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Stargate 01: Leap of Faith


Pelaam© April 2009

I received a request for a story featuring these characters. This story is dedicated to Watercrazy.


If Daniel had been given to gambling, he would be walking away from the table certain he had ridden his luck once too often. It had been close. Too close, but he was still here, still in one piece, if a little battered. He glanced down at his boots. He could see where flames had lapped at them and the pervasive aroma of smoke and burning wood hung around him.

He sighed, running his hand through his sandy hair, unconsciously making himself look even younger. He was still uncertain what he had done to find himself denounced as a practitioner of evil magic. He shuddered as he remembered how swiftly he had been secured to a stake and left to be burnt alive. Fortunately that was not going to happen on Jack O'Neil's watch and the Colonel had arrived before too much damage could be done.

Now, hidden in the woods well away from the small town until they could reach the Stargate, Daniel was musing on just how quickly things had gone wrong.

"You ok there, kid?"

"Just, close, you know. I'll be fine, Jack," Daniel said, not turning to face his rescuer.

"Yeah, right you betcha," Jack nodded, walking towards his friend. "Come on, Danny-boy."

Daniel turned and let the older man wrap him in a tight embrace. It did feel good to be in Jack's arms and to hear the older man murmur wordlessly into his hair. It was something that helped settle him. Although there were times Daniel's imagination worked overtime fantasising about Jack, he knew this was as much as he could expect.

"Thanks, Jack," he whispered as the tremors, that had begun as he had remembered the flames licking at his boots, slowly abated. "I really will be fine now,"

"Sure thing, kid. Just don't wander away any further ok? I want you back in a minute or two. Got it?"

"Got it, Colonel," Daniel nodded. He watched the older man disappear with an affectionate smile on his face. 'Don't ask, don't tell' could come in useful sometimes. No one would ever guess that Jack could have such a marshmallow centre as to know when a hug was just what Daniel needed most. His eyed widened with surprise as Teal' C appeared from where O'Neil had vanished.

If Jack occasionally featured in Daniel's fantasies, then Teal' C was a major league player. Big, broad, strong, yet able to move with a cat-like grace. The Jaffa pushed every one of Daniel's well hidden buttons. Everyone knew he had been married, but no one knew how surprised he had been to have wanted to take a wife. Up till then his preference had always been for male companionship and now he found himself yearning for that kind of intimacy more and more.

"Can I help you?" Daniel asked, forcing his voice to remain natural, but ready to claim his ordeal as responsible if he failed.

"I thought perhaps I might help you, Daniel Jackson," Teal' C replied levelly.

"I don't think I understand," Daniel responded, his voice cracking slightly as the big man glided forward to stand just an inch away.

"I am aware that Colonel O'Neil offers comfort to you when you have suffered an ordeal. I would also like to make that offer."

Before Daniel had a chance to digest the words, he had been enveloped in strong arms and pulled unresistingly to meld against the Jaffa's broad expanse of chest. It seemed to Daniel that every ounce of his intellect vanished leaving behind a being of pure sensation. He could feel heat, scent masculinity, hear hearts beating to different rhythms and Daniel could visualise the broad chest in all its smooth, powerful glory. He wished he could snake out his tongue and taste the warrior, but enough sense remained that he did not tilt his head and offer himself to the dominant male that held him. Daniel was quite certain that was not the comfort the Jaffa had in mind. His eyes closed as warmth enfolded him.


Drowsily Daniel opened leaden eyes to find he was back in their camp. He was settled in the tent he shared with Jack. He was surprised to find that he was indefinably disappointed that he was not with Teal' C.

"Teal' C said you were clearly suffering from exhaustion," Jack's amused voice reached over to him. "He carried you back. You hungry?"

"No, I'm good," Daniel murmured. If he was lucky, he might drift back off to sleep quickly and dream of strong arms and a warm, masculine body. "I'm good," he repeated dreamily.

Jack shook his head. He wished he could protect the archaeologist from everything that might hurt him. It had left him temporarily speechless when Teal' C had come back to camp carrying Daniel. However, the look in the Jaffa's eye along with a discreet shake of the head from Carter had him acting as if it was a perfectly normal everyday occurrence. Once they were back at Base he would be having words with Samantha Carter. He backed out of the tent he shared with the younger man. He was taking first watch. He glanced over at the tent Sam shared with Teal' C and wished he had a listening device to hear what was being said.


