tagCelebrities & Fan FictionStarfucker Ch. 01

Starfucker Ch. 01


Starfucker, part 1, Jordan

I was in a semi-decent nightclub in London the night my story starts. My name is Aden Hill, I'm 21 years old and working as a market researcher for quite a large business in London. The pay is pretty good for someone my age; don't get me wrong, I'm not rich or anything, but I can afford to go to the semi-decent clubs and bars in the city. These are the kind of clubs where I have the opportunity to meet quite famous people; when I say famous, I don't mean like A-list celebrity types; it's more like B or C-list celebs that hang around in the clubs I go to. But hell, that'll do for me.

So anyway, I was inside one of these nightclubs; it was a Friday night at around 1am; the club was absolutely packed with party-goers. Rich kids, up and coming businessmen and small time celebrities; one of these celebrities I had been watching for the past ten minutes or so happened to be a glamour model. Her name was Jordan, real name Katie Price, she's kind of notorious throughout the UK for being a real slut. She'll basically do anything to get her name in the papers; mainly it's showing off her amazing chest. I'm not sure exactly what size she is, but I'd place her at around a 36DD cup at a guess.

This night she was looking absolutely stunning, in a completely fake, Barbie Doll style way. She wore her hair in pigtails which fell to just below shoulder level. All she wore on her upper body was a pink boob tube, through which, her nipples poked. She also had a matching pink micro skirt, which was not even long enough to cover up the curve of her smooth ass whenever she bent over, revealing her deep red thong.

On her feet she wore a pair of sexy looking red, open toed heels; her pretty toes painted a matching red colour. I noticed that she had just recently finished a drink and decided to make my move. I sauntered over to where she sat at the bar and placed myself on the vacant stool next to hers. I've never been one to waste time when it came down to it, so I turned to her and spoke.

'Hi there, my name's Aden.' I gave her one of my most charming smiles, she smiled back, I could tell she'd already had a few by the way her eyes seemed unable to focus properly on me. 'Can I buy you a drink?'

'Sure thing handsome' She replied, 'my name's Katie by the way, but I'm more commonly known as Jordan.' Thankfully, I realised that she wasn't too drink, as her speech seemed coherent enough.

I ordered two glasses of the finest champagne, as I ordered the drinks I heard an approving 'ooh' sound escaping Jordan's full red lips. When I turned to face her again I noticed she was giving me the once over. Now, I knew that I was fairly good looking, in that I had never in my life before had a problem when it came to pulling women; and I could tell by the way that Jordan looked at me that night that I was on to a winner.

We made small talk through our drink, I found it surprisingly easy to talk to her given that she came off as a dumb loudmouth in all the interviews I'd read of hers. One drink turned into around five and the conversation turned predictably more flirty. By the fifth glass of champagne she had moved up real close to me and her hands were in my lap. It was now around 2:30am and the bar had stopped serving, the majority of the people were leaving the club. 'So anyway Aden,' She spoke, her finger circling lightly on my thigh, 'whereabouts do you live?'

'I live in an apartment about 30 minutes taxi ride from here' I replied.

'Well, I'm staying in a hotel about five minutes taxi ride from the club.' Her hand was now brushing gently over the not so subtle erection in my trousers. 'It would be a shame to waste this.' She spoke as she worked her way into my trousers, gripping my erect dick with her hands. 'What do you say?'

'Lead the way sexy.' I replied, not one to disappoint.

Getting a taxi outside the club was no mean feat. Jordan just flashed her amazing tits to anyone in the queue who wanted to try and stop us from pushing in. As we were stepping into the taxi she gave the photographers a flash of her ass then climbed in alongside me in the taxi. As soon as the door shut and we pulled away, she was all over me. We kissed passionately, her expert tongue exploring my mouth.

She wasted no time in grabbing my hand and aiming it towards her waiting pussy. 'I'm so fucking wet.' She whispered in my ear, 'I can't wait to get you back to my room.' She said as she forced her hands into my trousers once again, gripping my shaft like a vice. She wasn't lying about being wet either; as soon as I worked my hand into her panties I could feel the moisture radiating from her pussy. She moaned audibly as my thumb came into contact with her swollen clitoris. The taxi driver, who had stopped for a red light turned round and spoke to me.

'You jammy bastard, I wish I was your hand right now.' He spoke in strong cockney dialect. Jordan responded to that by removing her hand from my dick, spreading her legs a bit more so the driver could see between her legs. She then proceeded to part the material of her thong so the driver could get an unrestricted view of me sliding my fingers in and out of her dripping wet snatch. 'Fuck me rigid.' Gasped the driver as he scratched his head. Jordan resumed playing with my rock hard erection while I continued to finger her under the watchful eyes of the driver.

