"So are you coming to my shoot today or not?" Lindsay shouted out her patio door to me as I finished taking her trash out.

"Yeah, I'm coming, just needed to finish cleaning up around here." I sniped back at her, slipping past her into the living room of the guest house she rented. I was in a foul mood about the scene Lindsay was going to shoot today. I tried to hide it to avoid a fight and I knew she was on alert for any jealous grumblings from me.

"Mitchell, if you are going to be grouchy or get me in trouble you should just stay home. I told you it's no big deal and I really need this job and connections I'll make." She snaked herself up next to me, "Besides, you know I'm coming home with you anyway."

"I know that," I agreed. "But a sex scene for a late night movie channel...?" I groaned.

"Mitch c'mon, you know I've posed nude for photographers before and I'm proud of my body. I don't care who sees me naked and if I have to do a little kissing and some touching on screen to get my union card so what. It's not like I'm having real sex or anything." She reasoned with me.

"I know, I know, but it doesn't mean I have to like it, or not get a little jealous."

"I told you, you don't have to come with, especially if you are going to be bothered by it." Lindsay continued countering me as she packed up her bag and prepared to head out the door. She dressed simply in a pair of tight shorts and form fitting t-shirt, knowing there was a wardrobe on the set. "These guys are professionals and shoot with so many actresses they probably won't even think twice about."

Resigned to the situation I followed her out the door, listening to the clip clap of her sandals until we jumped in her VW Beetle. I knew I didn't have to go with her, in fact, I hadn't gone with on any of the other previous days of shooting this week. However, today was different, the other days she went just to watch, meet the cast and crew, and shoot a couple scenes of just dialogue, but today was her first sex scene.

Lindsay and I met about eight months prior through a friend of a friend while she was still in college. We hit it off and started dating right away. She was 23 and I was 29. I think she liked that I had graduated college was mature, had a job that made me travel enough so that I wasn't always hanging around and automatically gave her space to do her own thing. Lindsay was an aspiring actress and part time model who actually majored in theater. She was smoking hot, at least in my mind, and judging by the reactions of guys in restaurants and on the street it was true. Her shoulder length hair was light brown, or dark blonde, depending on the sun or her latest hair appointment. Striking green eyes around a petite nose and high cheekbones were definitely model material. She had a great rack, real and perky, but big for a model her size at a full C and occasionally even a D cup. Her problem in getting the bigger modeling gigs was her height. At only 5'4" she didn't have the prototypical long lean model look craved by fashion layouts or runway shows. Hips flared nicely to match her curvy chest and her ass was firm and round atop her thin but muscular legs. I checked her comp card she used for shoots or auditions and she was a size 4 with measurement of 34-23-33. Typically she booked a lot of swimwear ads for local campaigns, trade shows, or occasionally lingerie. I had looked at her portfolio and there were a few risque shots of her doing implied nudes with her hands strategically placed or sheer clothing so I knew she had worked nude in front of photographers before, but all of that stuff was prior to our dating.

She was excited about this opportunity because she was getting an actual speaking role in the film and it would assure her of getting into the actors guild since the film was a union job. I guess I knew she'd end up doing some nude scenes, I mean she is the hot girl archetype for teen films, horror films, and I guess late night skin flicks on Cinemax filled with gratuitious sex or topless shots. Lindsay, knew she wasn't Meryl Streep or anything and loved horror films so she dreamed of being a huge B film horror star at the very least. I knew with tits like hers that just about any casting she won, at least early on, would be because of her body and looks and the expectation would be that she show it off. She had a great desire to be in movies and her impulsive nature made her an easy target for the sleazy side of the business so we tended to argue whenever I urged caution with some of the promises made to her.

We pulled into the lot of an old warehouse converted into a set and soundstage. Lindsay, having been here every day this week, led me inside, smiling cheerfully and saying hello to crew members in the hall. She didn't seem to have a care in the world as if shooting a sex scene in front her boyfriend and bunch of almost strangers wasn't cause for nerves. Lindsay had a relatively minor role in the film, playing a college girl caught up in some scandal or something at a university. My guess was the plot wasn't too strong and the hot girls and sex scenes were the reason the movie existed.

