tagRomanceStarr Search Ch. 05

Starr Search Ch. 05


Deeper and deeper into our delights we go ... ~J~

The Club

The stop told them they'd arrived. Starr saw a small, non-descript red brick building with a concrete doorway, a line of people waiting at the door, and a trio of muscular bouncers. One was checking a list, and the other two were flexing their muscles, preventing people from trying to buy or scam their way inside with all the pretty people of the celebrity and modeling world. Starr's mouth hung open. She was amazed such a group of people was waiting for entrance to such a small place.

A few of the people openly chuckled or stared at Starr and Julian; they were an odd-couple, their ages double and half, and yet, they looked like they'd been created to fit one another like pieces of a puzzle.


"Ike! What's happening man?"

Starr took the hand, walking behind her lover, seeing him greet the doorman warmly, shaking hands. "Good seeing you Jules. I got your table already."

He was blonde, with a trimmed goatee fashionably clinging to his chin, the smile perfect connecting to his tan. Stylish in his dark suit and t-shirt, he made those actually welcome very at ease with the private club.

"Cool. Ike, this is my babe from the east, Starr. Honey, this is Ike, and he runs the show here."

Ike and Starr smiled and shook hands amid the wailing of the people denied entrance.

Several people openly protested the preferential treatment Julian and Starr received (but they didn't) walking in to the club from the front door. There was no line for them, no waiting, no bribery or cajoling, just right to the front of the club and inside for Julian and Starr. Ike ignored the others' moans, went back to checking his list, and moved, having the bouncers keep the uncool, unhip, unhappy people outside the nightclub.

Starr followed Julian in, and saw the entrance was to a spacious, old factory. There were several levels of dance, a few scattered bars, and waitresses in skimpy attire strolling about in all directions. Light spun and shone, cutting into the darkness, illuminating celebrities and fashionable people everywhere. Some were drinking, some dancing and some just having conversations over the loud music. Towards the center of the club was a velvet-rope entrance, the VIP section. Julian took Starr by the hand, leading her past the crowd of super-hot people, and the bouncer in the section opened the rope, allowing him to bring her to their private table. She was amazed, her cute ass sitting down, watching the moving throng of people following the hip-hop lyrics of the young, new singer. He had the crowd swaying, moving with the beat of the song, the motions almost all gyrations and grindings from the various women, either models or porn starlets.

Actors, movie producers, and other celebrities watched the wiggling, the wanton women showing off. An award nominated actress was on a small stage, her long legs wrapped around a pole, showing off her ability to emulate the strippers she studied for her role a few years ago. Cougars fell into line with the voyeurs, watching the younger people dancing madly, following their frenzied passions, kissing or dry humping on the dance floor.

"Dionysus would love this wouldn't he, Julian?"

Julian smiled at her classical reference, pouring them both a little of the expensive champagne that waited at their table. "I think this is more a moment for Bacchus, god of wines."

He continued, passing Starr the first flute. "But, maybe we need Priam. He was a decadent god with a penchant for enormous, continuous hard-on's. Think of John Holmes but a cock standing like a wooden beam so hard you could do chin-up's with it."

Starr giggled, swallowing her champagne, smiling, then gently kissed Julian. A small sign of appreciation was twinkling in her eyes, and she couldn't do anything but savor the moment, the pleasure, allowing herself to fall deeper into the dream of drowning in lust. Julian was her lifeguard, and she'd never felt freer, even with him always watching her every move.

He smiled back, sipping his bubbly, watching her eyes through the veil of the darkness, the lights touching them gently, moving with his rapidly shifting eyes, catching all the people moving in and around the club. A blonde, leggy model who'd just been on a controversial magazine cover walked by, head high, then whipped her long blonde hair back, spying Julian sitting with Starr.

"Julian, honey," she said elongating her vowels, stretching the words with her French accent. "Baby, where have you been?"

The model reached across his chest, her chin over his shoulders, soft kisses landing on each cheek, the same affection returned by Starr's chaperon. Starr was amazed; last week this gorgeous woman had been on the news for her magazine layout, and this week she was kissing her lover and friend, not less than a foot from her own lips. All she could do was stare silently, mouth agape, wondering what would happen next tonight.

Moreover, looking at the beauty, Starr knew she wanted to kiss this woman as much as Julian did.

"Painting. Your face is going on a life-size portrait for a sheik in Abu Dai. His son loves you so I'm doing your gorgeous face and figure for his bedroom."

"I hope he doesn't do anything nasty with the picture," she replied.

"I doubt any worse than any young man any time your face and figure land in a magazine."

He stopped, and then said, "Ivette, this is my angel, Starr. Starr, this is Ivette: the hottest model either side of the Atlantic."

Ivette blushed, and then gazed into Starr's eyes. "Julian's told me a little about you."

"He's barely told me anything about his friends, but I love what I'm seeing."

Both women smiled, and Julian offered Ivette some champagne. Ivette took his glass, sipped it, and then reached past his chest, kissing Starr softly on the lips. Starr could taste the champagne and the designer lipstick, a little of Ivette's tongue in her mouth. She smiled, sighing, thrilled an international model was making a blatant pass at her, and her chaperon was doing nothing more than letting her enjoy herself.

