tagSci-Fi & FantasyStarfinder: The Jade Regent Pt. 03

Starfinder: The Jade Regent Pt. 03


Author's Note: Everyone is eighteen!


Lucithana as Hana Song

Kitty as Nora

Nathan Ravenwood as Rakain

Jason as Sam

Cyrano Johnson as Xata

Previously, on Starfinder: Hana, Nora, Rakain and Sam -- childhood friends and currently unemployed 19 and 20 year olds -- decided to set out together on an adventure with their shared friend, Amieko Woodwise (a local orphan.) However, their adventure ended up uncovering the ship that brough Ami to their backwoods town...and the truth that it was a vessel from the mysterious Tian Star Empire -- fleeing with the last daughter of the Emperor in cryogenic storage. That daughter...is Amieko. Now, sworn to protect her and discover the truth of her birthright, our heroes settle down for the night.


Unaware that darker forces than they could imagine already begin to stalk them...


The voice echoed through the guts of the musty, rusty, damp and generally smelly Brineice Asteroid Base. It was high, whiny, nasil, and entirely unpleasant. Zaiobe stuck her nose into the air and then crossed her feathered arms over her chest as she refused to turn towards the doorway leading from her chambers.

Zaiobe was upset with her boyfriend, and she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of anything.

Kikonu stuck his nose and his head into the room. The nose came first and came for quite a while - it was nearly six inches long, and thrust from his bright red head like a finger. It twitched as he grinned at Zai, his teeth flashing brightly as he sang: "Zaiobe! Don't sulk!"

Zaiobe made a quiet 'humph' noise and turned her back to face him even more intently. Her tail feathers twitched upwards and Kikonu stepped into the room. The red skinned, long nosed humanoid put his hands on the golden-brown skin of Zai's shoulders, squeezing gently as he purred in her ear.

"If you put out," he said, his voice shifting to a musical, beautiful female voice. "I'll give your voice back."

Zai turned around and punched him in the chest as hard as the harpy could. Kikonu laughed nasily as he stepped backwards, avoiding the punch, while Zai silently picked up her laptop, clearly about to try and brain him with it.


A squawking voice interrupted the lover's spat as a beaked head stuck into the room from the doorway. The sleek, black furred human/raven combo wore a crude blue and black uniform that hung around his muscular form in tatters. His eyes were dim and unintelligent - but they looked at Kikonu with a serious worry


"What is it, you stupid corby!?" Kikonu snarled, stepping over and kicking his minion in the stomach. The corby fell to his knees, coughing, beak opening then clacking shut.

"It's the KCU!" the corby gasped.

Kikonu sighed, dramatically, and put his hands on his hips. "What about the KCU?"

"It's acting funny!" The corby said, looking up at him.

"Ugh," Kikonu rolled his eyes. "Fine. Lead the way."

The two walked through the asteroid base - walking past rooms where other corby were lounging around, chatting and playing dice and eating what victuals they had grabbed. Several had recently come back from a raid on a Pact transport and so had plenty of fresh limbs to gnaw on, though the corby who had called 'dibs' on the half-orc was clearly realizing that munching on the greenskin had been a mistake, considering how they were still trying to bite through the bicep. Kikonu nodded, clearly quite happy with his little operation.

Then he and the corby came to the engineering bay. A thrumming, green paneled reactor filled the room with a bright light while an immensely obese woman lounged on a wheelchair. Her flesh was green, even accounting for the greenish light of the reactor - green and covered with pustules. Her left eye was milky white and her right was a large, crudely made augmetic one that whirred and clicked as it zoomed in on Kikonu.

"What's the matter, my darling Muthldah?" Kikonu asked.

The ogerkin snorted - more accurately, she inhaled through her nose, then spat the phlem out into a large bucket near her console. "Tha' fuckin thing's gone nuts..." She said, gesturing with a single fat hand at the central reactor. She tapped a few buttons and the green shutters fell away. The room's light changed to a brilliant white - and the reactor opened upwards and outwards, like an inverted metal flower.

Suspended in a glowing magical field was a bright speck of white light, bouncing around as it thrummed in circles, spinning around and around and around, making an almost perfect donut of movement.

Kikonu rubbed his long nose.

"Looks like she's awake," he muttered. Then, beaming, he turned to the corby. "Get the fighters ready."

"Why, boss?" the corby asked. "We just came back from a-"

Kikonu clamped his red palm around the beak, snarling. "Because I said so you stupid bird..." he snarled, then shoved the corby back. Then, looking at Muthildah, he purred quietly.