I tried not to stare as two very attactive, nearly naked, bleached blondes walked past toward the dressing rooms. Both girls were topless, wearing only panties and appeared totally comfortable parading around that way and no else seemed to give a second glimpse at the undoubtedly enhanced chests they bared. Following closely behind was an older man, probably early 40's with a few gray hairs at his temple and a graying mustache.

"Ahhh, Lindsay," he smiled a little too much for my taste, as he reached for her hands.

"Hi Peter." She greeted him letting him lift her arms and openly admire her before hugging him.

"Today's the day, huh!" He sounded excited, "When I finally get to see and touch what you've been teasing us with under those clothes all week."

Unfazed, Lindsay laughed, "Yep, I'm all ready. And so are these!" She let go of his hands and squeezed each of her tits, giving them a firm bounce up and down.

I felt my stomach tighten. "You must be the boyfriend." He greeted me holding out his hand. "Lucky man you are. Lindsay is a beautiful talented girl." I shook his hand, noting he tried to give me a hard squeeze. I already felt like punching him, the way he said, "the boyfriend," he was basically throwing it my face that he was about to play with my nearly naked girlfriend. I just nodded and said nothing.

"Well, Lindsay, I'm sure you need to get into makeup and wardrobe so I'll be on my way. See you in a few." He kissed her forehead before moving on.

"What the fuck was that all about?" I hissed. "What a douchebag."

"He's nice. Peter's the star of the movie and he's been really good with me, helping with my lines and making me feel comfortable around here." Lindsay explained. "You saw those other girls. It's like that all the time here, I don't even think an actor like Peter even gets excited by nudity or scenes."

"What was all that, seeing what you've been hiding all week crap then?"

"Oh, he's just teasing. A couple of the girls and I were talking and I think I'm the only girl in the movie with real breasts. He overheard us and joined in the conversation, eventually all the girls and some of the crew were teasing me about being a novelty in the business. And they've been teasing me about being in two scenes already in a movie like this and still having my clothes on."

"Whatever, let's just get this over with." I sighed.

"Look, just hang back, look away whatever. Don't get me in trouble and I swear I'll make it up to you." She leaned up on her toes to kiss me, "I gotta go get ready but don't worry it's no big deal and it'll be over before you know it."

I watched her walk down the hall and to the dressing room and make up area. Looking around the building I noticed the set for what I assumed was Lindsay's scene was an office, supposedly the dean's office or something. There were other areas of the building for sets but most were just half set up or storage areas for boxes and crates of props and materials. Carpenters, lighting guys, sound techs and actors all moved around with some sort of purpose leaving me to wander around aimlessly. The director came over and showed me where to stand for the shoot and gave me a stern lecture about keeping quiet, not causing a problem and warning that any of that would get me escorted off the property. He made some comment about hating when the boyfriend was there under his breath as he walked away, leaving me in a chair off to the side near a lighting set up and an extra camera.

More people started crowding into the room and taking place hinting they were almost ready to shoot. I saw Lindsay emerge from the hall looking spectacular. I sat up in my chair, my heart dropping at how hot she looked. She wore a skin tight dark green dress that clasped about her neck leaving her shoulders bare. The dress looked like it was painted on, hugging her like a second skin, leaving nothing to the imagination. Her curves looked more pronounced and her tits looked huge, pressed together and lifted somehow by the tight fabric. The fabric had ruffles or some sort of texture below her flat stomach, around her hips, to make it appear a separate piece of something but the dress only managed to reach her upper third of thigh, leaving plenty of bare skin and making her leg appear much longer than they really were. Her shoes where pale strappy stilleto heels with glitter sparkling in the set lights. Lindsay wasn't used to heels that tall or delicate and she appeared to wobble just a bit walking in them. Of course Peter was right there to lend a hand and lead her over to the desk. Her rounded ass looked perfect with the help the tight dress and heels forcing her to walk on her toes.

The setup was taking longer so Lindsay walked over to me still sitting in the folding chair. God, she even smelled good, like a fresh fruit or sweet flower ready to be picked.

"So how do I look?" She asked coyly.

"Beautiful, absolutely stunning." I gushed. Her hair had been straightened and ironed almost flat, a slightly different look for her. The light brown tresses appeared longer, just past her shoulders and framing her face with the part down the middle. The make up artist had made her vibrant green eyes pop.

