Note: this is obviously a parody, as well as a jackoff fantasy. I'm sure these women never really behave like this. Which is their loss. Please excuse the run-on sentences; it's hard to punctuate and beat off at the same time...

* * * * *

My thick, pole-hard cock teasingly slapped back and forth across Winona Ryder's kewpie-doll face. She stared up at me, those darling doe-eyes pleading for dick, that long, lizard tongue sticking out whorishly, licking my cockflesh as I rubbed it all over that famous face. On her knees in front of me, Noni wore a tight, black leather half-bustier, forcing her plump, fleshy boobs to stand up pert and hang out in all their big-titted glory. The thigh-high black leather boots added a touch of pure "fuck me" to her appearance, helped along by the fact her fingers were jamming obscenely in and out of her spasming fuckhole cunt. As she caught my slapping cock with her other hand, jacking it fast against her wet, willing tongue, Noni's innocent, schoolgirl voice mewed incoherently like a coked-up stripper reading a singsong Dr. Seuss story.

"Daddycock, Daddycock, I love my Daddycock.... Daddycock, Daddycock, fill my mouth with goo..."

I grabbed fistfulls of her hair with both hands, and rammed my thick shaft into that open mouthhole. That shut her up as she gagged, giggling, yet she continued humming and grunting in the same singsong tempo. Holding her head in place, I began to buck my hips as I relentlessly plowed my fuckpole in and out of her mouthcunt. Raping her whore mouth excited little Noni so much she slipped another finger and yet another finger into her writhing cunt, until she was whole-hand fisting her sloppy, stretched pussyhole. Her mouth was trembling and jerking in near-ecstasy as I fucked her skull, barely believing my eyes: Winona Ryder, high as a kite and about to cum on her fist-rammed cunt, her fat, real tits flailing about spanking each other, as my cock piston-fucked that famous throat.

As she finally started to cum, I yanked my cock out, and a scream of pure cumlust erupted from her abused mouthhole. I rammed my cock right back in, my cockhead feeling her tonsils still vibrating from the scream, her wet deep throat wide open. Like an expert whore, and even though her cunt was cumming hard on her own fist, Noni's throat never tightened or gagged; she kept her hole as open as possible, allowing me to slamfuck it as hard as I could. Grabbing her head harder with my hands, I started to yank her whore skull back and forth in rhythm to my cock's savage thrusts. She was still cumming, but she had stopped thrusting her fist inside herself; in a dazed state, she merely lay there, whimpering and moaning, her body flopping around and quivering due to my raping thrusts into her fuckhole mouth. I felt the cum gathering in the back of my balls, so I stared right at Noni's sweet, rammed face, and grunted: "Look at me, whore. Open your eyes and eat my cum."

Winona Ryder's smiling eyes opened, looking up at me with drugged adoration, a coked-up fucktoy whore loving daddy's cock. That's all it took, her stoned eyes looking at me as I force-fucked her throat...

My cum shot out so hard, the spewing goo tickling my peehole as it spat, my cockhead getting suckled by the back curve of Winona's throat, her wet tongue on the underside of my shaft, my hairy balls banging against her chin. I emptied squirt after squirt down her star gullet, her slippery throat milking my cock, her hand suddenly squeezing my balls, draining the fuckers right down her open hole.

Aftershocks jammed my cock deeper and deeper, spewing out more and more cum, and she still had a smile in her eyes as it all poured down her open throat without needing to swallow.

After I pulled out my shriveled, tired cock, Winona giggled and sang "Daddycock, Daddycock, I love you." She then rolled into a fetal ball, sucking her thumb in post-orgasmic bliss...

Yep. Joining the Famous Whores Gangbang Club was definitely worth every penny. Hollywood, great town. Sex all over the place, but the nastiest movie starlets can't get all the cock they need, for fear of public knowledge ruining their careers. So they pretend to act like sweet, nice girls for the paychecks, but deep down they crave to be gangfucked like the slutty cuntwhores they truly are. So they formed a club. Sign a privacy agreement, pay twenty grand to one of their favorite charities, and these secretly nasty bitches will coke themselves up, open their holes, and beg you to rape them raw.

I pulled Winona's thumb out of her mouth, saying, "Show me that nasty tongue, bitch." Lying there, she stuck out her long lizard tongue, straight up in the air. I sat my hairy ass right down on it, and she knew exactly what to do: Noni slurped and licked and poked that tongue right up inside my anal hole while reaching around to caress my cock back to hardness.

