Starfinder: The Jade Regent Pt. 03


"Don't worry, we won't both be in your pussy at the same time.." She smirked, moving to push Ami up to her feet, moving around behind her and kissing her ass, moving up under her, licking first at her sex, then moving back to her taint, wiggling her fingers to fully clean the Tian woman with her magic, then eagerly thrusting her tongue into Ami's rear. She gasped, her body stripped before she even realized it. Her palms pressed to the ground as she thrust her butt into the air, biting her lip, then groaned as her body was cleaned with a thin wave of magic.

"A-Ah!" She gasped - her eyes widening as she looked at Xata. "Y-You're...touching yourself?" She whispered, sounding slightly dazed as Hana's tongue plunged into her ass.

Xata's fingers were unwontedly slick as she watched the spectacle, her eyes glowing. "I am... touching myself..." she confirmed, her cheeks darkening. Rakain moved around in front of Ami and knelt down, his erection bobbing with the motion. She drove her fingers into herself in time with Hana's tongue in Ami's ass

"Why would she not be?" Rakain growled. "We're about to give everyone else a hell of a show."

Ami whimpered, looking at that thick Vesk cock, those massive Veck balls. "S-So big..." She whispered, her eyes looking faintly out of focus. She leaned slowly forward, kissing the underside of Rakain's ballsack, gently - her tongue darting outwards, flicking along his scales as she moaned sweetly, her nose flaring as she breathed in his musk. Xata's fingers began to work the wet flesh of her sex faster as she watched.

Hana pulled back slightly, "Rak's right. We've kind of got an impressive amount of sexy going on here. It's be a bit odd if she wasn't touching herself." She smirked, "Don't worry though, I don't think anyone's going to end the night unfucked.." She purred, then muttered softly, slicking up Ami's anus, gently pushing a finger into her. Xata's eyes flickered over to Nora in curiosity... but watching the Princess take a finger up the fundament divided her attention. Nora and Sam both seemed to be enjoying the show as well.

Ami jerked her head away from Rakain's balls - her squeak loud and almost chew-toy0ish as she shuddered in near climax. She bit her lip, then gasped. "Ah...t...that's huge!" She gasped, then looked back - blushing. "Thaaat's a finger..." She looked alarmed and excited. Xata's fingers on her own sex grew more frantic.

"Hey, don't leave me hanging," Rakain said, gently but firmly turning Ami's head back towards his cock.

Hana giggled. "That's how virginity works, dear. Don't worry, skin is impressively flexible.." She said, kissing one of Ami's ass cheeks again, nuzzling it gently. "Now, why don't you suck that big old vesk cock and see if their cum tastes as good as all the girls in the movies say it does." She giggled, pushing another slicked finger into Ami. Xata didn't even realise she was working a second finger into her wet, tight pussy until she was doing it.

Ami groaned as she was fingered again, her head leaning froward. Shyly, the Tian Princess placed a single kiss on the tip of Rakain's dick. Her tongue swirled around and around the ridged, flared head of the massive lizardman. Her eyes closed and a look of pure happiness settled on her face as she slowly slipped her mouth forward, slurping a good two inches of cock into her mouth, groaning as she bobbed her head forward and back, her ass jiggling slightly with every movement. Xata was by now consumed in the spectacle, two fingers plunging into her tight channel as she watched.

"That's a good girl.." Hana purred an oddly loving, proud tone to her voice as she reached forward, rubbing Ami's clit as she hungrily sucked her friend's shaft into her mouth, kissing the base of her spine, smiling up at Rak.

Rakain threaded his fingers into Ami's hair, careful not to pull too hard as she sucked on him. He'd fantasized about her numerous times, but never did he think he'd actually get to see her naked. The thrill made him nudge against her lips with his hips. He looked down at Hana and winked. Ami drew her mouth back, panting. "I-I thought only bad girls did this..." She stammered, grinning - her lips slick with some of Rakain's pre. She panted, looking up at Rakain as his scaled fingers twined through her hair, her eyes hooded. "S-Should...I d-do more?"

Xata at that moment dialed it up to three fingers the moment she said it.

Hana let out an annoyed groan, "Oh gods! People still think that foolishness.. No, Ami. Good girls suck cock too. Because good girls know that sharing pleasure with people you care for is the ultimate expression of love." She said, gently hugging the other girl, pressing her cheek to Ami's lower back. "You can suck a hundred cocks in a row, and it doesn't make you one iota less the good girl we all love."

