside and almost died from the sweetness he found there.

"Woman!" he growled when Tyler squeezed her thighs around his waist. The action also caused her to tighten down on his thick manhood.

Brand spread his arms wide and splayed his hands against the wall. He tucked his face in the crook of her neck and breathed in the soft sweetness of rose petals.

"Odin help me," he mumbled, very nearly defeated. He fought for control and willed himself not to come inside her.

Finally regaining control, he began to move within her.

Repeatedly Brand's cock stabbed Tyler's pussy, making her eyes widen and her jaw slacken. All that could be heard was her rough gasps at the exquisite feel of Brand circling his hips against her.

Once again, he had rendered her silent.

Tyler held on for dear life as her Viking continued his slow, painfully wonderful assault.

By now, his fingernails dug into the warm stone of the wall, his control was gradually slipping away yet again. His thrusts changed and became more hurried, deeper and harder. With his face still nestled against her neck, Brand bit and sucked the soft flesh there, very close to his orgasm.

His shaft continued to batter her, and like before, Tyler finally found her voice.

She pumped her hips in accordance with Brand's rhythm; her lusty cries of passion urged him to pummel her even faster. His movements became too swift for her to keep up with, so she clung to him and took every one of his hard strokes.

Tyler tried to cling to him, but the sweat on their bodies made their skin slippery. Brand backed away from the wall and cupped her round, soft bottom in his hands. Still deeply implanted inside her, he walked toward the bed as Tyler took his face in her hands and kissed him passionately.

He laid her on the bed and immediately began riding her, making a startled Tyler gasp.

She moaned and sighed, whimpered and wailed, allowing Brand to surge in and out of her tight pussy.

"Take me," he ground out. With each splendid thrust of his hips, he chanted the same refrain. "Take me...take me...take me."

He chuckled arrogantly as Tyler gushed more of her slick essence all over his cock.

Her soft moans turned into deep, guttural cries when her inner walls began to contract around him.

"Fuck me baby...harder!" she exclaimed.

His surprised expression was almost comical.

For a second time, Brand buried his face in the crook of Tyler's neck and he unleashed himself on her. He beat into her, his own moaning joined with hers. And when she came all over his dick, her body emitted even more of her nectar.

It was Brand's undoing.

This time when he pulled out of her, his hot come erupted from his balls amidst his loud bellowing. He was powerless to do anything but tower over Tyler, frozen. He allowed his liquid to drain out of him until he was spent...until they both were sapped.

Weakly, drowsily he rolled off of her onto his back. Out of breath, he began to smile. Then his smiles turned into a chuckle...which turned into full on laughter.

Curiously, Tyler looked over at him, and briefly wondered if he'd lost his mind.

"What's funny?" she asked, unable to resist her own grin. His laughter was infectious.

"Fuck me baby," he mocked. Tyler's eyes stretched both because of his high-pitched imitation of her voice and the reminder of what she had said in the heat of passion.

"NOOO!" Tyler shrieked, covering his mouth with her hand. She was getting pretty good at that!

Brand laughed even harder as she blushed and refused to remove her hand.

"How do you even know what that means?!" she wailed.

She finally removed her hand so Brand could answer.

"'Tis a common enough word for we Vikings," he said as he made his way back to the bowl of water. "We speak it a bit differently, but tis not so difficult to recognize."

Intrigued, she leaned up on her elbow. "How do you say it?" she asked.

At first, he looked at her askance as he cleaned his fluid from her belly. Never before had he held such a discussion with a woman...not even with a whore.

But Brand did feel as if he could share a great many things with her that he ordinarily could not with any other woman.

Decisively he tossed the cloth back in the bowl and took his cock in his hand.

"This we call 'fock.' And this, what we have just done, we say 'fokka,'" he explained.

"Wow," Tyler said as she mulled over what he'd just said. She could write a book based off the things she'd seen and heard here. But who would believe her? What would her credentials say? Time travel?

"What of your people?" he asked as he lay beside her on the bed.

"Us?" Tyler asked. She pointed at his penis. "Well, that has many words. There's cock, dick, shaft, schlong, prick, love stick, third leg..."

