tagSci-Fi & FantasyStaring at Her Ch. 02

Staring at Her Ch. 02


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey, everyone! Sorry this took SO long, I've been very busy these last few months. If you've been waiting for some answers as to how all of these different drug types work (or some real sex), then you shall be rewarded.

If you haven't seen part 1, go read that first (as well as some of my other stories) for some context. Also, normal story rules apply: all characters involved in sex are 18 or older, all characters are fake, etc.

EXTRA NOTE: You ever heard someone make a fact that isn't true, and someone else says "Well, why didn't they just google it?" Well, I googled which type of Diabetes can be hereditary, and it said Diabetes 1. Sadly, this was not true, as many of you pointed out in the last story, so we're just gonna RETCON that to Diabetes 2 and move on...


Oh boy, what a day this has been...

First I learn that I have an outline due in Speech class, then I find out that my grandparents are coming over this weekend and that I'll be sleeping on the couch. Then I took the wrong insulin pen and accidentally became a shapeshifter, morphed from an average-looking guy into a copy of the hottest girl in school, and now said hottest girl in school (who just revealed that she too is a shapeshifter) is stopping me on my way out of school and getting me to admit what I did in the bathroom as her.

And you thought YOUR day was weird!

"Uh..." I stammered, "What do you mean, which BRAND? Aren't they all from the same company?"

"Okay, let me rephrase that," replied Whitney, "What was the color of the liquid in the syringe?"

I considered just outright denying the accusation and continuing on my way, but she had correctly called out that I had been masturbating in a girl's body in the bathroom (whether she knew I had done it in HER body, I didn't know), so I knew there wasn't much use in doing so. "Um... I think it was yellow. I'm not sure, since I didn't know I was taking one of the drugs until later."

"Yellow..." Whitney echoed quietly, before asking "Wait, what? How did you not know you were taking it?"

"Well, uh..." I started, but then I decided to change the subject, "Hey, can we talk about this somewhere more private? I don't want people listening in."

No one seemed to be listening in on us, but I didn't want to take any chances. Neither did Whitney, because she agreed. "I don't have to be anywhere later, anyways. Could I come to your house? I know it's not far from here."

How did she know where I lived? Ah, whatever, I had more important things to think about. "Um, sure, let's get going."

We walked in almost total silence as we headed towards my house. It was a small, one story house only two blocks from the school. It wasn't exactly the nicest place to live, but I liked it all the same. When we arrived, I saw that both of my parents' cars were gone, which was normal for 3:20pm on a weekday. My sister, being a member of the softball team, would be at practice until about 5pm. Still, just to be safe, we went down to my room (which was thankfully at the other end of the house from the front door), and then locked the door.

"Alright," I said, trying to start a conversation, "what do you know about the drugs? How do they work? As far as the rumors go, I thought you would have to actually touch someone in order to become them."

"That's what I thought too. Honestly, pretty much everything I learned came from Sandy when he gave me the 'gift' a few weeks ago." Whitney responded, sitting down on my bed. I barely even cared about the fact that one of my closest friends was dealing in some of the most powerful drugs ever created by man, as I was so enthralled by her voice.

"It was the purple one," she continued, "and that's how morphing works for me. If we're correct, then that means that you had to have made contact with my body at some point after you took the drug and before the final class- speaking of which, you never told me how you got the power."

"Well..." I started, "I'm not quite certain myself. However, if I had to guess, it would have to be when I took my insulin pen at lunch today, since I noticed the pen I used looked different than the rest. Then I felt like shit for next two classes, and then... the incident happened."

Whitney chuckled. "Oh come on, we don't have to call it that, you sissy! We both know you were masturbating as a girl in there." She paused, and then asked "Be honest... did you morph into ME?"

I nodded. She smirked again, and stood up from the bed. "So... how did it feel, being a girl? Being ME? How did it feel to play with your own vagina?"

I swallowed. "Um... pretty good, I guess..."

"Oh Zack, you were never one for words, were you?" She stood only about a foot from my face now. "Valedictorian? Hah! In your dreams!"

