tagSci-Fi & FantasyStarfinder: The Jade Regent Pt. 07

Starfinder: The Jade Regent Pt. 07


Author's Note: Everyone is eighteen! And for those who don't want to do math, roughly 50,000 naps will mean someone is about 18 to 19 years old. If one has 10 naps per day, which is the maximum number of naps a dragon can have!


Lucithanaas Hana Song

Kittyas Nora

Nathan Ravenwood as Rakain

Jasonas Sam

Cyrano Johnson as Xata

Previously, on Starfinder: The adventuring party has returned victoriously from the Brineice Asteroid, with knowledge of Ami's origin -- not only that she is a Tian Princess but that the men who brought her to the Pact Worlds stopped over at a mysterious station at the edge of known space. With this clue, the heroes have been resting, recovering and getting ready for the next voyage...

It all started off as a bet and was rapidly becoming something of a nightmare for Xata Estin. The young android - innocent and callow in many ways, despite the adventures she had gone on over the past few weeks - looked around the small apartment that the party had rented on arriving at Absalom Station with the loot and plunder of the Brineice Asteroid.

Said loot and plunder had been sold off - save for that that had been kept - and turned into credits, which had gone to not only renting the apartment, but also into paying for the berth that currently held the Sunwolf, and also paid for the workmen and the parts that Nora had been pushing around to try and finish the upgrades they had planned for the Sunwolf in record time.

But as Nora had been busy, that left the rest of party to their own devices - and that had included Brash.

And so, Brash had suggested to Xata that, since the rest of the group were busy, they should play hide and seek. This had seemed utterly reasonable, but now Xata was on her fifteenth minute of searching the small apartment for the small psuedo dragon, and she still couldn't find him.

It was getting downright distressing!

As Xata searched, though, Hana and Zaoibe the harpie were both walking through a large convinence store located near the middle of Absalom Station called Tracies. Rakain walked a few paces behind them - not entirely because he was admiring Zai's still astounding butt, even clad as it was in her tight jeans.

Though that...was a big part of it.

No, there was also the fact that the poor vesk had gone with Hana and Zaiobie with the thought that he might get a chance to impress the formerly mute harpy. And now he was. Impressing her with just how much he could carry. The huge Vesk was loaded down under several dozen bags of panties, thongs, bras, shirts, pants, shorts, gloves, thigh high boots, stockings, garters, lace, collars, leashes, whips, and basically anything and everything fashionable that Hana had thought Zai would look.

"A-Are you sure I'll ever wear this much clothes?" Zai asked, nervously as she looked at the latest bit of clothes that Hana had found that looked interesting. "Also, um, Rakain, are...you okay under there?" She looked back at Rakain, her eyes full of nerves.

But Rakain wasn't the only one who was burdened with material. In the large, clanging berth that held the Sunwolf, several Yoski workers were scurrying about with the parts and components that Nora had scavenged, bought and borrowed over the past few days. Most of them were glittering gemstones that Nora was implanting in the walls and floors of the stripped out insides of the scrap built ship. They would project hard-light holograms and magical fields that would make the ship luxurious and well appointed and endlessly modifiable...assuming of course, Nora could manage to get the magical interlinks to work between the computer system she had made and the gemstones.

As she lay on her back, tools on her cybernetic hand crackling, Ami held a tray of parts in her hand, smiling down at Nora. "So, does this mean we'll get to touch Alfie?" she asked, sounding excited at the thought. "Really?"

Since hard light holograms could be touched, the answer seemed to be yes...but before Nora could respond, a loud BEEP BEEP BEEP filled the air. The Yoski turned and Nora and Ami both stood to see what was making the sound...

And they found an immense six wheeled vehicle grinding its way backwards into the berth, a crane emerging from the back and hanging from the crane an immense barrel attached to a turret mounting, with coiling cables and power lines that looked like they were the size of entire halfling's.

Sam stood behind the truck, lifting and gesturing with her palms to indicate how far back it should drive. When she had stopped the truck with the immense particle cannon hanging near the Sunwolf, which looked like it might barely fit the mounting, Sam turned back to face Ami and Nora with a huge grin on her face.

"Fine!" Ami exploded, throwing up her hands. "You're bigger than Rakain, by Desna's titties!"

"To be fair Ami, you'd be touching light rays hardened with sound and ma-" Nora had begun to explain before the loud beeping. She squirmed rapidly to haul herself out from under the section she had been working up to see all the fuss. Staring, she let out a loud whistle while jogging over to inspect the cannon. "Please tell me this is what I think it is."

