tagBDSMStar's Submission Pt. 04

Star's Submission Pt. 04


The hot sun seared through the window of John's bedroom. Kate squinted as she came to consciousness. She rolled on her side and glanced at the alarm clock. It was just past 10:30! Suddenly the vivid memories of the prior night flashed through Kate's mind. She immediately felt herself become aroused but she remembered the note. "Ugh, no masturbating" she muttered to herself.

She got out of bed and took note that her ass was not even sore from the cane the night before. She even looked in the mirror and saw almost no signs of the beating her cheeks took.

Kate wandered downstairs and helped herself to a bowl of cereal while she scrolled through Twitter, Instagram, and then Facebook. She wondered how she could entertain herself in the big curious house all day. She set up in front of the television and turned on some mid day trash TV.

After a couple shows, the phone rang: John. "You look bored."

"I guess" replied Kate, "I just can't sit around all day."

"You should get some sun. There's tanning lotion out by the pool." John replied with a matter-of-fact tone. Kate walked out the door to the patio and noticed there were no houses in view. "30 minutes each side until i call you again. Make sure you lotion up slowly, you're making me hard." Kate heard the line go dead. She looked around and instead of looking for the camera, decided to do as instructed.

Halfway through her fifth rotation, John called again. Kate lifted her sweaty body up and answered. "Go shower up and make sure to shave your pussy because it's going to get a lot of attention after I get home. Also, there are two steaks in the fridge. Cook them on the grill with some asparagus. Have it ready in 90 minutes I am running late." Again John hung up before Kate could even respond.

Kate took her time showering and carefully shaving herself. John did not have a hair dryer so she put her wet blonde hair up in a ponytail and went to the kitchen to work on dinner. She seasoned the steaks with salt and pepper and put the asparagus in tin foil with a couple pads butter and some garlic from the fridge. She was at the grille watching for the steak to be finished when John appeared on the patio. "It's not ready?" He turned and walked back into the house. Kate nervously waited a few more minutes for the meal to be ready and quickly brought it into the kitchen to plate. John appeared as she just had finished. She looked at him with anticipation as she sat down. "No. You eat here." He grabbed her plate and placed it on the floor next to his chair. Kate knelt down and avoided eye contact while she ate. After they had both silently finished their meals, John looked down at Kate. "At least it was very good. Thank you, Kate."

He got up and washed the dishes with Kate's assistance. She was nervous and did not speak. She hadn't meant to disappoint John, even though she was only a mere three minutes late.

"You look nice with a bit of tan, Kate." He leaned in and kissed her. "I think we are ready to play, don't you think?" He looked at his watch. "Let's go. It's time."

Instead of heading upstairs to the attic, John led Kate by the hand down to the basement. At the bottom of the stairs John unlocked a padlocked door and led her into a large room. Kate looked around, noticing more bondage furniture. A second dungeon?

At the end of the room farthest from the door John turned Kate around and raised her hands above her head. She felt her hands cuffed. Then each ankle. She felt her right ankle pulled wide, and then John moved behind her and she felt her other pulled in the opposite direction. Her legs were spread seemingly as far as they would go. John moved behind her again and she felt her cuffs raising her arms. Like her legs, her arms were pulled to near their limit.

"Sit tight." John said as he walked away. He flipped off the lightswitch and closed the door. The room was pitch black and silent. Kate's mind raced in anticipation of John's return.

Kate had lost her excitement and was more focused on her uncomfortable positioning. It seemed like it had been hours since John left. The basement was relatively cold as well. Finally she heard the door.

After catching a sliver of light from the door she was quickly blinded by incredibly bright lights beaming all around her. She struggled to even keep her eyes open. She made out John's silhouette stepping in front of the bright lights. Kate had deduced that these lights were part of a photography rig and she started to feel excited again.

"Kate. You are so used to men falling all over themselves for you. They put you on a pedestal and you pick and choose them like a spoiled child in a candy store. But, this is not how it will be with me. You don't make those decisions anymore."

Kate, finally able to focus on John, noticed as more figures appeared from behind the lights. One, two, three... finally six men had joined John. He stepped forward to Kate and put his hand to her pussy lips. "I told you this would get a lot of attention tonight." He swiped her own wetness across her cheek. "Check it out boys." John walked away as the men approached her. They were all wearing different dark colored masks.

The men descended upon Kate, putting their hands all over her. She was very intimidated. Scared. Soaking wet. She felt hands behind her, spreading her ass open as more hands squeezed at her nipples and penetrated her cunt easily. So many hands all over her, and in her. Her senses were overloaded as one man shoved three fingers in her mouth. He reached them into the back of her throat and pulled them out to wipe them down her chest.

"Are you ready Kate?" John called, seemingly from behind the light rig.

"Yes" was Kate's soft response.

"Yes Sir you mean?"

"Yes Sir!" Kate called out with feigned confidence.

John unshackled Kate quickly and forced her down to her knees. The men had already lined up single file. The first man grabbed her head and pushed his dick into her mouth and straight into her throat. He plunged her head onto him and she was proud to be handling it so well. He quickly pulled off for the next man. This was different. He was a very well endowed black man. His cock was like something she had once seen in a porn. She opened wide but could barely wrap her mouth around his girth. He pushed and pushed and rammed her mouth. As he slipped into her throat she fought the urge to gag. He pulled out and stepped away. Each man after did the same.

John had pulled out a glass coffee table. He instructed Kate to get up on it on all fours.

"Kate. Each of these men are to cum inside you. Do you understand?" asked John.

Kate nodded.

"I need you to say it into the camera, porn star."

Kate looked into the camera, "All these guys will cum in me." She smiled at the camera without even knowing why.

The men lined up behind her. Except one walked in front and commanded, "Suck bitch".

As she enthusiastically sucked him, she felt what must have been the large black cock rip into her asshole. She felt her cunt gushing as she realized she was in heaven. Being filled and forced was something she had never thought of before and as it was happening she was overcome by her own instincts.

While under the spell of being penetrated by all these dicks, she heard John's voice, "Your pleasure doesn't matter Kate. You need to get used to that and embrace it." As John's words rang out Kate felt he cunt explode. She was squirting! At first, she felt embarrassed but soon just let it go.

"She likes it!" A voice called out from behind her.

For nearly two hours she revelled in the men taking turns in each of her holes. Two men came in her ass. One man in her pussy, and the other three shot on her face.

When the last man finished cumming on her face, they silently walked out. John thanked each one as they exited.

Kate, still on the coffee table, looked up at John. "Good job, Star. Let's get some stills." John walked around her taking pics of her cream filled holes. When he came back in front of her, he had her smile through the cum mask she had on.

After John had finished getting his shot, he threw a towel at her. "Join me in bed after you've showered."


Kate climbed into bed with John. "You know I didn't fuck you tonight, Star?"

"I know" Kate said softly.

John grabbed a handful of Kate's hair and pushed her head between his legs. Instead of toward his cock, he pushed Kate's face down to his asshole. "Lick it," he demanded.

Kate dug into John's asshole with her tongue. "You're good with your mouth you dirty bitch." John praised her with a devious tone in his voice. After a few minutes, he pulled her to his dick to finish in her mouth. He pumped what seemed like a gallon of cum into her throat.

"Tomorrow I am off. You will be too. Tomorrow you can start to be mine." With that, John rolled over.

Kate's mind would not shut off. It was still relatively early and because she had slept in, she wasn't tired. This was confusing to even her, as she's just had seven men fuck her. Quietly, Kate replayed the night over and over in her head as she rubbed her clit. After achieving 3 intense orgasms while barely moving so she would not disturb John, Kate finally was able to fall asleep.

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