Ami giggled, quietly. "I...was actually trying to be a-all naughty, like...dirty talk, Hana..." She said, wiggling slightly against Hana as the android laid her cheek against Ami's back.

"..whoops.. might have hit a hot button.." Hana coughed, then quickly pushed to fingers into Ami's sex, rubbing her clit eagerly with her thumb, working a third finger into her ass, fucking it eagerly. Rakain reached down and drew Ami's head a little higher.

"Besides..." he said, his voice husky. He leaned in close. "Nothing wrong with being a little bad sometimes." He kissed Ami, his long tongue curling gently against her own. Xata reached a point of saturation and set her violin aside. The music continued as ghostly sounds behind her as she advanced toward the trio, her sex and her circuits pulsing.

Ami moaned as she kissed Rakain back, tilting her head to the side so their lips could lock as her sex - which was dripping with arousal - slicked Hana's fingers. When Ami drew back, she panted softly. "F-Fuck me..." She breathed - though it wasn't clear who she was more eager for.

Xata adopted a resonant voice as she calibrated and calculated, mobilizing her Sassy Subroutines to their maximum extent, and then asked: "Mind if the troubadour joins you?"

Rakain looked up and nodded, crooking a finger at Xata. "Plenty of room. Come on."

Ami blinked. "N-No!" she squeaked, blushing.

"Err..." Rakain said, looking down at Ami. Xata paused in an agony of suspension.

"I mean, no, I don't mind!" Ami clarified, her cheeks darkening even as she smiled.

Hana snickered and pulled back slightly, "Come here, Xata. Lay down and kiss Ami's pussy, while Rak takes her and I take you." She purred, rubbing her hair, glowing red cock. Xata's circuits glowed bright with desire. It was liking feasting on honey after being a bee without a purpose. She lunged in at the Secret Princess pussy and opened herself to something new.

Ami gasped as she pushed her ass into the air, her thighs spreading, so that Xata could kiss her sex - which was moist and eager and dripping. Then Ami squirmed and rolled onto her back, spreading her thighs, grinning slightly. "T-There! You eat me out and...R-Rakain fucks me and...y-you get a facefull of Vesk balls w-which is just...the best..." She purred, quietly.

Hana snickered slightly, "That's a good girl." She smiled slightly, slapping her cock down playfully on the fellow android's wet sex. "And don't forget to get yourself a double dose of android pussy." She said to Ami, lifting up her cock to show the tian girl she hadn't lost her pussy when she gained a cock.

Xata affirms that Vesk balls are excellent as best she can in the circumstances. And she cried out into Ami's sex as she discovered the joys of penetration from her "fellow beep-boop." Rakain sat down on the floor, grabbed Ami by the hips and lifted her into his lap. His cock jutted up between her legs, thick and full and wanting. He was in heaven, with the three girls all grinding against one another in front of him. He brushed his nose against Ami's ear. "You want this cock?" he growled playfully.

Ami panted heavily, nodding eagerly. "Y-Yes..." She whispered, her voice so soft it could barely be heard as the scaled mountain of a man held her. Hana purred, smiling at Rakain.

"So.. on three?" She said playfully, putting the tip of her cock to Xata's sex, ready to push in the second Rak gave her the go ahead, teasing Xata's sex as she waited.

"She is desirous of your phallus," Xata put in helpfully. "My calculations are... ahhh..."

"On three," Rakain said. "One..."

"Two." Hana purred, grinning at her vesk friend. Ami tensed, her eyes closing with eager anticipation.

"Two point five," moaned Xata, clearly wanting to prolong the tension as much as possible. Rakain licked his chops, savoring the moment. He smirked at Hana. "And I definitely want some of you later." He nodded. "Three!"

Hana laughed. "Three." She said in time with Rakain, pushing deep into Xatan's sex, filling her up with the foot long shaft, settling inside of her, holding her for a few moments, gripping her hips tightly, then pulling out, pushing in, moving slowly, her hips speeding up as she moaned in pleasure, smiling at Rakain and holding up her hand to him, clearly ready for a high five. At the same time, Rakain lowered Ami onto his cock, filling her completely, his spines pressing into her warm, slick pussy walls. He let out a long, breathy moan, his hands sliding up Ami's body to cup her breasts and squeeze hard.

Then he answered the offered high five as Ami was fully impaled onto his impressive length.

Xata moaned from deeper within her than anything she'd imagined coming. The phallus came IN and in and in and it was like discovering boundaries of pleasure she had never even concieved of. The power of it mounted and mounted toward a release whose giddy power scrambled her, sending all her music into the aether as she came... and came... and came...

