tagMind ControlStarry's Trip Ch. 2

Starry's Trip Ch. 2


The Adventures of Starry Chapter 10: Starry's Trip Chapter 2

Starry got back to her room and showered. The steaming water refreshed her body and relaxed her mind as she allowed it to cascade over her. She smile to herself as she thought about the way in which she had seduced the two boys, she liked the thought of being in charge of things. Starry dried herself lazily and wandered into the bedroom, she lay back on her bed and rested her eyes. It wasn't long before she heard the tapping at the door. She waited for a few moments before she heard it again, a little louder this time. Starry giggled to herself as she played with Tom's mind.

Tom stood at the door, beads of sweat forming on his head as he waited nervously for the door to open. He glanced about furtively, as tapped once more on the door. Finally it opened and before him stood Starry, naked and smiling. He opened his mouth to say something, but after a few moments of silence he just closed it and stood there staring in excited disbelief.

Starry giggled, spun on her foot, and walked slowly across the room. Tom watched her, his eyes following her beautiful ass as she walked away. He closed the door and started stripping off. Tom wanted her so badly his cock ached and he didn't want to have to wait a moment more than he had to.

Starry of course had other ideas and wanted to have her fun before she let him have his. She motioned for Tom to come over to the bad and like an obedient puppy he obeyed happily. She told Tom to lie down and then Starry sat on his chest and stretched his arms out, tying Tom's wrists to the bed head. Starry then slid herself up along Tom's chest, positioning her pussy over his mouth and leaned back as she felt his tongue enter her. Starry just closed her eyes and moan softly as Tom licked and probed her pussy with his tongue. She enjoyed the feeling of power she had over him and the more excited she got the more she ground her pussy into his mouth. Tom desperately wanted to fuck Starry hard and fast but she made sure his cock remained out of reach. This just spurred him on to eat Starry out more voraciously and she moaned loudly as she came, rubbing her dripping pussy all over his face.

Starry enjoyed this newly found power and when she finally decided she had felt enough of Tom's tongue she ordered him to remain still. Tom groaned, frustrated by his lack of release, but he obeyed, equally excited by Starry's dominance. Starry looked at Tom, stretched out on the bed and stroked his hard cock. He shivered and arched his back, reaching out for the next touch. Starry just smiled and told him to stay still, then positioned herself over the top of him. Tom watched, his mind alive with both excitement and fear, he had never cheated on Michelle before, but nothing was going to stop him from doing it now. Starry lowered her body down over Tom's hard cock, positioning it so that it pressed against her ass. Tom's eyes widened as he realised what was about to happen, he had never fucked his wife up the ass, he had never been game to even suggest it. Starry pushed down on Tom's hard cock and felt it slide inside her, her ass stretching around his thick shaft as she slowly forced it in. Tom lay back and closed his eyes briefly as he felt her tight ass squeezing around his cock and moaned.

Starry told him to remain still as she slowly eased her body up and down, using him as her fuck toy, sliding his cock all the way in and then back out. Starry grew more excited the longer she went, enjoying the delicious torture, watching Tom grow more and more restless from the lust that built inside him. She slowly began to build up the pace, pumping her body up and down, faster and faster, Tom's hard cock sliding ever easier in and out of her ass. Tom groaned loud and long as Starry fucked him.

He tried to reach up to take hold of Starry so he could drive his cock into her harder, but his hands were too well tied and all he could do was watch frustrated as she pleasured herself with his body. Eventually Starry came again, her body shivering with the force of the orgasm that shot through her. This proved too much for Tom who shot his load deep inside her ass, pumping her full of his lust as she continued to slide back and forth on his cock. When Starry was satisfied that she had indeed finished him off she slid off and wandered into the bathroom. By the time she returned Tom had dozed off as was sleeping peacefully. Starry smiled to herself, slipped on her t-shirt, found the keys to Tom's room and left the room.

Michelle was sleeping fitfully. It had been a wretched day for her, from the moment Tom stopped to pick up that little slut to the time she finally went to bed. She had drunk heavily that night, something she never did, and hadn't noticed when Tom had left the room. Now she failed to notice Starry slipping in the room and into the bed beside her. She slowly slid her hands under Michelle's nightie and began to massage her body, running her fingers up along her torso. Michelle, was still groggy from her earlier drinking bout and offered no resistance as Starry's hands slowly caressed her flesh, and gently kneaded her breasts. She stretched her arms out above her head and offered Starry little resistance as she stealthily bound her wrists to the bed. It was only after Starry straddled her body that Michelle's really became awake and realised that this was not her Tom.

Starry leaned across and switched on the light above the bed head as the full impact began to sink into Michelle. Michelle's eyes widened and her lips opened as if she was about to scream, but nothing came out. Starry sat back on her legs trapping Michelle securely under her body. Michelle struggled but to no avail but still remained speechless, unable to come up with anything other than an occasional indignant squeak. Starry reached down and slid Michelle's nightie up along her body and over her head, then leaned forward and kissed her nipples.

"Noooooo!" screamed Michelle, at last finding her voice, at which point a pair of socks was stuffed into them. Whatever she said next was muffled and unintelligible and Starry was in no mood to listen anyway. She hopped of Michelle's now naked body and, despite her attempts to kick Starry away, secured her ankles to the foot of the bed. Starry was satisfied that she had Michelle at her mercy now, and with that began to caress her body once more. Michelle twisted as shifted as best she could, horrified at what was happening, but there was little she could do to stop Starry's prying hands.

Starry slowly massaged Michelle's breasts, her fingers manipulating the supple flesh and teasing her nipples. Despite her protests, Michelle's nipples grew hard and erect and when Starry began to suck them, her back arched slightly and her body's writhing grew less urgent. Starry knew exactly what she doing as she bit down on one of Michelle's nipples, she heard the muffled cry and the intact of breath and she quickly slid her fingers between her legs and felt the first touch of moisture from her pussy. Michelle reddened as she realised she had been found out and she felt Starry's fingers work her wetness until she could no longer pretend it wasn't so. Starry teased and pinched Michelle's clit as she continued to suck and bite her nipples. Michelle just lat there and moaned softly, no longer fighting the feeling, no longer caring what was happening to her.

Starry began to feel her own juices flow as took control of Michelle, she took out her gag and positioned her pussy above Michelle's face. Starry began to lick Michelle's clit, flicking it with the tip of her tongue as she lowered her own onto Michelle's waiting mouth. Michelle mimicked Starry and as Starry's tongue delved deeper into her dampness, likewise Michelle slipped her tongue deep into Starry. Soon they were both eating each other out ravenously, but always Starry controlled the proceedings. Michelle began to orgasm and moaned loudly as she buried her face in Starry's pussy. Starry responded by sucking hard on Michelle's sensitive clit and plunging two fingers into her ass. Michelle's body shook with the intensity and continued to cum, her mind lost in the lust that drove her on. She ate Starry's pussy with a hunger she had never before experienced and when at last Starry came, she dutifully drank ever drop of her juice.

Starry at last felt satisfied and untied Michelle from the bed. She told Michelle where she could find Tom and sent her on her way armed with a leather belt. Starry then curled up in the bed and went to sleep, content with her night's activities.

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