tagRomanceStarr Search Ch. 03

Starr Search Ch. 03


On and on ... the wickedness continues. ~ J ~

The Shower

She smiled, hugging her breast closer to her body. Starr stared at Julian, her eyes agog with the delights of a woman coming down from an obscene physical and emotional high. Her body was covered in goose bumps, the scent of musk hanging in the room. Julian's face was slightly glazed, his smiled from ear to ear, licking his lips and slobbering over all the pussy juices Starr gushed out when she came all three times. She sat up, looking down at her lover kneeling on the floor, and gently, slowly stroked his face.

"Follow me hon," she whispered tenderly. "I want to make you smile too."

Afraid to speak, to break the spell, Julian stood quietly as his naked lover slid her delicate feet onto the floor, walking and taking his hand in hers', leading them to the bathroom. Starr turned, tiptoed and kissed him once more on the lips, tasting the remnants of her sweet snatch sauce, smiling as he caressed her hips, feeling the wonderful shape of the woman in his presence.

Entering, the gorgeous young woman sat down on the covered toilet seat, her ass nestling into the plush cover. Her tiny hands dove into the buckle, undoing the belt, moving it from his waist and off his body. Her fingers undid the snaps of his jeans, and slowly, gazing deep into his eyes, she opened his shirt, button by button, seeing that he never took his eyes from her light-cocoa colored skin, the wonderfully round sloping breast, the amazing sweet figure of her body already naked before his own in the spacious bathroom of the luxury hotel.

Kneeling, the gorgeous woman slid down his jeans, over his ankle, and undid his shoes, kissing his thighs and stomach along the way to being before him on her knees. Julian could feel the anticipation of touching her again, her hair stroking his stomach and her breast, his knees and her face, his body and her fingers.

He was under her spell, and loved it.

Julian gulped, and found that as his eyes opened, he realized he was nude. Somehow, Starr had him step out of his clothing, and he watched her bending over, ass out, adjusting the shower, letting the water pours down into the tub. A graceful little hop and she was under the cascading water, feeling her own skin, moaning suggestively as the droplets came over her little by little in the shower.

All he could do was stare at her sexy silhouette. Stare and feel his hard-on moving like an anaconda in the trees, with a mind and life of its own. She was soaping her breast, caressing them, feeling her own pussy with a long, dedicated finger, touching the clit and making a soft noise from behind the transparent shower curtain.

"MMmmmm," she moaned over the hissing steam of the hot shower. "Julian, even with the water I feel so sensitive. You ate my pussy so damn well, I may not need to find another woman."

Through the curtain, Julian could see she was now fingering the pussy deeper, her hand moving back and forth.

"Oh babe," she gasped, moaning like a banshee preparing to swoop down on its' victim, "you've gotta get in here, or I may cum again without you."

A quick step, and Julian slid into the tub, closing the shower curtain, watching her masturbate, penetrating her own smooth cunt with her fingers again and again. The finger fucking was rhythmic, a pumping beat as her fingers slid in and out, again and again, the shower water hitting Julian in the back. He watched her eyes close, knowing her voyeur and guardian was going to take in every action he could imagine with her all weekend long.

Starr loved being watched, knowing he was enjoying all she had to give him, and wanting to see more with each turn of her body. She moved, spinning away, ass out, back bent, fingering her pussy deeper, moaning louder, gasping and groaning in total delight. He watched the arch of her spine bend back, showing the moons of her delectable ass-cheeks, the slippery anus wet and coated with water beading down between her legs and past the back of her thigh and down to her ankles.

Julian came up behind her, placing the tip of his cock into the folds of her pink lips, slipping slowly inside her wet snatch, fucking her with one stroke. Starr gasped, a loud moan escaping her mouth as she grasped the shower bar, holding it tight, feeling Julian's' hands on her hips.

"Ohhhhhhhhh baby ... yessss," Starr hissed, responding to his touch, his cock slowly, deliberately entering her needy slick pussy. "Don't stop!"

Julian slipped his cock half-way inside, enjoying the enveloping feeling as she pushed back, fucking him in response to his fingers on her hips, his cock in her buttery cunt, his moans filling the shower stall.

Strong, tight fingers gripped her skin, sinking into the soft flesh of her hips, making her moan in delight, feeling the heated beads of water dribbling down her skin, dropping from her lover behind her and onto her spine. Starr gasped, feeling the cockhead slowly touching then entering her body again; his cock rode the smooth, wet pussy, fucking its' way further inside her body. Julian could feel the purchase his thick man-meat made inside her, the wet velvet of her tight cunt gripping his prick, making him shiver in delight, gasping, before plunging harder, faster inside the sweet tight cunt.

"OH Goddamn Starr! FUCK!" Julian moaned aloud in absolute pleasure, groaning, sinking himself deeper inside her amazing hot body, his hairy balls nestled against the hot bald snatch lips. The steam of the shower made him shake his eyes; his most vivid hallucinations and fantasies had become real, and he was fucking the young, sexy woman in the hotel shower. He smiled happily, pumping his cock faster, deeper inside the smooth wet cunt, fucking her with all he could muster.