As Xata came and came, Ami groaned and gasped, her head rolling back as her virgin sex - tight, but not painfully so - took the massive cock of the vesk. Her hand reached down, fondling and cupping his balls - and then, blushing hard, she stammered. "Y-You...dicks!" She gasped, watching the two palms meet in a high five. "I'm not a...trophy!" She giggled, then groaned. "Ah...oh fuck..." She trembled. "Mm...f-fuck me, you Vesk beast..." She groaned, her eyes fluttering shut. She was clearly...well, more than happy to be a trophy, despite words to the contrary.

Hana moaned eagerly, thrusting deep into her fellow android's sex, smirking at Rakain, "Mmm, might be fun to test that legendary stamina of yours.." She moaned, her cock filling Xata as her own sex made a soft squishing noise as she hilted in the other woman, caressing Ami's head lovingly, smirking at her. "Bet you never thought you'd lose your virginity like this, did you, babe?" She moaned as her precum spurted deep in Xata's pussy. She laughed, "Ami dear, I'd offer you a high five too, but you're not in a position for it. I'm just celebrating.. all of this.." She moaned.

Rakain obliged the order, nudging upward with his hips into Ami's tight pussy. "That's what I can be," he said idly, focusing on the lithe human body in his arms, the pussy wrapped around his cock. "The Royal pleasurer. Who fucks his queen whenever she desires..."

Ami gasped, quietly. "T-Thought I never w-would l-lose my virginity in the fist place, honest...lyyy!" She squealed as Rakain squeezed her, her sex tightening around his shaft as he held her. "Mmm..." She bit her lip. "I kinda like...that idea, Rakain..."

Xata shuddered around Hana's phallus, quivering with satisfaction. "You see... fellow beep-boop..." she said. "You are truly excellent... I told you... ahhhh..."

"I assume we all get a chance to try out for the position.." Hana purred at Ami. "I'm sure a princess can afford more than one.." She moaned as her cock throbbed deep inside the android's sex, her thrusts speeding up as she moaned loudly, reaching down to grip her hips tightly.

"All you'd have to do is ask," Rakain purred, his mind a haze of bliss and abject pleasure. "I'd give you whatever you want, whenever you wanted. Need a tongue in your pussy? A cock?" His voice grew deeper. "A full load of vesk cum? It's yours whenever you want it." Rakain increased his pace, until Ami's ass slapped against his groin with every meeting of their hips. "Fuck, Ami," he moaned.

Xata juddered with satisfaction, cumming again as her fellow android's warmth and power thrummed through her. Ami moaned as she was fucked furiously, her pussy adding more and more lubrication to Rakain as he fucked her, her smallish breasts bouncing as she rolled her head back, moaning loudly, her eyes closed - all worries about her adoptive mother overhearing forgotten. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh yes!" She gasped. "Ah! Rakain! Ah...fuck..." She shuddered. "C-Cum in me! Don't pull out, don't you fucking dare pull out!" She gasped. "I...ahh...I need your hot vesk cum inside me so bad!"

Xata wriggled around to kiss her fellow robutt as Rak and Ami writhed and pumped to their peak.

Hana moaned softly as she thrust faster and faster into Xata, "B-better say something now if you don't want me to fill you up like Rak's gonna fill Ami!" She gripped her tightly, her cock twitching inside of her as Hana whimpered.

"Fill me..." moaned Xata. "Fill me... do anything you want to me.... I belong to you!"

The pleading reached into a primal part of Rakain's brain, the part that governed his baser instincts. A female demanded his seed. He had to give it to her. He reached down and grabbed hold of Ami's thighs, spreading them wide as he fucked her furiously. Her pussy plucked at his spines, her body was so warm in his hands, her whimpers and moans so sweet in his ear. He felt the feeling build in his balls, and welcomed it.

He gave one last thrust home and held on tight, his cock spasming inside Ami, once, then twice. One more firm nudge, and he was gone. He pulsed inside her, shooting rope after rope of thick, white vesk cum deep inside Ami's pussy. He filled her completely enough that globs of it began to seep from around where his cock plunged into her. He leaned his head against her back, panting heavily as he moaned her name. "Ami..."

Hana purred, "Naughty little beep boop.." She purred, thrusting once more, letting out an eager groan as her cock exploded deep inside her lover as she thrust hard, moaning loudly as an impressive load of glowing seed filled the other woman, more than enough to overflow from her sex as Hana moaned loudly in pleasure, throwing her head back, thrusting out her modest chest as she cried out in pleasure.