As the movie star tonguefucked my ass, I looked around the grand hotel suite we rented for these club nights and saw the other celebs we drugged that night being used like nympho fuck toys. Clare Danes was getting power-slammed on her knees, wearing a ripped-to-shreds schoolgirl uniform, letting out a beggarly whimper, "Please, mister, don't fuck my cunnie so hard..." The fucking club-member responded by reaching around, grabbing her flat tits, yanking her entire body back hard on his piston-fucking monster cock. "Is this too hard, bitch?" Clare screamed out, "Yes! too hard! Too hard for my baby cunnie..." when her mouth suddenly found a cock inside of it. Another member had stepped up and shoved his rockhard meat right into the starwhore's mouth hole. He took grabbed her hair and yanked, forcing the cunt's mouth to slam forward with every thrust. Clare was in fuckslut heaven, her eager hungry eyes staring up at the man she deepthroated, her tiny tits and long, erect, out-of-proportion nipples poking out from her torn, white, school-uniform blouse. She managed to let his cock slip out long enough for her to again moan the words that urged both men on: "Mister, stop!" And the men knew what the whore wanted, and gave it to her: "Shut up, cunt!" the sucked member yelled, jamming his cock all the way down Clare's whore mouth. The two members began fucking her so hard from either end, banging the petite actress like she was a ragdoll fucktoy, that they actually lifted her humping body off the ground. Clare began to shriek as she came, that annoying high-pitched whalesong cry of hers that can only be tolerated if you're shooting cum up her tight, whore cunt.

Noni's tongue slipped out of my ass. Hearing her best friend Clare cum so hard made Noni's cunt pulse with fuck desire. The slut couldn't resist thrusting her fist into her aching pussy again, and her concentration on my ass had waned. "Hey, you fucking whore, " I grunted, whip-slapping my re-hardening cock down on her pouting lips, "cum on your own time." She opened her mouth apologetically, and I filled it with my cock. "Now suck it good, bitch. Make Daddycock even harder than before." In her coke-induced state, she giggled and began humming "Daddycock" again as her inner mouth walls and tongue squeezed and sucked and licked my cock to rockhard status again.

Across the room, Natalie Portman's tiny little body was hanging nude from the ceiling, her tiny, little-girl arms and legs and ass strapped into a leather harness, her tiny body swinging back and forth as several fellow members took turns cock-poking her tiny, little-girl fuckholes. They would switch places at will, cocks randomly going from ass, to mouth, to cunt, to shoving her tiny tits together just enough for a tiny titfuck.

Little, naked Natalie would let out cute little moan-whimpers whenever something felt good, which was often. Cock filling her tiny cunthole, whimpermoan; cock forced deep down her throat, whimpermoan; tits pinched and mauled by eight hungry hands, whimpermoan. Her whimpermoans built in intensity as the members speeded up their pace as they gangfucked her quivering holes. Such a pretty little girl: her beautiful, tiny face contorted in ecstasy, her tiny body twisting hard against the cocks pummelling inside her, her cunt and ass and mouth and hands squeezing hard on the cocks they fuck as little Natalie moaned a long, cumming-oh-so-fucking-hard whimper. Their cum began to shoot and spray and splatter and coat every inch of her body inside and out, gooey, sticky, warm, wet, messy, thick cum dripping from every hole. The four members laughed as they pulled out and walked away, leaving the little-girl actress hanging there helplessly, cum-covered, and still quivering and whimper-moaning from the mind-blowing fuck she had just endured.

My cock was so hard from the sight of little Natalie Portman hanging helpless in post-cum: I had to have some of that myself. I pulled Noni to her feet, grabbed her hair hard and led her over to hanging, nude, cum-covered Natalie. I forced Noni's mouth down on little Natalie's tiny tits, ordering her to eat up the cum splattered all over the soft, supple, little-girl boobs as I jammed my thumb up Natalie's tight cunt. I lifted her groin with my hand, giving my cock easier access to her tiny, slippery, well-fucked asshole. My cock slipped right in, and little Natalie gasped, her little eyes staring at me with dazed desire.

Winona's mouth moved to Natalie's, and then Noni spit out a mouthful of cum on little Natalie's starwhore face. "Daddycock's gonna rape your whore ass," Noni whispered to Natalie. "And I'm gonna rape your whore mouth," she continued, yanking Natalie's hanging head down between her legs. Noni practically sat her cunt on Natalie's open mouth, and when Natalie's little-girl tongue snaked up inside Winona's burning cunt, Winona grunted with fuck pleasure: "Yes! You little bitch! Eat me! Eat my nasty cunt, you dirty little whore!" She ground her throbbing cunt all over Nat's wet lips and face, as Natalie's tongue tried to keep up, following Noni's grinding clit, and flicking it madly. Noni's hands squeezed her own heavy-swinging tits, pulling them up to her own face, shoving her long, pointed nipples into her own mouth. "Fucking God Yes!" Noni yelped, jamming her nipples in her own mouth at the same rhythm as she was grinding her cunt back and forth over Natalie's lil girl tongue. "Nasty! ... little!.. bitch!" she grunted with each cunt- and tit-thrust, when her eyes caught mine. My cock was still pounding lil Natalie's well-fucked ass , and sometimes pulling out, jamming in her tight lilgirl cunt, fucking it a few strokes, and then back into the dripping, gooey ass. Noni's face snarled at me; she was so close to cumming as she raped her lil girlfriend's mouth, she couldn't resisting begging for the one thing that would set her over the edge.

