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Stargate 01: Enemy within


Pelaam©, June 2009

This is based on ideas from Watercrazy

With a grunt, Jack wriggled to find a more comfortable position, his arms tightening around Daniel. The younger man was chilled and he pressed their naked bodies closer together. He heard the tiny sound of gratitude and wished he could do more. He curled impossibly closer around the slighter form. Daniel was filling out beautifully, but still had some way to match Jack's physique. He let his chin rest on Daniel's bare shoulder so he could whisper in his ear.

"Doing ok, Danny-boy?" he asked, feeling the tremor that ran through the lithe frame he held.

"I'm worried, Jack," Daniel whispered back.

"I know," Jack sighed.

"We still don't know what they want or what's happening to Teal'C. I'm scared for him."

"You gotta have faith, Danny-boy," Jack replied. "Sam got away and she'll bring another team through. Teal'C was knocked out and carried off, but he was still alive." Jack cast a glance over his shoulder through the bars of the dank, dirty cell in which they were held prisoner. The ebony-skinned, muscular jailor was otherwise occupied with a viewer on his table. At other times he stared at the two incarcerated men. Up to now, the only pale-skinned people Jack had seen were himself and Daniel.

He did not know how many hours they had been in the cold, damp prison. Their weapons and clothes had been taken and both men's naked bodies had been touched all over as if to check for anything concealed. However, Jack had not missed the look of lust in one man's eyes as his hands had gripped and fondled Daniel's unresponsive flesh.

Jack really hoped he got some one-on-one time with that guy.

Sounds of activity had Jack crane his head to see what was happening. He growled at the sight of the man he already loathed.

"Bring the blond," a supercilious voice commanded.

Jack tried to protect Daniel, jumping to his feet, pushing the smaller man behind him as he demanded he be allowed to speak to someone. There was little he could do to stop Daniel being dragged away from the cell with his wrists manacled behind his back and dragged away. Jack's fists clenched and unclenched in frustration. He really, really hoped he got his chance.


Daniel was led to a featureless grey room that contained chains descending from the ceiling to which he was secured. He gave a cry of pain as his arms were pulled to full stretch, leaving him almost on his toes to take some weight from his shoulders.

"Why are you holding us prisoner?" Daniel gasped as he tried to ease the pull on his arms. "You attacked us without provocation. Why?" He gave a pained grunt as his jaw was gripped forcefully.

"You ask no questions, you are nothing here. You invaded our land. Rumour has it, from the Sacred Circle. You will tell me how you made it work. What your invasion plans are."

"I don't know what you mean," Daniel replied. "Your soldiers took away one of our people. Teal'C. What have you done with him, where is he?" The slap across his cheek had Daniel seeing stars.

"You do not speak to me that way," the dark man growled menacingly. "I am Crevan, Master Inquisitor and I will learn of how you came to be here." He circled behind Daniel, his voice dropping to a sinister hiss. "You show such concern for Teal'C. He was more than just a comrade-in-arms."

Daniel shivered, icy tendrils encircling his heart. 'Was'.

Crevan smirked cruelly. He had not failed to see the pale-skinned male become paler at the deliberate use of past tense.

"I have someone who may loosen your tongue even faster."

Daniel watched helplessly as Crevan left the room. He fought the rising panic. Had something happened to Teal'C?

He held his breath as he heard voices outside after a few minutes of solitude. Then his eyes opened wide in shock as Teal'C walked in.

"Teal'C?" Daniel's voice was little more than a dry husking sound.

"This is one of those who injured me and killed my men?" Teal'C's hand fingered the bandage around his head and stared menacingly at the prisoner.

Daniel swallowed the anguished cry of grief and denial that threatened to burst free. Teal'C's dark eyes were cold and hard, showing not the slightest glimmer of recognition as he dispassionately regarded the chained blond.

"That's right," Crevan said. "He is one of the invaders who somehow used the Sacred Circle to enter our world."

"Then we need to find out how and prevent others coming through," Teal'C said. His eyes ran coldly over the naked prisoner. "It will be my pleasure to assist you with the questioning."

Daniel shuddered. This was a Teal'C he did not recognise. His loving husband was gone, replaced by someone who thought him an adversary and was willing to use whatever means Crevan decided were acceptable.