Ami panted in the sudden quiet as cum dripped around her pussy lips, sliding along the massive balls underneath the equally massive cock she was astride. "W-Whoa...Rakain..." She whimpered. "I...h-holy...kiss me..." She breathed, leaning her head back, tilting it, desperately hungry for another kiss.

Xata shuddered in wave after wave as Hana's spend glowed and flooded her. Splayed like a butterfuly in a collection, she thrashed, silent but for her delight, as she writhed under her fellow-android's explosion of passion. Rakain answered Ami's hunger, pressing his muzzle to her mouth and kissing her deeply, feeling like a million credits as he held her to him. All the tension drained out of his body, and he breathed heavily through his nose, the puffs of air blowing Ami's bangs around. Hana smirked playfully as her cock continued to pulse, then her hand moved to quickly rubbed at the other woman's clit just as she started to relax, sending more bolts of pleasure through her body.

Ami drew back, panting. "S-So, um..." She panted, softly. "For the after party...maybe...we can watch Rasputin...Must Die?" she grinned, weakly.

Xata's body tensed, her circuits flashing as she writhed under Hana's expert touch. "How... how do you know so much...pleasure?" She hung her head forward, whimpering.

Hana winked down at Xata, "Research and practice." She said smugly, leaning forward to kiss Xata eagerly.

"I will learn from you," Xata breathed back into her mouth.

Rakain chuckled deep in his throat and nuzzled Ami's shoulder. "So now you want to watch the good movie," he teased, his tail reaching around to squeeze Ami's belly. Ami giggled, then blushed.

"Hey, we don't know if it's good..." She admitted, quietly. "And...I may...get distracted..." She reached down and rubbed his balls gently with her palm. Rakain grinned, then grabbed Ami by the hair, yanked her back, then rolled around so that she laid across his chest. His cock slammed back into her sex and Ami squeaked -- her face a mask of pleasure.


The next day, Ami walked with a slightly bow legged stance...but she seemed perky and excited, getting every to gather up their supplies and head out towards the shipswamp. With the goblins dispersed by Hana's proclamation and with Walther once more patrolling it, there were far fewer monsters...and far more opportunities to work. Together, the party listened to Nora as she laid out what they needed. Ami and Rakain headed off to start using laser cutters to sheer off ancient laser mountings, while Hana used her telekenisis to dredge up focusing crystals. Drinks were shared out from coolers as they labored together.

First came the spine, then the inner hull. Nora laid on her back as she attached computer components, using the same skills that she did for her drone programming and design to make the internal computers for the system. Sam used her immense strength to lever plates of metal into position, while sodering and welding went on every night - crackling through the darkness.

After five days of labor, the ship had started to come together, forming into a crude, somewhat ramshackle design - built out of scrap and organized by a genius, it was constructed with amazing speed. But then Nora started to do the finishing pieces and the crude design started to smooth out into something sleek, and deadly. Then Hana walked along it with Ami, the two using their magics to levitate around spray-cans that sprayed it over with a coat of paint to add the party's favorite colors.

Finally, they slapped on a stencil and sprayed the name of the ship across the nose...

"The Sunwolf!" Ami said, stepping back, her face flushed as paint dripped from her fingers. She turned to face the others, panting softly. "I can't believe we did it!" She said, nodding eagerly - wiping some paint from her nose.

Rakain rolled his shoulders. His arms ached from all the heavy lifting. "Looks good!" he panted.

"Like thirty times! ..Ooooh, the ship. Yeah, it's pretty badass." She said, nodding confidently, her hands on her hips as she smirked playfully. Rakain smirked and tapped Hana on the rump with the tip of his tail. Ever since they'd let down their inhibitions, so to speak, he'd been a lot more playful with his companions. Ami stuck her tongue out at Hana. Despite the joke, Ami had actually been very focused on the ship - to tired to do more than snuggle. And be gropped. And kiss. And give Hana a fingerjob once.

Xata smiled and Sang whatever contributions she could make to the new ship's computer systems. Mainly she was thinking it was beautiful, and that raising it was nearly as beautiful as what had happened the night before.

"I've worked out a majority of the bugs with the system, and the holographic displays should be working up to Hana Perversion spec." Nora commented as she keyed a few buttons on her wrist, half distracted between that or looking up at the ship. Ami snickered at the 'Hana perversion' spec.

"So they can see through walls and clothing?" Hana giggled, punching Nora playfully on the shoulder.

Xata grinned along with the others. "It is apt because she likes to think of people being naked!" she explained needlessly to Nora. Hana giggled at Xata's comment.

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