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Star's Submission


Kaitlyn was always independent and confident. A hard worker from the time she left high school, she excelled in the corporate world. She found success a young executive administrator for a very large construction company. With her charm, wit, and stunning looks, Kate was also very sought after socially. Popular and with many close friends, the party would always end at Kate's apartment. A 2 bedroom in a Boston suburb, much nicer than what any other 20 year old girl living on her own could afford.

On Friday night, like many others before, Kate brought a couple of close friends over to her place for late night pot smoking and just a few more drinks. There was always a new face or two at Kate's late night soirees. Kate's circle of friends was vast so a few new faces never bothered her. This particular Friday night, a handsome new face caught her eye. He was polite, clean cut, confident, and charismatic. After a long term high school relationship, Kate hadn't pursued any men seriously for nearly two years. The occasional one night stand was never out of the question, and available at any time she wanted. Tonight she chose him as her possible hookup.

The night moved along and friends departed. At nearly 4am only her best friend Jocelyn, her boyfriend, and the new face who Kate had been flirting with were the only ones left. Jocelyn stumbled from her seat in the kitchen and coaxed her boyfriend to follow her to the couch in the living room. Kate smirked at the handsome dirty blonde. "Not a bad idea, come with me if you want to crash". The new man followed Kate to her room. She pointed to the side of the bed near the door, walked to the other side, slid her pants off and climbed into bed without turning on the light and the man followed by dropping his jeans and climbed into his assigned spot. She was unsure if she wanted to have sex with him but he was very kind and gentle, also a friend of her best friend so Kate invited him into bed, assured she was safe.

Very drunk and high, Kate rolled onto him, kissing him deeply. The soft bed and low music that always played in her room combined with this new man had her ready. Kate pulled his tshirt over his head, kissing at his neck and chest. But this man was not so aggressive. This confused Kate because she was always the one lusted after and pursued - which she loved. She pulled off her tank top and lacey bra as he reached up and massaged her tits. Kate felt her wetness grow as she grinded on him through his boxers. She could feel his cock hardening as she kissed harder. Kate slunk down his body, pulling his boxers down. Immediately she grasped the head of his cock with her lips. His cock was perfect in her mouth, getting her even more excited. As she began to take more towards the back of her throat, she felt him gently grab her by the hair. "No" is all he said. Kate was confused. More than confused, "how dare he?" she thought. He pulled her up to him and kissed her lips gently. "Good night" was all he said. Kate rolled over angry and frustrated. "Does he have a girlfriend? Did he not like me?" she worried. "Of course he liked me, they always do". With that consoling thought, Kate drifted to sleep.

When Kate awoke her friends were gone, along with the man who had denied her. Kate looked at her nightstand. A piece of paper with a phone number, signed 'John'. Kate shrugged and made a face to herself. "Why the fuck would I call you?" Kate's ego was hurt more than anything but within an hour she was looking at the note again. She had to run out on her Saturday errands to the bank and dry cleaners. When she returned she picked up the note, realizing it was seriously bothering her. Why he didn't want to fuck her was something Kate now really needed to know. She dialed the number.

"Hi, it's Kate."

"Yes Kate, glad to hear from you. I wasn't sure you would call."

"Well, I didn't think I would either."

"I think tonight will be a better night. How does that sound?"

Finally, a sign of life Kate was searching for! Her curiosity spoke for her, "Tonight sounds great" she bleated.

"9 o'clock?"

"Sure?" Kate replied, wondering if this was late dinner or just drinks.

"See you then, ill text you my address" John quickly hung up.

Kate was sure she would make him want her this time. After straightening up the apartment and deciding on a small meal, Kate showered and got ready. Standing in her mirror in just her lacey white thong and matching bra, she was perplexed. "Something hot but not too slutty" she thought. The idea she could be denied again made her shudder. Kate picked a flat black mini skirt and a form fitting red top. The top was low cut and tight enough to showcase her perky 34B tits and the skirt slightly longer than mid thigh showed off the nice curve of her round ass. At only 5'4" she needed the 4" patent leather heels to complete the look. Kate's porcelain skin was flawless on her 120 lb frame, and her bleached blonde hair did well not to wash her out. "Unless he's gay, I'm getting fucked tonight" Kate assured herself as she walked out the door.

Kate pulled up to a large Victorian house after driving for roughly 30 minutes. Like she was on a mission, she marched up the walkway and gave a confident knock on the door. John answered quickly but curiously in just a grey t shirt and sweatpants. Kate couldn't believe it. First, he doesnt want her, and now she is all dolled up and he's in sweatpants!

"You look great" John says.

"Thanks, and you... look..."

"Oh im sorry, I was just downstairs in the gym." At this point Kate noticed the small sweatmarks around his armpits and his wet forehead. John wasnt a big man, maybe 5'10" at best but he had a chiseled jaw, deep blue eyes, and broad shoulders. Kate could see why he she was attracted to him in the first place.

"But why, don't you have to get ready?" Kate demanded.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I was sure I had disappointed you last night. I wanted to make up for it."

"I dont get it."

"I just want to get to know you. Sober, ya know? Follow me."

Kate was so curious, John seemed genuine and so well put together. She followed him to the second floor and entered the first door on the right at the top of the stairs. It was a large room with many lights set up. "You're a photographer?" "Yes, now you know something about me. Great start huh?" John had a beautiful studio. Kate couldnt help but be impressed.

"Please sit and let me take a couple of pictures of you. Good way for me to get to know you."

Kate smiled. Finally, he's interested.