"Find out what's drawing our precious kami's attention..."


Amieko Woodwise walked into the room that the whole party had claimed in the Rusty Dragon, leading Rakain - who had offered his bulk and broad shoulders to carry the immense coolers that Ami had been filling for the past half hour.

"Here's the drinks!" Ami laughed, reaching up and slapping one cooler, which whirred and clicked, opening up to reveal what looked like every single bottle of soda in town, as well as some whiskies, beers, ales, lagers and gargleblasters.

"Here's the food!" Ami slapped the other cooler, which whirred open to reveal snacks, snacks, marvelous snacks. Crackers, chips, cookies, and a few dehydrated pizzas for the hydrating ovan in the middle of the kitchen. With both revealed, Ami grabbed a can of Stoka Zola, flopped down onto a bean bag chair, and sighed.

"Here's to being a...stupid...space princess..." she muttered, her voice growing dark. "Also, please, just, right now, can we keep that on the DL. I don't want you guys telling everyone we meet that I'm a space princess..." She grinned. "It'd make my ego get huge. Then, I would be a bad...queencess...or whatever they use in Tianland."

She sighed, then started to glug down the Stoka Zola.

They had about four hours before Bentha returned from visiting her friends - but for some reason, Ami's slightly dour mood had radiated outwards, leaving everyone feeling slightly...

Well, like...


It was hard to place. But they felt like there was a shoe hanging overhead, just waiting to drop.

Rakain, though, shook off the feeling and dug through the drink cooler for an ale, grabbing one and popping the top off with a claw. He sat down on the floor next to Ami's beanbag, his tail curling around the puffed out fabric. "Deal."

AAmi gasped as she set the now empty soda can down - leaning forward to place it on Rakain's head. "I now crown you my head of...secret...keeping." She nodded slightly. As she did so, Xata pulled her violin -- a sleek, glowing plastic instrument -- and started to slide her bow along it. Her magic crackled in the air, adding some ghostly accompaniment to her music.

Rakain moved his head from side to side, keeping the can balanced. "What, no gold and diamonds?"

"Probably just better to not go broadcasting it in general practice honestly. Never know when somebody will try for a ransom or something." Nora commented, fiddling with the readout on her arm. Her little drone skittered over to Ami in order to get the mechanic a cool can a beer.

"I'm pretty sure you graduate from princess to incest, right?" Hana said seriously as she moved over to reach for a can of soda, popping it open and drinking it with a wicked smirk. Ami stuck her tongue out at Hana as the can fell from Rakain's head to the ground behind him with a clank. Rakain stared at the can like it was an annoying bug.

Xata soared into the music, throwing her whole being into it, doing her best to discover new angles and dimensions. Response to her busking on Absalom Station had been tepid, but possibilities occurred to her and she felt herself begin to Sing, conjuring up new -- to her -- aural variants. Ami bobbed her head with the music as it filled the air, grinning slowly. "That's...pretty good..." She said. "You are now my royal bard!" She said, cheerfully.

"Don't worry, we won't spread around that you're a space princess. We don't even know if you are- you may be an heir apparent or actually an empress now." Sam teased and knelt down before Ami. "What is your desire- my Queen?" She hammed out in a manner that made the first letter of queen actually sound capitalized. Ami lifted a single bare foot -- she had kicked her shoes off earlier -- and pushed Sam away playfully. Since Sam was a freaking Amazonian musclewoman, she reacted to Ami (who was a hundred pounds soaking wet) in the same way a boulder did to a kitten rubbing against it.

Xata's circuits glowed with delight at Ami's pronouncement, but she stayed focused on the music. Hana snickered, "Already abdicating your barding duties, Ami? Laaazy.." She teased slightly, then frowned, "I'm thinking we should set the cans up for target practice so maybe I can learn to hit shit." She stuck out her tongue playfully.

Xata promptly launched into a new song with the Elvish title "Hit Shit."

"Or maybe reprogram that drone of yours a bit," Rakain teased, taking another swig of his ale as he looked at Nora's ferretbot, which still glowed brightly thanks to its newly incorporated laser pistol. Ami grinned, then stood. She stepped over, picking up her empty can, then sat it back onto Rakain's head.

"Boom, now you have a reason to not miss!" She said, sticking her tongue out at Hana.

Rakain kept his head still, his expression flat. "I swear to Desna if you actually..."