"Starr, why don't you and Ivette go dance? There's a small floor overlooking the club here in the VIP section. You can see everyone and everyone can see but not approach you."

Ivette took Starr by the hand; a soft wicked song playing with an additional beat mixed in, making it more dance than erotic seduction. Both women closed the distance, grinding, moving flat belly to flat belly, Starr wrapping her hand around Ivette's neck. Ivette reached in, moving her body and holding Starr as close as possible, kissing her lips, touching her skin, the contrast of cinnamon brown to alabaster white making them look like polar opposites and delightful in their stunning beauty. Both women could feel his eyes on them, his own mind wondering if he could wrangle them BOTH into a small lustful moment of abandon. Neither beautiful woman cared to share Julian or each other at that moment, and in their soft kisses, they both knew a threesome was out of the question.

Nevertheless, a Sapphic encounter wasn't, and it would be for their pleasure alone.

Ivette kissed Starr gently, nibbling her lips and sucking her tongue, reveling in the response, her body crushing closer and her nipples hard against the skimpy white dress she wore. She rubbed her knee softly into Ivette's leg, touching, spreading her apart on the floor, grinding gently and reaching down caressing the models' spine and hip, cupping her perfect ass in her manicured nails.

'Thank God I left my panties behind,' Starr thought, kissing Ivette on the neck, stroking her hips and cupping her asscheeks tenderly in a pair of manicured hands. The model returned the favor, stroking Starr's inner thigh, kissing her chin, and then meeting tongue-to-tongue, lapping with a soft smile of passion-driven lovers. Both women continued swaying to the sensuous beat of the erotic music, the lyrics a mirror of lust and desire that they planned on sharing shortly, either on the dance floor or elsewhere.

Starr blinked, and found herself walking back to the private table with Ivette towing her slowly, their fingers interlaced. Starr found herself seated, and saw Ivette's hands planted on either side of the chair, more blonde hair and kisses touching her face, a wet, soft tongue dancing on Starr's neck, ear and cleavage. Ivette began swaying with the next slow song, feeling the reverberations of erotic energy from being on display with a new lover seated, watching, taking in this infamous woman giving a tawdry lapdance for the sake of lust. She closed her eyes, lifting her hair, her hips undulating with the smooth beats of the song, stroking her own neck, then slowly swiveling and churning before Starr's bouncing eyes. The champagne made the transition from casual acquaintance to prospective lover easier, her eyes fixated on the model turned amateur stripper for her eyes alone.

From the corner of her eye, Starr noticed Julian lifting his camera phone, watching both women kissing softly, her eyes glazing over with Ivette's touch and desire stroking the electricity inside her body, making her stomach move of its' own accord. Was he making a video or taking pictures? Would her parents ever see them? Would they be on the internet forever, the dark skinned club-girl making out and getting a lapdance from a supermodel? Starr saw Julian's eyes, watching the small screen, then leaning back, sipping from his own flute, sucking down the fine champagne.

Starr felt Ivette kissing her nape, licking her smooth skin, caressing her ribs and touching the sides of her breast, a gentle seduction of the dusky woman, her long hair moving with her face, a swaying lust of pleasures in her fluttering eyes. She couldn't help enjoying all the super-model was doing to her at that moment, their moment, alone and private and yes, so very public too.

Little kisses moved gently along her cleavage, and the hemline moved upward, under her chin, over her lips and into the mouth, sucking her tongue. Starr moaned softly, groaning gently, enjoying Ivette's seductive licks and nibbles, having the delighted supermodel devouring her bites and lust orally. A second later, the dusky skinned woman found her hemline lifted, exposing her smooth bald cunt, the juices collecting on her inner lips, the clit jumping with the smooth stream of air from Ivette's puckered lips.

Starr softly whimpered, "Oh God Ivette ... baby ..."

And she moaned again, pressing her nails into the models' hair, teasing and curling the fingers within her long blonde hair, feeling the gasp rising in her throat before allowing it to move and leave her lips in the tiniest whimper audible. She couldn't believe the cloud of ecstasy she rode, losing herself in the absolute lust of a gorgeous woman eating her pussy in public. Starr could feel the secretions beginning, lingering on her tongue, feeding Ivette all she could consume, all she could drink from her sexual chalice. A communion of delight and perversion, exhibited and given to the old gods of hedonism; this was Starr's journey with Julian and her delighted search.

Suddenly, her eyes shot open, exposing her to the multi-colored lights and the display moving around the club, Ivette's head saddled between her thighs, the hidden tongue and fingers delighting Starr in ways she could never have imagined. The gorgeous woman sucked and licked her beyond mentioning, making her drop her mouth, a silent scream formed on her lips. She lost any inhibitions there, feeling the orgasms shooting through every nerve in her body, touching and electrifying each limb, making her lose control, flooding Ivette with her juices. And even though she couldn't see it, Starr could feel the mouth leeching everything from her, like a starved lamprey, drinking all it can from the seated woman, her knees up, toes pointed touching the floor, heels up and body going limp and alive at the same time.

Starr's head thrashed, and for a moment, she wondered if anyone else was taking pictures besides Julian of a super model eating her pussy out in public. A second later, she didn't care, not after the string of three orgasms left her breathless and blacking out for a moment, her eyes refocusing on Ivette as she licked her fingers of Starr's juices with a huge smile.

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