She broke off when she heard Brand's laughter.

"Third leg...I must use this," he said appreciatively.

Tyler smirked.

This really was too funny. She should've been telling him about technology and the great strides they had taken since his time. Instead she was teaching him different ways to say penis.

Scooting closer to him, she ran her fingers along his shoulder and down his arm to the wrist. Tyler traced the tattoo there and wondered at the elaborate art. It looked just as good as the work of a 21st century tattoo artist...if not better.

"Who did this?" she asked.

Brand welcomed her featherlike caress, and was pleased she did not hesitate to touch him.

"Tis the work of my Rus brethren...a gift of sorts in honor of my chieftainship and prowess in battle," he said.

Tyler knew it! They did have tattooing, it just hadn't been documented!

"How is it done? Do they really use wood ash? Was it painful?" she asked excitedly.

Brand smiled at her enthusiasm and was pleased about her knowledge and interest in his culture.

"Aye, the ink is made with wood ash and water," he said, gesturing to the deep blue-black color of the ink. "A sharp instrument not unlike a needle is then inserted in the mixture and applied to the skin. As for pain...a true warrior speaks not of pain, woman," he said.

Tyler loved the way the corners of his eyes crinkled when he joked. He had such a good sense of humor!

The two fell into a companionable silence.

Tyler inched even closer to Brand as she mulled over his explanation of the tattooing process. Her head rested on his shoulder while her hand lazily stroked his chest and stomach. She absently kissed his warm skin and became aware of a movement down below.

Brand's staff was beginning to swell. It lifted from its resting position against his thigh, saluting her.

Pursing her lips to hide the smile there, Tyler feigned ignorance and continued to fondle his burly torso. She "innocently" stretched, bringing her thigh up and across Brand's. She even "accidentally" rubbed her knee against his manhood.

Brand wasn't fooled.

With lightning quickness, he brought Tyler up and over him, her thighs straddling his. Before she understood his intention, he walloped her on her plump backside.

Tyler yelped.

"You tease me, woman?" he growled playfully.

Laughing, she leaned down and sprinkled kisses on his face, lingering on his scars. And then she kissed him gently on the lips.

"Forgive me and allow me to make it better," she whispered.

Boldly, seductively Tyler crawled backward until she was leaning over his shaft. Tenderly, she ran her tongue along his salty erection, eliciting a loud moan from him. She had lost count of how many times she'd been able to make him do that.

She felt powerful and sexy like a siren.

Tyler wrapped her palm around Brand's heavy dick and took the head into her mouth. She squeezed him and jerked her fist up and down as she took more of him inside. She loved the feel of his swelling cock.

Brand gritted his teeth and thought he would die from the bliss Tyler bestowed upon him.

She worked to take more of his hardness into her throat. When she bobbed her head up and down, creating a vacuum with her mouth, she thought Brand would explode right then and there. His thigh muscles bunched and he roughly threaded his fingers in her hair.

Tyler could taste his heady pre-ejaculate.

Overcome with desire, she removed her hand from his shaft and allowed her palms to caress Brand's muscled thighs. She skimmed over his belly and dragged her nails over his hard chest. Tyler allowed him to slip from her mouth, so she could down first one and then both of his balls.

Once again pumping her fist over him, she sucked and licked Brand's scrotum.

Dripping wet, she replaced her hand with her mouth and once again held him in her throat. Attuned to his needs, she quickened her pace. Cupping his sack in one hand and tightening her grip on his cock with the other, Tyler sucked his dick frantically.

Brand's hands tightened in her hair and his hips began to pump furiously. He sincerely hoped he did not hurt her, for he was powerless to stop. She was a witch who had woven a spell about him!

Tyler continued her assault on her lover.

When he froze and issued a long, loud, throaty sound, she prepared to receive the cream that gushed out of him. Swallowing every drop of his love substance, she squeezed and sucked his cock until he was dry.

Crawling back up, Tyler sat on Brand's stomach.

He stared up at his beautiful vixen; her hair was a wild mass of dark curls. He promptly began to harden, surprising even himself. He wanted her yet again.