Hana snorted, "Oh yes, life or death situations are not a reason to aim properly, but not cracking Rak in the head is totally going to do it." She snickered.

"Too much effort put into the active camo, not worth it." Nora answered in comment to reprogramming her bot. The little near-mammalian looking machine dragged the can of beer over with it's jaws before nipping Nora to alerting her to the drink.

"Well, to be fair, during life or death scenarios, you're protected by everyone else!" Ami said, cheerily, grinning as she leaned her elbows on Rakina's broad shoulders.

Xata took up a refrain, adding it into her song: "Don't crack Rak in the head. Don't crack Rak in the head, y'all... don't crack Rak in the head. Don't crack Rak in the head, y'all... don't crack Rak in the head."

"Took almost three years to get that code for the system to not crash in like...seconds," Nora murmured, petting the head of her drone with a single metal finger. The tiny mammilian drone nipped at her fingertips with a faint clink.

"Ugh, way to remind us of the ways in which we're as vulnerable as you fleshlings." Hana said, sticking her tongue out at Nora. She waved her hand out, picking up the can with her mind, bonking Ami on the head with it a few times. She smirked at Xata, "Bit repetitive, but I can get behind the message."

Xata worked in an extra-flirty violin trill.

Ami squeaked, holding up her hands to try and beat back the can bumping into her head. "Nooo! My hubris!" She groaned as she fell dramatically backwards, throwing her arm over her eyes as if she had been slain, her hair spreading around her head like a black halo.

"DNA, Code. Just building blocks when you look at it," Nora said back in response to Hana, sticking her own tongue out in response. The mechanic waved away her false arm display and reached for her beer to crack open then drink.

Rakain got on one knee and turned around so his broad chest loomed over Ami. "Careful, or I may just take on the role of Royal Tickler too." He waggled his fingers menacingly.

"See, that's why royals wear crowns. All of them are secretly magic items with force fields and anti-can weaponry." Hana nodded, "I mean, after Prince Madeup the NotReal Kingdom died by a beer can to the skull, they realized you can't be too careful."

"That is lo...g..." Ami turned bright red as she noticed that Rakain was looming over her. She gulped and coughed. "U-Uh...I don't...have a royal tickler..." She stammered.

Xata switched into Dirge Mode to commemorate Prince Madeup, who did not appear in her databases but must have been significant.

"Now you do!" Rakain said, putting his hand on Ami's belly and jittering his fingers around, careful not to shred her shirt with this claws. Sam stood up after a moment and stretched, then began the process of removing her armor now that Ami was distracted. Hidden Soldier Plate wasn't subtle, almost a modern recreation of ancient full plate with modern materials the exterior was a series of chromed interlocking plates shaped mostly into a humanoid form. The helmet was the namesake of the armor, almost completely enclosed to hide the face when the faceplate was closed, with only the eyes visible through a single slit set with a visor.

The undercoat was pretty much a padded bodyglove and in her model slash knockoff it was kept separate from the main body of the armor. Peeling it off of her showed her to be in the large tank top and panties she normally lounged around in.

As the rest conversed she went over to the cooler and grabbed a beer. "Anyone else want one while I'm up?"

"See Sam, that is why SOME of us decided to learn how to manipulate reality with out minds." Hana said, summoning a bag of chips over to her hand, the bag floating free from the cooler with a haze of glowing magic. Then, as she tugged the bag open, Hana turned to look at Ami. "Soooo, are we going to be seeing that hardcore porn you promised us earlier, Ami?" She grinned wickedly, sensually sliding a chip into her mouth and chewing on it.

Ami squirmed. "Eeee!" She kicked her legs, her shirt rolling up slightly as Rakain tickled her, revealing her golden brown skin, her belly taut and flat...she was a skinny girl, but she wasn't fat or flabby even underneath her clothes. There were lines of muscle to trace, and Rakain traced them as Ami blushed and grabbed his wrist. "Stoooop!" She laughed and giggled, wiping her eyes as she did so.

Xata signaled her desire for a beverage by sticking one arm directly in the air as she launched into the most depressing dirge ever commposed.

"And noo!" Ami giggled. "I didn't promise anything!"

Rakain turned to call to Sam, his eyes lingering on the curve of her rump, even as a single finger of his traced Ami's belly button. "Grab me another ale, would you please?"

"Well some of us aren't interested in bending the universe over our knees and giving it a spanking. We reserve that for people." Sam flirted at Hana and popped open the can, chugging half of it as the other reached into the cooler and pulled out another. She gave a lazy underhand throw to lob the can into Xata's hand, before tossing one to Rakain too.

