tagRomanceStarr Search Ch. 01

Starr Search Ch. 01


"Dedicated to the real 'Starr', who makes my life a little brighter." ~ J


He waited in the in the cell phone parking spot, sipping his coffee, shivering in anticipation, hoping for the phone to ring soon. His eyes were alert to the shifting traffic, the variables of arriving and departing planes, and counting the minutes until her arrival. Dark brown eyes scanned the other cars, his arms restless in the blue blazer and knit shirt, watching patiently, even picking up the phone to see if it still had a signal. The backlight of the screen showed him her smile, and that he could be reached when she called. She was oval on the caller ID, long black hair in a wavy flourish of wild locks, curls cascading all over, her eyes big and bright, the smile surrounded with shimmering glossy lipstick.


The phone went off, and he answered quickly, not wanting to miss this moment. "Hello?"

"You know," the voice purred, "I am waiting for a car to get me from my arrival gate."

"Hi Starr. Two minutes. Bye."

Hurrying through the lots, Julian found himself pulling up, watching people coming out of the building, luggage in hand, peering deeply for her. And with a parting of a crowd, there she was: statuesque, slender, but with the curves of a woman, young in her smile and the light of her eyes, but dying inside to escape the east and live the adventures of a yearning hedonist going west should learn. Nothing was or could be taboo to this gorgeous woman in her tight miniskirt, her short, high-heeled boots, and the snug t-shirt that showed her marvelous C-cup breast arching up at the moonlight of the California night air. Several men moved about her, young, in the service, grotesquely fit physically, but instead she came 1700 miles from the Bible belt to Sodom itself in search of her friend, her cyber-lover, her 42-year old pervert.

A wave of recognition came from her hand and she shouted as his car pulled up at the curb: "Julian!"

Gears shifted, and he parked idling, jumping from the seat, snapping the power locks, calling out to her: "Starr! Over here babe! Toss everything in the back seat."

Within a second, she sat in the back seat, smiling softly, her luggage on the seat next to her. She leaned over the center of the front seats, kissing his cheek as he resumed his position, locking the doors as they enclosed themselves. His car quickly pulled out, slipping into the stream of cars exiting the airport and heading into the center of Los Angeles. Starr relaxed, her arms on the backrest, laying her head back, watching Julian as he eyed the traffic before moving from lane to lane, then smiling into the rear-view mirror at her potential lover and on-line friend.

They had been on the road for ten minutes when she began to shift like a cricket in the grass, watching her driver watching her in the mirror. Her knee came up and she smiled again, looking into his eyes, saying, "Julian? Do you know I flew across the country without panties?"

Julian gulped, glancing back, watching both knees rise, and Starr gracefully reaching down, touching the smooth darkness, her fingers disappearing under the folds of her skirt, moaning gently. "When I switched planes at Little Rock, I saw the nice agent from the TSA watching me, complimenting me on the smooth material of my skirt."

Starr moaned, and Julian began to feel a bead of sweat on his upper lip, his eyes moving quickly between the show in the back seat and the road ahead, watching the cars moving, wondering if anyone could see her masturbating.

Or was she teasing him?

"The TSA agent told me with a smile he may have to have me screened. I told him he could do a strip search if he was a good boy. And, only if he brought his cuffs with him into the room."

"Wow," Julian exhaled. "So, did you get him inside you?"

"No, but the possibility was there so I smiled, teased him, and made sure to swing my ass as I walked away. I know that he, and maybe a few others were staring."

A gasp and Julian noticed her hands were below the sight of the seat, her head lolling back on the armrest. Suddenly, he spotted a toe pointing up at him. In the confined space, the musky smell of woman's juices could be inhaled. Starr shivered and moaned, her driver unable to see what she was doing as she moaned, soft purring escaping as the elbows moved with the unseen machinations of a masturbating woman. He could hear the reactions she made, touching her clitty, perhaps fingering herself, moaning aloud now, shaking her leg, watching his eyes frantically moving between traffic and her exhibitionism.

"Are you sure you can watch me Julian? I told you I want to do so much this weekend."

Clenching his teeth, Julian smiled, and then breathed out his answer: "Yes Starr. I may not participate often but I will watch intently."

A smile crossed her lips and she groaned louder, moving her arms faster, Julian assuming she was rubbing her clitty as fast as possible with one hand and fingering herself with two or three fingers of the other. She closed her eyes, the lights above them making her cinnamon skin pale then dark between passes on the road. Julian kept hoping that they wouldn't be pulled over or be seen in a traffic stop camera, or by someone in a truck who may follow them as Starr reached her zenith.

A loud gasp, and Starr cried out, "OOooohhh damnit!! OOOOOoohhh SHIT! Fuuuuuuuccckkk!"

The orgasm slammed against the windows, making the panes move, or so Julian thought as she reached a powerful, body shaking orgasm in is backseat while in a public lane of traffic. As she calmed herself, Julian kept eyeing the speed, the surrounding cars, and moved deeper into the night. Starr reached back, sitting (possibly) in a puddle of her own juices. She leaned forward, kissing Julian on the ear and whispered, "Open wide for a treat."

He did so, and found his mouth filled with two of her fingers, salty and delicious with her sweet sexual honey, wet from her orgasm. Julian swabbed, licked and slurped every drop of girl-cum off them, making her nails dry as the fingers left his lips.

He smiled, watching her recline in her seat, lowering her legs, lying back slightly exhausted.

They couldn't wait to get to their hotel.

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