Finding the strength, he sat up and adjusted her on his abs so he could reach her breasts.

When he touched her nipple with his hot, wet tongue, Tyler arched her back and let out a low, sexy moan. Brand took the erect point into his mouth and licked it...slurped it...sucked it.

After loving the first nipple, he slowly moved to the second and stayed there for what seemed to Tyler like an eternity.

She was soaking wet by the time he rolled her onto her back.

Reaching between their bodies, Tyler was shocked and pleased to find him erect. As she did earlier that night, she rubbed his smooth, red mushroom head along her clit. Brand brushed her hand aside and took his shaft into his hand. He dragged his cock along her bud...for a few moments.

And that was all he did.

He stayed there and titillated her with his head. Tyler gasped and moaned both with desire and frustration.

She thought she would die from his teasing!

"Speak to me," he demanded.

Legs spread wide and one arm thrown across her face, Tyler squeezed her own nipple. She tossed her head from side to side in exquisite agony. She had no idea what a sight she made. Brand nearly abandoned his campaign to make her beg.

"Tyler, what is it that you want?" he commanded gruffly. His thighs flexed as he moved his hips back and forth. One large hand still grasped his big cock while the other held her thigh open at her bent knee.

Breathlessly, Tyler moaned her wishes. "Brand I want you...I need you inside me. Don't make me wait!"

He didn't know what it was about her...or what it was about what she'd said. But he wanted to give her the world. He needed her just as much as she needed him. Tenderly, Brand bent over and brought his lips to hers.

He kissed her deeply and gently pushed his cock inside her.

Tyler's eyes fluttered closed as she took all of him. She wrapped her arms around his wide back in an effort to bring him closer.

Brand's lovemaking was slow and unhurried. He fucked Tyler as if time was nothing more than a whisper. He changed the angle of his thrusts and rocked his hips so that he ground against her clit.

Her tightness sucked him in and made for an incredible sheath. And when their energy became more intense, his pace became harsher. His thrusts became faster and harder, all gentleness gone.

He used the pad of his thumb to manipulate her woman's bud.

Brand took her nipple in his mouth one after the other and overwhelmed her with feeling. Dragging his cock in and out of her pussy, his strokes became almost savage. Their breathing became heavy panting, the sounds of their fucking was all that could be heard in the quiet chambers.

Tyler had lost count of how many times she had come. So when her pussy tightened around Brand's dick, she hugged him closer as her inner walls again convulsed around his shaft.

She howled her pleasure and couldn't be bothered about the noise she made. She was experiencing nirvana, and nothing else mattered to her except for Brand and the things he was doing to her.

He made her body sing...hell, he made her sing!

When his own climax descended upon him, Brand pulled out of Tyler and once again came on her belly. Breathing heavily, he stayed there for a moment, unmoving. He watched her silently as she fought to catch her own breath.

Feeling his gaze on her, Tyler looked up and gifted him with a warm, loving smile. She wanted so badly to seal their act with words. She was overwhelmed with her feelings for this man and wanted to tell him. She wanted to let him know what he meant to her.

But this wasn't supposed to last.

And whether here or in her own time, rejection was still very much real. Tyler had no way of knowing how he felt about her. So instead, she placed her hands on his back and brought him closer. Then she kissed him.

In that one kiss, Tyler placed all the intensity, all the passion and all the adoration she felt for him. Her actions were from the heart, and she hoped in the joining that she had told him everything she'd wanted him to know.

When she pulled away and looked up at him, Tyler smiled. There, mirrored on Brand's face was everything that she had felt.


Brand and Tyler spent the rest of the night alternating between lovemaking and conversation. They asked questions and learned more about each other's culture. While Tyler lovingly traced and kissed each of Brand's scars, he told how he had come by them.

When the night grew later and their talk slowed, he placed his sword in his customary place near the bed. It was crucial for his weapons to be within his grasp at all times...even during slumber.

He then positioned himself between Tyler and the door and pulled her against his warmth. Brand drew the furs around them and wrapped his arms around her. As her eyes drifted closed, Tyler snuggled under the covers and purred softly, making him smile.

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