Time became an enemy that Daniel mentally cursed as he hung suspended. Teal'C's touches, that normally teased and pleasured his body, now sent shards of pain lancing through him. As he panted, waiting for the next bout of torture, he wondered how Teal'C would feel when the Jaffa regained his memories. If he regains them. Daniel tried to push the insidious voice away. Teal'C had taken him as his mate, told him Daniel was loved, was his soul-mate. So why doesn't he remember any of it, Danny-boy, the inner voice cruelly taunted him. Why is your union still a well-kept secret?

"You are foolish to refuse to answer," Teal'C rasped as he gripped the pale face. He almost jerked away as a sudden desire to kiss the bruised lips lanced through him. He blinked, trying to recover his equilibrium.

"I can't answer," Daniel mumbled, not noticing the Jaffa's shock. "We're friends, Teal'C." Lovers, you said I was the other half of your soul. "This isn't where you belong. You, me, Jack and Sam, we came together, don't you remember any of us?"

Teal'C moved to stand behind the prisoner so the blue eyes could not see the uncertainty on his face. Occasionally when using his fingers to torment nerve endings, he had experienced a desire to stroke and caress. He had hurt the smaller man, but he knew his touches had been tempered by the strange desire for tenderness. Yet the man was his enemy.

His hand fingered the bandage he wore. He had awoken to find he had no memory of whom or where he was. Crevan had supplied all the information about him being one of the Captains of the Forces in the castle. That he and his men had been ambushed by the pale-skinned strangers and some of his men had been killed while he had been injured. He eyed the restrained body. The blond did not strike him as a soldier, but he had not succumbed to pain either.

He did not want to continue.

"I think the prisoner should be put back into his cell," Teal'C declared. "Let him muse over what has happened and what he will face again." The Warrior could see Crevan was not pleased with the suggestion and it was with relief that he watched as the other man slowly nodded. For a few seconds, Teal'C had thought he would try to stop Crevan if the Inquisitor touched the prisoner.

"You may be right," the other man said thoughtfully. Then his voice turned sly. "Sometimes the psychological fear of what might come to pass works better than the physical reality."

Teal'C stared at him. He hated having no memory. He did not feel any pull of camaraderie towards Crevan, no inkling of familiarity. It was the same about the castle in which they were based. Nothing had held even the slightest echo of home or belonging. His eyes flickered briefly to the prisoner that Crevan was now pushing out of the room. For the first time since awakening in the cold, grey castle, something about the blond had warmed him. It made no sense. Why did he feel more comfortable with the prisoner, killer of his men, than with one of his own kind?

A cry of pain had him exit the room in three large strides. He gave a rumbling growl at the sight of Daniel on his knees, Crevan's hand wound tightly in his hair. He met Crevan's eyes as the Inquisitor slowly looked up.

"Is something wrong, Teal'C?" he asked silkily.

"I thought we had finished with him," Teal'C replied. He fought an internal battle to remain apparently unconcerned at the tableau before him. It took strength of will not to slap the other dark-skinned man away from the blond and take him for himself. Instead he moved closer, slipping his hand under Daniel's elbow and helping the shivering blond to his feet. "Psychological, you said," he reminded Crevan. He did not like the look that passed across the other man's face. It was so fast that Teal'C knew most would have missed it. He met the blond's gaze and it shocked him to see neither fear nor loathing but a soul-deep sadness and ... disappointment... as if Teal'C had failed in some way.

It served to stoke the flickering flames of disquiet that lapped along his veins. Something was wrong. Something was very wrong and Teal'C instinctively knew it revolved around Crevan and the prisoner. Whoever he was Teal'C was certain he was a warrior, that much felt right. As to the rest...He would wait, bide his time, certain he would uncover the truth. He glanced at Daniel; he also had to find a way to keep Crevan's hands off this man without betraying his own unease regarding the Inquisitor. He hoped he would be left to retire to him room. His head was aching and he had a great deal of thinking to do.

Teal'C stood at the entrance to the cell to watch the proceedings, uncertain of the reason as to why it seemed important. He saw the jailor, a tall, dark-skinned man dressed in tight leather pants and matching leather vest, take charge of Daniel. Teal'C could see another pale-skinned man, whose hand were gripping the cell bars tightly, watching intently as Daniel was propelled roughly towards the prison. As Daniel was shoved inside, Teal'C banked down a growl of anger, firstly as Daniel stumbled and almost fell and secondly at the sight of Daniel caught and cradled in the other prisoner's arms.