A minute or two later, the driver was snapped back to reality by the honking of cars from behind and he quickly moved on; I continued to finger fuck Jordan as we passionately kissed in the backseat. I sensed her orgasm approaching and know that she would have cum in the taxi had we not reached the hotel when we did. 'Here we are.' The driver interrupted us. He told us the ride was free of charge for the show and once again told me I was a jammy bastard as we exited the cab and made our way inside the hotel; instantly forgetting about the driver.

We managed to control ourselves just enough to keep our hands to ourselves on the way to Jordan's room. But once inside it was a completely different story. As soon as the door was slammed shut behind us, Jordan ripped off her boob tube letting her amazing tits spill free; she kicked off her heels and yanked down her skirt and thong with one tug; casting them aside she motioned for me to sit down in a chair. I did as she wished, I was sat down on the opposite side of the room to her. I ran appraising eyes up and down her gloriously naked body.

Her perfectly shaved pussy glistened with moisture. She glided over towards me, light on her sexy little feet. She spoke no words as she knelt in between my legs; wasting no time in unzipping my fly and lowering her mouth onto my raging dick. Her expert tongue glided up and down my shaft as her head bobbed up and down; each time she trailed her tongue along the head it sent shivers up my spine. Her eyes made contact with mine and she stared deep into me, her eyes full of lust as she sucked my dick for all it was worth. I let out soft moans of appreciation as I felt my orgasm nearing; I grabbed Jordan’s head and forced myself deeper into her mouth, feeling my seed welling up at the base of my dick. She took the whole of my cock no problem and began sucking even harder, willing me to come in her mouth.

I let out one final moan before allowing my orgasm to take over; pushing my dick as far as I could down her throat, I began to shoot my ejaculate into Jordan's mouth. I felt her swallowing around my shaft as I pumped wave after endless wave into her. After what seemed like an age, the waves of cum slowed to a halt and she released my shrinking cock from her mouth. A trail of cum reaching from the head of my dick to her lower lip eventually snapped and landed on her right tit. She opened her mouth to speak, but found she was only able to make a strange gargling sound due to the amount of my cum still in the back of her throat.

Eventually she cleared her throat and was able to speak again, 'Now return the favour big boy.' Was all she said as she moved over and lay on the bed on her back. Bending her knees and stretching her legs to allow my access to her pussy. I stood from my chair and removed my jeans and boxer shorts, casting them aside with the rest of the clothes. My t-shirt came next. After I was fully undressed I moved over to where Jordan lay on the bed and made a beeline for her tight, wet cunt with my mouth.

Her juices were so sweet as I lapped my tongue against her swollen clit, feeling her whole body shiver with pleasure. Despite only just ejaculating, I felt the first stirrings of another erection. She pressed her feet against the small of my back and began to gently stroke me there as I continued to swirl my tongue around her clit. I slipped two fingers inside her sopping wet pussy. Her moans getting louder and louder as she neared her orgasm. She wrapped her legs tightly around me, forcing my face to squash down onto her pussy as she came all over my face.

Her moans sounded muffled to me as her thighs covered my ears, but I knew they were fairly loud. Her pussy squirted juices all over my face, I felt them dripping from my chin onto the bed. Just as I was beginning to panic about not being able to breathe, the pressure on my head was lifted and I was allowed to move out and breathe.

'That was amazing lover boy' Jordan spoke to me, 'now fuck me!' I wasted no time, we positioned ourselves in the missionary position and my once again erect dick had no problems entering her now sloppy pussy. My dick fit easily inside of her and I was able to push myself in all the way to my balls. She let out a moan as she felt me filling her completely.

'Fuck me hard!' She moaned as I began to thrust the full length of my erect cock in and out of her, watching her tits jiggle on her chest. I reached down and began to fondle her giant breasts as I fucked her on the bed; her moans becoming louder and louder. She was now playing with her clit as I fucked her and squeezed her tits. Her moans we now screams as she had orgasm after orgasm while I continually fucked her. Her entire body was shaking and her cunt was so wet it made slurping noises every time I thrust at her. After she had her sixth or seventh orgasm I felt my own approaching, quickly I removed my dick from her pussy and positioned myself above her chest just as my orgasm hit and I began to spurt out my cum all over her big sexy tits; watching as she rubbed it in and licked some up; still fingering herself to yet another orgasm.

Finally after I was spent, and Jordan's tits were coated with my cum, I collapsed next to her on the bed and must have drifted off. As the next time I opened my eyes it was morning outside and I was laying next to Jordan in bed. She was asleep, so I quietly dressed myself and left the hotel; assuming that would be the last I'd hear from her. It was only when I stepped outside of the hotel that I checked my pocket and found a note from her. It read, 'Thanks for last night lover boy. I got your number from your phone, I hope you don't mind. I've got some friends that would simply love to meet you. Love Katiexxx.' I shrugged my shoulders, pocketed the note and carried on with my day, looking forward to meeting some of Jordan's showbiz friends.

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