Starr replied, "Hmmmm, baby. Ohhhh you're so fucking BIG!"

"JEEZUS BABE! FUCK!" Julian couldn't contain the wicked utterances streaming from his mouth, his appreciation for her desire and allowing him to fuck her, and her need to do it immediately. Starr kept gripping the shower bar, holding on, feeling her perverted older lover fucking his way deeper inside her young body with every ounce of strength he had. His legs moved, the cock riding deeper into her body, his feet clenching the floor, holding on with his hands and the flexing muscles, for dear life. "Fuck! Fuck Fuck FUCKKK!"

She wiggled back, taking him deeper than before, fucking faster, rolling her sweet ass on his stomach, feeling his balls slapping her clitty. She moved her fingers, stroking the active, sensitive clitty, feeling his shaved testicles against her fingernails, moaning in delight, water cascading over them like rolling rapids. But this was a much more exciting ride for the young woman from the East Coast. Starr could feel Julian opening her asscheeks, watching with fascination, or just to grip her steadily, her asshole opened, accepting water pouring down and entering her rectum. She gasped, her tits bouncing like mad, eyes fluttering in absolute pleasure.

Starr couldn't believe the man behind her, fucking her in absolute abandon, was the man she'd met on a social network on-line. She was amazed he was so very sane, patient, and aching to make her smile more than to satisfy his own craven lust. Her mind knew she'd find her adventures in Los Angeles, as that was her deepest wish; but when Julian offered to be her chaperon, her guardian angel through the levels of Hell she'd ascent to that week, she flew out immediately. She shivered, her voice barely audible over the steaming power of the running water, eyes rolling in delight as she felt her fingers tighten on the shower bar, moaning, crying out in total delight.

Then she felt it.

Her fingers strumming the sensitive clitty, the cock banging deeper inside her sweet body, and the older, wicked man enjoying her body without hesitation. An orgasm of unimaginable proportions was coursing through her veins, her body jumping like mad, her skin flecked with goose bumps as Julian fucked his penetrating-self deeper with each stroke, water shooting in all directions against the bath walls and shower door.

Suddenly, his cock evacuated the sweet, snug pussy. Grasping her shoulder, Julian turned Starr, whispering over the rushing water, "Kneel, my sweet fuck."

Obediently, Starr went to her knees, watching his magnificent cock bouncing like a tree branch in a storm. She whimpered, watching the head bobbing before her eyes. A hand grasped her head, and she found herself nose-to-tip with the hard-on bouncing obscenely. Instinctively, her mouth opened, and Starr inhaled Julian's fuckstick, swallowing him to the root. Her nose rested on the cropped crotch hairs, inhaling the fresh scent of her just-fucked cunt on the pubes.

A gagging motion and she swallowed the prick as far down her throat as possible. Julian was thrilled she had little to no gag reflex, and was consuming him like this was the last cock she'd ever suck. Her head bobbed up and down the length, her lips a perfect 'O' closing around the whole girth. She was watching his cock moving, the pubic hairs tickling her nose, making her whimper and slobber in delight.

"Goddamn Starr," he moaned. "You're such a sweet cocksucker! Ohhhh fuck you're so damned good!"

A buck of his hips and Julian could feel the exodus of cum slipping from the tip and jetting out over her face, making the gorgeous woman sticky. Starr was greedily gobbling the stream of hot jism floating in mid-air, the droplets catching on her cheeks and lips, touching her in all directions, making her shiver in delight. Her tongue ran over her teeth, bringing in, slurping down all the thick ropey cum that her hungry mouth could catch.

Julian stroked, grasped and pummeled his cockstick as hard as possible, fucking his own fist, wringing every drop out of himself and leaving nothing inside the vein of his body. He could feel the sensitivity like needles on his head, the bits of stickiness lingering, drip-drip-dripping down his shaft and onto her eager tongue. Starr was lapping him up like a woman dying of sexual thirst. She had every drop he could offer needing to be sated as quickly as possible.

Taking her skull in his hand, Julian pushed on the back of her head, bringing her down onto the cum-covered fist and fuckstick. His breath was short and fast as she closed the gap, licking and slurping all the man-juices she could gather down her mouth and over her palette. He was amazingly pleased at how adept she was to sucking cock and drinking cum.

"Oooooooh FUCK Starr! That was goddamned incredible!"

She looked up, her nose planted on the root of his cock, her eyes wide and smiling, her mouth a perfect circle on his dick, licking him inside her wet, lingering mouth.

Eyes fluttering, Starr knew he was her thrall, and vice-versa. She never spoke, just continued licking the sensitive head and drinking everything he could give her, pumping her face deeper onto the shaft, swallowing his saltiness and slurping the last of his cum, even before he could move her head back and forth in his hands.

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