"These heels are a bitch to walk in but I can really feel it keeping my ass tight and my legs flexed." She said looking down at her toes.

"Places!" The director shouted.

"I gotta go but I just wanted to come out and say hi and let you see how hot I looked. I don't think I've ever felt more beautiful. It's amazing how some nice clothes and great make-up can make you feel. And this hair, I didn't even recognize myself in the mirror." She laughed before strutting back to the desk, her hips swaying.

The scene started but I wasn't paying attention to the dialogue or premise. My attention was totally on Lindsay as she laughed and talked, flipping her hair and moving seductively in front of Peter. I had seen her kissing another actor in a play before and it didn't bother me at all but this was different. I knew it was a lot more than just kissing to follow. When Peter finally wrapped his arms around her waist and she rested her arms on his shoulders the kissing began. He dove right in and tongued her mouth. I could see her tense up but then relax as he moved on to her neck and began running his hands down gripping her ass pulling her tight against him. Both hands gripped her ass tight, almost lifting her while his tongue and lips roved over her bare shoulders and neck. Lindsay turned toward the camera but kept her eyes closed, playing with his hair before he pushed back a bit. Some silent cue had him lifting off his shirt and her reaching behind her neck to unclasp the dress. As soon as her hands were done, Peter's slid up her hips right over her tits for a quick feel. The dress was so tight that even when the choker around her neck was released the upper part just folded down right above her breasts. Peter gripped the fabric with just his finger tips, slowly pulling it down, like he was peeling a banana, exposing more of her flesh with each agonizing second. The tops of her large areolas appeared then the rough fabric slid over her tense nipples, letting them pop out of the confining dress as it fell away under her tits around her flat stomach.

Lindsay looked amazing. Her full tits exposed, heavy with solid flesh, nipples pointing straight ahead from the center of her big pink areolas. She leaned back with her palms on the desk, sliding her ass up to sit just as Peter attacked. His hands and tongue were everywhere. I watched him squeeze handfuls of each breast, lifting them and kissing the bare flesh. His tongue flicked at the hard nubs, toying with her sensitive nipples, eliciting a long slow moan from Lindsay. The cameras zoomed in close, getting a great shot of her aroused nipples, stringing saliva as Peter worked his mouth and hands over them. I didn't think the scene would ever move on as Peter licked and kneaded her chest for longer than I had ever toyed with her magnificent tits.

Finally the director shouted out to move things along and Peter stepped back. He wasted no time in unbuckling his pants and stepping out of them while Lindsay shimmied out of her dress, leaving her standing in just a tiny pair of high cut panties. It wasn't hard to notice Peter's erect cock poking straight out from him since he wore no underwear. Lindsay had already told me they couldn't show a hard cock on TV for this rating but I wasn't really ready for him to just bare it in the shoot. Lindsay dropped to her knees in front of him and they positioned the camera so it would appear she was giving him head, but really his cock was just passing to the side of her face. Standing in the room it was pretty obvious she wasn't sucking his cock but on camera it looked passable. I hadn't even thought about his cock passing and potential rubbing her face during this part until now. I had to admit he was well hung, and he had to work to keep the thing hidden from the camera as Lindsay bobbed her head. Her hands remained on his thighs while he gripped his impressive length and guided it to the side.

The director again stopped the scene and set them up for the next stage. Lindsay hopped back up on the desk and spread her legs while Peter kissed her again before moving down her body. He gave her tits another once over sucking and licking his way down toward her crotch. The shot focused on her tits and his head, following him down, not even showing his lower half so it didn't matter what he wore but he still went naked. I know he was letting his hard cock brush her legs.

When he finally reached her panties he kissed around edges, then her thighs, before spreading her legs wider and running his tongue right up her covered slit. Lindsay nearly sat straight up, but his firm grasp of her legs kept her place. She let out a satisfied moan and relaxed again as he kissed her pubic bone and again tongued right over her covered pussy. This was definitely more than Lindsay had told me would be happening. I did not expect to have to watch my girlfriend basically getting her pussy licked right in front of me. A lot of the scene was shot just showing the back of Peter's head moving between her legs but I could see just how much contact he was really giving her on the second camera. One of his rands roved back up to squeeze a big handful of her tits again while he flicked at her sensitive inner thighs, eliciting another moan from Lindsay. The director asked her play with her tits a little too, which she wasted no time in obliging. Her left hand slid up her body, pulling her nipple, a little rougher than I expected.

