tagMind ControlStarry & The Cane

Starry & The Cane


The Adventures of Starry

Chapter 5: Starry & The Cane

He swung the cane with a cruel delight, it arced through the air with an eerie whistling before it slapped hard against Starry's bare ass. There was a moment of silence before Starry, unable to hold back any longer, screamed with pain. The biting sting of the thin cane on her tender skin was too much to bear in silence. Her head dropped as the tears welled in her eyes, but she made no effort to move away. Starry remained perfectly still, on her hands and knees, naked and vulnerable to whatever cruelties were to be inflicted on her. The whistle of the cane again broke the silence, followed by the familiar slap of Starry's compliant flesh and the painful scream. By the time he had finished swinging his arm there would be another 8 red stripes crisscrossing Starry's legs and buttocks as well as a small pool of tears below her face.

Starry waited after her beating, too obedient to move without permission and too frightened to ask. Finally she heard her master speak. "raise you ass" he commanded with a cold indifference, and Starry did as she was told. Now Starry rested on her elbows with her ass strutting out behind her, open to anyone who cared to use it, still hot and stinging from the cane. She felt her buttocks being parted and then the soft moist touch of a tongue, it's rough texture gently sliding up between her cheeks, teasing her hole with subtle probes. Her pain subsided and she began to purr with pleasure, she so enjoyed having her ass licked that way. Then the licking stopped and another cut of the cane greeted her open buttocks, Starry immediately gasped, her pleasure ripped away by the shooting pain that tore through her body. Before she was able to reacted again the tongue was back, teasing her hole once again, this time actually probing her, forcing it's way into her, causing her body to shudder with uncontrolled pleasure. Once again it pulled away just as soon as her mind accepted the pleasure and once again the cane bit into her skin, renewing her pain. This time Starry did not cry out or gasp, this time his immediately presented her ass again, waiting for the soft touch of the tongue. She wasn't disappointed.

Starry could feel herself become wet, the sensation of having her stinging cheeks grabbed and her hole licked and probed was all she needed to get her juices flowing. She closed her eyes and moaned quietly as once again she could feel the tip of his tongue circling her hole then pushing against it until it slipped just inside her. Starry desperately wanted to push back to feel his tongue slide further into her, but she resisted knowing that she was here for his pleasure, not her own. His tongue stayed teasingly just inside her, then he pulled away again and she gladly accepted the cane across her buttocks one more time. This time it wasn't the rough surface of his flexible tongue that greeted her ass, but the smooth hard helmet of his prick, pushed against her ass until it is was forced inside. Starry moaned again and prayed that this time he didn't take it away. Once again she wasn't to be disappointed as she felt herself being stretched wide to accommodate his hard swollen prick that he continued to push inside her. Her ass felt violated as it was stretched to the limits of it's endurance, or so she thought, and she ached to have him fuck her hard so she could continue to feel violated. He slid his prick slowly and deliberated into her, sliding it all the way in filling her with his domination, then pulling back and thrusting hard.

Starry gasped as she felt her ass being abused so callously by her master and begged him to hurt her more. He continued to thrust his cock into her, fucking her so hard she felt like she was being ripped apart. Just when she began to get used to the surging rush of pleasure with each thrust she felt the slap of the riding crop against her thigh. He was riding her like an animal, fucking her ass hard and fast while whipping her into response with a riding crop. Starry had no choice but to cum and cum loudly with a rush.

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