"So?" Sam asked, undeterred by the way Teal'C had turned his back on her.

"What, Major Carter?" he replied guardedly.

"Don't play games with me Teal' C," Sam growled. "Have you spoken to Daniel?"

"No," Teal' C replied. Monosyllables were good, much easier to keep under control and ensure little was revealed.


Teal' C frowned. That had sounded suspiciously like it held the wisdom of the ages and he turned to face the blond woman. Long seconds passed as the couple locked eyes. Finally Teal' C could stand the silence no longer.

"I do not know what to say to him," he offered reluctantly. "I do not want to jeopardise our friendship. If I speak and he retreats from me I will lose something I consider precious."

"You don't have to go down on one knee and declare your undying devotion, Teal' C. He didn't shy away tonight did he?"

"That was different," Teal' C retorted defiantly. "I did no more than Jack O'Neil."

"Do you honestly think he would let just any man embrace him?" Sam said. Sometimes men could be so dense. "Ask him to accompany you to a film or offer to treat him to dinner. Get him somewhere you can talk and be honest, Teal'C. I know Daniel enough to believe he would not turn his back on a friend even if that was as much as you two could ever be."

"I shall think about it." Teal' C turned away from Sam. He was a warrior. He had fought honourably and bravely since becoming part of the team. Yet in this one thing, his blood was as water. He knew things could not continue as they were.

Even though there was no intimate scent of O'Neil on Daniel, he was jealous of every time the two men spent together. He had previously enjoyed both sexes and the ways they could share their bodies and so was not concerned that Daniel was male. He had married to produce heirs, but had loved his wife. However that feeling paled into comparison with what he felt for the unknowing young man. He knew he could not and would not share Daniel if the human were to become his. He had never felt so possessive of a person and it scared him. He had heard stories of how it felt to find one's soul-mate. Teal' C was almost convinced he had found his. It was therefore too important to say or do the wrong thing. He needed to consider very carefully how he approached DanielJackson.


Daniel stared at his naked body letting his hands drift over his torso. On returning back through the Stargate he had rushed to Medical to be checked, pronounced fit and then had gone to get a two-day pass. The intensity of his request clearly had the desired effect and it had been granted without argument. Daniel felt he was being a coward, but he had been unable to face either Jack or Teal' C. He sighed as he regarded himself in the mirror of the hotel he had picked by simply flicking open the telephone book.

Of course everyone knew where he was. He could not actually disappear for a couple of days. If any of his Stargate team wanted to find him, they could do so easily enough. He was sure he just needed time and distance to come to terms with the strange feelings that the hug from the big Jaffa still had on him. He looked the same; still bookish and boyish. He removed his glasses and began a sensual glide of his hands over his skin. As his eyes closed he found himself wishing the hands caressing him, more and more intimately, were Teal' C's.

He moved to the bed and coated his hands with fragrance-free oil. A soft moan escaped his lips as his hands lingered over his hot-spots and skimmed over less sensitive areas. He played with his nipples, twisting and rolling the tightening nubs as his legs began to move restlessly. He splayed his legs wide, letting one hand move to cup his sac, rolling the eager orbs it held, squeezing them gently. He continued to pinch and tug at peaked nubs as his hand moved to toy at the base of his erection. He moaned and arched as he let his finger trail languorously up the sensitive underside and slide over the red, slick head. He pumped slowly, wanting to tease out the pleasure for as long as possible.

He indulged in a forbidden fantasy, but this time it was not Jack O'Neil in his bed. This time it was the magnificently built Jaffa. Daniel treated himself to everything he could imagine. How it would feel to touch the golden tattoo with his tongue and the taste of chocolate nipples. What it would be like to have his arms pinned over his head, wrists secured in one large, powerful hand. His mouth ravished and plundered, his sensitive nipples teased and sucked. What the heavy weight of the smooth-skinned warrior would feel, trapping him as he submitted willingly to an amorous assault.

He was keening continually now, picturing himself rolled to his stomach, draped helplessly over pillows, his most intimate secrets exposed before the dominant male. Instinctively he turned over, his hard flesh rubbing against the bedding as well as through the tunnel of his hand, his hips undulating. He imagined a wet tongue knowing him, thick fingers stretching him and, as he envisioned a thick, dripping erection demanding entry into him, his orgasm detonated. Lights danced before his eyes as his body shook and convulsed in one of the most powerful climaxes he had experienced. It left him disorientated and boneless in his wake.