"In my defense, reality is a dirty whooore." Hana said, grinning playfully.

Xata caught the beer in the midst of playing, smoothly, and gave same a radiant, inviting smile. She then turned and added words to her slow dirge.

Man en efel

I-dur gan ben

Bu silannan i-gai?

Mog i-yewar hen-si hefin

Veninan e-yiston

Na hef garen, na hef garan

Ra wiya ni gendin

A-ven ni-lai a-vin, yil vwin

Lag a-vil siyem gin.

Ivis emben, ivis emben,

I-duru Hastamyir.

A-hiyi nyir lissu vandin

Enas u-mer asdan.

A-hiyi nyir lissu vandin

Enas u-vai asdan.

She finished off the last lyric with a trill. Then she immediately went back into playing party music. "Xata! You heard your queen, music to be defiled to, she commands it!" Hana said, snapping her finger quickly. Ami, getting a determined look on her face, stood as the music continued to play through the crowd. She stood up as the dirge swung back into party music, then grabbed a hold of the massive bean bag she had been laying on. Her arms strained as she walked past the distracted Rakain - his eyes locked on Sam's ass, after all...and then swung the beanbag like a massive pillow at Hana!

"Meep!" Hana's eyes went wide as the bean bag hit her and she fell limp.

Mid-powering down her first can of beer Nora choked and caught herself from spilling beer all over herself as the beanbag was swung towards Hana, starting to burst into laughter at the growing ruckus. Ami grinned, viciously. "Rakain! As royal tickler, I have a command...TICKLE!" she pointed at the prone Hana.

Rakain took a deep pull from his ale, then rose and made a big show of rolling his shoulders and flexing his fingers. "As you command, my liege!"

Xata's eyes stayed focused on Sam as she played, her smile remaining perhaps a bit obsessively fixed.

"You'd defile an innocent corpse! You are truly worse than Lord Cruelheart the Douchebag." Hana said, not moving her body in the slightest as she talked around the beanbag sitting on her chest. Ami grinned, leaning down. She whispered in Hana's ear, her voice too soft for the others to hear as Rakain thumped towards the prone girl.

"...something...something...smutty, I had a really clever line, but...I forgot it..." Ami whispered, before nibbling on Hana's ear, causing the android girl to squirm slightly and laugh. Sge leaned up to mutter back in Ami's ear.

"What you're looking for is: Honey, I will defile your corpse so hard it'll bring you back to life again," she purred.

Finishing the can Sam shrugged and bent over to set it down on the ground next to the cooler, her back side to the rest of the group as she did so. With another can of her choice brew in hand she got back up and went over to claim a beanbag for herself.

Xata veered abruptly back into another dirge on hearing of "Lord Cruelhart the Douchebag," who did not appear in her databases but must have had a miserable existence as a bag for douching. And then back to party music, again, super jarring.

Rakain was unable to determine what the two girls were whispering, but he advanced on Hana, wincing as Xata let rip with the party music. "Ready or not..." he growled playfully.

Ami bit her lip slightly, her face red as she drew back. She grinned at Rakain and then licked her lips. "Well...Hana..." She said, her voice quiet. "Uh...mmm...we can do more than just tickle you. We have the technology. If you don't renounce your wicked ways, of course." She nodded sagely.

Rakain raised a spiky eyebrow, his thick tail beginning to whip back and forth. "Oh we do, do we?"

"You would accept mere words at this stage, my liege?" Sam asked rather suspiciously.

"Pfft, I am technology! I have powers far beyond your abilities to break me!" Hana said, coming back to life again and grinning brightly at the other woman. "Especially since Rakain...was a double agent the whole time! Grab her, Rak!" She said, thrusting a finger at him dramatically. Ami squeaked, her eyes widening - too shocked to easily evade, dodge, or even react.

Xata's song grew steadily more thumping and erotic as she watched the scene play out.

Rakain pounced, wrapping up Ami in his thick arms and hugging her tightly, but not enough to hurt. Her butt pressed against the front of his waist, and he inhaled a deep breath through his nose, getting a whiff of Ami's scent.

Ami squeaked, her cheeks bright red. "Eeee! I am betrayed!" She exclaimed, melodramatically. ANd yet, somehow, she was STILL a better actor than the android girl from The Skinshaw Murders. It was strange - they had all been lounging around, watching that video just a day before...and yet now, everything changed. And now they were back to roughousing and teasing Ami - the national passtime.

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