"Good! You look great!" lights flashed and Kate became more comfortable. She posed and confidently and slightly puckered her lips to tease the camera.

"Now how about a look like my cock was in your mouth last night?"

Kate's face turned red "What!? I liked you!"

"Well you dont know me," John replied calmly.

"Why are you trying to make me feel like a slut?"

"You are a slut." John's response was stone cold and measured. Kate didn't know what to say, her mouth agape. John walked slowly toward her.

"Look at you," now standing inches from her, looking her up and down. "You're used to men falling all over themselves for you and you just pick and choose who you think will get you off. You thought that about me last night."

Kate looked up at him. Silent. Like a schoolgirl being scolded for cheating on a test. John smiled again, "Come with me," holding out his hand. Kate slowly and cautiously took it.

Halfway down the hall, John turned and motioned upward the staircase to the third floor. Kate hesitated slightly and John winks, sensing her reluctance. But Kate is determined to find out what else this man knows about her, or what she wants to know about him. Halfway up the stairs, John calls out "Stop". He hurries up the steep stairs and Kate feels his hands up the back of her skirt, and over her ass, his fingers hook her thong and before her next breath they are on the stairs pooled around her shiny heels. Kate makes a point not to react. "Continue". At the top of the stairs there is a door John reached around to open.

As Kate entered, John flipped the light on. It's still dimly lit but obvious what kind of place this was. Wooden structures and oddly shaped furniture. Kate gets visibly nervous.

"Now Kate, nothing that could happen here would make you any more slutty than you were last night. I mean you had my cock in your mouth and I've never even seen you naked" John grabs Kate's left arm gently and walks her to a small platform near the center of the room. "Kate, strip for me. I already have your panties anyway" John steps away and the lights over the platform flare up nearly blinding Kate. She is stunned, but also incredibly excited. "Come on Kate, we both know you need to be fucked. I bet you're still frustrated by last night. Let me see your sexy fucking body". Kate realizes she is turned on and has wanted to fuck John for nearly a whole day and hasn't been able to think of much else. Slowly, she pulls off her tight shirt and unhinges her bra. Her nipples immediately beaming in the cold attic. "Very nice tits, slut". Kate pauses, searching for John's figure in the dark. "Just look pretty for the camera, slut. Take your skirt off, and leave your heels on."

"You're filming this!?"

"Of course. You're doing great" John's voice still steady and confident.

Kate sighs and unzips her skirt and kicking it off the platform after it falls.

"And of course, that pussy is freshly shaved. Kate, kneel with your knees wide. I have some questions for you."

Kate's senses are on overload, she feels a glob of wetness slide from her cunt down her inner right thigh.

"Tell me how many cocks in that mouth."


"How many blowjobs have you given?"

"In my life? Umm 30?"

"Doesn't sound too confident, it's probably higher right?"

Kate nods. Her sudden vulnerability has her laser focused on her wet pussy and how bad it needs to be filled and stretched.

"Turn around and spread your ass for the camera. Tell me how many cocks have been in there."

Kate turns and obeys. "Zero cocks"

"Of course! Selfish slut. Turn around and tell me how many cocks have been in your pussy."

Kate returns to her original position. "Eighteen."

"And how old are you!?"


"Holy shit, when was the last time you fucked?"


"Two days ago. Really?"

Kate nods with her eyes down. She is starting to admit to herself that John is right. She fucks whenever she wants. It's easy. Just then John steps in front of the light and reaches down to Kate's chest. She feels a soft point tracing across her chest above her tits. "There. You're officially a slut. I think I could have a lot of fun with you." Kate looks down to see " S L U T" written in red marker.

John's figure eclipses the bright lights again. Before Kate's eyes can adjust his cock is deep in her mouth pushing to the back of her throat. She gags but John is unrelenting, pushing her head on as he feels his dick plunge deep into her throat. Ramming it as she stops fighting, only hoping for a breath of air. Long but fast thrusts from her lips to the depths of her throat only give split second chances to gasp for oxygen. John feels himself about to erupt and pulls out, pointing his dick in Kate's pretty face. A huge load coats her from her forehead down her left eye and across her lips and dripping off her chin. Meanwhile, a nearly equal mess has dripped from her pussy off the inside of her thighs near the bottom of her round ass. She looks down to see a string of John's cum from her chin to her right nipple.

John grabs her by the arm to lift her. Standing on her heels, quite unsteadily, Kate looks around to see John gathering her clothes. He puts her sweater back over her head, careful not to disturb the artwork on her face. Holding her skirt out so she can put her legs in, "Hold on to me." Kate dressed again, minus any undergarments, felt more naked than before. A clear mess with her nipples pointing obviously through her sweater. As she reaches to her face to clean off John's cum his hand firmly grasps her wrist. "No. You're to drive home just like this. Send me a picture of this beautiful face in your bathroom when you get there."

John escorted her all the way to her car without another word.

The thirty minutes home felt like forever to Kate. She could not believe how awful he had been to her. But what was worse was that she knew he wasn't wrong. Not at all. Kate was young, beautiful, charming, and witty. She always got what she wanted very easily. That made it worse. She didn't conquer him, seduce him, or even make simple love to him. She wanted to.

Back in her bathroom, she snapped the picture of mostly dried cum covering her face and sent it off to John. The phone rings almost immediately.


"Feels good to want so badly, doesn't it?"

"Yes" Kate replied in a low whisper.

"Clean up and rest. Tomorrow you get to learn what its like to work for what you want."

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