"Teal' C," he whispered plaintively as his vision greyed out.


Daniel was back to his normal self as he greeted his team-mated on his return to the Base. He shook his head as Teal' C acted as if he wanted to say something but then turned away.

"Welcome back," was thrown almost carelessly over the Jaffa's shoulder, leaving Daniel perplexed. The warrior seemed almost annoyed with him.

"Something wrong, kid?" O'Neil asked, seeing Daniel's frown.

"I think I've annoyed Teal' C in some way," Daniel replied, his hand raking through his hair.

"Maybe he needs a little R & R himself," Jack replied. He had tried to speak to Carter when Daniel had gone off Base. However, she had quite firmly brushed him away and so was none the wiser from their encounter. He gazed after the big man. There had been something in the Jaffa's eyes, that Jack could not quite put his finger on, when Daniel had given Teal' C an almost absent-minded greeting. He stored it away to ponder on later. "No time to relax now, Danny-boy," he grinned. "We're on a new one."


The world was one of heat and lush vegetation. There was a large lake to the left of the pyramid with a small village complex of huts. A short distance from the village a copse of trees stood. Five of the tallest trees had the lowest branches hewn away and the tree trunk polished to a high shine. Halfway up each tree was a solid platform from which hung a mix of rough rope ladders or rope with thick knots. Although the villagers had been welcoming, they were just a primitive tribal community and communication was almost impossible. They had no written system and their language consisted of sounds rather than words.

Daniel was instantly enthralled at the small pyramid so similar to those of Aztec origin. He immediately went inside. He slid his hand over some carvings, giving a wince as a sharp edge scratched his hand. He stared ruefully at the blood. Just his luck. He heard his name called by Jack. Disgruntled at being disturbed, he still dutifully came to see why he was needed. He stared as the villagers were making their way to the trees.

The sun was beginning to set and Daniel found himself and the team urged by the tribe to join them. The young men and women swarmed up the rope and ladders carrying children and babies. The older men and women were pulled up. Any food was also taken to the platforms and then Daniel and the team were being pushed more urgently to ascend. With a shrug, Daniel climbed up using the ladder whilst Jack swarmed up the rope alongside him, grinning widely as he overtook the archaeologist. As he reached the top, Daniel realised that Sam and Teal' C were not on their platform. He sighed, but then, it was probably for the best. Teal' C had been acting a little strange and Daniel could not help but believe the Jaffa was probably regretting his actions at the conclusion of their last mission. He settled himself down, accepting a blanket to wrap around himself.

Jack sat cross-legged and watched the by-play between the young man he loved like a baby brother and the inscrutable Jaffa warrior. He could see Teal' C staring over towards them, his face as unreadable as ever in the fading light. However, now that Jack was watching, he was catching glimpses where the warrior let his guard down ever so slightly. In those fleeting seconds, Jack was certain he saw longing when the Jaffa looked at Daniel.

As darkness fell Daniel was woken by shrieks and howls and sat up staring around in the blackness.

"Relax, Danny," Jack's voice was in his ear and there was a reassuring hand squeezing his arm. "This must be why they sleep up here." He eased Daniel forward and held to the younger man's arm as the archaeologist peered down.

Large, luminous eyes stared up at them. In addition, now he was awake and aware, he could hear snuffling sounds that indicated that scent more than sight was the predominant sense for the unseen predators. As he looked down, Daniel had the uncanny sensation that one of them was staring directly at him. He shuddered.

"It's ok, Danny-boy," Jack assured. "Now we know why the trees are polished. Stop the critters climbing up. Come on, kid," he added, pulling Daniel away from the edge. With a tug, he had the younger man joining him as he sat. Within seconds, he stretched out encouraging Daniel to do the same. He smiled as Daniel backed into him. He let his hand lie lightly on a slim hip. It did not take long before Jack knew Daniel was sleeping. He let himself drift, his own sleep light enough to refresh but also ensure he was awake and aware quickly if necessary.


Jack meandered around the village, a small troop of boys in his wake. For some inexplicable reason they were attracted to him, trying to emulate the way he walked. He had left Sam guarding Daniel, the Major with her own small band of girl devotees, outside the pyramid. It had been a couple of hours and it was probably time to relieve her. This world was not of any interest or help for their needs. He glanced over towards Teal' C who was trying to communicate with one of the male villagers. He felt a frisson of apprehension as the Jaffa reached towards a fire making a trilling sound and then pointed in the direction of the pyramid emitting the same trill. At the nod from the villager, Teal' C stood and Jack was at his side in seconds.