Ami just gaped at the massive gun hanging from the crane, silently shocked as she took in its size - the cannon swaying from side to side, ever so slowly.


Rakain clenched his jaw slightly under the weight of his silk and cotton burdens. "Just fine," he rumbled. His ear itched. "Why do I get the feeling that someone's talking about me? Also, Hana, why the hell do we need whips?"

Zai blushed, slightly. "I thought that dignified professors used whips all the time," she said. "Like in that movie series!" She looked at Hana. "Right?"

Hana snickered, "Not sure I'd call Daring Do dignified, but they can have their uses. I'm just wondering why you're carrying everything." She smiled, pulling off her petite, florescent pink and blue cat backpack and sticking her arm in to the shoulder, despite the fact it seemed to be only a foot deep.

Zai blinked, leaning over and looking at Hana, then ducking her head underneath the backpack, as if checking for some trick or trap. This had the side effect of thrusting her rump into the air. "...I did not know you had such a magical device..." she said, slowly.

Rakain bit his lip as he stared at Zai's ass. Because, Hana, I want to bend that harpy over the couch and

give her the time of her life. "Because I'm strong, therefor, I do the heavy lifting."

Hana shrugged, "If you say so.." She said, raising an eyebrow, then snickering slightly, shaking her head.

Zai blushed and giggled as she looked at Rakain. "Well, is there anything more we should buy? Or should we head back to the, um, apartment..." She said, looking somewhat uncertain as she noticed that two customers who had been walking towards them noticed her, then quickly changed course, leaving the three unmolested...but also distinctly unwelcome. As they walked off, she continued awkwardly. "I don't want to, uh, push Rakain over his limit."

"I have no limit, Zai," Rakain puffed, flexing. Then he blanched and quickly adjusted himself as the bags perched on his shoulders threatened to tumble off and spill their contents.

Hana snickered slightly, "I know what we need.. we need to get you a sweater.." She grinned wickedly, looking around quickly before offering Zai a rather immodest looking scrap of fabric, "Go try this on!"

Zai blinked, looking at the tiny scrap. She paused. "S-Should..." She blushed, hard. "Right here?" She asked, nervously, looking around the public area - still uncertain.

Hana snickered, "Go to the changing room, take off what you're no wearing, then put this on and then come out and show off for us." She patted Zai on the rump playfully. Zai nodded, blushing. As she slipped out, she left Rakain and Hana alone - in suspense.

"Hana, what are you doing?" Rakain hissed, leaning forward.

"Our girl has a self-esteem issue. We will help her learn a lesson." She giggled.

The door to the changing room opened and...it...may have been rather hard to breathe, if one was into women and looking Zai at the same time. The exotic woman was dressed in a sleek sweater, tight and yet also quite long, looping around behind her rump...but also missing entirely any covering on the back. A collar of fuzz surrounded her throat, and her breasts were just barely concealed by the sweater as she stood there, her wings folded behind her back.

"This is quite...s-sheer..." she said, shyly, tugging on the sweater with one finger. "A-And why did the tag call it a...virgin killer sweater?" She sounded nervous.

Rakain opened his mouth, then closed it, and glared down at Hana.

"I don't know. Why don't you show her, Rak?" Hana winked at him, moving to stand in front of the changing area as a guardian. Zai blinked, looking at Rakain, her brow furrowing - blushing slightly as she stood there in what amounted to a foot of fabric, drawn taut.

Rakain took a breath, admiring the curves and fluff of Zai's body. "It's called that because...well, for those who haven't, y'know, been with anyone yet..." It was hard to talk about sex with his arms full of bags and a hard-on pressing on the inside of his pants.

Zai blinked. "W-Well, I mean..." She looked down. "I can see why they might be..." She paused. "D-distracted..." She looked at Hana, biting her lower lip. "I...I like it..." She said, her voice shy and uncertain. "I know I'm...I mean...I'm allowed to buy nice and pretty clothes!" She said, sounding like she was trying to be firm - but still sounding like she'd want some confirmation.

Hana snickered, "You are allowed to buy whatever you want and do whatever you want. But I, and I'm sure Rakain would agree if he were thinking with his head brain, think you look quite attractive in that."

Zai giggled. "W-Well, um..." she turned bright red around her feathers. "W-Wouldn't he think the same with his, um...other head brain?" She asked, giggling.