"You did well, Teal'C," Crevan praised as he led the Jaffa away from the cells. "However, I think the interrogation has tired you, you are still recovering. Retire to your room, I will have food and drink sent there and I will bring you something to help relax you."


Teal'C wandered aimlessly around his room. It contained a large sofa, a table and chair and a sumptuous bed in one room. A bathroom with shower, toilet and basin was the other. He picked up odd trinkets; a medal, an ornate cup, turning them in his hands, trying to find some echo of familiarity. Nothing meant anything to him.

Only the proximity of the blond prisoner, the feel of his skin, his scent, the look in his eyes, these were the things that somehow seemed familiar. Yet his mind remained an empty book. No, not empty, Teal'C shook his head. Not empty but closed and he was unsure what he needed to do to unlock it and open it once more.

A rap at his door was followed by Crevan entering without waiting for invitation. He had a young, slender, copper-skinned male with him. Unlike the leather-clad soldiers who were all Teal'C had seen since waking, he wore only a short sarong around his hips that barely reached to cover his modesty. His nipples were both pierced, a silvery chain with glittering coloured gems linking them. His hair was an unusual reddish-auburn that fell past his shoulders. His eyes were almond-shaped, hazel hued and filled with a mix of fear and trepidation.

"What do you want?" Teal'C asked.

"To reward you," Crevan smirked. "This is Asho, a pleasure slave. He is yours to command. He is well-trained and can refuse you nothing."

"Master," the young man whispered, his voice soft and melodic. He stepped forward, dropping to his knees and bowed his head to the floor.

"Enjoy, Teal'C," Crevan leered.

The Jaffa stared at the kneeling figure. Something was not right. He had a sense that Crevan was in some way toying with him. The slave was attractive, that was undeniable, but Teal'C felt no sexual desire for him. He looked at Crevan and raised an eyebrow. It was with indefinable relief that Teal'C watched his door close. He walked past the still-kneeling slave and locked his door.

Turning he stared at the young man left there for his 'pleasure'. He had no idea what to do with him. He was suddenly aware of how tired he was and various aches made themselves known. He scowled but made a decision.

"Can you perform massage, Asho?" he asked gruffly.

"Yes, master," Asho replied lifting his head. He was smiling, although he still looked afraid to Teal'C's sharp eyes. "I am talented in that art."

"Come with me," Teal'C ordered. He waited for the young man to rise gracefully to his feet and noticed the quick glances around the room Asho made. A thought, a rather disturbing thought insinuated in the warrior's mind, but there was no opportunity to test it. Instead he indicated the bed. "What do you need?"

"Do you have a favoured oil, master?" Asho queried.

Teal'C disappeared into the bathroom. There were several oil containers and he sniffed each before selecting one. He hesitated at the doorway, angling to be able to observe the slave without being seen. Asho's nervous glances towards one wall served to cement Teal'C's idea. He was being monitored. He took a deep breath to cleanse the building anger within. He had to employ well-thought strategy to unravel the mysteries of this place. He would start with the boy on his bed. He pulled off the leather vest he had been wearing and dropped it to the floor.

He sauntered into the room, this time giving out the visual signals of the predator he knew he was. He hid his pleasure that the look in the younger man's eyes changed. Fear and apprehension were still there, but appreciation was visible as Teal'C purposely stretched displaying an expanse of flexing muscles. He slowly unsnapped the studs on his leather pants and pulled them off. All that was left was a snug, leather jockstrap. Even relaxed, Teal'C knew it could be seen he was well-endowed and the young man's gaze was drawn to the quiescent organ behind the leather.

"Here," Teal'C threw over the jar of oil. "This one. Make it good."

"Yes, master."

Teal'C stretched out on the bed, spreading his legs and letting the smaller, slim body kneel between them. He did not like adding to the young man's fear, but at the same time it was a weakness to exploit and he needed as many answers as possible.

Crevan had been correct in regards to Asho's talents. The oil had obviously been held in the young man's hands before he began stroking it over Teal'C's shoulders as it was warm on the Jaffa's skin. Slender hands and fingers worked diligently to loosen tight muscles and Teal'C found himself relaxing more and more as Asho descended his body. He gave a soft sound of appreciation as the hands began to stroke over his thighs.