Now it was my turn to smile. "Yeah? Well, good luck getting anywhere close to that yourself, Ms. 'I steal my answers from other people for money'!"

She started to interject, then paused, before finally saying "That was before. Now... the drug doesn't just give you the ability to shapeshift, you know. My sight, hearing, strength, speed, reaction time, memory and the like have been exponentially improved, as I've already demonstrated."

She moved away, neither of us saying anything for a moment; we were both lost in thought. I just then realized that not only during today, but for the last few weeks, Whitney had been acting... different. Nothing major, just slightly more mature, mannered, disciplined... hell, slightly more robotic. No, not robotic; benevolent, god-like almost. You ever heard stories of the Greco-Roman Gods, or even the Abrahamic God (the one from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) where the God in question seemed to show suppressed emotions, and always had an aura that they were infinitely better and more powerful than humanity (Which I guess they were)? Well, I guess when you give someone the best senses and abilities of anyone who ever lived, much less the ability to become anyone you wanted, it just proved the old saying true; 'Give someone the power of the gods and he will become as indifferent as the gods'.

Anyways, as Whitney began pacing around my (admittedly small) room, she changed the subject. "Well, let's suppose that you really did get injected during lunch. The only point in time where you could've stolen my DNA would have been when we meet in the hallway before Weather and Climate class."

"I didn't touch you then, I'm sure of it." I responded quickly. I knew this to be true; you don't easily forget a conversation with the hottest girl in school.

"I know," Whitney said. "and here's the other thing. Long story short, I've been making it a point to take as many people's DNA as possible, just in case I need it for some reason." before I could interject, she stopped me. 'Yeah yeah, I know that that sounds immoral and whatnot, but its not like it hurts people when I steal DNA. See, watch this."

She reached out and grabbed my arm, and held it for a few seconds before letting go. She was right; I didn't feel anything. Still, I had to ask, "But what if you decided to turn into someone, and do something stupid or wrong as them? That doesn't seem fair to that person, since they did nothing wrong but are still getting blamed for it."

"And why would I do something like that?" She countered. "Pushing aside the fact that you know that I'm not the type of person to fuck with people's lives, there's still a lot of danger in doing stuff like that. What if I get captured and arrested by the police while committing a crime, or if someone with a smartphone - and god knows everyone has one on them these days - somehow records me morphing or performing some superhuman feat? And then..."

She paused, shuddering for dramatic effect, "That's not to mention what happens when you're found out to be a morpher."

I nodded in agreement. The federal government didn't any laws against these drugs since they were still fairly new (not to mention that the FDA and Congress have never been too fast), although some state governments were proposing bills that would make it illegal as a stop gap measure until the Fed could get its shit together. Socially, however, if you were even so much as ACCUSED of being a morpher, it could ruin your life. If it was PROVEN... well, you might not have a life at all for much longer. Most people still felt bad for the majority of morphers, however, since it was only a few individuals that actually committed major crimes.

Whitney continued her story. "Anyways, a few days ago I had gotten to the point where I was taking Caroline's DNA. You know her, right? Sandy's new girlfriend? I started a conversation with her, just to ease her, then nonchalantly brushed up against her arm and took her DNA. I suddenly felt something, felt like static electricity on my hand. I tried to brush it off by laughing, but Caroline just looked at me and asked "You're a morpher too?"

"Wait, wait, wait... you're saying that Caroline is a morpher? How did she know about you?" I asked. If Whitney hadn't also been a morpher, she could have ruined her entire social life.

"She's the girlfriend of the guy who's supplying the town, what did you expect? Anyways, she ended up explaining to me that if a morpher tries to take the DNA of another morpher, there's an automatic counter system that lightly shocks both users, letting them know that the other person is a morpher." She paused before continuing. "The thing is, I've never felt that shock when touching or being touched by anyone else... including you. Clearly, the drug type you took works differently than mine."

"Well, how do we find out what I can do now?" I asked. I half-expected her to tell me to try morphing into somebody, but instead she just gestured to the Computer monitor on my desk.