"The same sound for going near both," he said succinctly. "Danger?"

"I believe so Colonel O'Neil," Teal' C said. "I propose we extricate Daniel Jackson just to be certain."

"I agree."

As they strode purposefully towards the pyramid, they saw Sam free herself from a small band of girls. The children ran back to the village as soon as they saw she was poised to enter the edifice.

"Something wrong?" she asked, tensing at the grim countenances.

"This place is dangerous. I want Danny finished in there and out," Jack barked as he went inside. "Danny, Danny where are you?" His only reply was silence and he shouted again, aware that Teal' C and Sam were now inside with him, all three surging deeper into the pyramid.

"He was staying just here," Sam said. "He agreed not to go deeper without me."

"Be still." The command from the Jaffa had both Jack and Sam stand and stare. The warrior's eyes were closed and his nostrils flared as if scenting for the missing archaeologist. He dropped and studied the floor following some kind of trail. A low growl rumbled free as blood was found. He crawled forward and then reversed his movements. He brushed at sand and then traced the outline of a slab in the floor.

"A trap door?" Jack queried.

"I think at one time there was something to open it from this side," Teal'C answered, his fingers moving delicately over the slab. Daniel was attacked and clearly subdued instantly. He is, or was, bleeding and was taken down here. I studied the tracks around the trees left by the creatures from last night. Whatever they were, they were two-footed not four-legged and the tracks I saw there I see here." With a grunt and heave, Teal' C dug his fingers into the ground and lifted the slab, throwing it back.

Foul, fetid air rose from impenetrable darkness as the three stared downwards.

"I am going after him," Teal' C announced.

"Whoa, wait," Jack said. "You and I will both go, but we need light. We have some flares, but they might not be enough. Let's get some torches. Carter, I want you to stay close to this egress when Teal' C and I go down there. If we need to get out in a hurry I want help standing by."

The passage was only high enough to move on hands and knees. It was dark, dank and the stench thick and cloying. Jack recognised the smell of rotting flesh and he steeled himself for what they might find. He was behind Teal' C , the Jaffa intermittently ramming torches into the ground as they crawled along. Carter had stayed behind, keeping the last three torches burning permanently as a beacon in the darkness. They each carried a torch for themselves and Jack prayed they had enough. There was no knowing how long the tunnel was. It was with a silent sigh of relief that he noticed the tunnel roof inclining upwards and he and Teal' C were able to almost straighten.

A few more feet and the tunnel widened suddenly. As they entered what Jack was certain was now a chamber, he lit one of the flares to illuminate it. He stared at the pile of bones and decomposing corpses in one corner and then both he and Teal' C were running to a crude cage in another.

Daniel lay unmoving as the warrior opened the unlocked cage. He lifted the limp form tenderly. His nostrils flared as he scented around pallid lips where a dark viscous fluid clung tenaciously.

"He has been drugged and bitten," Teal' C growled angrily.

Jack nodded, noting there were three sets of four puncture marks on the unconscious archaeologist.

"Let's get him out of here."

"Attach him to my back," Teal' C demanded. "I cannot carry him when we need to crawl."

Moving rapidly, Jack used his belt to secure Daniels arms around Teal' C's neck.

"They come. Hurry."

"Go, I'll cover your back," Jack ordered. Teal'C instantly sprinted away as Jack lit another flare. The Colonel stared at the screeching creature that appeared. It, like as not, had the same ancestors as the dark-skinned tribe above ground and Jack fleetingly wondered how many generations it had taken to produce what he now saw.

A curved spine, skin so pale it was almost translucent, sparse tufts of white hair haphazardly adorning an otherwise naked skull. Eyes that were large and luminous, clearly adapted to living in a world of perpetual darkness. Its mouth opened to emit another screech and Jack gave a shudder at the sight of the four, thick, elongated canines. It was obvious to the soldier that these creatures simply tore and swallowed the flesh of their prey. They would have literally torn Daniel apart. He gave silent thanks that there had clearly been some purpose in not ravaging the archaeologist immediately. Without further thought, Jack fired at the advancing creature, killing it, before following Teal'C as he registered the sounds of other such abominations scurrying towards him.

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