"I didn't say he wouldn't think the same, just there is a bit of trouble in him expressing it when thinking with his lower head." Hana grinned playfully.

Rakain huffed. "Yes, both brains are in agreement, but my head brain is thinking that once I put all these bags down, I'm not picking them back up again." He nodded to Zai, trying not to look like he wanted to rip the sweater off her and fuck her silly in the changing booth. "But yes. I do think you're attractive, Zai."

Zai blushed...then, quietly, she whispered. "L-Lets, um, head home then quickly!" She said, then hurried with Hana and Rakain to the register.


Silence still stretched between Sam, Nora and Ami - the latter two still gaping at the massive cannon that Sam had backed into the berth.

Sam chuckled softly at that and resisted the urge to boast about Ami's comment.. "No, sorry Nora, it's not a replica of my cock to mount on the ship like a dickicorn. It's a MG-98 Particle Beam Cannon, managed to bend the right arm behind the right back."

Though speaking of using leverage, the cannon wasn't the only thing she seemed to have gotten out of whatever deal she made. Instead of her normal bodyglove with exterior plates she was now wearing a suit of on brand Ringwear. Metal bands clung to her skin, perfectly shaped to her joints and seemed to flow as she moved. This was accented by sheets of interlinked rings which did a fantastic job of hiding the forcefields that were acting as the core of her protection. She could have picked one that made her look half naked and still be better armored than some tanks but she seemed to have a flair for the ancient designs.

Ami blushed, looking at Sam now, taking in her new outfit. She opened her mouth, then closed it, then stammered. "W-Well, uh...Rakain is going to, um, uh..." She trailed off, then coughed. "Well, he's going to have a hard time..." She grinned, trying to casual. "We're rapidly starting to overload his brain. There's a limit in...hotness that men can take, right?"

Nora's cheeks went a little dark but she still burst out laughing, eyes looking over the massive beam cannon. "Amazing. Never really thought I'd get to work on one..." She mumbled aloud. She turned to jump, giving the tall soldier woman a hug around the neck and kiss on the cheek. "While the cockmizzen would be great, this is still amazing. Thaaank you."

Sam gave her engineer a welcoming hug back, and teasingly threatened to turn it into a bear hug before releasing the smaller woman. "What can I say, I know how to please a lady. If Rakain has too many sexy girls around him at a time I can just steal one or two of you away to give him a break. Otherwise, it will be a bet if you break him or if he breaks you Ami." Sam teased back.

Ami laughed, softly. "You plan to steal me?" she asked, her voice slightly amused as she looked at Sam, cocking her hip to the side. Nora beamed at the return hug and squeezed Sam back.

"Pretty well," Nora hummed before letting go and dropping to the ground next to Sam. Moving quickly Nora started to go over the cannon, already forming plans in her head apparently.

"Well I could hoist you over my shoulder and carry you back to my cave. But where is the fun in -that-" Sam replied and exaggeratedly shrugged her shoulders. "Nah, I think I'll instead take my pleasure from your retinue and force you to watch, denying you."

Ami pouted, then stuck her tongue out at Sam - before turning to go and help Nora with her work on the cannon. Sam gave a deep bow as Ami started to leave. "Though all you have to do is ask!" She teased before making her way onto the ship, carrying a rather full pack casually over her shoulder. Sam did pause for a moment - glancing from the beth to the window of their apartment. She saw Xata hurrying back and forth within.

I hope Brash is all right in there... Sam thought.


Xata was hurrying back and forth, looking increasingly desperately for Brash the Dragon. But, finding him nowhere to be seen, Xata frowned, rubbed her chin...and then engaged her Craftiness Subroutines and abruptly stopped searching. Fetching her violin from the corner of the room, she sat down in the middle of the floor. "Oh, well," she said with mock sorrow. "I suppose Brash is gone forever and I will never find him. A pity, he was a likeable lifeform. I will just have to compose a dirge for him."

She began to play a heart-wrenchingly sad song. "I will miss my friend," she sang in Draconic. "He was small and cute... and now are friendship ends... he must be in our garbage chute...ohhh how sad that Brash is gone foreveeer...."

As the sad song played, Xata's ears perked up and she heard a quiet gasp and a soft voice whispering. "Oh no!" As she looked, she saw it had come from a lump of laundry left behind by one of the messier members of the party near the entrance to Xata's room.