Small hands rubbed his inner thighs urging his legs apart. Soft sounds spilt from his lips as the Jaffa shifted, trying to spread himself further to encourage the teasing fingers to touch where he burned with desire. He groaned with need as they teased at his entrance, caressing the puckered skin, circling, pushing but not penetrating. His groan became one of impatience as he pushed back, gratified to feel the slender digit slide inside his heated depths. Soon there were three, sliding back and forth, spreading him, readying him. With a moan of passion, hard flesh slid deep inside him. He pushed back urging a rhythmic rocking, the tempo slowly increasing until finally...

With a hoarse cry Teal'C reared from the bed, throwing the slave to the floor. He panted harshly, his eyes wide. The slave had...He clenched his inner muscles. There was no wetness, his muscles still tight, still untouched. He stared down at the young man whose eyes flitted fearfully from the Jaffa around the room as tears fell unchecked. The slave was aroused, although his passion was diminishing rapidly. However it was clear that what Teal'C had experienced was nothing more than an erotic memory.

"I...I'm sorry, Master," the slave sobbed.

Slowly the Jaffa stood and held out a hand to the shaking young man. He gave no explanation for his behaviour. As he pulled Asho upright he pulled off the meagre covering the younger man wore. He pushed the unresisting form ahead of him.

"You may bathe me," he rasped.

Once in the shower, the Jaffa turned the water on so that it jetted noisily, but made no attempt to cleanse. Instead he pinned Asho against a wall and bent to whisper in the younger man's ear.

"My room is monitored and you were not just sent to pleasure me. Unless you want me to tell Crevan just how much you gave away and see just what punishments can be dispensed for such a failing, you will talk to me. I will know if you lie to me, Asho. What do you know of me?"


Teal'C had not known what the younger man would say of him but was not expecting such a flat denial. He was also quite sure Asho was telling the truth.

"When did you see me for the first time?" he tried a different question.

"Today when you were taken to the Inquisitor's cells," Asho whispered. "I thought you had come from another garrison. I have always been used for the guards' pleasure as women are not permitted here. I am too pale-skinned to be considered truly attractive and so I never pleasure Officers. I know some garrisons have wives or betrothed permitted to live outside in guard accommodation. I really want to work in the kitchens and when I'm not needed to perform other tasks I can. Crevan told me to please you, to watch and to listen. Anything you said was to be reported to him. Especially if concerning the prisoners or the sacred gate. If I did well, I could permanently be a kitchen-hand."

Teal'C felt a stab of guilt as well as sadness for the young man, but he steeled himself. He stared down into the hazel orbs of the smaller male.

"You were selected because you are paler," Teal'C said, certain of his deduction but not of the motive. "And the prisoners," he continued. "What do you know of them?"

"Just that there are two with skin paler than mine," Asho answered. He had been told nothing about the exotic prisoners.

Teal'C considered carefully. The younger man seemed to be telling the truth. There were still no answers. Asho did not service Officers so it could be he had simply never seen Teal'C before, but the slave had not known of him. That was incongruous to the Warrior. If he was a Captain amongst the soldiers that Asho did frequent, the slave should know of him, by name if not by sight. Asho thought he was from another garrison where Crevan had told Teal'C he was a Captain of that stronghold. It was another disturbing piece in the puzzle that Teal'C had yet to solve. The Jaffa made a decision.

"I do not know what Crevan expects, but I want you to tell me of anything he says to you about me," Teal'C said, pressing his face close to Asho.

"If I please you, Master, will you keep me as your personal slave?"

"I will do whatever I can," Teal'C hedged. So long as Asho thought of him as a man with power to grant him what he craved, the slave would be a useful informant. As attractive as Asho was, Teal'C felt no desire for him. He did, however, feel an ache as if an important part of himself was missing. He was now certain he could have faith in his instincts. He had neither liked nor trusted Crevan on sight. It seemed a justified reaction. He would have to be more vigilant. He believed the prisoners held the key. The blond had said they were friends. That did not seem quite right, but Teal'C was not sure why. He switched off the shower. "You may sleep with me," he growled at the slave.

As Teal'C dimmed the light in the bedroom he stared at the slight form curled up at the edge of the bed. There was an echo of familiarity that had bright shards of pain lancing in Teal'C's mind. Sleep was a long time coming for the Jaffa.

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