We ended up searching for the Company's website, which wasn't too hard. We spent the next half hour looking over at least a dozen pages, laughing and making fun of both each other and the constant ads that kept popping up on our screens. Buy 2 purple drug syringes for ONLY a million dollars? Yeah, no thanks.

Now, there was a surprising amount of information on their site (which was weird, considering all the fake rumors going around), although some parts were still kept classified and other parts used terms and phrases that I couldn't even begin to understand. The following is basically a summary of all the stuff we found, and it answered most of our questions.

(EXPOSITION TIME; just skip it if you find it boring)


Years ago, a small group of independent scientists tried to create a drug that could slow down or even stop people from aging. After many trials and errors, they eventually found a solution: Nanomachines. They would inject self-replicating nanomachines contained in some kind of purple liquid (Hence the name "Purple Drug") into a person, which, through a painless and quick process, would deconstruct their body's cells and make them into a cyborg.

(I asked Whitney about this, and she said that, while it was painless, the transformation was also slow and terrifying, describing how her skin had begun to flip, like Mystique from X-men. I'm sure you can find some youtube clip that shows what she's talking about.)

However, while this did actually work to slow down aging, it also gave the user superhuman sight, hearing, strength, speed, and all that other shit. Being responsible scientists, and not wanting to cause massive societal chaos with their new product, they tried to refine what they had created. However, either because of a huge unintentional fuckup or, more likely, intentional sabotage, instead of getting rid of all those superhuman abilities, they accidentally gave their users the abilities to read other people's DNA and literally allow the user to morph into that person. Further attempts to refine them only lead to the user being able to - and I'm not making this up - split into two or more bodies and still have simultaneous control over all of them. (I asked Whitney about this as well, and she said she had indeed tried it before. I half-expected her to do it in front of me, but she just told me to keep reading)

After realizing that they couldn't sell their product, and after going through all of their funding, the program was shut down. However, one scientist by the name of Damen Truman, not wanting to see his life's work go to waste, stole several vials of nanomachines and fled the country, before selling them on the Dark Web for ludicrous amounts of money. Amazingly, people still bought them, and the money he made allowed him to make more drugs. Eventually, after the drugs started to go mainstream, he started a company to manufacture them on a large scale.

At about the same time, another group of scientists working for the government had started a secret program called Project Mimic that was specifically supposed to allow the user to morph into someone else, but in a completely different way. See, the one problem with the Purple Drug is that it still requires you to find the person before you can become them, and if you were, say, trying to impersonate some third world dictator for some secret government mission, the likelihood of you getting close enough to take his DNA is pretty slim.

The solution that they found was a very... CREATIVE one, to say the least. The website didn't really go into specifics (probably so nobody could copy them), but the process basically involved them injecting a mutagenic compound of a blue color (hence the name "Blue Drug") into the user, which would then SOMEHOW allow them to connect to special satellites in orbit. The user would then think of a target person, and the satellites would then scan the planet looking for them. After finding them, the satellites would SOMEHOW transmit the target's genetic code back to the user, causing them to morph into the target person. Not only that, but the satellites used some genetic trickery to detect if there was anything touching the skin such as tattoos or makeup, AND the whole process took mere microseconds. (If this sounds ridiculous, you're not alone; even Whitney was skeptical of this being true)

Regardless of it being true or not, the program still had setbacks; the satellites couldn't always connect to the user, the process to create the mutagenic compound was long and complicated, and unsurprisingly, the program went through all of its funding, and it was eventually shut down.

By the time this happened, Truman was already making millions off of his drugs, and he decided to expand his business by hiring some of the former scientists of Project Mimic. After receiving a ridiculous amount of funding, the scientists were successful in fixing most of the flaws. However, there were still two big flaws: first, it was still ridiculously expensive to make compared to what it offered the user (Yes, you didn't have to find your target, but it didn't give you any of the superhuman abilities the purple drug offered), and second(and this went for the purple drug as well) was the transformation process, which was still a thing for the blue drug.