"Daddycock, Daddycock, " she hummed, "I need your goo IN MY ASS!" It was so desperate, I almost laughed. Such a nasty fuckslut.

I pumped my cock a few more times in Nat's cum-filled snatch, to get it nice and hard for Noni, then walked around behind the leather-clad, tit-swinging star of Heathers as she rode the hanging, petite mouth of the star of Star Wars. Noni bent over, laid face-down on the hanging Natalie, pulling the leather hanging ropes ever tighter. Noni's face was buried right in Nat's cunt, and with her lips and tongue slurping up as hard and deep as possible, in lusty anticipation of a Daddycock up her ass.

I poked two fingers into Natalie's raped mouth, sliding past Noni's still-riding cunt, got my fingers nice and lubed with Nat's lilgirl spit, then pulled both fingers out and used them to part Noni's trembling anal ring.

I slowly drilled one finger into her ass, then spun it out, and then drilled in the other finger. I poked both inside, and pulled at either side of her anus ring, spreading her asshole wide open. I spit a gooey wad of saliva up her hole, then dove my fingers in deeper. I then licked across her cuntlips, smooching Natalie, who was in the way, traced my tongue across Noni's "tweener," up along the very crack of Noni's ass, and then right up to Noni's fingerfucked butthole. I tonguefucked that famous hole as she shoved her cunt right up against Nat's mouth, almost smothering her, wiping her clit all over Nat's face and flicking lips. My tongue left Noni's ass for a second, and Noni freaked....

"No Daddycock, Oh God, don't stop...!" She was right on the edge of cumming, rubbing her nasty whore clit so hard and fast across Natalie's lips and tongue, but she was trying so hard not to go over yet. She wanted something to take her higher....

My Daddycock slammed up her ass to the hilt in one quick, unmerciful fuckstroke. Noni screamed with bloodlust: "Daddy, yes! Fuck it! Fuck that nasty hole! Oh, God, Daddy...!" Her ass was so wet and tight, so slippery and fuckable, I couldn't resist skipping the foreplay and I started raping her ass with abandon. "That's right, you little bitch, you take it!" I yelled, grabbing her hair, while jamming her face harder on Nat's writhing cunt. "Eat your sister's cunt for daddy! Show daddy what a whore you are. Make your bitch sister cum!"

Noni was in fuck heaven, gasping for breath as her ass was pummelled, her cunt lapped, and her face shoved in pussy. She snorted cunt like a pig in heat, while I continued to show her asshole a new meaning of the word rape. "You take all of it, you fucking piece of trash! Your ass is just a twenty-thousand-dollar hole I paid to fuck!" I slapped her ass hard, then grabbed her hips and pulled her body way up, pulling her cunt off Natalie's mouth. Nat was no good anymore anyway, since she was whimper-moaning out of control thanks to Noni's slurpfest. I made Noni's ass arch even more, her ass up high, her body low hanging on Nat's, and then I started punching my cock in and out of her high, whore asshole. Her ass tried to close, to fight it, but my about-to-cum cock was harder than it's ever been, and it continued to burst thru her tightening asscunt, raping-thrust after raping-thrust after raping-thrust.

Noni's orgasm shook through her like a possessed horny poltergeist on speed. She trembled, almost motionlessly for a whole minute, and then shrieked so loud the rest of the room went quiet, and everyone turned to watch Daddycock shoot streams of cum up Noni's whore asscunt. The expert whore that she is, even though still recovering from an orgasm that destroyed thousands of braincells, Noni managed to use her asswall muscles to open and close, sucking up Daddycock, milking Daddycock, jacking Daddycock off with her ass, whorishly banging herself harder and harder against me, taking my spraying cock deeper and deeper into her nasty cuntbitch bowels. She collapsed completely on top of Natalie, and thanks mostly to the weight of Noni's oversized boobs, the hanging ropes broke and both girls fell to the ground. I fell on top of them, my cock driving even deeper into Noni's grounded, flailing ass. I swear she was still cumming as I pulled my shriveled, empty-milked cock from her nasty butthole. My cockhead sprung from her ass, and landed on Nat's mouth, and as Nat whimpermoaned, the lilgirl starwhore licked Noni's asscum off my spent Daddycock.

The entire room of starfuckers applauded our little show, and then went back to fucking the other stars in the room; schoolgirl Clare Danes was on her knees slurping up a group of hard cocks, Liz Hurley was strapped into some S&M stocks, getting pummelfucked from behind, Britney Spears was being led around the room in a dog collar, forced to lick hairy assholes, and Rose McGowen was whorishly riding a sybian as three guys jacked off on her bulbous tits.

Exhausted, I snuggled up next to Noni, who had passed out from cumming. I lay my head on her huge, pillow-like boobs, and soon fell asleep with a smile in my heart and a grin on my cock, dreaming about the next month's party of starfucker whores.

Until then...

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