tagRomanceStarr Search Ch. 00

Starr Search Ch. 00



My Dearest Starr,

I cannot wait for you to visit the West Coast for your erotic adventure. I am dying to be your chaperon and guide you through all the naughtiness we can find and make movies with you as the star. Or, at least actively participating. You have made my journey through the internet an amazing series of erotic adventures and I hope to do the same with the people of California when you arrive this weekend.

I had a dream about you last night, which is why I am writing you this letter. I dreamt that I was reclining on a couch, like the ones' you see in a psychiatrist office, and I was thinner than I am today. At six-two and two-hundred sixty pounds, I am no bone but I am not a marshmallow either. I was shirtless, wearing jeans and barefoot. The room looked like a hotel suite, spacious, a huge bed behind us with four posters, and flowery patterns on the walls the décor. The bed looked rumpled, as if someone had slept in it, or ruffled the sheets, and I was sipping coffee, with some odd wind blowing in the background. I looked at a pair of French doors leading to the balcony, and saw you. Your curly hair was somewhat straight, dangling down over your seductive eyes and you wove a strand around your finger, licking the nail softly while staring at me like a jungle cat. You had one knee bend, leaning against the doorframe, watching me, smiling and licking your lips.

The outfit you wore stood out: an athletic bra that for some reason had little or no support so your breast swelled up, a dimple of cleavage under your collarbone. Your C-cups jiggled and moved, and your perfectly flat belly had a small ring in it, contrasting the dusky color of your natural shade. The skin seemed to have a look like cinnamon, and your eyes gleamed, green shimmering lights above your tiny nose and the elongated smile. Your perfect teeth looked as if they would rend me without hesitation, and your pink lips lifted your cheeks making you smile, irresistible and soul shaking at the same time. You seemed to be wearing a thong, again in white, again contrasting your natural skin tone, making me shake, and seeing your incredible curves and long legs.

I saw you come closer, stepping slowly towards me, prowling, making me your prey.

All I could do was wait for the inevitable.

I saw your hands reaching out, touching my face, caressing my cheek, and making me want you more than I have in all we have done together. I ached for you, longed to caress you, making you a reality ... my reality. Your hair swung like a flag in the breeze, your eyes fluttering at me, showing me the gorgeous face I have been dreaming about for some time now.

Then ... you kissed me.

Puckered lips touching my own, mouth to mouth, seducing me, keeping me, making me your puppet. I shook, seeing myself from outside the dream, watching it all unfold. Your fingers stroked me, touching me, closing the gap, our tongue swirling around one another. Our eyes closed slowly, enduring the pleasure we wanted for so very long.

God help me you felt amazing in my arms in my dream. You came along within me, kissing me, holding me, caressing me, and then ... stripping me. Your fingers undid the button and zipper of my jeans and I could see I was free of the denim, and completely naked underneath. My hard-on ballooned outward, the cock firm and stiff in your grip, and you stroked me with loving assuring grips of your manicured fingers. I could see my hands caressing you, touching the figure of your amazing body, filling my hands with your incredible breast, massaging the full C-cup in my palm. Seeing my hands helping you out of your bra, my mouth dipped down to lick your nipples one by one, moving from side to side as you continued jacking me off slowly with your hand.

Then I saw my hands going to the sides of your hips, caressing the smoothly, rounded flesh and dragging down the thong strings off the back of your asscheeks, lowering it, undressing you as my mouth continued moving from hard nipple to hard nipple, slurping the hard, wet bud with my tongue. Your head hung back in bliss, and I could see one of your hands leaving my cock, keeping me on your cleavage and tits by holding the back of my head between them.

Somewhere along the dream we wound up naked, and I couldn't help but to finger your sweet pussy, making you shiver and need me just a little more. Your hips rolled and delighted in their churning, dying for more of my touch, and the sweet pink cunt seemed to glisten with the desire you show me whenever we chat or cam through our computers.

I know this is going to be a fevered dream, lust building to the point of us boiling over, brimming with the delight of two new lovers aching to destroy the furniture in their abandon. I ache to touch you now, jacking off every time I look at your picture, imagining you sucking my cock clean of my cum, emptying my balls on or in you. And knowing that your flight is only a few hours away, I can hardly wait to see what will happen this weekend.

I hope all our dreams come true.



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