Stars, Sulfur, and the Taste of Ash


I crawled next to him, and smacked one round cheek. He had an absolutely beautiful ass. He grinned wryly at me and pushed his ass out further, a lustful look on his face.

I got behind him, ignoring the lube and condom for a second. I felt between his legs, and gently caressed his low-slung testes, and his cock. While he was kneeling like this, his cock hung under him like a torpedo. I stroked it a few times, and then I put one hand on each of the rounded muscular globes of his buttocks, stroking them. Pushing them apart.

He had some fine light hair on his buttocks, but in the crease, they were longer and crinkly. Paler than the hair on his head or his bush. I ran one finger slowly from the base of his testes to the dimple above his ass crack, pausing to tease a tiny twitching hole.

He moaned softly and spread his legs a little further apart. It took a bit of courage for me to start, but I had always wanted to do this. And I hoped, in the near future, to have it done to me.

I kissed one cheek, and then the other, then I heard him gasp and felt him tense up as I leaned forward and licked his hole.

To my relief, he tasted clean. I swirled my tongue around the hole, up and down, using one hand to stroke his thick shaft hanging down between his legs as he trembled and made these gasping noises that were just so fucking sexy.

His foreskin was so soft and loose on his cock, I loved stroking him, feeling it slide back and forth. I felt the tip of his cock, and he was slippery with precome.

I pressed my face into his ass, smooshing my nose and plunging my tongue in just as deep as I could. I held my breath and wiggled my tongue in and out, feeling him squirm and hearing him groan my name. Tasting him.

I took a break for air, and I grinned. A complete virgin yesterday, and today I had been able to turn this man into a sexy quivering pile of jelly.

He turned around, and smiled shakily at me. "That was amazing. Please?"

I nipped his sexy buttock. "Please what?"

I was totally turning the table. I was five eight, maybe a hundred and sixty soaking wet. I was domineering this huge muscular boy, and loving every second of it.

"Please fuck me." He whispered. I grinned. He was loving every second, too.

I put the condom on my aching cock. He was bigger than me, but our cocks were about the same size. Mine was a bit thinner, but we were both about eight inches. I picked up the lube bottle and poured some on my fingers. I played with that little red hole with my fingers, feeling the ring of muscles soften and flex as I relentlessly massaged his sphincter.

I slowly slid one finger in, and his only response was to wiggle around for more.

Two fingers, and he hissed a little. I thrust them in and out, wiggling and massaging the muscles. He was so hot and slippery with the lube. I stroked his ass cheeks as I dribbled more lube on my fingers.

He squirmed. "Please Jamie... I'm so ready for this!"

"Well... As long as you're sure."

I got up and poured a lot of lube in my palm. I slicked up my packaged cock, and rubbed the rest into his crack, and into his asshole.

I got on my knees and lined up my cock with his twitching red hole. I leaned over him, My stomach against his sloping back. I got up to his head and I whispered. "Tell me if I'm going too fast, okay?"

He just groaned. "Please Jamie!"

I bit his shoulder to tease him, but I got upright so I could see what I was doing.

I watched, amazed and enraptured, as I pressed hard, and the tip of my cock disappeared inside the twitching ring of his sphincter.

"Oh! Oh God." He panted, burying his face in his arms. I felt beads of sweat on my forehead. All I wanted to do was grab his thick muscular hips and wear his ass out. Instead, I put my hands on his lower back and carefully slid the tip of my cock in and out, trying to get him used to the sensation of opening and closing.

It was me who yipped and moaned as he thrust back with his hips. His hot tight ass enveloped about three inches of my dick. I nearly came, and he barked with the pain.

I playfully slapped his shoulder. "Not so fast Baby." I leaned over and pressed my cheek against the writhing muscles of his back. I pushed in slowly, moaning, and feeling his feathery-quick heartbeat through his back. I was doing my best not to hurt him, and he kept crying out. His cries sounded sexy, not hurt.

After the first few awkward strokes, I developed a rhythm. After a few more strokes, I kissed his shoulder. "I'm in all the way Jake... This feels amazing."

He wanted it rougher. So I gave it to him rougher.

He cried out into the fabric as I pounded in and out of him.

I couldn't stand it for a minute longer. I reached around his waist and clumsily fondled his cock. I gasped as I came, and I felt his cock spasm in my hand as I did. The come slicked up my hand even as I continued to pump in and out for a few more strokes.

He went limp, belly-down on the bed. I rolled onto my back and got rid of the saggy condom. I took a few deep breaths, before snuggling into Jake.

He yawned and turned so he was facing me. He gave me a bear hug that squeezed all of the air out of me. Then I turned around and he spooned me, surrounding me with warmth and his big comfortable bulk.

"When we wake up? Do you wanna go get lunch or something?" He asked sleepily.

I agreed, and he was snoring in a moment.


I was going out to get lunch with this sexy submissive hunk of a man.

Lunch meant that it wasn't over.

I rested my head on his big meaty bicep and closed my eyes with a big smile on my face.

I could get used to this.

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