Peter slipped his hands back down and pulled her panties down by the thin waistband. Lindsay lifted her legs off his shoulders and let him remove her underwear by sliding it off her legs as he stood up. Her bare pussy was glistening with wetness from his teasing.

The director explained to her how to keep her legs closed so the camera in front didn't pick up anything and also hiding the wet opening to her pussy. Peter positioned himself behind her and gripped her elbows as she leaned over the desk ready to pantomime getting fucked from behind. They somehow fixed his cock against his leg, keeping it to the side as he began pounding his hips against Lindsay's ass. By gripping her elbows back, it made her chest thrust out and accentuate her perfect pointed breasts for the camera as they bounced in rythym with his banging into her. She breathed heavily through her wide open mouth acting as though it was the hardest fucking she had ever received. Peter released her elbows, and reached around to cup her tits and toy with them while he kissed her neck and sucked her ear lobes. Lindsay leaned her head back, mouth open, enjoying his touch. Peter slow his hip thrusts but increased the force to make her tits jump each time his pelvis hit hers . Just before the director yelled, "Cut!", I noticed on one of the side cameras that Peter's cock had come loose and he was just rubbing it against her ass and up between her cheeks, sliding up her back while pumping towards her.

A prop girl walked up to Lindsay, handing her a robe to wear as she made her way towards me. I was relieved the scene was over but torn inside by what I had witnessed. Seeing Lindsay pretend to be fucked in the most graphic way in front of me made me jealous but also left me turned on in a way I didn't expect. She looked so hot, naked, getting groped, moaning and pretending to be in sexual extasy. I was surprised when Lindsay didn't even bother with the robe but just remained naked as she strutted toward me and grabbed my hand pulling me along. "C'mon," she said. "We have to find somewhere private."

I thought we were heading to the dressing rooms but they were shared space. Instead she lead me to the warehouse area just beyond the rooms and set. As soon as we were off the path through the crates she turned and kissed me, gripping the back of my head with surprising force. "I am so fucking horny right now." She declared as she reached down grasping at my crotch. "Oh, I see someone else is feeling a little aroused too!" My cock was nearly fully hard after watch her scene. "I thought you were mad, or jealous, but apparently you like seeing me get groped and toyed with by another man huh? And here I thought I'd have to give you a blow job to get you ready."

Seconds later my pants were down to my ankles and she was stroking my stiff cock, kissing my neck and rubbing up against me. It wasn't difficult to guess what she wanted, foreplay apparently wasn't necessary after the work Peter had put in on her tits and pussy for the last half hour or so. I knew she was wet before I even touched her, the smell of sex permeated the air and her fingers from touching herself. She spun around, bent at the waist gripping the top of the stacked boxes we were hiding behind, presenting her pussy for me to take. Her bare pussy looked amazing below her small tight ass. I wasn't a hugely hung guy, probably average length with good thickness, but sometimes she was difficult to slide into. Today, wasn't one of those days, her pussy was tight as ever but so wet I smoothly speared in, all the way to my balls in one quick thrust.

"Ohhhhh, fuck yes," Lindsay said emphatically. Without even waiting for me to fuck her she began rocking her hips back, taking charge and initiating the friction inside her. "Yes, yes, fuck that pussy. God, I've never wanted to get fucked so bad."

I had never heard her talk that way but it just made me even hornier and I took her direction to heart, gripping her hips and slamming into her ass as hard and fast as I could. She reached one hand up off the boxes to cup her bouncing tits in her arm, attempting to slow their ferocious swings. My baser instincts wanted to remind her she was mine energizing my hard thrusts. I knew this wasn't going to last long for either of us so I held nothing back, finally gripping her elbows as Peter had done but instead of just rubbing my cock on her ass crack I was burying it inside her fire hot pussy. Her rapid breaths picked up pace just before stopping as if she was holding her breath until a long slow moan erupted from her belly, before her typical orgamsic giggle started. I was so close myself that I didn't even pause to try and savor it or make it last for her, I exploded inside her feeling my cock convulse three times before pulling out of her. I knew she was on the pill and had been for a long time but it was the first time I came inside her.

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