To rectify that second problem, the company began improving their drugs so that the transformation process wouldn't be needed. The "Yellow Drug" was an upgraded version of the Blue Drug, while the "Red Drug" was an upgrade of the Purple. I looked at a picture of the Yellow Drug Syringe, and I swear to God, it looked exactly like the supposed insulin pen I had used earlier.

What I found most interesting, however, was the fact that the Yellow Drug was supposedly still in prototype, and the Red Drug was still in concept. At first I thought that maybe the page hadn't been updated in awhile, but when the date at the bottom of the page showed that it had just been updated a few days ago, I began to realize just how this thing had ended up my lap, and also why I had felt so sick after taking it. After all, this didn't seem like the most ethical company in the world, so it didn't surprised that they might test it on unsuspecting citizens. However, it DID creep me out knowing that they might somehow be monitoring me...


"Well, THAT was interesting." said Whitney after we finished. "At least now we know how this stuff works. Say..." she said with a sly look as she stood up from my desk, "if we have time, I think we should... TEST this out, just to be sure."

I paused for a second before answering; I knew what she had in mind, and I wasn't entirely sure if I wanted to go through with it. Still, having the hottest girl in school over to your house wasn't something that happened everyday, and the mere possibility that one or both of us might take off our clothes...

I nodded. She smiled and said "Good. Let's try something simple first... think of someone, a girl, that you saw at school today."

I closed my eyes and thought of all the hot girls I had seen today. There was Alyssa, Caroline, Sabreya, Jenna, Molly, Kailee... ah yes, Kailee! I still preferred Whitney over her, but I think she's pretty undervalued at our school.

I gave her my pick. "Really? That wasn't what I expected... anyways, picture her in your mind. Now BECOME her."

I imagined Kailee in my head as best as I could, then imagined becoming her. I could feel the now familiar feeling of my torso and limbs shrinking, my face remodeling, my hair growing, my chest expanding, my skin becoming more smooth, and my dick shrinking back into my body as I stole Kailee's DNA from wherever the hell she was right then (I still can't get over how ridiculous the Blue/Yellow Drug is!). I opened my eyes, and saw Whitney smiling at me. I turned to face the mirror, and saw Kailee looking back at me. Even though I had already seen this process earlier, I was just as amazed as before.

I moved toward the mirror, a huge grin on my face. With her long brown hair, her heart-shaped face, and athletic and skinny body, Kailee was pretty hot. In fact, she was so hot that it took me a few seconds to realize just how dumb I looked with my large boyish clothes on my small feminine body.

The Purple Drug must have given Whitney mind reading abilities (or more likely, just better awareness) or something, because at that same moment, she said "Here, let's have a better look." and lifted my shirt off.

Now, I was looking at a TOPLESS Kailee, which was easily ten times better. Like I said earlier, I like my Goldilocks Boobs; not too big, not too small. Not only that, but seeing her toned stomach turned me on even more (it would have easily given me a huge boner if I still had my dick...)

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Whitney in the mirror doing something... impossible, to say the least. I had to turn around and look directly at her to visually confirm it; she was sucking up her clothes into her body, until she was completely naked. I couldn't help but stare; yeah, I had seen her naked body before when I had morphed into her earlier, but seeing the REAL Whitney standing before me was somehow even better.

I must have looked more confused than happy, because she just shrugged and said "Hey, I asked you to get naked, I felt this was fair." I was more confused on HOW she did that then WHY (turns out that's another one of her side abilities), but I didn't say anything.

"Speaking of which..." she continued, "I want you to morph into me again."

This took me by complete surprise. "Wait, WHAT?" I was somehow shocked to hear Kailee's voice coming out of my mouth.

"You heard me." Whitney replied, hands on hips. "Take off your pants and undies, and do it."

I sighed, and took off the rest of my clothes. I was surprised to see that, in complete contrast to Whitney, Kailee's pussy was almost completely unshaven. I snuck a quick look back at mirror when finished, so that I could get a glimpse of her ass. The mirror was too high, sadly, but then I realized that I could become her anytime I wanted, so I moved on.

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