Grinning Craftily, the android pounced! "Got you!"

And to her shock, she pulled out not a small dragon, but a small pair of panties. Then the panties wriggled and said: "Ohh, you found me!"

Needless to say, Xata was non-plussed. Panties did not normally sound exactly like Brash the Psuedo-Dragon. And more, her Extensive Research on psuedodragons stated they did not randomly become panties. But then there was a white flash of light and she was holding Brash in her hands. Xata grinned delightedly. "What a clever disguise, Brash! You must one day teach me how to look like panties!"

Her enthusiasm banked a little into embarrassment as she added: "I am sorry for tricking you just now. I know that is not what Heroes do. I hope you can forgive me."

Brash stuck his head forward. "It's okay!" He said, licking her face with his tongue. "Boop! Lick!" He beamed. "That means I forgive you. BOOM!"

"Your powers are truly mighty," she told him solemnly.

Brash squirmed, then hopped onto her head, then beamed. "Okay! Now, I will cover my eyes, then you can hide!" He said, springing off her head, landing on the ground in the middle of the room, then clapping his paws over his eyes, laying down flat.

Xata grinned. She had to find a way to one-up the little pseudodragon.

Feeling a little guilty, because her cultural databases informed her that Magic Was Not To Be Used Lightly, she nevertheless began running through her spell library. Turnabout was fair play, after all.

Running out of the room with deliberately loud footsteps, she engaged the Humming Threnody of Braden Thoran to invoke Ghost Sounds of her steps heading toward the cockpit, and felt her circuits hum briefly with power as she tried the latest song to emerge from the depths of her memory banks.

It was the Concealment Chant of Elden Avant, which she subvocalized as she concentrated... and vanished!

Brash opened his eyes, then looked around. He seemed to be unsure. He started to sniff at the ground, then started to slowly walk in a circle, wing spread wide as he paced around, then around, drawing a slow circle in the floor with his tail - if she didn't move, he'd bump right into her!

...if she didn't move.

Engaged her Stealthy As the Day Is Long subroutines, Xata moved to creep out of his path.


As Zai, Rakain and Hana checked out of Tracies, Nora, Sam and Ami managed to finished up their work. The PBC turret was in place and the Yoski were working on securing it with welding tools and hammers and other tools. Tired and splattered with grease, all three girls were starting home - ready for a relaxing rest as well...

Both groups arrived at nearly the same time, Zai waving shyly at Sam, her other arm trying to cover her breasts in her sleek virgin killer sweater, while Ami laughed to see Rakain so overburdened.

But then the door opened and they found Xata sprawled on the ground, a pair of panties on her face, Brash running in circles around her. "I found her! I found her!" he sang excitedly.

"So, do I even want to know?" Ami asked, smirking slightly.

"Not my best moment," Xata conceded as she layed sprawled on the ground.

"Make way, make way," Rakain said, his voice strained. He pushed past the others to the inside of the apartment and set all the bags of clothing down gently. Then he shook out his arms and let out a long sigh of relief as he sagged against the wall.

Hana blinked, "Did you lose your dracovirginity to Brash?" She said, trying to look innocent.

Brash giggled. "No, I just found her. And she didn't find me! ...except...that she did find me. But only after I let her find me by making a noise..." He said, nodding as he crawled up to sit down on Xata's belly.

Xata nodded. "He took it easy on me."

Hana snickered, "Was that noise a snore because you fell asleep?" She giggled.

Sam gave a friendly smile and an approving nod to Zai's outfit. Though, upon seeing Xata as she was Sam just couldn't help but speak up. "Sooooo, need a hand?"

Nora waved away some of the displays on her wrist as she slid in to the apartment behind Sam. She snorted softly at seeing Xata and folded her arms, "Awww, but they're so cute Sam."

"It was precisely a snore." Xata winked at the pseudodragon. "I did not try to trick him in any way, because that would not be Heroic."

Brash looked at Xata, then slowly winked back. "Yeah! Xata was super heroic and didn't trick me at all with her magic!" he nodded, sagely. "Even though I did use my magic. I used...this!" He spread his arms wide and to the surprise of everyone in the room save Xata, Brash flashed with a bright white CRACK and turned into a bundle of cloth, which thumped to the floor, then giggled.

"I'm a sock!" Brash whispered, excitedly.

Xata clapped a hand to her mouth in affected astonishment. "Oh no! He has done it again! Where is Brash!" Xata still had the panties on her head.

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